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TLP Mains 2015
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3. The conventional strategies for regional development is being challenged for the better in India. In view of the given statement, examine the changing paradigms of regional planning in India. Also discuss the evolution of decentralized planning in this context. (25 marks)


Directives: Structure of the answer:

  • First, identify the conventional strategies; both the philosophy behind them and the roadmap. For example, the trickle down approach or the centralized planning strategy formed the philosophical bedrock of regional planning in India. On the other hand, plans and programmes like location of PSUs in backward areas, freight equalization, industrial estates, irrigation infrastructure development, green revolution, area development plans, utban growth projects etc formed the concrete strategies of regional development.
  • Shortly describe their limitations.
  • Examine the new ideas e.g. decentralized approach to planning, local participation, pilot projects, monitoring at the grassroots level, synthesis of economy and environment, concept of glocalisation, use of local wisdom and resources etc. Also state their benefits.
  • On the basis of the prevailing trend, you can project the future of regional planning in your conclusion.


4. Rural industries can play a strategic role in realizing the goals of regional planning in India. Critically examine the statement by taking the case of the North-East. (25 marks)

Directives: This type of questions which require specialized understanding and application are being frequently asked by UPSC. This requires in depth understanding of the potential of rural industries and of course their suitability and potential in different parts of the country. We suggest you to prepare a table in the following format: Name of rural industry Spatial distribution Favorable factors Export potential Benefits to local population
1 Wood carving and floral designing Jammu & Kashmir Cold climate, good quality wood High demand of Kashmiri handicrafts Income plus recognition
2 Marble works Rajasthan Availability of marble and harsh climate High demand in Asia Same

Take this as a homework. This table will be an asset for you both in GS and Geography.


5. What do you understand by multi-level planning in the Indian context. Discuss its advantages and limitations. (25 marks)


Directives: This was a straight question. There is plenty of matter available online. Here are some useful links:

Reference 1

Reference 2






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