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  • November 20, 2022
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Art of Failing:

We are told many different ways in which we can achieve success. There are rules, principles, and guidelines laid out that one can follow to succeed. But, a thing that is more often ignored to mentioned, perhaps the single biggest factor deciding whether you will succeed or not is learning the art of failing.

Yes, success is as much about succeeding as it is about failing. Failing is an integral part of success. If one is not ready to fail, then one is not ready to succeed. There is an important survival mechanism of the mind that is detrimental to worldly success. It is called playing safe. Our mind is constantly afraid of failing, especially when trying new things, hence it has a tendency to play it safe.

More people do not get to their desired goals, not because they are not putting in the necessary effort, but because they are playing it too safe. They are listening to the mind which is mostly negative self-talk trying to protect them from harm. This doesn’t mean that we can succeed by totally ignoring the mind, what it means is, it is impossible to succeed by only listening to your mind.

Once we understand that mind is mostly a fear generating mechanism, we can quickly realize how to keep it in check to be able to move toward our goals. There is one thing our minds hate the most – it is failing. This is why it tries to play it safe. It is averse to risk taking, and afraid of all things new. Those who know anything at all about success know that the biggest risk in life is not taking any risk. 

Once we decide to accept failure as a part of life, we will no longer be afraid to try new things in order to succeed. Those who keep doing the same things, afraid to try new things, finding new solutions to old problems, rarely succeed. The single biggest change one can make to move toward success is learning the art of failing.

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