Taj Bibi and Raskhan

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  • October 29, 2022
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History and Art and Culture
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Context: U.P. promotes tombs of Muslim devotees of Krishna for tourism

About Taj Bibi:

  • She was born in the 17th century.
  • Taj Bibi’s father’s name was Padna Khan.
  • Taj Bibi, also known as the ‘Mughal Mirabai’, was the daughter of a Muslim nobleman, appointed by the Mughals to protect the Gokul area.
  • Taj Bibi was married to Emperor Akbar.
  • Emperor Akbar had great reverence for Gusain Shri Vitthalnath Ji and he used to come to Govardhan from time to time to have darshan of Gusain Ji.
  • Once Taj Bibi came to Govardhan to see Gusain Ji with permission from Akbar.
  • Taj Bibi returned to Delhi after a few days as per Akbar’s orders.

About Raskhan:

  • Syed Ibrahim Khan (1548-1628) was an Indian Sufi Muslim poet who became a devotee of the Hindu deity Krishna.
  • Raskhan was his takhallus (pen name) in Hindi.
  • He accepted Krishna as the supreme god (Svayam Bhagavan) and became a Vaishnava.
  • He died in 1628 AD.
  • His samadhi is at Mahaban, about six miles east of Mathura.
  • He translated Bhagavata Purana into Persian.
  • The poetry of Raskhan focuses on Lord Krishna.
  • Rachnavali is the collection of Raskhan’s poetry
  • His poetry is in the form of Doha, Padawali and Savayya.
  • Raskhan’s Khariboli writings are numerous, the five most important being the Sujana Raskhana, the Premavatika, the Danalila, the Astayama and a collection of Padas (rhymed couplets).

Source: The Hindu

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