Think Learn & Perform (TLP): GS Mains Synopsis [Day 68]

  • November 9, 2015
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TLP: GS Mains Synopsis [Day 68]


Q.1) Prostitution is old a profession as the the human civilization is. In this light do you think it is ethical to deem it illegal? Explain in Indian context.


IASBaba’s Views

1. It should be made legal so that the 1.government can assure that the girls are not forced into the business via human trafficking and take up prostitution only by choice.

2. It can protect them from persecution by many unscrupulous persons in position of power. For example, police men who use them under threat of legal actions etc.


But these are negative consequences

1.Prostitution cannot eliminate rape: Promoting a culture where women can be bought , is the one where rape flourishes.

2. Sex trafficking: Legalizing it would encourage pimps to deceive impressionable youth into this business.

3. Commercialization of crime: When a pimp compels a prostitute to submit to sexual demands as a condition of employment, it is exploitation, sexual harassment, or rape — acts that are based on the prostitute’s compliance rather than her consent.

4. Legalized prostitution


Ex- Amsterdam where prostitution has been legalized has become the center of world’s largest human trafficking and money laundering schemes.


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – DrAB


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Q.2) India has actively been involved with its close neighbours. It emerged as biggest help during the earthquake crisis in Nepal while it initiated economic blockade during constitutional crisis. Comment keeping in view this paradoxical reaction of India. Also bring out ethical dimensions involved.


IASBaba’s Views –

1. Due to economic blockade of Nepal – Thousands of trucks from India – carrying fuell etc are stranded at the border, leading to a crippling fuel shortage

2. Add the China angle:

New Delhi had hoped that this blockade strategy would influence Kathmandu to provide a better deal for Madhesis in the constitution. Instead, it is proving to be a

self-inflicted wound in many ways: besides pushing Nepal towards China, the blockade has raised the possibility of more severe floods in Bihar in the future.

3. India has broken the UN world trade treaty of letting land locked country to get access to sea port .

4.inflation rate is galloping (like onion used to be 95 kg 3 days before n now its 155 rs per kg) Basic goods are being blocked to enter to Nepal ,even they have blocked Nepalese truck to enter to Nepal. Governments stock of fuel is running out .transportation fuel for vehicle. Economy has collapsed to lowest, most of the industries are closed and economic activity has decreased and the scenario is worst and it fully depend on India .

5. Nepal receives 60% of all imports – all its oil and gas from India. Due to bloackade- shortage of gas supply has forced Nepali households to shift to firewood for cooking- > deforest more lands in search of firewood -> leading to more GHG emissions -> climate change


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – SBT57


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Q.3) Case Study

You are district in charge for distributing scholarship  to children from underprivileged sections of the society. The amount is meant for higher education and the students have to submit admission documents for the grant of scholarship. With one application you find additional document which details a plea from a student. Her mother is critically ill and she wanted to use the assigned money for treatment. For the very same purpose she is seeking your permission.


What are the options available to you? Explain the ethical dimensions of each option with it’s merit and demerit.


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Lakshmisrinivaspasam


Ans) Health is still privilege to selected few in india, many a to mes people died due to lack of access to better health care both physically and economically. The main villain in this case is poverty, lack of savings and poor insurance coverage.

The options available to me in this case are:

  1. Agreeing with students request
  2. Rejecting any such diversion of funds
  3. Not allowing any diversion and try to pursue her case through legitimate means


1.Agreeing with students request:

This solves the problem of student but by taking such step I willfully violated my professional ethics and organisation ethics. Though my act was ethical it is illegal as I doesn’t have authority to spend public money at my will. And more over my leadership quality and integrity at stake and this may further spoil work culture

2.By not agreeing with students request and not bothered about her mother:

Though my step is legal it is not ethical and also my conscience doesn’t agree with my action. And also one of the important character for public servant is compassion and concern for downtrodden people. By being person with integrity I am putting compassion at stake

3. Not allowing any diversion but pursuing her case through legitimate means:

By not allowing any diversion, I am committed to the job assigned and no violation of my integrity. At the same time I will give assurance to child i would help her through other means.And I would forward her case to government hospital as special case and would know why her mother didn’t get treated there. Also let them know under any other welfare programme her mother be treated. If all means exhausted , then I try to arrange help through NGOs or CSR activity.


Also I inform such incidents to chief minister and let him know the condition of poor for concrete results.

High Order Thinking


Q.1) The Indian middle class is significantly different from it’s counterparts in other regions of the world. Do you agree? What are those attributes that impart uniqueness to the middle class in India? Discuss.


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Khwabeeda



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Q.2) The success story of the Indian economy has been scripted more by private enterprise than the state itself. Do you agree? Also, do you subscribe to the argument that India is all about private success and state failure? Analyse.


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Annapurna Garg



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Q.3) The practice of returning awards and titles in protest of the state is not new to the Indian intelligentsia. In light of this fact, how do you view the recent protest being registered by the Indian intellectuals? Critically analyse.


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Cosviny



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