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  • December 18, 2022
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Meditation is a Science:

Each person identifies with their own interests and with their own groups, but meditation is pure science. Science does not belong to any particular division or department of life, it is an honest way of exploring life.

Just like science is a way of seeing, experimenting, and believing, it is the same with meditation. Meditation is pure science that different groups identify with for various reasons, but the science itself is very pure; it has nothing to do with religion. 

There is no system declaring that a particular group founded meditation. Meditation is the foundation of what we call human intellect: our self-awareness and ability to introspect and know what we are comes from meditation, from the teachings of meditation. 

Meditation is a systematic way of using our consciousness, our awareness, to understand the phenomenon of life that is happening right here and right now. The science of meditation is so pure that it does not use any external instruments, no external objects.

It is not about going somewhere, it is not about external reality at all. As far as meditation is concerned, the universe is the individual. If there is space somewhere in the universe, that space is within the individual. If there is air in the universe, it is within the individual. If there is matter, it is in the individual. If there is gravity, it is felt by the individual.

There is absolutely nothing that exists in the universe that is not experienced by the individual. Light, darkness, solid, liquid, good, bad – everything is experienced and perceived by the individual. Meditation is the science of knowing what this perception is and why we perceive the world the way we do.

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