Man Made Fibre

  • IASbaba
  • February 20, 2023
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Context: Textile Minister holds first meeting of the newly constituted Textile Advisory Group for Manmade Fibre (MMF).

About Man-made fibres (MMF):

  • Man-made fibres (MMF) are fibres made by man.
  • MMF can be organic or inorganic.
  • Organic MMF can be made from natural materials like wood, or are made from synthetic polymers.

Classification of Man-made Fibres

Synthetic Fibres:

  • Synthetic fibres are synthesis from chemical processes.
  • Examples of synthetic fibres are nylon, acrylic, polyester etc.

Regenerated Fibres:

  • These are semi-synthetic fibres that are made from the raw materials having long chain polymer structures.
  • Modified and are partially degraded during the chemical processes.
  • Made from cellulose polymers that are naturally occurring in cotton, wood, hemp, flax etc.
  • Cellulose is first converted into a pure form of viscous mass and is then converted into fibres by extrusion through spinnerets.
  • The first man-made regenerated fibres are rayon and acetate.

Advantages of MMF: High strength, Retains their original shape, Elastic, Soft, Low cost, Colours can be easily incorporated into man-made fibres, They are lightweight materials and easy manufacturing.

Disadvantages of MMF:

  • Man-made fibres do not absorb moisture and traps heat in our body.
  • Some man-made fibres cause skin allergies due to their dermatological actions.
  • Man-made fibre fails to absorb the perspiration

Source   PIB


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