ILP 2016: Test Series Plan & Updated Micro Plan

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  • October 13, 2015
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Integrated Learning Program (ILP) - 2016
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We are glad to bring to you the micro plan for the much awaited test series for CSE Prelims 2016 by IASbaba. We also take this opportunity to make you understand the better ways to use this plan and also clarify some of your doubts.

Please refer to the points below:

  • The Test Series is common to all our programmes i.e. 1, 2 and 3. Its Online
  • For those who are enrolled in either Plan 2 or 3 can sync the tests with the micro plan provided by us.
  • We have provided the sources to be referred by the candidates enrolled in programme 1 as well, as they don’t have access to the micro-plans. It is there to ensure that they are not overwhelmed by the truckload of materials available in the market.


Candidates enrolled in plan 2 or 3 have the following options:


  • Stick to the micro plan to achieve consistency and attempt the common portion of Test Series as well (Beginners/Working Professionals)
  • Create a synergy between the portions and prepare for both (Full time Aspirants)
  • Test Series can also be given in Phase-3 (Revision Phase) but we would suggest not to delay it. Manage as per your limits.





  • Ample amount of time has been given for Revision and as well as in the later part of the plan ( Phase 3- Revision)
  • Working professionals/Beginners need not worry but at the same time, should not confine themselves and should keep pushing their limits to stay abreast with the initiatives.
  • There is no deadline for enrolling for the Test Series. The date for the commencement of the series is 15th November, 2015.
  • Prog-2 is also having no Deadlines.



Delay: Look at it from the angle of the availability of more room for you to get the essence of the plan and design your own strategies. Now that you have the proper plan; nothing should deter you from beginning your journey. 🙂


TEST SERIES PLAN- First Three Months ( Till January 2016)


Click here to Download


  • The plan provided below is for 7 cycles (Tests) only. The plan for the rest 13 cycles will be given to you in two phases: one for 10 topic wise tests and another for 3 full length tests.
  • Provision of the rest of the plan: Test Series Plan will be available for everyone.
  • The coverage of syllabus in the initial 7 cycles is about 75%. You can expect complete coverage in 10 cycles.


In the next undisclosed cycles, we will cover:

  • S & T
  • Economic Survey
  • Government plans and policies- India Year Book
  • PRS + PIB
  • Rights issues
  • Mapping questions etc.


In addition, we will also cover the already covered topics for revision by asking questions requiring higher level of thinking and application.


  • The full length Tests will cover all the aspects of your preparation and UPSC syllabus.





Click here to Download


Working Professionals:


  • Conceptual understanding is important, so do not rush for multiple sources. The standard sources can be referred according to the Timetable that you formulate for yourself.
  • Test Series: Initially, it’ll be hectic but with time it’ll settle down-Keep going.
  • Innovation: Now, that you have the Micro-plan as well as the Test Series plan- Go through the materials and formulate your plan accordingly. This will boost your confidence and increase the level of efficiency in executing the plan.




Subject-wise Clarifications– MICRO-PLAN:




  • Variability of amount of reading in History: Not much can be done here- Personal strategy needs to be worked out. Consult other sources topic-wise only when done with NCERTs.
  • Coverage from multiple sources: Will take place simultaneously along with your preparation for the Test Series!
  • Medieval India Ignored? – No! We will be covering it but in a different way.
  • Not possible for Working professionals like me to read the sources and appear for the tests: It will never be if you assume yourself to be incompetent. Try to reach the maximum potential- ‘Mark’ which is not done- COME BACK during Revision days- Prepare! Because UPSC doesn’t differentiate you with others. Exam is same, syllabus is same & time frame is same- It’s the effort that matters! 🙂




  • 12th – Contemporary World Politics NOT THERE: Part of Phase 2
  • No Laxmikanth/DD Basu: Yes, the complementary chapters will be a part of the Test Series, so go according to your time-limits and work on your personal strategy to supplement your reading + It’ll be a part of all the phases (NO WORRIES)
  • A month gap for Polity towards the end: Yes- If you want you can keep revising.



  • No Mention of G C Leong: Will be covered in the 2nd Phase
  • No OLD NCERTs: From prelims point of view, new NCERTs are important. Although, if you’ve matched the chapters, read them; then do help yourself with the extra information, if any. 🙂



  • Concepts are key-issues which books cannot solve: Yes, we totally understand and to simplify the process of building up of conceptual clarity, we will come up with Value-added materials.
  • For economy, conceptual clarity and basic awareness from NCERT’s and few chapters of Ramesh Singh would suffice.
  • You have to syn it with current affairs and terms and issues frequently in news.
  • No Ramesh Singh + NIOS: Will be covered comfortably wherever required.


Too Less: Everything will be covered step by step. Don’t worry!



  • Non-Science Background: Use the plan to your maximum advantage as time is enough to grasp the concept fruitfully.
  • Science Background: Revise and move on!
  • No coverage of XIth & XIIth: We will cover the important concepts. Don’t worry!



P.S- Id and Password will be given to everyone before we start since we will provide a separate platform. Do not ask if its not received. Its our responsibility. We will send you further updates once platform is ready to use 🙂 Till then just focus on STUDY!


Thank You


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