KANASU 2023 – Offline Scholarship Test for Karnataka Students on 2nd July 2023 in 14 Cities

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  • June 20, 2023
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IAS BABA Presents : KANASU-2023

State level IAS (UPSC) Scholarship test for Karnataka Aspirants

Jagriti Awasthi [Rank 2], Arth Jain [Rank 16], Podishetty Srija [Rank 20], Vaishali Jain [Rank 21], Pulkit Singh [Rank 26] and many many others  –

What did all these toppers have in common?


All roads are same Some lead to destination; others feel astray.

How do some reach their destination?

With a clear vision ensuring that their windscreen is clear
With a correct roadmap ensuring they do not take unnecessary turns
And with a correct guidance from the vehicle itself; not letting them feel stuck or confused.

We see the passion that you have – to become a civil servant. To be able to serve your state. Be there for its citizens.

But the journey, from where to begin to how to reach the destination is still a bit unclear.

This journey is not easy, not fro the faint-hearted but for the ones who are willing to put all that it takes to achieve their vision. To reach the destination they have decided for themselves.

And as much as we want to make the journey smoother, there exists a lot of distractions.

Let us be honest here: you and us.

Very few will be able to understand all the sacrifices that your parents have made to help you reach this level, and then prepare for some more sacrifices to be made so that you achieve your dreams.

Very few will actually prepare you with the correct mindset to view this goal that you have set.

Very few will guide you with the correct techniques and methods that will not shorten the length of your journey but will enhance the quality of this journey.

And one such road that is available for you is


Especially if you are just starting out.

 Even if you have already started and lack correct mentorship and guidance.

Because our vision is very clear – to turn the dream of an aspirant sitting in the remotest corner of Karnataka to get Rank 1 into reality.

And if you have that vision for yourself – we are giving you a chance to earn your place in the program.

With one of the best and qualified faculty and well-researched easy to consume study materials, backed by the strong vision of the Founders, IASbaba is a one-stop-vehicle to put your dreams into motion.

With the State level IAS (UPSC) Scholarship test for Karnataka Aspirants for BABA’s KANASU 2023, you will not just set yourself up on the correct path right from the beginning but would also be accelerating your journey manifold.

IASbaba’s Guidance + Your Dedication = A rank in the Top 100!


 Date of the Scholarship Test: 2nd July 2023 (Sunday)

Mode of Test: The Test will be conducted only in the Offline Mode.

Eligibility: All the students will be eligible for the test. No pre-conditions. FREE Registration! (Please find the registration link below)

Prizes to be Won

IASBABA’s Pledge to #ServeTheSociety 

Last Date to Register: 30th June 2023

Discretion lies with IASbaba on all aspects of scholarship provision and admission to this program.


EMAIL ID: support@iasbaba.com

MOBILE NO: 91691 91888

IASbaba’s Bengaluru Centre: No.38, 3rd Cross, 1st Phase, 2nd Stage, 60 Feet Main Road, Chandra Layout, Attiguppe, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040 Landmark: opposite BBMP Building. Contact Number: 96634 62015

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