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Hello Friends


We all have heard the story of “A Rabbit and a Tortoise” and we all know who “WON”

The race to Civil Services Examination is exactly the same. It is not something where you start full throttle and reach the finishing line. Rather it’s a journey that needs to be meticulously planned just like a Marathon.

We need to know how to start, when to accelerate and when to rest!

Remember! Rest is equally important.


Our steps even if they are not large and quick, should be firm and steady. A superstructure is based upon the foundation you make. And this is the time when we have to work on a strong foundation.

In this journey, many a times we get self doubt and it is hard to keep our self motivated. And this is the actual test of an UPSC aspirant. Hard work without fuss, patience and perseverance are the only tools to win this battle.

But…is hard work alone enough? Should you not think upon it smartly?


We suggest you to outline achievable targets for yourself. Instead of hours, try to measure your progress with content and learning. It’s not important how many hours you have put in but how much learning you had in those hours!


Are you planning to give up? Are you not able to follow the plan? Are you finding difficulty in coping up with everyday’s target? Have you become a procrastinator now?

Let us do some introspection!

Do you know how to maintain momentum or be consistent for so long? It’s all in the mind

It’s all about your emotional attachment with what you do!

Which was the last movie you saw?

IASbaba saw Bajrangi Bhaijaan 😛

So, what does this movie has to do with your preparation?

Recall the last movie you watched-How easily can you narrate the story of that movie?

Can you? 

As a normal person, you often does. How is it possible that you can easily narrate the whole movie even after months or years? What sort of revision did you do to remember it for so long? Nothing Nah!

Then what sort of turbulance are you in while preparing for UPSC? Is it that, that your mind is too occupied when you sit down to study as per the mentioned plan? If that is the case, where will you store the content- your learning’s?

A simple act of being in the state of happiness or joy when you sit to study, just like when you go out to watch movie or something you enjoy, will bring in the much needed difference. The moment you are happy about doing what you aspire for, it will be something that you cherish for long.


Now let us talk about self assessment

What do we mean by self assessment?

Can you remember what you studied today before finishing off your daily target? Say you are going to sleep- close your eyes and try to do this– Can you assess your learning of the day? Can you remember the most difficult and confusing concept you learnt today? What was the first concept that you read? What was the last one? Can you visualize the whole lesson of the day?


If you are unable to- it’s nothing less than a tragedy. This goes on to prove that you’d nil learning for the day. Isn’t it? If on the same day you are developing a black hole, then how will you remember things for even a week?

Self assessment is nothing but recollecting, reproducing and regenerating yourself; in this case your learning!

If you want to enjoy this preparation then start doing it.

Remember, that there can be thousands and lakhs who are ahead of you in the beginning but it’s not about initial thrust or start, it’s all about finishing the line. And for that you need planning, perseverance, consistency and determination.


Let us now discuss some issues related to Micro, Major and Tests of Test Series-


Why did you join our Program or Tests?

For Test Series or Value Add or Current Affair Notes?

 If yes, then you didn’t understand the essence of the program.

We want to develop a perspective through our program and tests. What’s that?

If only test series or notes would create a difference then there were number of such programs available at your finger tips. Isn’t it?

There is a learning behind this. 

Learning to unlearn the traditional process and develop an insight into the demand of the exam. If you are expecting a copy paste question from mentioned sources then this test is not for you.

Have a look at UPSC papers. Why is that many serious and deserving aspirants are failing to qualify prelims despite scoring very well in Test Series? Because they try to overlook their limitations or work on their strengths.

Imagine, if you are not able to score in the range of  120-140/200 in Minor or Major or Tests of Test Series where restricted sources are to be studied, then where do you stand in the real  exam?

Every year UPSC put around 20 questions where only they know the correct answer. That means, you still have 70-80 questions where your knowledge and intelligence can prove productive and can help you to easily score 130+

Cannot you apply the same logic here? This exam is not only about knowledge but smart attempt. It’s also about your presence of mind. It’s about putting your ego at bay and play the game as a smart individual who despite having less facts or knowledge base- knows his strength, demand and requirements of the exam. It’s practically impossible to know everything in this exam.


An example for better understanding

If we’ve mentioned in the Micro Plan that Day 1 has NCERT Science- Class 6th.

In ‘x’ chapter of the same book, there is a mention about “Pollination”

When you come across this particular word- What comes to your mind? Are you stuck with the 6th NCERT in literal sense or the only things mentioned in NCERT regarding Pollination? or you know that UPSC may ask a related question around it?

Now, when you appear for Micro test, you will find that the question asked is

Consider the following

  1. Humming Bird
  2. Lizard
  3. Bat
  4. Insects

Which of the above are Pollinators?

Now, this question is not given in NCERT, of course!

So, will you question us for misinformation in planning or schedule or will you build upon your attitude of learning? Go through previous year papers and try to find many such questions whose indirect sources can be found in NCERT’s and other basic texts.

An aspirant having a proper understanding of UPSC will never question like this. Rather he/she will learn the perspective from there. Perspective to carry out the same process of thinking while going through next test and their sources. He/She will instantly mould his/her way of learning.

Similarly we put 10-15 questions where ambiguity or more than one correct answers may be possible. It is expected that you choose the best answer as per your understanding. Why is this done?

Because we want to take all our friends as close to the real feel of exam as we can.


We want you to develop this art- Art of Studying Smart!


Try to come out of traditional ways of learning and understand that this exam is not only about your knowledge base but understanding. And understanding includes- smart attempt, maximizing your positive attempt, minimizing your negative attempt and wining over temptation and ignorance.


“Behave like a well equipped tortoise and do something today that your future self will thank you for. And when you feel like quitting, think about why you started”


We would like to end with this couplet

‘Watan Ki Khaak Mujhe Aediyan Ragadne de’

‘Mujhe Yakeen Hai, Paani Yahin Se Niklega’


So, keep working hard and believe that your efforts will fetch positive results!

All the very best 🙂

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