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Mind-map is an incredible powerful thinking tool, an innate human language that will have immense benefit in your preparation.

The main idea is to brainstorm different aspects of an issue – think in multi-dimensions; what we call 360 degrees of an issue. The whole of this exercise will unleash your creativity to push your brain cells to recall the data learnt and to make it more relevant for your preparation.

It will help you to make your Revision and Retention a far better apart from giving you more Clarity in the topics/issue at hand and improve your Concentration. You can see the drastic impact mind-maps will have in a few weeks, provided you are regular with this exercise.


We want students to learn and brainstorm through mind-maps (It is not necessary that you use a software/tool to design mind maps. You can prepare mindmaps using a pen and a sheet of paper). We will share the final printable mind map on every Wednesday and Sunday (2 times a week). We will also provide specific inputs on your mind maps to improve your skill of mind mapping. So, you need to –

  • Enlist the topics you feel important for MAINS
  • Issues in Current Affairs you find difficult to understand
  • Share your own mind-maps on the given topics in the comment section of the post published on Wednesdays and Sundays (every week). We will provide specific inputs on your mind maps to improve your skill of mind mapping.



Find the list of Mind Maps for UPSC and IAS preparation here:

If you have appeared for UPSC civil services exam before, or any other exam for that matter, you must have experienced that many a times you look at a question and you think that you have read it somewhere, but at that very moment, you are unable to recall. 

This is a very common issue that has been discussed with us on HOTLINE calls every single day. The main reason for this is lack of systematic studies and proper revision. Since most of the aspirants are facing the same issue, we thought that we will introduce a program that will specifically target this problem.

In order to solve the problem, first of all you need to understand the main cause of this problem. The fact is that our brain is like an empty room. When you study something you add that information in some corner of your room. After a while this room gets filled and it becomes a store room of information. While filling up this room you forgot to put information in a systematic manner.

Now think of such a store room. If we ask you suddenly to go and fetch a ball from that room, there are three possibilities.

Case 1 – You will immediately find the ball as you open the door and fetch it.
Case 2 – You may take some time in looking for the ball and then find it.
Case 3 – You may try to look for the ball but amidst all of that cluttering you might not find it at a given time.

This is what exactly happens with you in exam, when a question is asked. You try to think about that information, if you are lucky it strikes you in a second, but if you are not, you keep thinking about it and may not recall in the examination hall. The moment you step out of exam hall, suddenly the correct answer rushes to your head, but then it’s too late.

Only if you had sorted all that information before, you would have known where to look for it in your head. You might have found your ball immediately at all times.

For this, your learning process has to change and you need to deliberately learn – How to learn?

One such tool for learning is called a MIND MAP.

In fact, IASbaba was the first one to start mind-maps technique to simplify the preparation. We started off with UPSC MAINS Syllabus. It will surely ease your understanding of the syllabus and things to keep in mind while preparing from basic texts or current affairs.

For complete post visit – BRAINSTORMING THROUGH MIND-MAPS!

Find the list of Mind Maps for UPSC and IAS preparation here:


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