Congratulations to all the Successful Candidates- Prelims 2015!

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  • October 12, 2015
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Hello friends,


So, the result of CSE Prelims is out! And you made it. Great!! Many many congratulations from IASbaba. Your hard work, talent and perseverance helped you secure a seat in the final list. Feel good about it and take pride of our achievement. No one can take credit for your success.

But at the same time, we would also like to say a word of caution to all the successful aspirants. Try to remember what you started for. Now ask yourself a question- have you got it yet? The answer of course is NO. There are two more stages left before you can actually celebrate your success. You have won a battle; but war is not over yet.

Frankly speaking, the single most factor that would separate the successful candidates and the failed ones (although ‘failed’ is not the appropriate word to be  used here) is ‘attitude’. How you perceive your success at this stage will determine your future. In the journey of UPSC, you are just like an empty pot. Knowledge pours into this pot from all the directions and that ensures your success. However, if you cease to behave like that empty pot and consider yourself as a pot already filled with knowledge and wisdom, no one can give more to you.

Try to distance yourself from this attitude. Be modest and never ever leave the process of learning. Consider the intellect of others, listen to your mentors, work harder and never let your previous successes overwhelm your senses.

We know that it is time to celebrate and for that you can spare one day or two. It is very important to let go your emotions in the direction they want. If you suppress your joy and happiness, it will hurt you from inside. So, party tomorrow with your friends and family as milestones are equally important but come back to business immediately. There is no time to be lost. The moment your control over time is disturbed, time starts dictating terms to you and you become slave of your own time. Recognize the importance of time and start your forward march.

We at IASbaba ensure you that our support will always be there with you. We will come up with innovative plans and initiatives to make your journey enjoyable and memorable.

Again a heartiest congratulation from IASbaba and all the best for your preparation.

Thank you


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