Creative Guidance: Book Review – Crime & Punishment – Dostoevsky

  • IASbaba
  • July 29, 2015
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Crime & Punishment



Crime & Punishment – Dostoevsky


‘I did not bow down to you. I bowed down to the suffering of humanity in your person’ – this famous line captures the overall essence and the underlying message of the book. Crime and Punishment portrays the pain of human suffering more vividly than any other book we have read.

It is a fascinating story of an intelligent man caught in the snare of guilt and of the relevance of his endless struggles to every day human living.  Crime and Punishment asks important questions like; what is the definition of crime; who defines it; and what are its consequences? It also explores the magnificent psychology of a person who is not identified with the guilt of his crime.

The book is so real that it will take a few more days after reading it, for you to step out of the suffocating, pungent smelling, dark, filthy room of the hero Raskolnikof. And when you step out, you will do so with a fascinatingly new understanding into the nature of human mind and its suffering.

Crime & Punishment is a marvelous book that takes you on a fascinating journey into the intricately complex world of human social structure. As a reader, you will be constantly turned and tossed around between the extremes of opposing human emotions, which form the basis of all human struggles.

At the end of your journey through its pages, crime & punishment will surely leave you re-thinking and wondering about the whole human society and the all important emotional element that drives it along. The book knocks you out cold with its iron fists to drive home the point that the human society is not made of laws; it is made of people and their living emotions.

You are sure to change your opinion about crime, criminals, and the laws that bind them to the social structure. After reading crime & punishment, you will never look at a criminal, through those same condescending, judgmental eyes again. Read this book, it will open up your world in ways that you cannot even imagine. This book reminds us, as one of the best portrayals of the human struggle for inner freedom.


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