Think Learn & Perform (TLP): GS Mains Synopsis [Day 46]

  • October 16, 2015
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TLP: GS Mains Synopsis [Day 46]


Q.1) Is it justified to compromise on effectiveness for the want of accountability? Is the Bureaucracy in India fettered by accountability?

The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Amruth Kumar

Ans) Effectiveness is the ability to produce result that desired. Accountability means responsibility or holding some one accountable for his/her action. For any organization or structure to deliver its mandate both effectiveness and accountability are crucial.

In the public policy Murphy law holds good most of the times ” Any could go wrong or can wrong surely will go wrong” due to various parties involved and situations. Compromising accountability over effectiveness can also provide a high way for corrupt politician and bureaucrats to mis-utilize the provision for corrupt ends.So nothing can be taken as granted.

There should be mechanisms to ensure both the ends and means of target are met. Giving primacy to effectiveness or accountability and neglecting other can lead to disaster or in other way doesn’t make any sense. Effectiveness will come along with accountability, because responsibility is to deliver in limited time and resources. Accountability is indispensable if we are aiming at effectiveness.

India is plagued with the problem of INEFFECTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY, Indian government doesn’t work with the structure of fixing the target, working for it, analyze the result on ground, look for improvements and holes, and including them in the expansion. CAG, ED were constituted for accountability now recently acts like RTI, NJAC are brought to increase accountability. They are giving some results, but India has to travel a long road to overhaul the system to bring accountability in every level of governance. Short term governments, Political influence, frequent transfers are rubbing salt to the wound.

Effective accountability can result in efficient system.

Q.2) Indians emphasize more on rights than duties. Do you agree?

The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Jeandreze

Ans) In a developing nation like India we still have the following tasks to fulfill:-

  1. Equitable distribution of resources
  2. Balanced regional development
  3. Law & Order issues- Crime rate high in certain regions
  4. Development within ecological limit and so on.

In such scenario we often hear news about people protesting eg Narmada Bachao Andolan, Nirbhaya rape incident and so on.It might give us a perception that for Indians rights are more important than duties. But there are instances to prove that duties are equally respected in the citizens.

  1. Scientists of ISRO working towards scientific solutions for Nation Building
  2. Indian Military forces are guarding the frontiers , living in difficult terrain to protect the sovereignty of the nation
  3. Every Indian who is paying taxes, obeying laws is also performing his duties.

A nation cannot sustain itself if the citizens are focused only on the rights, the fundamental duties are mere guidelines of what is expected of its citizens – eg:- developing scientific temper, respecting the dignity of women to name a few. We need to find a true balance between rights and duties [eg :- protesting in a peaceful manner and not damaging national property] to achieve goal of nation’s prosperity.

Q.3) Case Study

You are heading a service tax division in a big city. There are thousands of assesses in your division and the number of invoices generated per month reaches millions. It is very difficult to conduct regular audits of the firms with the limited resources and manpower you have at your disposal. You are planning to introduce computer based audit programme to solve this problem. You are trying to call upon the best trainers in the country to impart training in the relevant software to your staff. However, there is discontent among your staff and the are resisting your initiatives. While there doesn’t appear to be any valid reason for the same, upon deeper inquiry, you got to know two important facts. Firstly, in the current scheme of things, there is a lot of subjectivity which creates avenues for money minting for your staff. The software added audit will bring transparency to the system and the extra money will be gone. Secondly, there is very low enthusiasm among middle aged officials to learn computer.


What will you do in this situation? Suggest a detailed strategy.

The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Amruth Kumar

Ans) Its a typical situation face by many in India. There is always resistance for change and as a head of the department its my responsibility to modernize the department and to reduce corruption.

Call for a meeting/conference of all the Staff. And in the meeting

  1. With the help of technicians demonstrate the new software and how it will help to improve the system
  2. Ask for suggestions, improvements and modification, give a deadline before which they can submit them in writing or mail.
  3. Give a option for middle aged person, such that they can be assigned to job which has less computer work.
  4. Ask them to come forward with the wish list of responsibilities there are willing to take and its a big project and special contribution for this will be rewarded with my reco for promotion.
  5. Tell them its a very good opportunity to display their ability to department and higher authorities.
  6. Give a hint of strict action against those who doesn’t comply.

After the meeting in background

  1. Meet the middle aged men separately and convince them with the need of modernization and how you will ensure they wont be troubled much.
  2. Look for the staff who are less corrupt and enthusiastic about modernization and give them more responsibility.

Start the work as soon as possible with the staff who are supportive if there is none, look for staff who are looking for promotion and explain them how this project is an opportunity for them to display their abilities to higher authorities. Create atmosphere that computerization is on the way and those who oppose will loose out.

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