For candidates who couldn’t clear Prelims-2015!

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  • October 12, 2015
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Hello friends,


We know that the result of CSE prelims has brought disappointment to you. Most of you must be cursing your fate for not getting what you desired the most at this stage. Some of you knew from inside that it was bound to happen as your preparation was not upto the mark. Good number of aspirants might have fallen ill on the day of examination or any mishappening in their family might have disturbed their concentration. The bottom line is- you could not make it and there is no escape from this fact.

It is difficult to digest failure. It is basic human nature. Failure makes you sad and depressed. Let us make a suggestion to you. Let your emotions drift in the direction they want. Be sad if your mood swings that way, cry loud if you can’t hold your tears and sit alone in your room if your heart wants so. Don’t suppress your feelings right now. Don’t think that you will destroy this exam in your next attempt. Don’t start your studies at least for a week.

We know it must be sounding strange to most of you. But let us tell you a simple truth. Right now, you are all high on emotions and your actions at this stage will be driven by them only and not logic or rationality. After all, we are all human beings and need our time to settle our mind and soul in the right frame of understanding. There would be people around you, telling you to kick start your preparation from time zero and show the world your potential in the next attempt. No! It doesn’t work like that. You have to be in proper mood and senses to plan for this examination and prepare accordingly.

Believe us, you need a break. Visit your parents or relatives. Go on an outing for a week with your close friends. Forget UPSC in this period and enjoy as much as you can. You have a life and UPSC is a part of that. UPSC should never be your life.

Come back after a week. Think and contemplate about the possible reasons for not getting through. This time your mind will work properly as your thought process will be based on logic and not emotions. Don’t start with books straightaway. Rather start with online videos and interactive resources. Get into the preparation mode gradually. There is plenty of time till next prelims and in the initial few days, you can have the luxury to start your preparation at the pace that suits you. We at IASbaba will support you at all the stages.

Also, try to remember the day you had scored too less in one of the papers in your school. Do you even remember that day? If yes, ask yourself this question- what difference did that make to your life? We know that the answer in NONE! Our life is made of these small moments. However, one fact remains there for sure- No success is permanent and no failure is fatal. Believe in this philosophy, not only for this exam but for your life and you will remain happy.

Now, we also know that there are many for whom it was their last attempt and they could not make it. Congratulations!! You are now free from the cycle of UPSC. You can achieve even better in your life. Believe us on that. Your potential must have suited any other field and unluckily you stumbled upon UPSC. Doesn’t matter! Now you can try your hands in whatever you want. Sky is the limit for you. You can hone your skills and become the best photographer of India or you can work with your friends to establish the start up you always aspired for. You can guide others or you can teach. You can go for higher learning or you can join an NGO (or even establish one). You can join politics or go to Mumbai to fulfill your Bollywood dreams. The crux of the matter is you have only lost a moment of joy that UPSC could have given you. In a life of normal expectancy of 70 years, this moment is an iota of significance. Shed all your sadness and embark on the journey you always wanted to complete. Mark our words today- one day you will look back and thank Gods that your potential was not constrained by UPSC. At that point, remember what we had told you!

We assure you of our support, love and wishes.

Thank You


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