Integrated Learning Program (ILP) 2018 and All India Test Series English/Hindi





Its been a great response so far.

ILP has been launched on 31st July 2017. It has been an overwhelming response from all of you 🙂

We hope, this ILP proves to be much bigger and better in terms of content quality and reach, touching thousands of aspirants devoid of coaching and proper guidance.

ILP will prove to be a game changer provided you are honest and sincere with the guidelines to follow it. There is no substitute to smart and hard work.

Smart and Hard Work=IASbaba + You—-> Success Guaranteed!


Aspirants who want to Join ILP 2018 and Subscribes

  • Programme starts on 31st July
  • There is no deadline to join ILP and All India Prelims Test Series. One can join anytime.
  • If you pay online through instamojo, ID activation will take few hours. So do not panic. Once you receive payment slip, send it to [email protected] and wait for our reply.
  • If you pay offline or NEFT- send us the payment details and wait for our reply.

Aspirants who want to Join AIPTS 2018 and Subscribes

  • First test is on 10th August 2017
  • Access to Test Platform with details of using it will be shared 2-3 Days before it
  • ID details will be sent to your registered email ID

First read the complete details of the Programme Here

Download 3 Months Sample Plan of ILP 2018



  • ILP 2018 is an integrated programme for Prelims and Mains/Interview. Read the details carefully Click Here
  • ILP 2018 starts from 31st July 2017
  • Full ILP Plan will be available on the Platform
  • ILP doesn’t include All India Test Series/CSAT. ILP already has 35 guided tests for practice. In case one wish to solve more tests, can join All India Test Series/CSAT

All India Test Series 2018 including CSAT



  • It is Full Length Test Series for General Studies Paper I and CSAT Paper II  of Prelims
  • Total Tests-31 GS plus 10 CSAT






What is ILP?

ILP is an Integrated Learning Programme designed to cover Prelims and Mains in an integrated manner. Go through the sample 3 Months Plan of ILP 2018 given above

How will ILP help me in preparing Prelims and Mains and Interview?

First go through the sample 3 Months Plan of ILP 2018 carefully.

The Plan is divided like this

Before Prelims

  • Each SET= 3 Blocks in a month- Both Prelims and Mains
  • For Every Block- Proper sources and guidelines are given
  • After every block- followed by a Prelims Test
  • Every Block- Value Add Notes for Prelims and Mains Topics
  • Every Block- Daily Current Affairs from Babapedia
  • After 3 Blocks- Mains Mock and Synopsis
  • After every two SETs- REVISION TEST for previous two SETs
  • Sectional Tests- Subject Wise before Prelims
  • Full Mocks- Before Prelims

After Prelims (For Mains)

  • Block Wise Plan for Mains
  • After Every Block- Mains Mock and Synopsis
  • Value Add Notes


  • If you clear Mains, we will invite you for FREE interview guidance

What is Value Add Notes and how will it be helpful in my preparation?

Value Add Notes- given for both Prelims and Mains for every Block + Contains very qualitative coverage of topics of the block + to fill the gap with qualitative content in your preparation

VAN will be very effective in covering diverse, analytical and contemporary issues + VAN consists of Mind Maps and Infographs that will help you a lot in revision and precise note making. Click Here to check the samples of Value Add Notes

What is Babapedia and how is it helpful? 

Understand that newspaper articles are not written for your exam + it takes lot of time to extract required content on daily basis + and do background research to cover news articles relevant for you. Here comes babapedia as a savior.

Babapedia covers various important newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Business Standard and PIB etc from exam perspective+ presented with quality information all at one place+ category wise+ date wise + issue wise

You only will have to prepare from Babapedia without investing your time on newspapers+ Time saver for productive study+ Can focus More on Revision

This year many questions came directly from Babapedia- Don’t believe? Click Here

How many Prelims Tests in ILP, is CSAT part of ILP and how about revising them?

Total 35 Guided Tests as per Block Wise Plan + including Sectional Revision Tests+ including Full Mock Tests in the end. CSAT Tests are not part of ILP. They are included in AIPTS

Decent spaces for revision in between the plan. Check the sample plan from the menu bar

Will you review our Mains answers in ILP?

ILP is not a Mains Test Series. We will not review answers. We are already providing many Value Add Notes for Mains. Guided Synopsis will be provided and there will be a discussion forum to peer review on ILP Platform

What about Essay preparation?

Essay is not separate from Mains+ Our Mains Value Add Notes will be designed to cover important content and fodder for Essay Topics also. We will also provide few samples and strategy to cover ESSAY

How will it be helpful for Fresher and Working Professionals?

ILP is known for its high quality content and planning. Its quality components like Value Add Notes, Babapedia for Current Affairs, Block Wise Planning and High Quality Prelims Tests and Mains Mocks not only saves your effort but will provide you required direction to crack this exam sitting at Home.

You need not follow anything if part of ILP. A working professional always struggle for decent amount of time for preparation and if it is wasted in researching things and others, it is painful and demotivating. ILP comes as a saviour for them. Go through the sample plan from menu bar

Being a Working Professional I hardly get few hours in a day. How will I manage with this plan?

With or without ILP, you will prepare- Isn’t it?

If without ILP- No Plan+ Random Study + Waste of Time and Energy searching and collecting content+ Less time for self study + Lack of quality content

With ILP- Defined Planning + Quality Content + More Time to focus on Optional + More Productivity+ Step Wise Learning from scratch.

Look at Pawan K Pal Rank- 505, First Attempt, and Full Time Working Professional- ILP 2016 Student- Click Here

What all sources to refer in ILP?

  • Tamil Nadu Edition-11th and 12th, Old NCERTs and Bipan Chandra Freedom Struggle- History
  •  11th NCERT and Lakshmikant- Polity
  •  11th/12th NCERT’s, Economic Survey and Ramesh Singh- Economy
  • New NCERT’s and G.C Leong- Geography
  •  New NCERT’s class 6 to 10 and selected chapters from 11 and 12 – Basic Science (Rest will be covered in VAN and Babapedia)
  •  NCERT 12th Biology+ Shankar IAS- Environment
  •  India Year Book
  •  Old NCERT + Norman Lowe-World History
  •  ARC Report+ Lexicon- Ethics- That’s it (Rest Value Adds and Babapedia will fill the gaps)

What is All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS) in English and Hindi, is it different than ILP?

AIPTS is Prelims only Test Series Programme for 2018. It will be available in both English and Hindi language. It has a total of 41 Tests. 31 for General Studies and 10 Full Length Tests of CSAT Paper 2. Check the Full Plan of AIPTS given above.

Why All India Prelims Test Series- AIPTS, kept outside ILP 2018, will Questions be same in AIPTS and ILP?

ILP already have 35 High Quality Tests for practice. ILP Students can join AIPTS after December in case wish to solve more tests (personal choice).

Questions will be different in ILP and AIPTS, so that ILP users can also make best use of it.

Join AIPTS only after sincerely following ILP for few months. Take the tests of AIPTS subject wise for revision purpose.

Will you provide Ranking, Analysis of Tests, Downloadable Solutions and Questions after the Test and for how many times can I appear for each Test in ILP and AIPTS?

Yes, detailed analysis of your performance + All India Ranking + PDFs of Question and Solution+ Discussion on Questions on Test Platform + 3 Attempts for Each Test for both ILP Tests and AIPTS.

Is there any deadline to join ILP and AIPTS?

No Deadline. But sooner the better to be in sync with the plan

Being a working professional I may not be able to appear for Tests on time. What to do?

One can appear for the Tests till 3rd June 2018, next Prelims. Tests are flexible in nature and you can appear anytime as per your convenience. so need not worry.

What all will be there on ILP Platform and can I download the Value Add Notes?

ILP Platform will have a close group of sincere aspirants’ part of ILP 2018. It will have full guidelines for next one and a half year of preparation journey.

  • Complete ILP Plan- Pre-Prelims and Post-Prelims
  • Value Add Notes– On this page you will get all VAN updated as mentioned in the plan. Yes it will be downloadable.
  • Babapedia– Link to login to Babapedia for Current Affairs
  • Test Platform– Link to login to your Test Profile
  • Question/Answer Section- To ask and discuss doubts and issues with your peers
  • Constant Personal Touch of IASbaba– Through motivation and personal query resolution etc

Is ILP and AIPTS available Offline also?

ILP is an Online Programme.

Yes AIPTS is available Offline also. It will be conducted at our Test Centre in Bengaluru. You can check the details on Home Page

How to judge the quality of ILP and AIPTS before joining it?

Kindly go through these links

Check our Result of 2016- Rank 4 and Rank 6- ILP 2016 Students, Total 60 + selections and more than 25 from ILP- Click Here

Check the Reviews on our Tests-  Click Here, Click Here , Click Here , Click Here

Check the Sample of our Test HereClick Here and   Click Here

Check the Sample of Solution PDF to be provided in this Test SeriesClick Here & Click Here  Click Here

How to Pay or Join?

Payment Link– ILP 2018/Prelims Test Series – To make the Online Payment – Click Here

Offline Payment Details: Please mail us the acknowledgment at [email protected] if making offline payment. 

Bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER 8418201003785

For any query related to ILP 2018  and Prelims Test Series contact us at [email protected]

  • Mausam

    Respected IAS Baba , I am preparing for cse-2018 and my medium is Hindi with Hindi literature optional. Is your initiative ILP 2018 availble in hindi medium also? useful for me? I want to join it..plz clear my doubt regarding this 🙂
    Thanks in advanced 🙂

    • Mausam

      ILP is not available in Hindi. But even last year many aspirants from Hindi medium joined ILP and happily clearing prelims. They have emailed us thanking about the quality content and tests that helped them to score comfortably in Prelims.

      This time we have launched All India Test Series in Hindi, you can surely join it. In case you are comfortable with translating ILP content yourself, can surely join it like others last year.

  • g manasa

    Will the ilp 2018 include prelims test series you provide or they are different?

    • ILP will have different tests.

  • Mithun Das

    If i join ILP 2018 then should i keep read THE HINDU and make note from it,If yes please give suggestion.

    • Yes you can. We will assist you for CA through Babapedia in ILP

  • Lalit Devkar

    For ILP 2018( Pre,Main,Interview) Is Iasbaba Provide Value added Materials?

    • Lalit

      Yes. Read the details carefully. We have put the samples also for your reference

  • Surya Nayakd

    baba i have paid money for ilp 2018… so what is the next >>>>>?

    • Surya

      ILP 2018 login platform is not given to anyone now. We clearly mentioned that program starts on 31st July and login platform will be given one week before the start. Read the details given above carefully. Be calm and start your preparation 🙂

  • Surya Nayakd

    are bhayya maine tho ilp2018 ka payment kardiyaa……, lekin abhi kya karna ? koi hai???

  • Arjun Kr


    I have paid 10k as registration for the scholarship test which is to be conducted this Sunday. Haven’t received any mail/SMS regarding this after the payment. However, I have the payment receipt. Could you please provide some info regarding the test?

  • Mitesh Pant

    Dear Baba
    I have joined the ILP program, do I need to join the test series as well or this should be sufficient for preparation.
    Also I have started reading the polity, as mentioned in the plan shared. Is there any specific preparation one must do to get the max out of the ILP when it starts in July.

    • Mitesh

      The core intention of ILP is to assist fresher and make them confident so that they handle prelims with ease. If you follow ILP consistently with sincerity and feel to solve more quality tests through our Test Series, you can join. But do not join it now. We are not encouraging it to join in the beginning for a simple reason mentioned above. People join 2-3 test series usually. We too provide prelims test series only programme but you should decide based on quality learning and utility of test series for you. If ours is good for you then surely can join it but after few months of following ILP sincerely

      Just stick to what is mentioned in the given plan and start your preparation. Go through previous years papers as a regular exercise. Rest will be taken care once we start off with ILP 🙂

    • Shiva Kumar

      Mitesh, can u please share the full time table of ILP?

      • Mitesh Pant

        Hey Siva, Baba shared only two slides on the introductory note for ILP 2018. I am following that

  • Narinder singh

    Baba ji … Kya mains k leye koi test series v join krni padye gi .. Agar main ilp 2018 ko subscribe kro ..

    • Narinder

      Abhi Mains ke liye koi Test Series nahi hi. May be jab ap prelims clear kroge next year to hum start kre 🙂

      • Narinder singh

        Ji baba ji … Agree… First of all a bigg thnks baba ji bcoz .. Tuci meri har ki qury nu answer kr rahe o thnks alot baba ji …main sir prelims 2018 k baad ki he baat kr raha tha .. Abhi toh acc to ur table mains prepared krna hai then prelims k baad .. Jaise ki mostly logg vision ki mains test series join krte hai .. Us ki koi zarrorrt nahi hogi agar main ilp2018 ka student hoon .. Fir woh mains ki test series bhi ilp2018 mein he include ho gi sir ??

        • Hum mains ki koi test series paid Abhi nhi chalate. TLP Hai Jisme answer writing practice hoti h Jo free hi. Ho skta h next year if we have good back up support to assist then we may start mains only test series. Ap Abhi step wise chaliye har cheez ek Sath krne se asafalta milti h

      • HereiM

        Hi Team,
        could u post ur Daily Quiz in 1pdf like month wise at the end of each month. It will be very helpful for people like me, who are working and preparing as well. Thanks in advance.

  • Pradyut Pradhan

    Hi baba,
    I jus hav sm query abt ILP Programme 2018: you will conduct writing practice(essay + mains)?
    2. Are you providing any instalment facilities?
    Sir, I hav already exhausted my 4 attempts, wanna make d forthcoming attempt d best one under your guidance. Hope u understand my scenario.
    Waiting for ur response.

    • vaibhav singhal

      sir i request you kindly do contact me [email protected] , it will be my 3yr n this time i really want to be very focused. I really need a good partner with who i can compete, discuss n practice. I will prove to be a good partner in preparation journey.

    • Replied you.

  • Abhishek Pandey

    is scholorship test available for online courses also

    • No Abhi. It was only for offline

      • Abhishek Pandey

        i have joined ilp looking forward to have a wonderful journey to acheive the pinnacle of success with u baba

  • Abhishek Pandey

    baba will u also help for my sociology optional

  • Rahul Verma

    i had paid for ilp 2018….but why i m not able to login with email and password that u provided…..

    • Shiva Kumar

      Rahul, in which platform you logged in?
      They sent any mail regarding ILP test Platform.

    • Rahul

      Clearly mentioned in the write up that login will work only one week before 31st July and where are you trying to login? We haven’t given any login url

  • Durgaprasad

    I have decided to move Bengaluru for offline prelims test series. Anyone from geography optional moving to bangalore?

    • Durgaprasad

      If interested we can find a good PG or room around iasbaba institute in vijaynagar area.


      Me too thinking to shift there but do not have adequate information like pg n optional suuport.By the way my optional is philosophy.
      From where you belong?Lets be in touch in case I too shift there then I will join you in preparation

      • Durgaprasad

        Im from Hyderabad..where r u from “?


          I am from MP… And yes very much interested…my email is
          [email protected]
          Mail me bro , we can plan furthut

          • Durgaprasad

            Ok sure.

  • Preethi

    Babaji can you suggest which optional is better anthropology or sociology?? I’m from engineering background.I am prepared for either of the two.. Please suggest…

    • Preethi

      Go for Anthro

    • Praneet Kumar

      Dear Aspirant,
      First of all go through the syllabus and Previous years Question papers. Don’t try to solve rather just read the syllabus and look after question papers in what way the question had been asked for topic mentioned in syllabus.If you feel comfort with it then opt for it.Both has Pros and cons.Both are good if you are interested both are bad if you are disheartened.
      All the Best.

  • Poonam Sharma

    Sir plz help me to selecting optional …I’m from mba background.

    • Optional selection should be based on your personal interest. Go through few of them and cross check your inclination and then take a call

    • Praneet Kumar

      Dear Aspirant,
      First of all go through the syllabus and Previous years Question papers of Optional you want to opt but in confusion . Don’t try to solve rather just read the syllabus and look after question papers in what way the question had been asked for topic mentioned in syllabus.If you feel comfort with it then opt for it.

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Babaji please help me out for taking optional. I am an engineering student. Philosophy, Geography or Pub Ad ?? I think i can do these subjects thoroughly. Which will be best for me as far as syllabus is concerned, and can be covered in limited time. Please Suggest me. Awaiting for the reply.

    • Rakesh

      Optional selection should be based on your personal interest. Go through each one of them and cross check your inclination and then take a call

  • Aayush Shrut

    Will I be provided daily targets to achieve? How will the online platform be like?

  • Remote Upload

    @iasbaba i have checked in which u have provided daily schedule kindly provide the same this year or give the same (old one after subscribing ilp2018) as ideal time table to be followed because it will help new student to get daily relevent target
    It will be okay if u provide old or daily + block wise timetable
    Let users decide which to follow although syallbus will be same for both

    • Remote

      We will come up with 2-3 months sample within 3-4 days. Wait for it

  • RANK1

    baba ji
    do u also provide guidance for botany optional and which is better optional botany or anthropology i m biotech background student

    • Hi

      No guidance for optional

      • RANK1

        baba ji …not for even anthropology …??

    • black owl

      m also biotech graduate. I thought for opting botany but ended up with geography.

      • RANK1

        hii text me at [email protected]

        • black owl

          hi, hv u decided d optional ?

          • RANK1


          • black owl

            all the best

  • Gangadhar

    I Am the subscriber of IASBABA ILP 2017 Program.due to some personal reasons i didn’t take prelims test series. Today when I tried to login to my portal, I Am unable to do that. It is showing as 2018 test series.there are no tests regarding previous ilp2017.
    Can I avail those previous series ? I need a link that I can login to my portal.
    I want to Use those tests. Please help me.
    Will I get any concession If I pay for 2018 test series ?

    • Gangadhar

      We had clearly mentioned it in the beginning that Prelims Tests will be active till 18th June Only. We gave you whole year but you couldn’t use. We put a notice on ILP Platform and again increased the deadline to 26th June. You didn’t use. Now it is not possible because it is removed by Test Technical Team to whom we pay for their service and agreement expired after 18th for Prelims.

      There is no concession because we have not increase the fee from last year rather it is less since GST is implemented.

  • sayantan das

    I have subscribed your ILP 2018 online programme and I have got login Id & password.
    But can’t be able to Login because of there is no login button showing on the screen.

    • Hi Sayantan,

      The course will start from 31st of July.
      The platform will be activated one week before that.

  • watson2

    I wish to join your offline classes. Where can I do that?

  • shivani

    hello sir ,i have enrolled in your ilp 2018 but now due to unexpected circumstances i may not be able to give prelims 2018 so kindly cancel my registration and refund the fee i have paid. i have drop an email regarding the same at [email protected] but have got no reply . please provide a deadline for the resolution of my issue.

  • Pandurang Tanawade

    Ias baba,
    Do ILP contain writting practice for ethics paper also.Do it contain Essay practice.

  • Dipankar Das

    Hello Baba,
    I joined Insights test series earlier, and after finishing the test they provide link to download in pdf format the question paper and answer key with explanation separately. This helps in revising the tests in later stages. I wanted to know, whether I can download the testpaper and solution separately or not? Thank you.

  • Ranbir sandhu

    Baba ji mains ki tyri kaise strt kro am a fresh plzz guide me. Sir humble. requst

      • Ranbir sandhu

        Baba ji ilp2018 kaise helpful ho ga mains 2018 ki prepartion mein .. Main ilp2018 prgrme subscribe krna chahta hoon .. Is it help ful for mains and eassy exams plzz reply sir a humble requst to u ias baba

        • ILP me hum Mains ke liye Value Add notes and special issues coverage krege. Aur Mains Mock with Synopsis bhi hoga.

  • Ranbir sandhu

    And baba ji optnl subject poltical sci and international affairs aur history main se konsa as a optnl chose kro plzz suggest… Which better out of this sir plz suggest the best

  • Neo

    what is the duration of ILP? Like, for how many months it continues?

    • Intakhab Hussain

      it is given there , 14 months

      • Neo

        thanks man.

  • Pandurang Tanawade

    Ias baba,
    Do ILP contain writting practice for ethics paper also.Do it contain Essay practice.

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Babaji please help me out for taking optional. I am an engineering student. Philosophy, Geography or Pub Ad ?? I think i can do these subjects thoroughly. Which will be best for me as far as syllabus is concerned, and can be covered in limited time. Please Suggest me. Awaiting for the reply.

  • Sk Abid Razza

    Greetings babaji !! i have few doubts regarding ILP 2018, First like if i join ILP 2018 do i have to separately pay for ILP connect ?? and the second rather not say doubt,i would like to know that would be there any guidance cum mentoring for optionals , I have Pub Ad my optionals. Kindly guide me on this Plzz..!!!

    • Abid

      First ILP Connect is not an open programme. Fill the form after joining ILP and aspirants will be selected by IASbaba. If selected they will be personally informed about the details and fee. The fee won’t be too much. Just an add on for mentorship and that too if they agree 🙂

      nothing for optional as of now

      • Sk Abid Razza

        thank you so much fpr ur humble Babaji !! All i was looking for a good mentor for my self as i am all alone in my hoemtown to even talk about Civil services and ILP 2018 & ‘ILP Connect’ gave me a ray of hope thats why i was interested in ‘ILP Connect.’ As i have learned from my past experiences that good books and materials can only help u to one level but after that its the yourr “mentor cum Friend cum Philosopher cum Guide” that can sail u through the rough seas of the Civil Services..
        I would join as soon as i arrange money for ILP 2018 and ILP connect.

      • 2nike

        wht is the difference between ipl connect and the other one?

        • Those who will join ILP can fill the form for ILP Connect. We will select few aspirants who will have personal mentoring assistance also through telephonic interactions and more personal guidance

  • PJS Koushik

    I’ve Joined ILP 2018 And the A.I Test Series as well But Can you please elaborate what TLP Is about ?Also Does the ILP 2018 Includes the GS Mains Answer Writing Or Else we have to Join it altogether differently(Maybe TLP ?)

    • kaushik

      TLP is our FREE initiative for answer writing where we provide a plan, questions are posted as per plan and our team also provides review on answers along with synopsis for the questions.

      Be regular with ILP and build your content base first. Answer Writing can be done gradually.

  • PJS Koushik

    I’ve Joined ILP 2018 And the A.I Test Series as well But Can you please elaborate what TLP Is about ??
    Also Does the ILP 2018 Includes the GS Mains Answer Writing Or Else we have to Join it altogether differently(Maybe TLP ?)

  • Narinder singh

    Baba ji .. Ilp connect kaise work kare ga .. Plz share

  • Abhishek

    PLease upload the time table for the tests

  • Mohammad MOIN

    Baba ji kya ILP2018 ka material hindi me uplabdh hoga if yes I want to join it

    • Moin

      ILP is not available in Hindi. All India Test Series will be in Hindi

  • DiamondMagnolia

    @iasbaba:disqus sorry if i’m bothering you with repetitive questions. When is All India test series online starting? It is not mentioned above.

    • Hi

      10th August. We will update full plan of test series on 10th July

  • anusha gv

    @iasbaba:disqus i’m planning to join ILP-2018, is it necessary to join all India test series too? I’m new to this ILP thing…please brief me.

    • Anusha

      Join ILP and follow it sincerely. Later in the month of December or Jan, you can join AITS for more practice. But for that you should be very consistent with ILP. Joining various programmes and then not following it won’t make any sense

      • anusha gv

        @iasbaba:disqus hi, I’ve joined ILP…there is this “ILP connect” that works? please explain or provide the link about what is ILP-connect.

  • Shiva Kumar

    @IASbaba please help to choose optional subject,
    1) I studied Kannada up to 10th,have good command over writing plus interest,but problem is I don’t have any materials and some people suggested me that to cover full syllabus either I have to read 25 to 30 books or need to join coaching class but the problem is I don’t have that much money to afford coaching.
    2) when I went through the syllabus of anthropology I felt I can manage this subject, again problem is my english writing skills are above average so given this circumstance please suggest me which optional I choose.
    Thank you

  • Hardik Baldaniya

    Hello sir, i want to know more about ILP program. Is it a offline program? Bcuz i m working in company so i want to learn offline. If you guide me in this. My email id:[email protected]

    • Hardik

      ILP is an Online Programme. Since you are working so it is easy for you to follow ILP and prepare from Home.

      By Online we mean, the content, tests and planning will be provided in a separate platform. You can download the content, take tests online and from pdfs can learn at home.

  • priyanshi

    Is 60 day plan included in ILP-2018?

    • 60 Day plan is our free initiative and starts two months before prelims for more practice

  • Abhishek Pandey

    i have joined ilp how to join ilp connect

    • Abhishek

      There is a form link given for ILP connect in the write up. Kindly fill the details and wait. If selected you will be personally informed

  • saumitra tiwari

    for the ILP Connect, what should be the ILP transaction ID and merchant ref no. ?

    • If paid through instamojo-mention its ID. If NEFT-mention payment reference number, if Offline-mention Offline

  • Tajinder Singh

    Hello sir, want to know full time table for ilp2018. I expect sufficient coverage for mains.

    • Tajinder

      2-3 Months of ILP plan will be shared tomorrow. We cannot share Whole Plan. That will be enough for anyone to decide. Since it is integrated so Prelims and Mains both will be covered efficiently .

  • Krishna

    @IASBaba, I’ve enrolled to the ILP2018. I’ve read all the ncerts and standard books. What do you think is the best thing to do this month? I’m not going by a good plan and don’t want to waste this month. Please suggest

    • Krishna

      If done with NCERT’s, kindly revise them again and again along with going through previous years UPSC prelims papers. Start following Daily News Analysis on iasbaba for mains issues and analyis along with RSTV and AIR discussions that are posted

  • Abhishek Pandey

    baba i am preparing but if i could get schedule of ilp programe then i could begin with the subject which will be taken first and moreover i am not getting form link for ilp provide it

  • Vishnu Vardhan Reddy

    Yes am.vishnu vardhan enrolled in ILP 2018 through instamojo
    What is the next step
    Can you please inform me to my mail ID
    [email protected]

    • Vishnu

      You have successfully paid

  • Dhruv Rawal

    Hello Sir , while I was paying for ILP-2018 , my bank site logged me out for technical error in mid of payment…. Now I have got message of transaction…. Want to knw whether money reached you or not…. Help me plzz ?

    • Narinder singh

      Yr main payment kaise ho gi bhai plz guide me dhruv

      • Dhruv Rawal

        Bhai link de rkha h uspe jao…Jo information puche wo submit kro…. or netbanking ya card se jaise aap chaho pay krdo…. ILP 2018 k starting me hi payment ka link h..

    • Druv

      Is your payment successful? If payment is done send the payment reference at [email protected]

  • darkness

    Dear babaji,i had joined ilp2018 programme and filled up the ilp connect form.COULD you plz tell me when the ilp connect selection process will strart?I WILL be lucky if i got selected.thank you sir.

    • Darkness

      It will communicated to all the selected aspirants in August after the programme starts



    • Abhijit

      ILP is not available in Hindi this time. Only All India Prelims Test Series is available in Hindi. You can join ILP for quality content as other Hindi medium students are also joining. And in parallel Join AIPTS in Hindi for practice

  • Lekha J

    On the 9th july 2017, I made payment for the ILP-2018 course. Payment of ₹9999 done sucessfully. I also received the acnoledgement receipt from Instamojo and mail also.
    but still I didnt get mail from your side which contains the above mentioned ID and Password. Still it didnt generated automatically.
    Payment ID MOJO7709000A05119711
    my mail [email protected]

    • Dear lekha

      If you have received acknowledgment as payment receipt. be patient. we had clearly mentioned above that platform will be active one week before 31st July and ID and pass will again be sent after activation,,

  • ashok cheepati

    Hello sir! Do we have another ILP Test Series program after 31st july .i.e in the month of August and Spetember?

    • Ashok

      One can join ILP anytime but programme starts from 31st July only. One has to follow it from the beginning only

  • smruti Ranjan

    For offline all India test series, will the schedule will be same as online. As the tests will be on both weekdays and weekends, it will be difficult for offline working professionals.
    Can we have options for offline tests on weekends only.

    • Smruti

      We will make it on Weekends. Do not worry about it.

      • smruti Ranjan

        Thank you!!
        When we will get the schedule for the offline exam?

        • It will be updated soon.

          • smruti Ranjan



    @iasbaba:disqus ;Is there any plan of starting Mathematics Optional in IASbaba?

  • Anil Kumar RB

    What is the course plan for working professionals? What are the things we get in ILP ?What is the duration of this program is it one year?

    • rahul sharma

      they had prepared the ilp programme by keeping in mind the schedule of working people.. for rest of your questions please read the above post atleast once.. please guys just read the post before commenting..

    • Anil

      ILP is known for its high quality content and planning. Its quality components like Value Add Notes, Babapedia for Current Affairs, Block Wise Planning and High Quality Prelims Tests and Mains Mocks not only saves your effort but will provide you required direction to crack this exam sitting at Home.
      You need not follow anything if part of ILP. A working professional always struggle for decent amount of time for preparation and if it is wasted in researching things and others, it is painful and demotivating. ILP comes as a saviour for them. Go through the sample plan from menu bar

      With or without ILP, you will prepare- Isn’t it?

      If without ILP- No Plan+ Random Study + Waste of Time and Energy searching and collecting content+ Less time for self study + Lack of quality content

      With ILP- Defined Planning + Quality Content + More Time to focus on Optional + More Productivity+ Step Wise Learning from scratch.

      Look at Pawan K Pal Rank- 505, First Attempt, and Full Time Working Professional- ILP 2016 Student-

  • Suraj Lourembam

    Baba ji Pliz post ilp 2018 Plan

  • ajay

    hello ias baba why has you stoppped mindmaps series…..dont you know that mindmaps helps students a lot

  • Minakshi Kalyani

    I want to join ilp but not able to shift Blore 😞

    • rahul sharma

      there is no need to shift to bangalore for ilp programme.. it an online program. you can follow it from your home.. please read the post carefully!! you will get all your answers

      • Minakshi Kalyani


      • Minakshi Kalyani

        I have subscribed to ilp18 thanks

        • Vijay Rao

          I planning to join ILP but I would like to know if the plan is good enough. I’m not financially stable but I really wanna join this programme.. IAS BABA didn’t mention the complete plan of how it’s going to be.. As you’ve already joined the programme, can u please send the plan you’ve received from IAS BABA after joining?? I’m too poor to join before knowing if the plan really works for me! Thank you very much. this is my email address [email protected]. can u please care to forward it to me.

  • Minakshi Kalyani

    Please baba ji help me 😞😞😞😞😞

  • Pandurang Tanawade

    If I attempted the test in ILP or AITS .And got very good marks in first try.
    May be this is because I have just read all the relevant stuff for that perticular test.
    But If I want to attemt same test after say 3 months for recheck my memory.Is it possible.

    • Yes for each test there will be 3 attempts

  • yNa

    what will be timing of programme on dAILY BASIS

    • yNA

      Timing?? One can follow it day and night 🙂 Just Kidding

      There is no timing as such. One can follow as per their time management

      • yNa

        ok thnx baba ji

  • RahulKumarRathod

    Hi Baba my query is you guys are providing everything online for free of cost most of the current affairs material monthly magazine whats the real edge that am going to get it from the ILP programme and please provide the additional info regarding the ILP programme how it goes and all as am new to this programme

  • chandil kumar Kumar

    Hi, BABAJI i would like to join ILP but i have a doubt on ILP & AITS. I.e Will all/most of the questions from AITS will be covered in ILP?. Or should i enroll each program separately?

    • Hi Chandil

      AIPTS Questions will be different than ILP Tests.

      You can enroll to both but be regular with ILP till December and then start taking Tests of AIPTS subject wise keeping revision in mind

  • Shubham Mittal

    To give all those tests mentioned in the ILP, we’ve to join the AITS also? right?

    • Shubham

      ILP Tests will be different than AIPTS.

      AIPTS Questions will be different than ILP Tests. You can enroll to both (if wish to) but be regular with ILP till December and then start taking Tests of AIPTS subject wise keeping revision in mind.

      • Shubham Mittal

        so what is the difference between both the programs? I read the notification but I’m not sure if I get it. Please help!

      • Shubham Mittal

        but ILP will include full length GS & CSAT mock tests? If yes, how many?

  • sravan bandi

    Babaji can i knew the details of ILP connect programme

  • rishi Singh

    babaji test hindi me aapne suru kr diya h isk liye wo sabhi students jinko isase fayda hoga unki taraf se aapka sukriya aada karna chahta hun..
    ek guzarish aur aapse hai agar aadhyan samagree(study material) hindi me upalabhd(available) kare de to aapki badi kripa (mercy) hogi…dhanyawaad(thanx)

    • Rishi

      Hum poori koshish kr rhe hain. Waqt lagega. hum jalbazi me quality se compromise nhi kr skte warna apka hi nuksan hoga.

      • सुनील बिश्नोई

        कितना वक्त लगेगा श्रीमान।हिंदी माध्यम वालो के भाग्य कब खुलेंगे।

      • rishi Singh

        aapka bahut dhanyawaad babaji

  • vinay

    babaji i am not able to make login on newly ILP2017 , though i received conformation mail after payment.

    • Vinay

      2017 Login link is for ILP 2017 students not ILP 2018. Clearly mentioned that ILP 2018 platform will be active one week before 31st July

  • Rahul Jain

    Babaji, I subscribed for the ILP 2018 but didn’t get any registration no. please look at this matter


    can anyone help me to get previous years prelims papers pls suggest me any particular website or any publisher? thanks in advance

  • Prashasth Baliga

    Hi baba,
    My query is what is the difference between Babapedia and daily news analysis posted on your website?
    Do we have to do both or babapedia is enough ?

    • Prashasth

      DNA is mains oriented coverage. Babapedia is precisely for Prelims.

      • Prashasth Baliga

        Thank you for your quick reply.
        As I am a working professional, if I just refer babapedia, daily news analysis , air summary and monthly magazine it would suffice right ? Or do I need again go to newspapers and filter things out. Cause I have seen some articles of Hindi aren’t covered in DNA.
        Sorry for troubling you. Btw I feel extremely happy to see the progress of IASBaba, I have seen your website since June 2015. One of the initial visitors to your website. Keep up the good work.

        • Dear

          You should trust you mentor if finally chose us as your torch bearer. For GS nothing else or extra other than what is mentioned. Just that you need to put effort from your side as well. Our guidance in the form of entities in ILP will be more than enough to crack GS. You just need to take care of optional.

          Thanks for the faith in us. Let this journey be memorable. It’s all mutual 🙂

  • Vibin

    Baba ji…yesterday I hav made offline payment for ILP pgm but haven’t received any notification..already I hav mailed all details…waiting for ur reply…Tq

    • Hi Vibin

      We had some issue so got delayed. Will confirm through email for sure. Do not worry 🙂

  • Apurva

    Will 2nd ARC Report be covered in this plan?

    • Yup wherever required content will be covered in our VAN

      • Apurva

        Thank you for the prompt reply.

      • Apurva

        I have registered for the ILP Connect. When should I expect the call? And till when will I know if I have been chosen for the ILP Connect program?

  • Suraj Chikara

    Test series ki fee km kr do gs ki thodi n cast tests ko optional kr do

  • vinaya official

    Dear IASBaba Team,

    I have subscribed to ILP-2018 and made payment on 14th July 2017, received the user-id and password, but did not get any confirmation mail regarding the payment/subscription.

    Kindly mail the confirmation asap.
    Thank you & Regards

    • Hi Vinaya

      That is acknowledgment only. We cannot email everyone that is why automated the subscription details 🙂 Now, stay calm and wait patiently. We will inform about activation of ILP Platform one week before 31st July.

      • vinaya official

        Thank you for your quick response

      • <3 KH <3

        hi baba, before subscribe ilp
        i have a query
        ILP is a online initiative ??
        its not possible for me to come Bangalore

        • Hi

          Yes it is online only. No need to come to Bangalore.

          • <3 KH <3

            baba ji , i have succesfully paid fees from bhim app
            but no response from ias baba payment option
            pls say what i do ??

  • vivek

    baba ji 1st of all thank u so much for ur wonderful work. i hv 1 doubt….is ILP2018 also available in hindi or only AIPTS?????

    • Hi Vivek

      For now only AIPTS is in Hindi

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        baba i hv subscribed for yojana/kurukshetra today.
        when do i will get my copy of it?
        do u hv any idea

        • Fiza Khan

          ask yojana team…and yes i also subscribed for it ..u will get it in a month

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Yes…i got a mail from them…they will send me the August issue

  • Mohan kumar s

    What all the source do I need to buy

  • Ivjyot Oberoi

    Greetings, reverent @iasbaba:disqus .

    I’ve one query, will supplementing ILP’18 with my Classroom Coaching at Vajiram, prove to consolidate my preparations further? Really do not want to keep both my legs at different points, and fail miserably.

    • Hi

      Take ILP as backup and keep it close with your self study. ILP is nothing but a systematic plan supported by best possible quality content and guidance. In case you will feel demotivated which is very obvious at times, ILP will come as a savior if you are honest with it. Rank 6 Dinesh did the same.

      • Ivjyot Oberoi

        Great. Sounds, like a plan.

        Oh, yes. I must accept that even post assiduous preparations one ought to be demotivated. It’s an ocean out there. Some guidance to swim in the obscured waters will be a great help.
        Thank-you, @iasbaba:disqus. Looking forward to follow it diligently.

  • prachi

    hello babaji,
    2 days ago I had joined the ILP group but till now i haven’t received any mail regarding id and password…
    please guide me with same


    @iasbaba:disqus ;
    Any other alternative for Ramesh Singh Economy? The Book is so Bulky.
    Which one do you suggest? Mrunal or Sriram’s IAS Material? Please do reply. Thanks

    • Hi

      You can follow any book of your choice provided the topics are covered qualitatively. We had to follow one source so Ramesh Singh. Doesn’t matter if you are able to grasp and cover the topics in question with whatever source you follow. Our Tests are not framed copying words but are in line with concepts.

    • Sushilkumar R. Burkul

      Check out new released edition, it has some updates.

  • saumitra tiwari

    sir. i have joined ILP 2018 programme. i want to know that in babapedia, can i get the current affairs prior to july 2017?

  • Durgaprasad

    Need a roommate.
    I’m from Hyderabad. I have opted to iasbaba prelims offline test series. Optional geography. If anyone opted to insights offline test series or classes and need a room, contact me at [email protected].

    We can exchange both test series and approach and study together.

    Our room will be 1.2km away from insights and 2km away from iasbaba.

  • Bhrigul Behal

    What are the sources that will be covered in this programme?

  • Aspirant 2016

    In the 3 months sample plan the subjects are parcelled out for different months..for example part of polity is covered in aug and part in Sep with some other subjects in between..dont you think it will disturb the continuity or flow of learning?? is there a specific logic behind it??

    • Aspirant

      We do not cover specific subject in one go. It is not a good technique.

      Since we are going topic wise, it has nothing to do with flow. One should maintain interest and consistency throughout the preparation journey.

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    @iasbaba:disqus_I did not receive my login id n pswd..i made pmnt on 10th of july…will i get it a week before the program starts?

    • Yes you will get it before the programme starts

  • Preethi

    For world history, can we follow arjun dev book instead of norman love?

  • rani

    @iasbaba:disqus can u please tell the timings of ilp ?

    • ILP is online. No timing. Depends on your personal time management

  • Nitesh Raja

    Will ilp student of 2017get any discount on the new course . Just asking ???

    • Nitesh

      This time if you consider GST, our Fee is less than last year. no discount

  • saumitra tiwari

    sir. i have joined ILP 2018 programme. i want to know that in babapedia, can i get the current affairs prior to july 2017?

    • Hello Saumitra

      From July only. Prior to July will be covered in Tests. We will try to provide previous content. Working on it

  • Vishal Singh

    Ias baba do we need to read hindu or babapedia will suffice as i am full time working professional so have limited time and everyone is just recomending to read hindu daily 2 hours kindly reply baba ji iam confused rest everything is fine i have read each and everything carefully about ilp its really nice for people like us who belongs to small town.

    • Hello Vishal

      At least refer The Hindu for half an hour. Glance through it. It will be helpful in reading comprehension also 🙂

      Babapedia and ILP Tests will take care of Prelims Current Affairs (No need for any news paper)

      For Mains- Refer to our Daily News Analysis

  • Vishal Singh

    Thanks baba ji…

  • Anamika Bishnoi

    Hi IASbaba team, i’ve got a query to clear.
    I’ve recently joined your ILP 2018 initiative,wanted to know if Yojana and Kurukshetra will be covered by you in your VAN or through Babapedia or we need prepare them ourselves?? Also I’ve registered myself for ILPconnect but didn’t get any acknowledgement of it.

    • We are covering Yojana/Kurukshetra separately. You should follow it.

      Its content will be asked in Tests as given in the Plan. Those selected will be personally informed in the last week of August-For Connect

      • Anamika Bishnoi

        Thanks for the reply sir 🙂
        Yojana/Kurukshetra gist are you talking about(available for everyone for free) or Is there some separate initiative for ILP members ??

        • Anamika

          Available for everyone but we cannot have track who is following it or not? 🙂

          ILP members will be asked questions from there so they will surely use it in the best possible manner.

          • Anamika Bishnoi

            I get it sir, thanks 🙂 already feeling good on such prompt replies from IASbaba team. (thumbs up)

          • We never leave our students especially the sincere ones. Will catch up on ILP forum soon 🙂

          • Anamika Bishnoi

            🙂 🙂

  • Praveen Nayak Kunusoth

    hello baba……
    i have one doubt – is 60 days plan and ilp 2018 are same or different?
    please give me details…..

    • Praveen

      60 Day is our FREE initiative. No need to pay for it. It is just for practice in last 2 months. ILP 2018 is paid where you get Value Add notes and other things as mentioned.

  • kuipers

    where to login for ILP 2018 ; i have already registered

    • Access to ILP 2018 Platform will be given one week before the start of the plan (Mentioned above)

      You will get access details once platform is active through your email. Do not worry

  • Neelam Dalvi

    Pranam babaji….first of all thanks for your great ILP2018 plan.I would like join ..but i wanted know that I m writing my mains in Marathi language,so is this really helpful?

    • Neelam

      Content remains the same. If you can translate the content and produce the same in exam nothing better than this 🙂

  • tanisa

    hi babaji, the daily tlp questions will be go hand in hand with the daily portion of the blocks?

    • Tanisha

      TLP for 2018 people will start in 2018 🙂 Do not worry about everything at a time. We will reach to that stage in a step wise manner

      • tanisa

        ok.. thank you babaji.. actually i was thinking that maybe something like secure initiative from insights which can give daily writing practice from the very beginning.. it would be helpful. and if the questions pertain to the block and daily news then it could be a kind of revision.. or maybe a few mains type question from the static and current from a block regularly.
        yea, i know we aspirants are demanding but ab aapka hath pakda hai baba to thoda bahut suggestion bhi de rahe hain..:)

        • Tanisa

          Aspirants find everything attractive if it is given at the platter without realizing its worth at that time. Answer writing is must but not from day 1. Without developing content it is of no use. Even if one is doing it after reading few article of the day it becomes zero sum game after few days if contextual understanding is not worked upon.

          That is why we do not run answer writing TLP for whole year. Otherwise students will waste half of their day writing answers without working on their content or covering the topics of the syllabus.

          • tanisa

            Yes, you are right babaji.. thank you..😀 amazed by how you reply everyone.

          • Fiza Khan

            great explanation babaji..apki baat mai dum hai…hope it will work for all of us…

  • Sriraj

    Shoot this at [email protected]

    • Sriraj Singhania


  • Vishal Singh

    baba ji if i will pay fee offline then mail you the detail then will i get my id password soon or it will take a week as programe starts then.

    • You will get your ID details in between 25 to 30 July 🙂

  • madhurima dutta

    I have just registered for ILP 2018 but then I am not being able to find the link for registering to ILPConnect. Please help.

  • nehal

    babaji how to enroll in ilp connect?. iam a type of person who needs constant guidance to be on track….please help..

  • Ishan Singh

    Baba ji , you have given one or more sources for a particular topic in your ilp program . we have to follow one of them or all . ( eg – history ancient satish chandra , 11th tamil nadu , and new ncert ) . plz help

    • You follow anyone of them and our VAN. If can spare time then follow two of them.

  • Anamika Bishnoi

    Hello IASbaba team,
    when will the TLP 2018 will begin….though read in the comment section below that for 2018, TLP will begin in 2018 only 😀 but i wanted to know the probable month…… Thanks 🙂 🙂

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      Preliminary xm is going to held on 3rd June…so the probable month will be July

      • Anamika Bishnoi

        Geography…. but i guess it is conducted in phase wise manner, one phase is prior to prelims and another post pre…… if i’m not wrong!!!

        • Ghåïñt Nāddî

          m all new to this arena 😀
          may b u r ryt sis 🙂

          • Kumar Rahul Jha

            @@l_z_rd:disqus what is ur optional ?

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî


          • Kumar Rahul Jha


          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Bht km log h anthropology k

          • Kumar Rahul Jha

            koi na kaffi hai i think ..insights par check kar lo waha tumhe group mil jayega..

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî


        • Kumar Rahul Jha

          @anamikabishnoi:disqus @l_z_rd:disqus here what iasbaba say
          MAINS MOCK and SYNOPSIS– Before Prelims, we will try to cover most of the topics of Mains with each block. End of every month (Every three Blocks)- there will be a Full Mock for Mains followed by guided synopsis for the same

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      Ur optional?

    • Not decided yet. Will get to know when we start it 🙂

  • shubham

    baba ji i not able to pay through instamojo.. my password is not accepting..please help me

  • nehal

    Anyone with agriculture optional???? Or preparing for both civils and IFOS……please comment…

  • lokesh shukla

    Hey guyss…my optional is geography…if someone is forming or following any serious group regarding optional geography….kindly inform or add me…!!! Thnxxxx

  • PK

    I have made payment and got my id and password … for polity you have not mentioned NCERT VI to X… dont we need to read those .. kindly clarify ..

    • hi

      You do not need to. Focus only on sources mentioned in the plan.

  • Jitesh Jigyanshu

    Baba the syllabus will be covered in what time duration as per the sets provided and can i get early access to value added notes of upcoming sets if am able to complete given schedule earlier than prescribed

    • Jitesh

      We will try to upload Value Add with the start of each block.

  • AK

    Hi babaji, I want to join for ILP 2018 program, but i want to know about my eligibility, my DOB is 10th dec 1986, can i apply for next year? please suggest, then i enrolled my self in ilp program

    • If general yes but last attempt.

    • Pandurang Tanawade

      Make this only attempt your successful attempt with the help of IASBABA….

  • Lalitha sharvani

    baba ji ,I finished payment for ilp2018 I am not able to access my account. can you let me know the details regarding that??

    • Lalitha

      It will be active before 31st July and will be sent to your email ID. Also if you have done payment through NEFT or Offline Mode send the details to [email protected]

  • pawan xalxo

    baba ji can you provide full ILP plan

  • pawan xalxo

    baba ji can you provide full plan of ILP

  • shubham

    baba ji i m not able to pay through this instamojo i tried many times by idbi atm and axis bank atm…. it is not working….please help me baba ji

    • Shubham

      Others are able to make payment on daily basis. Kindly do offline in case you are not able to

  • shubham

    baba jee please help i m posting the snapshot o payment
    only numeric character it takes.i m not in a condition to change the atm password.

    • Suman Surendran

      Enter ur ATM 4 digit PIN which you enter on an ATM to draw money…

      • shubham

        ATM pin has 5 characters numeric and letter ….here letter is not being accepted

        • Pandurang Tanawade

          ATM pin is always 4 digit numeric .Which we enter on ATM.

  • Ravi

    Please provide discount for the old (ILP-2017) students.

  • Bhupender Singh Chaudhary

    hi babaji i m a working professional in a psu ,have enough time to prepare ,right now at age of 28 general.prepared for engineering services for few years. gave interview also 2 times.not giving engineering services now .want to crack cse but so much energy drained out of me..unable to concentrate on studies fully.feel frustated usually…what should i do sir plz help.will ur ilp help me.

  • Amit Behera

    how to prepare for MAINS, it is not included in ILP ?

    Also, CSAT is not included ? How integratedly it is going to help me? I am a working professional, please guide what should be best approach.

    • Check 3 months Plan carefully. Mains will be there. CSAT is part of AIPTS only not ILP

  • Karim

    I am unable to find the old history NCERTs so can you please tell me if the new ones would do? Also do I need to refer R.S sharma and Satish Chandra history books as well if I am following the new Ncerts for history?

  • Jaskaran

    By mistake i had paid for CO-Learn offline test series fees but wanted to join ILP. You promised me for access to ILP but till now I have not received userid and password for that. Please check.

    • Its not sent to anyone yet. Mentioned that it is going to start from 31st July. Have patience

  • Simplex

    Paid and sent the acknwledgment. Please confirm.

  • Tech 118

    I am planning to make whatsapp group for PSIR optinal
    anyone who is interested submit his/her whatsapp number in comment

    • Vishal Singh

      i am also thinking to psir optional have u started preparation for it..

    • Rakesh Kumar


  • Mukul Shukla

    HI ,friends i m not able to pay through instamojo, i m using my debit card,but all the time,the payment failed.
    they say that either your cvv no is wrong,which i suppose is the last three digits on the backside of the card.i m entering the right cvv no . i have debit card the only way to make payment.want to join as early as possible,
    pls help me to solve this problem.

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      Do neft or imps by visiting branch or through net banking….
      Offline payment is also an option.

  • Vishal Singh

    babaji i have just one confusion that we are going to start from 31 july everything will cover from babapedia as far as current affairs concern. But do we need to cover the current affairs of may and june month or from july 31 onwards will suffice for 2018 prelims kindly reply..

    • We will cover previous current affairs (important ones) in babapedia and tests. Need not worry

  • pls start tlp of economics optional

  • Deepu singh

    sir unable to find ILP CONNECT link. plzz help


    Does ILP include all india test series for pre and mains?

    • Deepu singh

      nope. ilp has its own 35 high quality test series. pllzz read thoroughly

    • deepak


  • Abhishek Bhardwaj

    @Iasbaba Sir, when will we get access to platform since it’s the last week of July

    • Abhi

      Very soon. Programme Starts on 31st and you will be there by 30th for sure. We are making sure to have a great start and working on the same so that no confusion or doubts prevails once you start with your daily schedule from 31st July onward 🙂

      • Abhishek Bhardwaj

        Okk @Iasbaba sir
        Best of luck with the Net Platform

        • Abhishek


  • Divya Singh

    I am trying to make online payment but its showing failure of payment. please help me i want to enroll myself in ilp 2018 programme and tommorow will be the last date …….

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      not the last date..its last date for ilp-connect. u cn choose offline method:)

      • Divya Singh


  • deepak

    will ilp platform activate today @iasbaba:disqus

    • Deepak

      Very soon. Programme Starts on 31st and you will be there by 30th for sure. We are making sure to have a great start and working on the same so that no confusion or doubts prevails once you start with your daily schedule from 31st July onward 🙂

  • Fiza Khan

    when activation will start?

    • Fiza

      Very soon. Programme Starts on 31st and you will be there by 30th for sure. We are making sure to have a great start and working on the same so that no confusion or doubts prevails once you start with your daily schedule from 31st July onward 🙂

      • Fiza Khan

        hoping good babaji…but kya kre wait nhi horha hai..

        • Sabr ka fal….meetha hota hi 🙂

  • smruti Ranjan

    Currently I am working and I want to join offline AIPTS. Is there any other schedule for working professional? Will the answers will be evaluated by IAS Baba or we need to do self evaluation for offline test series.

    • Smruti

      Prelims Tests won’t have evaluation by IASbaba. What evaluation is needed in prelims tests? You will get detailed solution for each tests. Schedule will be put for offline in the first week of August (Tests will follow on Saturdays or Sundays) for Offline Mode

      • smruti Ranjan

        thanks, Will the solution be hard copy or soft copy?

  • Raina

    Ilp programme also in both ( English , Hindi ) medium

    • smruti Ranjan

      only Eng

  • Unknown Follower

    When its geting active

    • Very soon. Programme Starts on 31st and you will be there by 30th for sure. We are making sure to have a great start and working on the same so that no confusion or doubts prevails once you start with your daily schedule from 31st July onward 🙂

  • Arun Kar

    Can i pay online for ILP 2018 on 26th July?

  • Suraj S

    I found this in ILP connect can any1 tell what is this transaction I’d where it is found

    ILP transaction ID
    (please add your merchant ref no)

  • Sushant40

    How will u evaluate mains mock test answer?

  • Suraj S

    ILP transaction ID
    (please add your merchant ref no) I found this in’ ilp connect ‘wats I’lp transaction I’d?

  • Anil Kumar RB

    Hi is the ILP login active ?
    what is the link to the platform.

    • Anil

      We are starting on 31st July. Your ID details with platform to login will be sent before 30th July. Activation is in batch wise to avoid any technical glitch. And you won’t miss anything since prorgamme starting on 31st July. Thanks

  • Akash Prabhakar

    Babaji pls help.
    Is old NCERT for history Arjun Dev class-10(volume 2) required for ilp-2018??
    As u haven’t mentioned specifically which class Arjun Dev is required in the list of required books.
    Pls reply soon, I have mailed u also.

    • Akash

      Stick to topics and cover them from whatever source you find it easy for you. If you do not have Arjun Dev, leave it. Cover it from New NCERT. It is more important to cover topics than any specific book. We do not copy paste our test questions from books directly unlike others. Our idea is simple- to cover and clear concepts. Even if you follow your sources and cover the topics qualitatively including our Value Add, it is more than enough.

  • Neelam Dalvi

    babaji right now I have subscribed ILP-2018, den I got a payement ID threw a message. whtat is next step? where is login platform for ILP-2018?

    • Fiza Khan

      keep patience…it will be updated soon

    • Neelam

      We are starting on 31st July. Your ID details with platform to login will be sent before 30th July. Activation is in batch wise to avoid any technical glitch. And you won’t miss anything since prorgamme starting on 31st July. Thanks

  • saumitra tiwari

    will the VAN be the according to the syllabus? I mean that there are various topics and subtopics given in the mains syllabus. will the VAN cover them?

    • Saumitra

      We will cover all important and difficult topics for sure.

  • prabhanjan Gowda M C

    if possible please contact malika sudhir(AIR26) for history optional strategy,she secured good marks in history optional (301),it will be helpfull for our preperation.pls… pls …..

    • Dhruv Rawal

      Yess I recommend ur point of view too…history optional 🙂

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    Anyone received of n password?

    • Rashmita Bapardekar

      no. let me know if you get it.

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        Ur optional?

        • Rashmita Bapardekar

          geography. yours?

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Anthropology 🙂

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        I got a few minutes ago

        • Rashmita Bapardekar

          yes i did too 🙂 all the best!

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Gd luck:)

    • We are starting on 31st July. Your ID details with platform to login will be sent before 30th July. Activation is in batch wise to avoid any technical glitch. And you won’t miss anything since prorgamme starting on 31st July. Thanks

  • Sagar Arora

    Before joining ilp2018, baba do you expect students to have some basic knowledge of ncerts say 6/7/8th history/polity etc as not all of them are there in the timetable?

    • Sagar

      Not necessary but if it is there always good 🙂

      Those books not needed because we will cover basics in our VAN. Thats why. We do not put everything and tell our followers to follow everything from the ocean of available sources. What is our job then? And why to burden you unnecessarily. It is more important to pick relevant things from the ocean of irrelevant. And when avoiding something doesn’t hurt its better to avoid.

  • Che Guevara 2.0

    Had any group for anthropology optional

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      No…if u find any..let me know

      • Green Leaf

        You may check at . There are so many ppl with a particular optional. You may form a group.

  • chandrakanth

    baba ILP is enough to crack civil service exam

    • Fiza Khan

      NO NOT ENOUGH..its your hard work +ilp

      • chandrakanth

        Bro iam asking with hard work only iam new to this exam 10 months is enough to crack Max I can give 10 hrs per day

    • Chandrakanth

      Stick to ILP with complete dedication. Without your effort nothing is possible

  • ajit

    i got the username and pw but there is no login options on .when it will be available baba

    • Ajit

      We are starting on 31st July. Your ID details with platform to login will be sent before 30th July. Activation is in batch wise to avoid any technical glitch. And you won’t miss anything since prorgamme starting on 31st July. Thanks

  • ganti kartik

    any of u having history as a optional? if yes can u share me the resources for it.

    • danny

      i am also thinking about history as optional , but not aware about complete booklist ..but i have booklist which refered by prateek thube (ias) .. share me ur mail id i will share with you

  • Hrishabh Raj

    How to make notes from babapedia and value added notes?

    • Kunal Ahirrao

      Babaji pls clarify on this

    • Once the portal will be open, you’ll get a write up on how to use the platform effectively. All your queries will be cleared.

      • Hrishabh Raj

        thanks baba:)

  • ankit baswan

    Sir, you have mentioned in one the comments that we can’t login from different devices.
    so how we can manage our time i.e. reading on iPad while traveling, laptop at home etc..
    If this the condition we need to stick to our only device.
    I think it is a genuine concern, please address this.

    • danny

      At a time one device means….U can login to laptop… logout and then u can login through iPad

  • Shailee Sukhdeve

    can anyone tell me the exact difference between ilp and all India test series?

    • All India test series is a prelims test series. ILP is a complete guided program for prelims, mains and interview. ILP has got its own tests.

  • I don’t get it, the ILP delay.
    You make an online platform then issue keys to those whom you wish to enter that platform. Its not like you are making brick and mortar hotel rooms and issuing keys as and when a room is finished and available.
    So to me this ‘issuing keys in batches’ for online platform is hokum.
    You are building an online platform and for that ‘the login id and password’ were issued as soon as the payment was done.
    So why make a lie about batches and stuff, just go ahead and say you just delayed it a bit.
    For that matter is there anyone who has got any email about activation ????

    • No one has got the email for activation because the platform is not active. The program will start from 31st. Have some patience, It will be activated soon.

  • chuttki

    sir….maine payment kr de hai…..know what to do??

    • Fiza Khan


      • chuttki

        till ??

        • Fiza Khan

          till 30

          • chuttki

            okay ……wht is ur optional??

          • Fiza Khan

            urdu literature

          • chuttki

            okay okay…..thank u fiza

          • Fiza Khan

            uu wlcm..bheem ki chutki..:)

          • chuttki


          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Dear wts Ur optional?

          • FIZA KHAN

            urdu literature

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      Ur optional?

      • chuttki


        • Ghåïñt Nāddî

          Wt is it?🤔

          • chuttki

            political science and international relation……………

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Mene socha e tha 😛
            Thnk u

          • chuttki

            ur welcm…….

  • Richa

    Babaji if possible kindly share your views about how to prepare for sociology optional…Will there be any test series and guidance for it?
    #Eagerly waiting for ilp activation !


      first go through the ncerts of class 11 and 12 then refer ignou BA that ignou ba part first complete ESO 13 thinkers topics…thinkers are main in sociology.if u complete thinkes.. half of the sociology will complete

      • Richa

        Thankyou fiza..Btw u also wid socio optional? And wot abt the standard books ?

  • ankit baswan

    sir, I have a query about value added notes.
    Is these notes only the compilation of NCERTs, or they also cover mains dynamic syllabus(especially (GS-2,3) like relevant ARC reports etc..) topic wise or keywords basis.
    As we can see from the previous year MAINS Exam’s question papers UPSC
    asking current issues around key words of mains exam syllabus, and for
    effective preparation for mains one has to relate or form all possible
    Questions around the key words from current happening day to day basis,
    so my question is, will these things cover by VAN?

    • Dear

      What is the point to copy books?

      Value Add is to Add Value to your content.

      We will cover VAN for prelims and mains separately also. Few VAN will be prelims specific as well but not a copy paste in any case. In Mains VAN coverage will be on the lines of demand of upsc in mains. Coverage involves quality inputs from all required sources of government updates and reports

      • Aggrandizement

        ok, I get the point, thank you sir

  • Lalit Devkar

    Babaji Where Login Tab on

    • Gaurav Verma
      • Mukul Shukla

        what this link is all about…… Is this the official link to ILP 2018??

        • FIZA KHAN

          this is not a official link..kindly do not follow it

      • Remote Upload

        it is working but email and password mapping not done so kindly wait till 30 july

  • Gaurav Verma

    Sir sample plan for 3 month will also be the same plan which is starting from 31 July..??? Means will it start from polity block or entire new plan will come…???

  • Darkened Heaven

    babaji jldi activate kro…slowly becoming impatient..or may be more curious

  • Shadab

    Hello Sir @iasbaba:disqus,

    Sir I’ve got a very SERIOUS ISSUE, please help me. I have mailed you on [email protected] from my [email protected]. Kindly look into it Sir.
    Thank You

  • Maserati Pinot

    Check Cut-Offs and Analysis of UPSC 2017 Preliminary Examination General Studies @

  • Gaurav Verma

    Sir sample plan for 3 month will also be the same plan which is starting from 31 July..??? Means will it start from polity block or entire new plan will come…???

    • Aggrandizement

      yes my friend it is same

      • Gaurav Verma

        OK thanks

        • Yes 🙂

          We may have few changes that too in dynamic portions to cover current affairs not static.

  • ganti kartik

    i got my login credentials. thank you baba. im eagerly waiting for july 31

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      When u made payment?

      • ganti kartik

        july 19th

        • Ghåïñt Nāddî

          Me on 10th did not receive yet :p

          • You must have paid offline. Wait patiently till tomorrow 🙂

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    Login platform enabled.
    waiting for mine patiently:)

    • Shreya Mann

      how much is the fees?

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî


      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        Ur optional?

    • Kumar Rahul Jha

      did u got login id and password?

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        Not yet…u?

        • Kumar Rahul Jha

          yes i got it yesterday night . aaj mil jayega tumhe night tak .

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Hnnn..bole sir…
            R u working?

          • Kumar Rahul Jha

            na berojgaar hai .. 2018 will be my 1st attempt .

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Ohhhh…mera bhi 1st hoga

          • Kumar Rahul Jha

            k.. mail [email protected] message me there ..

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            I got

          • Kumar Rahul Jha

            welcome ji..

  • Shadab

    Hello Sir @iasbaba:disqus

    Sir I’ve got a very SERIOUS ISSUE, please help me. I have mailed you on [email protected] from my [email protected]. Kindly look into it Sir, delay can cost me dearly.

    Thank You

  • Hello all

    We are adding users in batches. Kindly be patient. ILP starting on 31st and we will make sure to add you before 30th. Need your patient support

  • Remote Upload

    The Email and Passwords which u got after paying money are working Now …Mine is working

    • fauji_bhai

      hey mine are not working when you got them

      • Kunal Ahirrao

        At the time of payment 25 july

  • fauji_bhai

    hey baba
    i paid the fee and got my email as username and got password too but i am unable to login as it is showing incorrect email address. what should i do now baba. and if anyone else has a clue plz guide

    • Wait patiently. You will get activation email before 30th

  • vinay kumar

    Hi All
    My self Vinay, currently working in Accenture as software engineer with MCA background ..I just started following your site from past 1 month and i m very much interested in joining and decided to take my first UPSC exam for next year 2018.

    As I m fresher to this world where i m confused to choose the optional subject.Please any leads help me out of it..


    • Vinay

      To be very frank optional selection should be a personal choice and be based on ones interest and liking. Do not go with any stats about it. Zero down on few optional and look at its syllabus and previous years papers. You must get some insights after this.

  • deepak

    Hello everyone
    Iasbaba is activating I’ds in batches.Many aspirants have been asking about activation of their id.
    Plz keep patient. I’d will be activated by 30july

    I have just got an email about activation

  • Reena

    May i know the update on ILP connect please


    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      It will start from August last week.
      As i read in a comment 🙂

  • deepak

    One more question baba
    What about baabpedia
    Is it cover current affairs only for prelims or for both

  • Directionless arrows

    hey babaji … i have few ques
    1. What will be the format of tests in ILP for prelims , I mean is it like All India test series where students go on dashboard and give online exams or some different format?
    2. How we will give mains tests in ILP , I mean do we have to type answers or upload scanned copy. Will there be maximum time limit of 3 hrs to replicate examination conditions?

    • Akash Prabhakar

      No mains answer review in ILP. They will provide synopsis…

  • sangamesh
    • Mukul Shukla

      I Was Also Facing The Same Problem when i was making payment thru debit card. I tried four five times,But it failed then I did the payment using net banking option.
      And My payment was successfull then.

    • sangamesh

      baba can it be fixed??

  • Rahul Pathak


    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

  • Radhikha Sharma
  • Shiva Goud Parepally

    Today I have registered for Ilp 2018 but when I am trying to login a note is coming like invalid username/password

  • Rahul Sharma

    Dear BABA
    Today I have registered for Ilp 2018 but when I am trying to login a note is coming like invalid username/password. kindly fix it.

    • Sent rahul. Check your email

  • sanjay yadav

    Hello Babaji,

    I made payment on 2nd July and still not received my login ID and password. Please provide it at the earliest.

  • mohan kumar

    Hi Baba,
    I have registered on 7 july itself and still i dint get the login ID details,Kindly activate asap,so curious.and where to find the temperory ID and password,i dint get it.

    • We have sent your ID details to your registered email ID. Kindly check your email, junk and spam too

  • Saransh


    I paid the fees via UPI on 29/7/2017 but haven’t received any receipt from your end. Your payments page just hung and I did not get any result. Meanwhile the money was debited from my account. I have mailed you the details. I understand that you are providing IDs in batches, but at least a confirmation of payment would be less worrisome. Kindly help!

    • You have received the payin slip as notified in email. Wait patiently till platform is activated for you

  • reshikanta khunjamayum

    Babaji i made the payment for ILP on 12 july but still i did not get any link or something . So when will i get as it is starting tomorrow ?

  • akash kumar

    baba g i paid the fees on 26th of july…….still have not received my user id and password and it is all ready 30th of july………kindly reply

    • Check your email akash

      • Mohit Anand Shrivastav

        Hello sir, I too haven’t received the username and password yet. I have registered for ILP 2018 yesterday. I have mailed you the details. please resolve the issue.

        • Sent..must have received

          • Mohit Anand Shrivastav

            Yes. Thank you 🙂

  • yim

    no login id and password mailed to me

  • Prashasth Baliga

    Hi baba,
    I registered for ilp within a week after you opened registration, yet no mail or credentials till now. Please help out.


    • Prashasth Baliga

      Go it. Thank you.

  • umang736

    Hello Sir,

    I want to confirm that can I join the online prelims 2018 test series now , but take the tests later as per my convenience?

  • Prince Pradhan

    how do i make the best use of ilp ??? i mean babapedia in particular.

  • Freak’y (2017 aspirant)

    Babaji If I join ilp 2018 can I write offline test in hampinagar. !!?

  • Warrior

    Babaji I joined ILP 2018 but how to cover Babapedia from Jan 2017 to 31 July 2017 Please guide.

    • Read the Full Plan Posted on ILP Platform

  • Wolf

    @IASbaba i have mailed the details to u..

    • Okay. Replied or will reply (Cannot figure out you here 🙂 )


    hello babaji…at which time plan will be update on ilp platform

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    how to subscribe a daily confession?

    • Mukul Shukla

      Did u now know how to subscribe , I dont know yet.
      If U Came to know then pls let me know.

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        yea…but i asked there a qstn about it it showed my user name subscribed

        • Green Leaf

          Hey! Did you subscribe to ILP, or Prelims Test Series?

      • Need not subscribe. It will be created on daily basis. You just have to click on Day Wise and comment inside

    • Need not subscribe. It will be created on daily basis. You just have to click on Day Wise and comment inside..

  • Akash Prabhakar

    babaiji, paid for ILP-2018 and haven’t got my id and password from u.
    paid just 5 min ago

    • It will be done today

      • Akash Prabhakar

        Ok babaji

  • Optimus Prime

    Hi I have joined ILP long back. Haven’t got an ID and a password.
    email is [email protected]
    Please make sure it’s done before 31st July 2017

    • Apology for the inconvenience. It will be done today

    • Sent please check

  • ganti kartik

    baba, im getting messages like “please share login details , i will pay you money” im getting these type of messages. kindly go through that

    • Lekha k

      I am also getting the same mails …..

      • Lekha

        Sent the details. And kindly do not share anything to anyone. Its a request 🙂

    • kindly do not share anything to anyone. Its a request 🙂

      • ganti kartik

        im not a fool to share my dream to others baba. but please make sure that our mail id’s are safe and have privacy

        • We never share your anything with others dear. Be sure about it.

  • Lekha k

    Sorry for writing this again
    But still not received any mail from your side regarding the same ID & PASSWORD for ILP 2018…
    How can I access my account tomorrow.
    I paid the fees on 9th JULY…

    • Neelam Dalvi

      here I am also facing same us babaji ASAP sir

    • Will be sent in sometime

  • Neelam Dalvi

    Its done…thnks babaji ..meher rakhana..

  • Misha Saumya

    I have joined IPL 2018 programme. Due to some payment issues regarding branch code… have not received my login id and password yet . Its been over a day !! I kept on mailing and checking mails whole day for the reply but didnt got any !! Please look into the matter.

    • Misha

      It was Sunday yesterday. Asked you branch code and you sent IFSC code twice. And now you are commenting here rather than waiting patiently for our confirmation and reply. Please have patience dear.


    my ID is same for ILP 2018 as per ILP 2017 ( prelims series ) …… now I am not able to login to ILP 2018 as the username or email is same as ILP 2017. Please solve this issue because I want to start my preparation this time from the very first day.

    • Lion King

      Send email to [email protected] mentioning your payment details and registered email ID

      • LION KING

        sent email to [email protected] please solve this issue sir.

        • Your ID details already sent few days back. Your data showing on ILP Platform. Please check your email carefully..Spam and Junk too …BTW you are login to 2017 ILP Platform using ILP 2018 Details 😛

          Login here

          • LION KING

            ohh sorry babaji 😀
            and thanks for helping babaji

  • rishi deo kumar`

    sir, i got id and password but login error mention …

    • Mena

      Same issue, please look into it Babaji!

    • You must be going to the wrong platform. kindly login at

  • Meenal

    Greetings, all aur babaji ko bhi sadar naman! Have received the id and password but how to access babapedia etc.? And, how exactly will the tests take place? Will the study material be mailed to us or posted on IasBaba? Please be gentle and kind, guys! Late to the party but still want to make moves-would greatly appreciate the intel! Thanks!^^

    • ajay

      hello meenal i am new to this ilp programme …could you please help me …m aapse puchna chahta hu jo babapedia wgera aur value added notes hai voh kya cheez hai aur voh kaise kaam karte hai ..please agar aap ek baar btado toh..

    • Hello Meenal, Kindly login with your ID and password at An explanatory write up is given there. You’ll easily understand everything.

  • ankur pandey

    Babaji mera id and password kab send karenge

    • Hello Ankur, when did you make the payment? ID and password are being sent. Kindly mail at [email protected] if you haven’t got it.

      • ankur pandey

        Babaji aj subah payment kiya hu

  • ankur pandey

    Waiting eagerly

  • shubhang

    dear sir,
    is the ILP program available in hindi also? i mean the value added notes and current affairs etc.

    • ramuu ramm


  • ankur pandey

    Babaji aj subah hi payment kiya hai

    • Apna email check kriye

      • ankur pandey

        Ha babaji…abhi nhi aya haii

      • ankur pandey

        Ha chek kiya abhi nhi aya babaji

        • Spoke to you on phone. You were not receiving our emails. Now it is resolved 🙂

  • Yuvraj Chauhan

    dear babaji i hvnt got my confirmation message and detail about plateform . kindly resolve this issue …

  • neha

    Hello baba ji!!
    I have subscribed for the ilp 2018 program few days ago and I am waiting for its activation as you have said that it will starts on 31st July.but I haven’t receive the login id or password of it.please send me that so I can start my preparation.

  • arpan saha

    why this is showing again and again?

  • prince

    baba ji maine online test series 2018 join kia lekn login id or username wrong bta raha hai

    • prince

      Test Series 10th August se start ho raha hi. Wait kriye. ID details will be active and will be sent to login few days before on your registered email

  • Ankita Verma

    Hi Team,

    I have the following queries related to the ILP-2018. It would be a great help if you can clarify them.
    1.If I join ILP by paying today (31-Jul-2017). When do I get registered? What happens to missed test?
    2. Provisions of Pre-poning & postponing of the tests? Can missed tests be covered in some other day test?
    2.What are the timings for the online tests? Are they flexible for working professionals?
    3.Are there live/online sessions for answer discussions?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Superman

      The tests will be uploaded on the portal and you can access all of them till prelims at any time since the go live and give any number of attempts. There are no live discussions or classes.
      You have not missed any test. The first one will be uploaded after a week.

    • Ankita

      1. If pay online through our given link and ID details are generated automatically, send us the payment details and you can login within few hours. If pay offline and send the details, it will take a day if amount is not credited soon. You have to wait patiently till we verify the payment
      2. yes. Tests will be active till Prelims
      3. No timing. It will be uploaded on the planned date and will be there till Prelims. You can take test anytime
      4. Nopes

      • Ankita Verma

        Thanks a lot for info. Have made the payment. Please send the login page link for signing in.

  • neha

    Hello team!!
    I am writing it again regarding my problem to the ILP 2018 program.sir l subscribed to the ILP 2018 and done payment by your link provided by you in the website.I paid 9999Rs…….by Instamojo…….and the amount is deducted from my account.i paid for this on 11th July but I haven’t received any message from your side and no login id and password.and till now I am waiting for it but I don’t received.sir what’s the problem it is 1st August now.please resolve this issue…I am in problem…
    Please reply me

  • Daya

    Hello Baba, does ILP include CSAT as well?

    • Daya

      No. AIPTS includes CSAT

      • Daya

        I would like to go for ILP and I need CSAT also. what is the best?

      • Daya

        I understand Sir, but just for CSAT I cannot join both AIPTS and ILP.
        please suggest a solution. I definitely need CSAT and ILP. (not just AIPTS)

      • Daya

        no reply means – can I understand its not possible?

  • Narinder singh

    Baba ji main ilp2018 ko follow kr raha hoon … Kya main waha par apna passwrd or email change kr skta hoon

    • Narinder

      Profile folder me jayiye aur password change kriye

  • pavan

    Completed payment for ILP on 23rd july , yet to receive login details kindly help me on this ASAP.
    thanks in advance.

    • Pavan

      You should email to [email protected] with your payment details. Sometimes automated ID activation doesn’t work. We had written to mail us if not received the activation

  • neha

    Thanks babaji……i got it and started it… is working…..superb….thanks o lot.😊

    • Narinder singh

      Hlo neha .. Yr kya hum log password or username change kr skte hai

    • ajay

      hello neha ..i have just paid amount 9999 for ilp programme please guide me once how can i use this ….my username and password are already generated….

  • ankur pandey

    Babaji kab id and password send karenge…ap toh pehle hi test me mujhe piche kar rhe hai…31 july se ilp start ho gaya hai…i dont want to lag behind…plese send me

  • ajay

    hello ias baba ,i have tried nearly 10 times for payment installation but all time it failed….there is no problem regarding my debit card..but all time it failed to pay ..what can i do now can i pay you …is there any other option have..???

  • ajay

    hello ias baba ,my payment is successful ..please tell how coul i use this ILP…please reply me as soon as possible

  • ankur pandey

    Babaji mera password invalid bata rha hai.please help me

  • ankur pandey

    Problem has been resolved…thank u babaji…account is working now

  • rajeev pandey

    @iasbaba:disqus Is ILP 2018 available in hindi too? i mean the tests, current affairs, VANs etc.
    आईएलपी 2018 क्या हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है? मेरा मतलब है टेस्ट, वर्तमान मामलों, वीएएन आदि।

    • No rajeev

      Only AIPTS is in Hindi

      Ap log All India Prelims Test Series-AIPTS join kijiye jisse hume bhi support and encouragement milega aur hum ILP ko bhi krne ke liye protsahit honge aage . Agar ap ILP ke content ko khud samajh ke padh sakte hain to ILP enroll kre..isse apko hi fayda hoga. Apko quality content milega aur idhar udhar research and time waste nhi krna padega.

      Last year aur is bar bhi bht se Hindi medium wale ILP le rhe hain sirf quality content ke liye.And they are very happy and appreciating it.. Ap bhi le skte hain agar content acha chahiye to. ILP is not a Mains Test Series. You should read the details carefully.

  • Jyotsna

    Hello baba,

    I tried enrolling myself for ILP 2018 today…. the payment of Rs.9999 has been made from my end but it shows payment not completed on the link.
    The amount has already been deducted from my account.

    Plz help me what should I do in this scenario.

    • Jyotsna

      Hi Sir… awaiting your reply… please let me know the exact status

      • Jyotsna

        Send send any reference of payment to [email protected]

        • Jyotsna

          I have already mailed you the entire details through my mail id [email protected] but I haven’t got any reply on it yet.
          There I have mentioned all the required details about the payment.

          Awaiting your reply soon Sir.

          • Jyotsna


            Please let me know the exact status soon. Its already been 3 days.

  • sangamesh

    sir i have registered for All India Prelim Test Series and paid 6999 through NEFT .
    sould i send Pay slip to Above said email ID??? or is there different emaii ID for AIPTS???

    • sangamesh

      sir i have mailed detail of registration and pay slip. but still i did not get any email ID is [email protected]

    • Hi

      We are yet to receive your payment since it is done offline may take some time. We will get back to you once verified 🙂

  • Will ser

    Sir I have join lip 2018, money has already been deducted from my account..still I hasn’t seen any confirmation…pliz kindly help me.

  • Monika

    Sir I Have paid the amount for the ilp 2018 through NEFT .PLEASE SEND MY ID AND PASSWORD

  • Narinder singh

    baba g login nahi ho raha sirf ik din login hoya us ke baad login nahi hoya baba ji … maine appna password bhi reset kiya magar fir bhi login nahi ho raha plz baba g help me … mujhe new username and password id de deo baba g a humble requst to u plzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Narinder

      This is so bad. You are commenting here rather than sending email to resolve this at [email protected]

      • Narinder singh

        Sry baba ji for msging here .. Am really sry .. But now my prblm is resolve so thnku u vry much

  • Will ser

    Dear sir kindly resolve my problem…my in big tense..waiting for your reply..

    • Will ser

      Please send payment details to [email protected]
      If already sent then wait till morning. It will be resolved

  • brondelvize nsteng

    dear iasbaba. i have completed my payment today and i wanted to start my preparation from ilp. please help. i am waiting for the login details and your mail. i hope you will do it fast. thank you.

    • Hi

      Please send payment details to [email protected]
      If already sent then wait till morning. It will be resolved

      • brondelvize

        Dear sir, today morning i have received the log in details. I would like to express my gratitude for the sincere efforts of IASbaba team to complete the same within less than 24 hours as promised. Thank you very much sir once again.

  • After Making Payment, Kindly send the Payment Details to [email protected] so that in case automated activation is missed, we can activate your ID manually.

    Those who are paying through NEFT or Offline- Kindly send Payment details to [email protected]

  • Will ser

    Dear sir…I have already send d payment details in [email protected]…kindly resolve my problem…waiting for ur reply..thank u.

  • Will ser

    Sir I already send…d details payment..please kindly solve my problem…waiting..

    • Will

      You are not sending correct payment reference ID. We already replied with screenshot. Please check

      • I’M Ready

        Just Post today’s SOCIOLOGY TLP 2017 questions.
        Waiting for it.

  • sir , i have done payment for por prelims test series and i have got login id and password, will you tell me where i have to use this login and password?

    • Hi

      Prelims Test Series starting on 10th August. Your Platform will be activated one or two days before the first test. You won’t have anything on platform to do as 1st Test is on 10th

  • Pravallika Pulla

    sir, i have done my payment for ILP 2 days back..but i didnt received log in details.. waiting…plss mail me sir…my email id is [email protected]

    • Check your email. Its sent

  • ruchi chandra

    sir i have done with payment regarding ilp 2018..i have mailed you the same with payment details.please help me to access ilp 2018 platform

  • ruchi chandra

    how i can use my login detais…as help me how to log email id [email protected]

  • Agmic Rakesh

    same here sir. my id [email protected]


    sir,i am member of ilp 17.i want to know that when my account will expire?and i am willing to join ilp18 also.please help.

  • Daya

    Dear Babaji, please include CSAT in ILP. it would be a great help!!! please.

  • Jigyasa Tiwari

    sir, im part of AIPTS and still didnt got platform link to access it….kindly help

    • Hi

      You will get it before first test that is on 10th August.

  • Riyaj Shaikh

    sir i am part of test series And i didnt got platform link to access it…Kindely activate it

    • Hi

      You will get it before first test that is on 10th August..

  • selvarasi

    sir, iam part of ilp2018and i pay pay the amount.still now ididnt get platform and scheduled plan

  • محمد شعیب سید

    Hi, I have made the payment for online test series 2018 prelims but not able to login.

    Please send the User ID and Password to access the same on my email id.

  • Apoorva Natukula

    sir i am part of ilp 2018, and i have not yet received the the link to access test platform .
    kindly go through it and activate it sir. thankyou.

  • Riyaj Shaikh

    sir i m part of AIPTS 2018.., i got test platform…but didnt got the babapedia Kindly go through it. Thank you…

  • L Lawliet

    I am part of AIPTS 2018. When Test 1 will be live?

  • DiamondMagnolia

    @iasbaba:disqus When will the AIPTS online test go live? Please notify ASAP so we can proceed comfortably with our plans.

  • madhsuudan

    i am part of AIPTS 2018, when test will be on platform as i didn’t get it

  • sangamesh

    is 1st test live on platform??

  • kumari

    babaji ILP 2018 prilims test 1 has uploaded n the platform.what about mains exam for test 1

    • Check the full plan carefully before asking what is already given.

  • Buddyconcept
  • Harish Ne


    Above you mentioned mainly about material that will be provided with ILP-2018.
    -Value Added Notes
    -Mains Synopsis & interview preparation guidance … etc

    How about material that is provided with AIPTS-2018?
    Will it cover Babapedia & VAN? or Only tests & their solutions?

    • Harish

      AIPTS is only Prelims Test Series with detailed solution.

  • Vishal Singh

    Sir will the van will be chapterwise or only for important chapter

    • Vishal

      VAN will cover important topics as mentioned in the Plan for both Prelims and Mains.

  • Gursimran Singh

    Video is mind blowing , innovative idea

  • debojyoti brahma

    What’s the course fee for all india prelims test 2018?

    • 6999 Prelims Test Series

      9999 ILP 2018 Prelims and Mains

  • Chandan Mishra

    Are u also provide material for mains purpose

    • Yes in ILP 2018 programme

  • Anmol Tiwari

    I want to join ILP 2018. Give me the payment link.

  • mayank srivastava

    sir plzzzzzzzzz ilp hindi medium walo ke liye bhi start karo…………plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Alam

    Sir, I have two queries:
    1. Is the “60 Days Plan” included in ILP 2018?
    2. Will the tests included in ILP 2018 will suffice the purpose or do we need to enroll for AIPTS as well ?

    • Alam

      1. 60 Days is free initiative and forms part of revision exercise so included

      2. That is your choice. If you want to solve more and do more revision and practice, you can. If not, it is okay



    • Abhijeet

      Go to Review Result Section and history tab from there. Click on pdf to receive it in your registered email ID. We have fixed this issue.

  • naina

    sir, I’m planning to join ur ILP test module but sir i have 1 question ,In ilp the tests will be like all india test series? means will ILP have GS ppr 1 & GS ppr 2(csat)?

    • Born To Win

      i got it,csat isnt included in it

  • Vishal Singh

    Sir i want to join ilp 2018 programe from last of this month due to some problem i could not join it from 31july so i am worried i have completed the portion through your given sample plan but i have not done anything about current affairs section will i be able to cover it if i will start from ending this month…

    • Vishal

      Do not worry about ILP Plan. Worry about real exam 🙂

      If you are sincere for UPSC exam then completing left out portions won’t be a difficulty for you

  • Disha Kohale

    Baba, will there be any change in ILP’s VAN of 2017 nd 2018 static portion?? Babapedia will surely be the updated one! Asking for difference in value added material content..

    • Disha

      Static cannot be made new altogether. But all current portions will be new. Also more diverse coverage in case needed. There is always a scope for improvement 🙂

      Economy, S&T and Environment- Current Updates
      Babapedia – Full New

  • Justine

    Free Online Test Series Available.Click here to Join

  • Dipankar Chakraborty

    baba i want to know the rate of test series prelims gs not csat
    pls tell me

    • Hi

      AIPTS is 6999 includes CSAT by default 🙂


    Hello BABA jee
    is this ILP also available in Hindi for Hindi Medium students ?


    Hello BABA jee
    is this ILP also available in Hindi for Hindi Medium students ??


    can you arrange this ILP programme in HINDI also ??

  • Nishant Sharma

    Hi Team,

    Please change my email id to [email protected]

    • Okay but it can be done only for Test Platform not ILP since username is registered email and no change is needed there

  • Naveen Kumar

    hello IASBABA team,
    I have paid for ILP2018 ONLINE today, as I am joining now will I get access to previous missed block tests, VAN and BABAPEDIA
    please send me my login & password soon possible,
    ([email protected])
    Thank you!

  • Crazy potato

    DEAR SIR, I wanted to join ILP program and when I went to see the payment page it is showing error “Forbidden (403)
    CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.”
    Please provide solution for it as I am already running out of time

  • Raja

    Hi ias Baba I am from Hyderabad and planning to relocate to Bangalore…I am planning to join Ilp programme..can make use of iasbaba library by joining in Ilp programme…as I have alrdy cmpltd my coaching in Delhi I need a studious environment and guidence I can’t join again for offline classes and I prefer to join ilp…so please lemme know can I avail library and your personal guidence by joining in Ilp..

    • Hello Raja, Sorry, Library seats are already over. They were available on first come first serve basis.


    babaji ILP available in hindi.

    • No. As of now it is available only in English.


        test series for hindi any material is provided for current affair in hindi.


    babaji in hindi test series any hindi current affair material provided or not

    • No, only detailed answers are provided.

  • Priyabrata Swain

    Hello, Baba . i had just finished payment through netbanking for ilp 2018. i got a e-mail which comprise of user id and password and written that i should log in after 2-3 hour. But where is log in page through which i can input my id ,password and start my lesson ? plese enlight me baba !


    Hello sir yesterday onwards i am having facing problem to AIPTS portal….i am not accesssible that portal… username and password is not match …..and passwrod reset option is one message is my email id is not in your data record ………..and payment receipt i am already mailed you…

    [email protected]

    Please solve this problem

  • beast3081994

    Sir i enrolled into the ILP 2018 programme on 11th sept 2017. But the username & password provided by you, opens ILP homepage but not the prelims test (mentions use email id) i used the required email id & password but still it says incorrect. Help me out plz

  • harishrayala

    Hello Babai, i have joined ILP-2018, can you pls let me know where can i get complete test schedule and syllabus. Where can i find Babapedia and VAN?


    It’s mid September and if I join the ILP program now, will I be able to stay in synchronization with the laid out plan.

    • Hi Kumar

      What plan was in your mind, in the case would not have joined ILP?

      Actual exam still has time and those who have joined from Day 1 don’t stand a true chance because of this distinction.

      It is all on your sincerity and commitment. Can we lessen the syllabus for you? BIG NO!
      It remains same for UPSC irrespective of when you start. Exam date won’t be changed.

      Obviously, it has to be in terms of more effort in less time or more effort with dedication. It is very plausible and anyone can do it provided governed by deep commitment and clear mindset

      For Quality Content, Clarity and Guidelines- ILP will help you. ILP will provide all quality content. You just need to embrace them totally 🙂

      NOTE- Once you join, should only follow ILP in letter and spirit if want to clear.

  • Anoop

    Hello IASbaba,
    I am joining test sires on 14th of September. I am fresher in this field and made up my mind to crack CSE-2018. Since i am new here i still sceptical, whether would i be able to finish up syllabus with next 8 months and do best in mains as well. I tried to contact through phone but I didn’t get any response. I stay in Mumbai and i am a post graduate from IIT-Bombay. I think i can give enough time on my daily preparation. Please do help me, please do send tips as i have already missed few of your tests. Or you can send me a mail at ; [email protected].
    Please do revert back soon.

  • Vinoth Vino

    hello sir,
    i tried to pay through online transaction for ILP2018 but could not do so. kindly help me out

  • pranith

    Hi Baba,

    I couldnt login in ilp platform from yesterday night.. even after I reset the password.. I have even sent mail with attachments. Kindly help me in resolving this issue

  • Navpreet Chaddha

    Hello sir,
    I have certain queries about ILP. Please answer them.
    1. Since ILP 2018 started on July 31st, would it be restarted for me if i join now or would i have to
    continue with the scheduled course?
    2.If I had to continue with the scheduled course,how would i be able to catch on with other ILP aspirants?
    Please answer my queries as soon as possible as i don’t want to delay any further for joining ILP.

    Thank you.

  • Prakash007

    hello babaji,
    sir i am fresher in this field so i want your help
    for all stages of exam.
    but i want help in hindi language sir because i have decide give my exam in hindi medium. because my hindi is strong as compare to english. so ilp programme is useful for me or no please tell me sir

    • Hi Prakash

      ILP is only in English. We have All India Prelims Tests in Hindi

      • Prakash007

        okk babaji

  • Champu

    Any body want to purchase second hand Vision Online Classroom Portal at very low prices, Validity till Feb 2017
    It includes Subject wise mini Mains test, All India Test series, Mains 365 All subject wise class

    • Rockstar


  • Prakash007

    daily current affairs is paid service or free????

    • DNA is free. Babapedia is part of ILP

  • Prakash007

    babapedia current affairs???

  • Hari Krishna

    I had payment for ILP-2018. My money wad debited in my account sir. I didn’t got any mail.

  • Hari Krishna

    I had made payment for ILP-2018. I didn’t got any details.

  • Vishal Singh

    Sir I will be joining ilp end of this month I want to know is the van will be in PDF can we download that and take the printout for offline reading..

  • Sweta

    Babaji I have decided to join ILP 2018 in November but I am confused how to complete the last three months plan of ILP. .. I am a working lady that too state civil service. … please help me out babaji

    • sathish

      I’m also going to start from November! Have to put more effort than others it seems.

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