Clarification Regarding Confusion on Micro Plan and Test Series Plan!!

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  • October 17, 2015
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Integrated Learning Program (ILP) - 2016
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Other Updates regarding ILP 2016


Hello Friends,

We feel helpless after witnessing so many confusion regrading Micro Plan and Test Series Plan despite clear demarcation about the same in our regular updates. Hence, we take extra pain to clarify it again so that none of you ask it again and again, and burden us with so many emails and comments asking for the same doubts.


Here it is


We have Three programs for ILP 2016




This is exactly in the same format available everywhere. A simple Test Series where every 15 days, a test will be there on specified topics given as a plan. Since this is a complete Prelims Test Series, so it will run till July 2016.


Unique Features


  • Tests will be ONLINE
  • Your profile will have all the Tests saved for you. So you can appear for it anytime you want. Flexibility as per your convenience.
  • All India Ranking will be given
  • Solutions in the form of PDF
  • You can appear for real time tests only twice. Third time, you cannot access it in real time. PDF will be generated for your Revision.
  • There is no Day to Day Plan. Only a broad 15 days Plan. But we have tried our best to give you proper sources mentioning chapters and references.
  • Nothing except Tests and Plan will be given under Program 1



2. PROGRAM 2- TEST SERIES + Integrated Learning Program (ILP)- 2016


Clearly understand that, Program 1, Test Series is inclusive of this. No need to buy it separately.


Let us understand the phases of Program 2 and 3


This program is designed especially for a fresher and most importantly for aspirants who find it difficult to be consistent on daily basis.  Hence Micro-Plan is designed on Daily basis to make you achieve daily targets.

Since it is an integrated program, we will cover both Prelims and Mains in subsequent phases till Prelims 2016.



In the First Phase- From October End to February 2016


  • We will give daily targets and portions to make you read all the basics of Prelims syllabus.
  • We will also give some Mains related questions of related portions so that when you read the sources, some insights of Mains can be understood.
  • Every 15th Day of Micro Plan, you will have MINOR TEST, where questions (Objective nature) will be asked from last 15 days given Micro-Plan and Current Affairs.
  • Same way, every 30th Day of Micro Plan, a MAJOR TEST on the same line.
  • Prelims related Current Affairs will be given every 15 Days. But it will be for your revision. You have to study yourself from newspapers and other sources too. Our notes will fill the gaps only.
  • Some value add notes (inclusive of Mind Maps) will also be provided. It will cover aspects not given in Books or aspects important for the exam that you may miss while reading. Again, it will act only to fill the gap.


In the Second Phase- From March to May 2016


  • MAINS related preparation will start. And in next three months, we will try our best to cover all the portions of Mains syllabus.
  • Now, Micro-Plan will not be daily based but weekly based since Mains syllabus is vast and one need to cover and understand them deeply.
  • Here, you will also be served with Value Add notes on Mains topics.
  • No MINOR and MAJOR TESTS in this phase.
  • We will give you related questions from weekly targets and you are supposed to solve them on your own.
  • For deep understanding, we will give you “Directives” to solve analytical and multidimensional questions of Mains.
  • It is impossible to evaluate answers since this is not a Mains Test Series and this is the reason, we have taken extra pain to give directives to approach such questions.
  • On the lines of TLP 2015, we will start TLP 2016, where you can participate in this phase. We will try our best to review some of your answers there. So that evaluation can be done for some of your answers too.


In the Third Phase- From June to July 2016- REVISION


  • TWO Months are dedicated for Revision only. Here, those who have missed Test Series of Program-1, can start revising left out portions and can appear for tests again.
  • You can also revise Phase-1 Micro Plan in this phase.



Why Micro Plan and Test Series Plan- Separately?


Micro Plan is integrated for Prelims and Mains but Test Series is only for Prelims. Time slot for Prelims & Mains are same and hence for those who want to prepare comprehensively need to utilize the same months for preparing both the aspects.


Since Test Series for Program 1 will run till Prelims, how is it possible to finish all the topics of Test Series in phase 1 Micro-plan? 

We have tried our best to synchronize Micro-Plan of Phase-1 with first 3 Months of Test Series Plan. But none of you appreciated it since none could even try to go through them minutely.

Test Series is designed to cover TWO subjects, say in the first test, we have Geography and Environment.

Most of the portions of Geography and Environment will be covered in Phase 1 micro plan. You forgot that, Micro-Plan is served only for 1 month. You will get full micro-plan once program starts. So, have some patience 🙂

But again, try to understand the bottom line here“Micro-Plan will end in February and it is only for the basics”. So you need to understand that in subsequent phases, we will cover left out portions either in Phase 2 or next plan of Test Series.

Program 1 subscriber will only have Test Series of Prelims and subsequent Plan. There is no force for them to study or prepare Mains with our Plan. But for Program 2 and 3 subscribers, we will be preparing both Prelims and Mains together. Try to be serious enough to read the details carefully as it is for you only.

3. PROGRAM 3- TEST SERIES + Integrated Learning Program (ILP)- 2016 + Personal Guidance & Mentoring


Only difference is personal mentor ship through telephonic conversation. Rest, all features of program 2 and 3 are common.

We request a sincere and serious reading of above clarifications so that we are not occupied by trivial queries. We also need time to prepare content and manage loads of things to qualitatively conduct this program.


Some Serious Issues


1. Those who have Paid for Program 1 and Program 2 both

Is this our problem? When every details were given clearly that program 2 & 3 includes program 1, why you have burdened us and yourself 🙁

Wait patiently for us to start the program and then look into the transactions and other things. It will take some time. Do not poke us with reminders since it is your mistake. We have loads of issues to handle and these unseen and silly mistakes will be handled only when we sort out our priorities. Have trust since you will be allowed to be part of our initiatives 🙂 Now we are family so please cooperate.


2. Those, who cannot have patience and have asked for refund just because according to them, we have betrayed just because of few days of delay?

Why we shared 1st Month Micro Plan and 3 Months Test Series Plan?

So that there is no delay on your preparation and study. In above clarification, we mentioned the reasons for extending the date of Test Series to 15th November and this is done just for your ease, not ours. This extension will allow all aspirants of program 2 and 3 to finish Micro-Plan phase 1 and first 3 months of Test Series in resonance baring some topics. At least 80 % of Micro-Plan and Test Series will match till then.

Just imagine!!

Even if Micro Plan starts from 25th Oct or 2-3 Days delay- You all have day wise plan for at least 1 Month. Isn’t it?

Anyways, Tests will happen 15 days after. So why to worry? What betrayal from our side has caused damages in your preparation? You have the Plan that too micro level. Cannot you start your study?

By serving the plan before the start of actual program, what mistake we did? We thought to give you ample time so that even a fresher can have some good time managing the hectic schedule.

A serious aspirant would have used this opportunity to finish off given portions and revised them even before the start of the program. But to our surprise, you all are busy contemplating things out of proportion. We understand, it is because of the money involved. So we have a genuine request to make?


Please do not join our programs if money is the only connection between you and IASbaba. You can access all FREE running initiatives even now. Do not let us feel shattered by your trivial queries and responses just because you do not have patience and courage to even read the updates and details before joining. 


P.S- All refunds and mistakes on your part will be addressed in due time. Do not put reminders time and again. Respect our concerns as well since we have to handle many things apart from your personal issues.


ID and Password: If your received it or not, they will be used only when we start the program. It is meant to be used for Online Tests and separate Platform. Before we start the program, we will make sure all our registered users have it. So, no need to worry. It is our responsibility to provide you the same 🙂


Note- Selection of “Economically Weaker and PH candidates” are done. We will send an email to selected candidates in few days. Kindly do not send any more requests now.

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