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  • January 1, 2023
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Meditation is a Science:

Meditation is one of the oldest known systems of self-transformation. Naturally, there have been different interpretations of what it is, and these interpretations have created various perceptions.

There are groups that identify with certain definitions of meditation; therefore, a few interpretations are more widely recognized. Some people look at meditation strictly as a part of their religious teaching.

Accordingly, if you approach a Buddhist and ask him what meditation is, his entire perception of meditation comes from Buddha – the way Buddha communicated, the way he meditated, including his teachings. Similarly, if you were to ask the Hindus, they would probably refer to either Krishna, Shiva, or other awakened beings. 

Let’s clear out some of the misconceptions. This, in itself, will help us to understand meditation for what it is because it is such a pure way of understanding life. It is such a pure and beautiful science that if you clear all the impurities, you will see how natural and simple meditation is and at the same time how profound and beneficial it is. In fact, you will see how it is next to impossible to experience deeper levels of peace and bliss without meditation. 

The first and the most important misconception is that meditation is religious – that it belongs to a particular group. Nobody knows the beginning of meditation. Just like any pure science, it has no beginning. Just to begin here, from a neutral undivided space, without any prejudices is in itself a great first step to becoming meditative.

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