Creative Guidance: Book Review- The Dancing Wu-Li Masters

  • IASbaba
  • September 11, 2015
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The Dancing Wu-Li Masters

How often do we come across a book on quantum physics that can shed light on the mystical inner realms of self, mind and beyond? The Dancing Wu-Li Masters is a book in a category of its own. It explores the latest discoveries in the world of quantum mechanics and compares the findings with the ancient teachings of the awakened masters.

?Search for truth is the common thread that connects science, religion and spirituality. In its most refined form, all searches lead to the same conclusions and discoveries. It is marvelous how a Buddha sitting in meditation and a quantum physicist in his lab can come to same miraculous conclusions about the nature of reality.

?It should make one shudder both in fear and excitement when a quantum physicist says; a particle of light seems to be aware of its surroundings. The Chinese word Wu – Li is the same for patterns of organic energy, physics and enlightenment, wow!

What is the basic building block of life? What do we find when we enter the sub atomic realm? The Dancing Wu-Li Masters answers these questions in simple yet profound observations. The results and conclusions are simply mind blowing.

Spiritualists have long held the view that our consciousness is the basic building block of life. Everything arises out of our own consciousness. The latest quantum mechanical experiments prove beyond any doubt that it is not physical matter that gives shape to our world, but rather our own self reflecting conscious awareness.

This book will surely put you on a new course of thinking and understanding where you will break free from the physical structures of a limiting world, to enter a world filled with imagination, awareness and aliveness.

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