IASbaba’s Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) 2018 and All India Prelims Test Series (ONLINE & OFFLINE Tests – GS and CSAT in English & Hindi)

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  • June 26, 2017
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ILP-2018, UPSC Prelims Test Series 2018
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ILP 2018/Prelims Test Series – To make the Online Payment – Click Here

Dear Friends,


So the wait is over friends! It is only our 3rd edition of ILP (by the way, we couldn’t celebrate our 2nd anniversary on 18th June as it coincided with prelims!) but the kind of anticipation that we have witnessed in the past few days has been simply unprecedented. We have received hundreds of queries about the launch, structure and features of ILP this year.

For Civil Services aspirants, the launch of ILP every year brings in new energy and motivation. More than anyone else, the aspirants residing in the remotest parts of the country now feel that they have a chance. IASbaba feels proud to have played a part in building this confidence. The reach of ILP and as a result the points of success has crossed the boundaries of coaching hubs of India. The success of aspirants like Saumya Pandey (Rank 4) and Dinesh Kumar (Rank 6) and others in the final list bear testimony to this fact. We hope that this year too, ILP plays an even better role in the success of aspirants. For us, ILP is empowerment!

We were blessed with a hit ratio of 68 + in UPSC Prelims 2017, 70+ hit ratio in UPSC Prelims 2016. One of the few unprecedented things in UPSC learning!!! You can call it beginner’s luck. We want to believe it our GOOD KARMA. Even 70% adherence to our ILP program had people clearing UPSC prelims easily.

Testimonials :

2017 ILP Students 

The feedback of ILP 2016 has steepened our learning curve–


The sheer amount of planning that goes into finalising the micro-plan, preparing the value added notes (VAN) and framing the tests is enormous. At the same time, your participation and stories of successful followers of this unique initiative inspires us to work and plan even better.

What follows now is detailed account of ILP, its structure, features and modalities. Go through these details carefully and feel free to ask questions.


You need to remember that this is not only a PRELIMS TEST SERIES. It is a complete package which will enable/guide you qualitatively/quantitatively through the process of Civil Services Examination.

When you subscribe to our ILP-2018 programme, you will have huge expectations on us. On the similar lines, we too have a few expectations like

  1. Complete Dedication
  2. Consistency
  3. Courage to “walk that extra mile”
  4. Faith in our program

Components of ILP-2018 Programme:

  • ILP 2018 is an integrated programme that will run from 31st July 2017 to 30th September 2018 (14 months).
  • ILP will cover Prelims and Mains in an integrated manner. 
  • Block Wise Learning– Each Block of 10 Days with sources/topics to cover for both Prelims and Mains. In a month- 3 Blocks
  • CURRENT AFFAIRS FROM BABAPEDIA- Current Affairs will be updated on daily basis on Babapedia. One has to cover daily target and then learn/make notes of current affairs from Babapedia.
  • 35 TESTS for Prelims: Block Wise (depending on topics-70-80 or 100) + Revision Tests (100 Questions) + Subject Wise (100 Questions) + Full Mocks (100 Questions)- A total of 35 Prelims High Quality Tests
  • MAINS MOCK and SYNOPSIS– Before Prelims, we will try to cover most of the topics of Mains with each block. End of every month (Every three Blocks)- there will be a Full Mock for Mains followed by guided synopsis for the same. 
  • Post Prelims (Mains)- There will be dedicated plan for post prelims phase- Left out topics Value Adds will be provided here and as per the plan there will be regular Mains Mock/Synopsis
  • VALUE ADD NOTES and Mind Maps/Infographs- Regular Value Add notes/mind maps/infographs will be provided for both Prelims and Mains.

Special Feature:

  • BABAPEDIA– For Current Affairs – It will cover all important issues of the day from sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB among others.
  • FORUM – Connect with Peers; Co-Learn; people with similar Optionals can form a group, share notes, docs etc.
  • QUESTION & ANSWER- Section for Discussions, Peer group interaction

NOTE: One can join All India Test Series for more and more practice. But do not join it in the initial days. Be regular, follow ILP consistently and before few months of Prelims, can join it for practice and assessment. 


  • The ILP programme will start from 31st July, 2017
  • A new platform will be provided for the subscribed users. The login details will be sent to your registered email ID
  • All India Test Series (AITS) is NOT included in ILP-2018. ILP program has its own Guided-Test Series (35 Tests)!
  • Plan is prepared such that sufficient time is given for Mains and your Optional (Self preparation)
  • You have to simultaneously prepare notes from the content updated on Babapedia. This is to ensure your consistency and regularity with the plan.
  • Economic Survey and India Year Book will be covered in Tests and important issues from them in the respective Value Adds too.
  • We will provide most of the Value Add for Mains well before Prelims and the remaining Value Add will be given post Prelims accordingly.


DEADLINE : There is no deadline for ILP 2018 and All India Test Series

Common mistakes by an aspirant

  • Irregularity in following the plan
  • Aspirants download the test and keep it for future (least productive)
  • Irregularity in making notes
  • Missing out on current affairs updates
  • Least revision in between the plan

Structure of the Program -ILP 2018:

  • The complete program is divided into BLOCKS and each block consists of 10 Days. In each block, sufficient time is provided to focus on Optional and Mains in parallel.
  • ILP 2018 has been designed considering “WORKING PROFESSIONALS” as well.
  • At the end of each Block there will be an objective test with easy to moderate questions, which will help you judge your understanding of the topics covered.
  • As the number of BLOCK increases, the sources and topics will intensify and will require complete dedication, sincerity and concentration from your side.

Sample for ILP 2018


Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) 2018- 3 Months SAMPLE PLAN!


Click on the image to see complete File


Click to Download


Click to Download

IASbaba ILP National Income Accounting-page-005 IASbaba ILP National Income Accounting-page-006


Click to Download


Click to Download



ALL INDIA PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2018 in Hindi and English

There has been a huge demand to start Prelims Only Test Series (Both OFFLINE & ONLINE) on the lines of quality of 60 Day Programme from aspirants especially non-fresher’s.

When we started our website,  we used to provide content in Hindi too (Daily Current Affairs, TLP, Quiz etc.) keeping the interests of our fellow Hindi medium aspirants. But then, we had to stop mid-way, because of lack of resources. Ever since then, we were getting many mails to start of atleast Test Series in Hindi.

Though CSAT is a qualifying examination but many are finding it difficult to qualify due to lack of practice. We intend to provide sufficient qualitative tests to prepare you well enough to qualify it. It will be included in the test series.

So here we are with new Programme catering to the demand of CSAT, Offline Test Series and Hindi Medium aspirants.


    • Total 41 Tests inclusive of GS Paper I and CSAT Paper II.
    • Full Length Test- GS Paper I (31 Tests – inclusive of Subject-wise and Mock test) and CSAT Paper II (10 Full Length Tests)
    • CSAT Tests will start from January 2018–  Two Tests Per Month
    • Topic Wise Syllabus for each Test with detailed Solutions and sources to follow
    • Medium of the Test, both in ENGLISH and HINDI
    • The Tests will be held both ONLINE and OFFLINE (Classroom)

Note- Please note that OFFLINE Test will be held in Bangalore only!

Check out the Quality and Nature of Prelims Test Series and Solution- Click Here



Here we present you the FULL PLAN of All India Prelims Test Series 2018 starting on 10th August 2017. 


PAYMENT or ENROLLMENT for ILP 2018 & All India Prelims Test Series


  • Integrated Learning Program (ILP) 2018 – Prelims, Mains, Interview – 9999 (Inclusive of Tax)
  • ONLINE  (ENGLISH) – All India Prelims Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests)    – 6999 (Inclusive of Tax)
  • ONLINE (HINDI) -All India Prelims Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests)   – 6999 (Inclusive of Tax)
  • OFFLINE (ENGLISH) Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests)   – 8999 (Inclusive of Tax)
  • OFFLINE (HINDI) -Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests)   – 8999 (Inclusive of Tax)


Note- Please note that OFFLINE Test will be held in Bangalore only!

Online Payment – To make the Online PaymentClick Here

NOTE: After the successful payment, please check you email (SPAM and JUNK FOLDERS TOO). You will receive an acknowledgment for the fees paid. Also you can Download the PDF after successful payment, it contains your ID and Password.

Offline Payment Details: Please mail us the acknowledgment at ilp@iasbaba.com if making offline payment. 

Bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER 8418201003785

Its been a great response so far.

ILP has been launched on 31st July 2017. It has been an overwhelming response from all of you 🙂

We hope, this ILP proves to be much bigger and better in terms of content quality and reach, touching thousands of aspirants devoid of coaching and proper guidance.

ILP will prove to be a game changer provided you are honest and sincere with the guidelines to follow it. There is no substitute to smart and hard work.

Smart and Hard Work=IASbaba + You—-> Success Guaranteed!

Aspirants who want to Join ILP 2018 and Subscribes

  • Programme started on 31st July
  • There is no deadline to join ILP and All India Prelims Test Series. One can join anytime.
  • If you pay online through instamojo, ID activation will take few hours. So do not panic. Once you receive payment slip, send it to ilp@iasbaba.com and wait for our reply.
  • If you pay offline or NEFT- send us the payment details and wait for our reply.

Aspirants who want to Join AIPTS 2018 and Subscribes

  • First test is on 10th August 2017
  • ID details will be sent to your registered email ID
  • Send the payment details to ilp@iasbaba.com

For any query related to ILP 2018  and Prelims Test Series contact us at ilp@iasbaba.com

If you restrict yourself to one source and stick to a plan with full effort and trust- You will clear it in a single attempt and won’t have to repeat the process.

Yes, this we say with full confidence for our ILP program. Because it is a pedagogic program which is integrated and holistic in nature.

On an ending note, we reiterate our AIM

“to help an aspirant preparing in the remotest part of the country to secure Rank 1”

We are the ship and you are the sailor.  We will make sure that the ship is strongly built to sail you through all the up’s and down’s in the journey. But finally it is YOU, the sailor who has to manoeuvre and reach your destination!

Come let’s start our journey together!

READ THE  FAQs related to ILP and Test Series HERE


All the Best 🙂

IASbaba Team

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