Go through the strategy and follow ups from the horse’s mouth itself. Here are the strategies followed by UPSC CSE  Toppers.

60+ Students from IASbaba clear UPSC Civil Services Exam 2016- Click Here 



IASbaba’s Toppers in UPSC CSE 2016



MOTIVATION and TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Ravi P Meena, Rank 694, CSE-2016, First Attempt, 161 Marks in ESSAY, हिंदी Medium- IASbaba’s TLP Student


MOTIVATION and TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Pawan K Pal, Rank 505, CSE-2016, First Attempt, Full Time Working Professional, 121 Marks in ETHICS, 156 Marks in ESSAY-PSIR Optional, IASbaba’s ILP Student



Rank 6, DINESH KUMAR, UPSC CSE 2016 TOPPER’S STRATEGY, 467 MARKS in General Studies, First Attempt, Highly Inspirational-IASbaba’s ILP Student (Miss This Article at Your Own Peril)


Rank 6 Dinesh in discussion with IASbaba


Dinesh sharing his experience and role of Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) in his success!


Rank 6, DINESH KUMAR, UPSC CSE 2016 TOPPER’S STRATEGY, 467 MARKS in General Studies, First Attempt, Highly Inspirational-IASbaba’s ILP Student (Miss This Article at Your Own Peril)

Rank 4 Saumya Pandey in discussion with IASbaba


Saumya sharing her experience and role of Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) in her success!

Rank 126 UPSC CSE 2016 Mani Agrawal, UPSC/IAS TOPPER’S STRATEGY-Importance of TLP Mains Answer Writing!


IASbaba’s Toppers Strategy Rank 141 NITESH PANDEY, Clears UPSC IAS in his Last Attempt!



Rank 4 , CSE -2016: SAUMYA PANDEY- IASbaba’s ILP Program- Click Here

Naveen Bhat (AIR-37), Nimishmabha (AIR-386) and Ajay Bidari (AIR-768)- Click Here

IASbaba OFFLINE STUDENT RANK 52, IFoS, Sai Kiran- Click Here

IASbaba’s Toppers in UPSC CSE 2015

Nitin Sangwan, AIR 28, CSE 2015, High Quality Notes- Click here

Indu Jahkar (Rank 30) CSE 2015- GS Strategy/Medical ScienceClick here

Abhishek J Jain (Rank 304) CSE-2015- A Must for Answer WritingClick here

Pavankumar.G.Giriyappanavar (Rank 420) CSE-2015- Click here

Rajat Saklecha (Rank 141)- Click here

Darshan H V (Rank 48)- Click here

Poonam (Rank 308) – Click here

Annapurna Garg (Rank 68)- Click here

Agam Jain (Rank 133)- Click here

Rohan Botre (Rank 187)- Click here

P.D Nitya (Rank 213)- Click here

ShivShanker, Youngest Officer (IFS Rank 76)- Click here 

Shivshanker (Geology and Forestry Strategy)- Click here 

History Optional Strategy: AGAM JAIN (Rank 133)- Click here

 Sociology Optional Strategy: Pavankumar.G (Rank 420)- Click here

  • Nand

    My query is that by Hindi medium can I get under 100 rank

    • saatakarni

      go to mrunal.org this year 99th ranker with hindi medium

    • Prem Prakash

      Anuradha Topper hindi medium Got 66 ranks this year (2015)

  • Antesh Bharadwaj

    Now The Hindu, The Indian Express and Livemint are available on mobile to read for IAS preparations for free. Newsdash application delivers the newspapers on your mobile daily which can be read for free and offline. Download link http://newsdashapp.com/getapp?v=iasbaba

    • kaira

      thanks to share this info.

      • jasmin


    • anoosha

      how many sources will be enough to cover current ?

      • junaid

        as much as u can.

      • Antesh Bharadwaj

        The Hindu, Indian Express and Mint will be enough for IAS.

    • shantanu

      but i find reading them more better than using app.

  • kaira

    great work babaji these articals motivates us and lets us know where we are and where we need to go.

  • Kumar Rakesh

    Aapse anurodh hai ki aap sabhi chij hindi me bhi uplabdh karwaye
    Test series bhi hindi me karwaye
    Hindi medium walo ke liue koi sahara nahi hai
    Aapse anurodh hai ki aap hindi walo ka bhi kalyan kar dijiye
    Apka entjaar rahega
    ILP 2017 hindi me bhi karwaye

  • PoulAmi GangopAdhyay

    sir bengali lit k liye koi guidance do na

    • AB devilliers

      Are you really taking bengali literature ???

  • PoulAmi GangopAdhyay

    maye bengali medium pe crack kar sakta hu

  • sudheer

    Hai, i am presently in Dubai, am working in a company, but i will write IAS exam in 2018, working in Dubai it is possible to crack the exam..please provide which books i will read, and how much time i will prepare for this exam.

    • krishnapriya nandy

      Dear Raghu Reddy ,

      I myself was working in Dubai till October 2016. I left the job and came back to India as I also wanted to sit for UPSC. Though you can prepare for UPSC from any part of the world. The key is time management and covering the vast syllabus. Which is not possible while working in a competitive work ambiance such as Dubai. You need to put in minimum of 8 hours of studies each day in order to get a hang of the entire syllabus. Besides , all this you need to have an uninterrupted supply of good study materials. The list goes as follows:
      The first and foremost thing which you should start is read the NCERT Books from class 6th to 12th (Social Science, Science and Maths) thoroughly, Once you are done with this you can start with the below mentioned books :1) Indian Polity -M. Laxmikanth 2)Governance- M Laxmikanth 3) History – Ancient(RS Sharma) , Medieval (Satish Chandra), Modern (Bipin Chandra) 4) Geography- Majid Hussain 5) IR- Aneek Chatterjee 6)Economics- Ramesh Singh

      Krishnapriya Nandy

  • Dr.Angel Maria Mathew

    The one and only IAS portal with daily mains Questions
    -Answer writing modules with 8 editorial coverage
    -Answer review by experts
    -daily Synopsis


  • Angel Neha

    please provide strategy for polity as optional….

    • Michael Schofield

      @disqus_LXthH7fgzw:disqus I dont think Polity is even an optional.
      Are you tlking abt pub ad or law?

  • Angel Neha

    please someone provide me the list of books I need to follow keeping polity as optional… and also tell me which book must be read thoroughly, which must be read selectively… as I have decided to prepare for upsc and completely new to this field, I know nothing about it.. please help

    • Sivaji Kotipalli


  • Ajithchandra sunnam

    Could you guide me which anthropology books should I refer?

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