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It has been a great response so far.

ILP has been launched on 31st July 2017. It has been an overwhelming response from all of you 🙂

We hope, this ILP proves to be much bigger and better in terms of content quality and reach, touching thousands of aspirants devoid of coaching and proper guidance.

ILP will prove to be a game changer provided you are honest and sincere with the guidelines to follow it. There is no substitute for smart and hard work.

Smart and Hard Work=IASbaba + You—-> Success Guaranteed!

Aspirants who want to Join ILP 2018 and Subscribes

  • First, read the complete details of ILP 2018- Click Here
  • 3 Months Sample Plan for ILP- Click Here
  • Full Plan of ILP is only for subscribed Users
  • Programme started on 31st July
  • There is no deadline to join ILP and All India Prelims Test Series. One can join anytime.
  • If you pay online through instamojo, ID activation will take few hours. So do not panic. Once you receive payment slip, send it to and wait for our reply.
  • If you pay offline or NEFT- send us the payment details and wait for our reply.

Aspirants who want to Join All India Prelims Test Series, AIPTS 2018 and Subscribes

  • The first test was on 10th August 2017
  • ONLINE Full Plan of Test Series- Click Here
  • Sample for Hindi Tests- Click Here
  • OFFLINE @Bengaluru – Click Here


What is ILP?

ILP is an Integrated Learning Programme designed to cover Prelims and Mains in an integrated manner. Go through the sample 3 Months Plan of ILP 2018 given above

How will ILP help me in preparing Prelims and Mains and Interview?

First go through the sample 3 Months Plan of ILP 2018 carefully.

The Plan is divided like this

Before Prelims

  • Each SET= 3 Blocks in a month- Both Prelims and Mains
  • For Every Block- Proper sources and guidelines are given
  • After every block- followed by a Prelims Test
  • Every Block- Value Add Notes for Prelims and Mains Topics
  • Every Block- Daily Current Affairs from Babapedia
  • After 3 Blocks- Mains Mock and Synopsis
  • After every two SETs- REVISION TEST for previous two SETs
  • Sectional Tests- Subject Wise before Prelims
  • Full Mocks- Before Prelims

After Prelims (For Mains)

  • Block Wise Plan for Mains
  • After Every Block- Mains Mock and Synopsis
  • Value Add Notes


  • If you clear Mains, we will invite you for FREE interview guidance

What is Value Add Notes and how will it be helpful in my preparation?

Value Add Notes- given for both Prelims and Mains for every Block + Contains very qualitative coverage of topics of the block + to fill the gap with qualitative content in your preparation

VAN will be very effective in covering diverse, analytical and contemporary issues + VAN consists of Mind Maps and Infographs that will help you a lot in revision and precise note making. Click Here to check the samples of Value Add Notes

What is Babapedia and how is it helpful? 

Understand that newspaper articles are not written for your exam + it takes lot of time to extract required content on daily basis + and do background research to cover news articles relevant for you. Here comes babapedia as a savior.

Babapedia covers various important newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Business Standard and PIB etc from exam perspective+ presented with quality information all at one place+ category wise+ date wise + issue wise

You only will have to prepare from Babapedia without investing your time on newspapers+ Time saver for productive study+ Can focus More on Revision

This year many questions came directly from Babapedia- Don’t believe? Click Here

How many Prelims Tests in ILP, is CSAT part of ILP and how about revising them?

Total 35 Guided Tests as per Block Wise Plan + including Sectional Revision Tests+ including Full Mock Tests in the end. CSAT Tests are not part of ILP. They are included in AIPTS

Decent spaces for revision in between the plan. Check the sample plan from the menu bar

Will you review our Mains answers in ILP?

ILP is not a Mains Test Series. We will not review answers. We are already providing many Value Add Notes for Mains. Guided Synopsis will be provided and there will be a discussion forum to peer review on ILP Platform

What about Essay preparation?

Essay is not separate from Mains+ Our Mains Value Add Notes will be designed to cover important content and fodder for Essay Topics also. We will also provide few samples and strategy to cover ESSAY

How will it be helpful for Fresher and Working Professionals?

ILP is known for its high quality content and planning. Its quality components like Value Add Notes, Babapedia for Current Affairs, Block Wise Planning and High Quality Prelims Tests and Mains Mocks not only saves your effort but will provide you required direction to crack this exam sitting at Home.

You need not follow anything if part of ILP. A working professional always struggle for decent amount of time for preparation and if it is wasted in researching things and others, it is painful and demotivating. ILP comes as a saviour for them. Go through the sample plan from menu bar

Being a Working Professional I hardly get few hours in a day. How will I manage with this plan?

With or without ILP, you will prepare- Isn’t it?

If without ILP- No Plan+ Random Study + Waste of Time and Energy searching and collecting content+ Less time for self study + Lack of quality content

With ILP- Defined Planning + Quality Content + More Time to focus on Optional + More Productivity+ Step Wise Learning from scratch.

Look at Pawan K Pal Rank- 505, First Attempt, and Full Time Working Professional- ILP 2016 Student- Click Here

What all sources to refer in ILP?

  • Tamil Nadu Edition-11th and 12th, Old NCERTs and Bipan Chandra Freedom Struggle- History
  •  11th NCERT and Lakshmikant- Polity
  •  11th/12th NCERT’s, Economic Survey and Ramesh Singh- Economy
  • New NCERT’s and G.C Leong- Geography
  •  New NCERT’s class 6 to 10 and selected chapters from 11 and 12 – Basic Science (Rest will be covered in VAN and Babapedia)
  •  NCERT 12th Biology+ Shankar IAS- Environment
  •  India Year Book
  •  Old NCERT + Norman Lowe-World History
  •  ARC Report+ Lexicon- Ethics- That’s it (Rest Value Adds and Babapedia will fill the gaps)

What is All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS) in English and Hindi, is it different than ILP?

AIPTS is Prelims only Test Series Programme for 2018. It will be available in both English and Hindi language. It has a total of 41 Tests. 31 for General Studies and 10 Full Length Tests of CSAT Paper 2. Check the Full Plan of AIPTS given above.

Why All India Prelims Test Series- AIPTS, kept outside ILP 2018, will Questions be same in AIPTS and ILP?

ILP already have 35 High Quality Tests for practice. ILP Students can join AIPTS after December in case wish to solve more tests (personal choice).

Questions will be different in ILP and AIPTS, so that ILP users can also make best use of it.

Join AIPTS only after sincerely following ILP for few months. Take the tests of AIPTS subject wise for revision purpose.

Will you provide Ranking, Analysis of Tests, Downloadable Solutions and Questions after the Test and for how many times can I appear for each Test in ILP and AIPTS?

Yes, detailed analysis of your performance + All India Ranking + PDFs of Question and Solution+ Discussion on Questions on Test Platform + 3 Attempts for Each Test for both ILP Tests and AIPTS.

Is there any deadline to join ILP and AIPTS?

No Deadline. But sooner the better to be in sync with the plan

Being a working professional I may not be able to appear for Tests on time. What to do?

One can appear for the Tests till 3rd June 2018, next Prelims. Tests are flexible in nature and you can appear anytime as per your convenience. so need not worry.

What all will be there on ILP Platform and can I download the Value Add Notes?

ILP Platform will have a close group of sincere aspirants’ part of ILP 2018. It will have full guidelines for next one and a half year of preparation journey.

  • Complete ILP Plan- Pre-Prelims and Post-Prelims
  • Value Add Notes– On this page you will get all VAN updated as mentioned in the plan. Yes it will be downloadable.
  • Babapedia– Link to login to Babapedia for Current Affairs
  • Test Platform– Link to login to your Test Profile
  • Question/Answer Section- To ask and discuss doubts and issues with your peers
  • Constant Personal Touch of IASbaba– Through motivation and personal query resolution etc

Is ILP and AIPTS available Offline also?

ILP is an Online Programme.

Yes AIPTS is available Offline also. It will be conducted at our Test Centre in Bengaluru. You can check the details on Home Page

How to judge the quality of ILP and AIPTS before joining it?

Kindly go through these links

Check our Result of 2016- Rank 4 and Rank 6- ILP 2016 Students, Total 60 + selections and more than 25 from ILP- Click Here

Check the Reviews on our Tests-  Click Here, Click Here , Click Here , Click Here

Check the Sample of our Test HereClick Here and   Click Here

Check the Sample of Solution PDF to be provided in this Test SeriesClick Here & Click Here  Click Here

How to Pay or Join?

Payment Link– ILP 2018/Prelims Test Series – To make the Online Payment – Click Here

Offline Payment Details: Please mail us the acknowledgment at if making offline payment. 

Bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER 8418201003785

For any query related to ILP 2018  and Prelims Test Series contact us at

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