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  • October 2, 2015
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TLP Mains 2015
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Every day is a new beginning and you, our dear friends, consistently work hard to prove this notion right. Your effort and encouragement motivates us in pouring more quality and more diversification to be included in our running initiatives.

As the second TLP Segment has concluded, we proudly announce our Top-20 performers. This post has been created to act as a driving agent in your quest to perform well in the exam. It gives us immense pride to let you know that we’ve noticed some really good and innovative answers this week. 🙂

Like we promised, we are making sure that we go through all the answers and try to create exam-oriented dynamic questions to give you a first-hand experience of dealing with them. Hope the reviews are pushing you harder towards striving for excellence.


Award to TOP 5- Books!

  • Kindly send an email to asap.


Award to TOP 20- Personal interaction with Baba 

  • Kindly send an email to and get in touch with Baba


TOP-20 Writers in order of Rank 


1) Heidi- Book

2) Nishant

3) SK- Book

4) Santosh Venkatesh

5) Deepansh- Book

6) Sepoy No 1446

7) Ramdas- Book

8) Harshit Ladva- Book

9) Jeandreze

10) Maari

11) Dark Matter

12) Meera Kelkar

13) Annapurna Garg

14) Peeku

15) RKM

16) BS

17) HappyIAS

18) Manikanta Vasu

19) Ashish Sancheti

20) Namrata


PS: The top 5 of the previous week will not be qualifying for books. 🙂

So Rank number 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8 are to be awarded with Books


Special Stand outs: A Standing Ovation for following

We would like to thank and congratulate three of our aspirants who have taken out time from their busy schedule and are actively contributing towards other’s success in a noble way. They write answers, prepare for their optional and still, are able to take out time to review other’s answers and help them inch closer to their success. 🙂

Others are also trying their best to review others answers. Keep doing it.


Santhosh Venkatesh




Dark Matter


Kudos! Keep it up!


Note- We will come up with all the clarifications, detailed plan and allegations very soon. Rather than replying individually we thought of clarifying it to everyone and it cost us too much time. Nevertheless for us even if we are able to assist anyone of you, its enough. Our reply will be last since we will work for serious aspirants from then. No time and energy for unproductive work. Our followers will come to know everything they want 🙂

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