3. Should policy makers be emotionally intelligent? Substantiate by giving suitable examples.

  • Da Vinci

    Emotional intelligence involves understanding and managing one’s own emotions as well as emotions of others with rationality and calmness for the benefits of oneself and others.

    A policymakers has a primary duty towards the welfare of the people. His every decision and action affects the public at large. Hence, his every decision must be based on understanding grievances of public and showing empathy towards them.
    For ex. – affirmative provisions for vulnerable sections of society, in our constitution, guides the policymaker to follow the path of EI.

    Further, Emotional Intelligence requires that a decision of policy maker must not be swayed by emotions and he must analyse his decision and his effects on different stakeholders in rational manner.
    For ex. – after Delhi Gang Rape, there was a huge public sentiments against rape and demand for death penalty in rape cases. However, policymaker following EI restricted the punishment to imprisonment for life.

    Similarly, after recent incidence of terrorism, policymaker, without swayed by emotions, must take in mind the human rights of an individual while devolving more power to security agencies. For ex. Controversy over AFSPA as a cause for declining public trust in govt.

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      since you are well within the word limit you can add 1-2 more examples
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  • sixdustbunnies

    Emotional intelligence (EI) in policy makers is a must. Policy making is arduous work which is often met with interaction with people across all spectrums. An understanding of how to work with a group of people who may not be too keen on the interaction and achieve the best out of them is an essential characteristic expected from policy makers.

    A policy has to have the best interest of all those involved, sometimes these interest may be conflicting, thus, it often requires a person who is willing to open their minds and rationally analyze all the different viewpoints being directed towards them without being biased by their own perception. It also requires a degree of compassion, sympathy and understanding with the most affected cohort.

    We can determine the absolute necessity of EI through the example of Uniform Civil Code. One who is involved in the creation of a draft UCC would need to take into account and consider the views of the most affected groups, even though they might not only be reluctant, but opposed to the policy as a whole. They would also have to deal with perhaps conflicting interests from different religious groups, all the while keeping the universal concept of morality in mind.

    Given the very nature of work of a policy maker, it is imperative that they work on reason and logic rather than letting their emotions run wild.

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      this kind of answers get you 100+ in paper4.
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      • sixdustbunnies

        Thanks for the encouraging review. Shall keep this in mind!

    • PBN

      Very good thought process..
      See how can you include second para though an example..

  • Ghalib

    Policy makers should have better understanding of people’s emotions (both beneficiary as well as executors of policy) so that policy can have best results. Unless one person understands the depth of any issue, one can not make a perfect policy for it. The policy should aim towards eradicating the root cause instead of the symptom and it can be done only when policy maker is having higher EQ (Emotional Quotient).

    Example: An IAS officer, who was handing health department in Rajasthan, was worried about poor health facilities in Rajasthan. He was worried about huge compensations given to government staffs and retired persons in the name of medical bill (including forge bills too). He proposed a scheme to give “most” of the medicines free in hospitals and hence, government will not compensate to its staffs as they would be getting free medicines. Surprisingly, the cost of free medicines to everyone was lesser than the bills state government was approving every year for its staff.

    Here a policy maker made a difference with his emotional intelligence and the same model is being followed by most of the states now.

  • Axi Tak
    • Arjun

      very good answer axi tak.
      its elaborate, the point of clean surroundings, alcohol banning was very good . kindly mention some policy names like SBA , beti bachao beti patavo to make it look practical.
      when u mention regionalism , secularism and all plz mention prevailing issues also like communal rights or discrimination that existed against UP , bihar in Maharasra to point out drawbacks to policy to effectively curb it .
      overall very nice answer.
      and ur handwriting is awesome … looks like u r an expert in calligraphy
      keep it up

      • Axi Tak

        thanks a lot. I will keep your feedback in mind. Keep reviewing.

  • Arjun
    • Axi Tak

      Amazing answer and best examples.

    • Learner…

      Really Good answer Arjun!
      Only issue is world limit.
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    • bhawana

      Nicely written Arjun.
      You can underline main points in your answer to make them more visible.

      Some more points can be..To balance between alluring offers and public service.To include interests of all from the poorest to the highest. To deal with most
      pressuring situations of policy assessment and public feedback. To manage personal values in accordance of national demand while framing policies like for santhara, Jallikatu and beef ban etc. To decide the scope of coercive and persuasive force in a particular policy and go frame a most practical approach for implementation.

  • PD
  • Learner…

    Public policy making is a crucial task, which requires inclusiveness, equatable distribution of resources and competence as it affects not just a part of the population rather all.

    Emotional intelligence is very much needed while this public interest process.
    For instance UBI is under debate whether to implement it or not in India. If the policy makers get moved with the amount of EWS and LIG, due to being emotional the country may end up spending beyond it’s capacity and leading to huge fiscal deficit.

    But a rational approach of meaningful discussion with all the stakeholders (Civil society, professionals, public etc.) and devising a strategy smartly and targeted may bring the real needy one some relief.

    A similar intelligent approach is required while making any other policy as well whether addressing the elite, corporations, women, elderly, LGBT, Divyangs etc.

    Post independence India neither chose a pure capitalist nor extreme socialistic society, rather a mix of both, and being a welfare state, a sign of emotional intelligence.

    • Arjun

      very good intro and a blasting conclusion learner.
      u can add some specific points like
      • resist temptation to act impulsively
      as in juvenile justice act, jallikettu etc
      • has an Understanding of one’s own/ teams weakness and strength.
      subramanian committee and gadgil committe recomented to set up a body to oversee all the environment issues of country .this body will only include scientists. but reluctance of babus rejected the proposal and made it a politicians+beaurocratic+others(scientists and social activists) body where the last group has less powers.
      this kind of mentality shud be stopped’
      • Responds constructively and professionally to extremes challenges, provocations .
      political pressure shud not influence u to give wrong advice .ones own religion region caste shud not play as a negetive force to formulate policies/

      all the best

      • Learner…

        Hey Arjun!
        Sorry for replying you so late.
        Thank you so much for such an elaborated response.

        I am figuring out my weak points and trying to fix them, few of them being inadequately informed and inability to come up quickly with multiple core content.

        Keep Writing! 🙂

  • PBN
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      nice answer all aspect covered nicely…

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  • Kartik
  • Fara dar
    • triple talak… very good point.
      you have identified very controversial issues and have handled them perfectly.
      very good answer.
      great content and good structuring
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  • Disha
  • Mahi

    Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage ones own emotions and emotions of others.
    In any country emotions of the people must be taken care to frame any laws or policy. So before making any policy it is discussed in the lower or upper houses of the Parliament. In country like India , where majority of people are poor , marginalised, downtrodden child labour etc. women are still fighting of their equal status .Dowry , child marriage, women’s security are another debatable issue. The democracy is based on the principle ” of the people , by the people and for the people. .EI aso makes policy maker more ethical .Therefore it is very important that policy maker should be emotionally intelligent.
    There are various instances which proves the use of emotional intelligence while framing the policy and laws of our country.
    Protection of civil rights act., SC and ST ( prevention of atrocities act 1989, consumer protection act, right to information , competition laws. Environmental laws, domestic violation laws . corruption laws etc.
    Putting various provision in Directive policy of state policy like uniform civil code Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. Judgement given by Solomon to decide the right mother of the child is the good example of emotional intelligence (EI).
    IQ makes a person academically efficient but without Emotional intelligence one can’t be a successful in the professional life.It also plays a very vital role in the day to day life of civil servant.
    1) Self Awareness– It helps to understand their emotions.They can predict their behavior , strength and weaknesses. They balance their emotional and rational mind. It helps the civil servant to take right decision and think out of the box in the difficult situations .ex disaster management , riots, etc
    2) self regulation — It generate passion and love in their life. It also helps to control emotions through reason.
    3) Motivation– EI makes civil servant self motivated to perform and accomplish their task. Civil services is challenging service and demands to use emotions in the right time, in the right way, in the right quality to achieve the best result which can be achieved through EI.
    4) Empathy– civil servant require to build a strong relationship with people for the better implementation of laws, programmes or government schemes.Empathetic people are better listener, non- judgemental and compassionate. For example eating mid day meal with the school children to check the quality of food given to them.
    5) social skills– It helps to understand the others emotions, to interact with people. Team work is the key to success in civil services. EI is also important for ethical and moral values.
    6) creativity- without EI there will be no creativity. civil servant have take some creative initiative for better administration. For examples asking the people to plant two tree in their field in the name of their ancestors.
    EI can be developed in following ways—
    a) Be a human. b) reduce negative emotions. c)understand people. d) avoid stress and maintain calm.e) express emotions .f) think positive g) learning from failure. h) being hopeful.
    Thus emotional intelligence is important to connect with people emotionally to drive energy and motivation for their work., shows the

    • the first half is good, but the last half has only the names of the policies,the narrative is missing.
      your answers have good structuring and presentation.
      keep practicing and goodluck

      • Mahi

        Thank u sir !!

  • ironman
  • Missionias777
    • globalization and the security parts need examples to link them to EI otherwise they are GS points.
      try writing a little bigger.
      and the answer is missing examples.
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  • NIO
  • Abhishek Mishra
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      however try to work on the handwriting part.
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  • V Kumar

    Policy maker has to consider every stakeholder into consideration for policy formulation. They have to ensure that policy should be upright on legal, ethical and economic aspect of people. Very strict policy may be very difficult to implement as right and wrong decision could not be easily arrived. Policy maker should be emotional intelligent to consider all these issues. Emotional intelligence helps in determining response and reaction of people toward policy. Also, it gives option to best manage it.

    For example, Policies and laws toward dowry cases today are misused by many women and their families. Many families are wrongly dragged in the dowry cases. This policy/ laws have been enacted with emotion and sympathy toward women and misuse largely been neglected. Emotional intelligence would have make policy more inclusive and biased would have been removed towards men.

    Policy maker are doing very crucial task to consider every one side for framing rules. Emotional intelligence will make this task more easy and inclusive for society.

    • dear kumar.
      good attempt,but you need to provide some more examples and , and only one perspective has been explored.answer needs some more dimensions.
      keep practicing and goodluck

      • V Kumar

        Thank you babaji for review

  • Putta

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