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  • December 14, 2015
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The most common misconception about memory is that it is just some sort of electrical impulse stored in our brains which we can access whenever we need it. We have almost accepted it as a given fact that our memory is created by learning, recollecting and reproducing information in our brains.

The actual truth about the way our memory works is very different. Our memories of experiences, learnings and habits are not just stored in our brains; they are also stored in our bodies; our bones, nerves, skin and cells are all reservoirs of memory.

Reflect on this for a moment; if your memory is just stored in a central location like your brain, and if you can access it whenever you need it; then try transferring the memory of your right hand to your left hand.

If you are a righty; you might be able to efficiently write, draw, paint, and use your right hand in ways that you can never use your left hand. If the memory is just stored in your brains then you should easily be able to transfer the memory from one hand to another whenever you need it. But we all know that this is impossible. Why?

Memory is not built just by gathering and storing information in our brains; it is built by ingraining individual experiences into our system through a continuous process. Hence the only way to learn how to ride a bicycle is by allowing your body to go through the experience enough number of times, till it becomes ingrained in it.

Think about it, what is your hand if not for the memory of what it can do. What happens if in a single moment your hand forgets everything it can do? It simply becomes useless. The memory stored in your hand is more important than the hand itself.

Your entire body is a memory; your legs are the memory of your walking; your eyes are the memory of your seeing; your ears are the memory of your hearing; your skin is the memory of your feeling. You are the experience that you are going through. Learning is not just a part of life; it is the essence of it. We are the process of learning and we are the memory of it.

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