UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (8) 2015-16: Manbir Singh Board

  • IASbaba
  • May 3, 2016
  • 11
UPSC Interview Preparation, UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT- 2015
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Name: Nithin
Age: 28 Years
Attempt : 1st
Education : M Tech from IIT Kharagpur in RF and Microwave Engineering
Work Experience : Patent Analyst in Dolcera ITES(4 month), Senior Hardware Engineer Bosch (3 years)
Board : Manbir Singh


Chairman : So, you have an interesting profile, You seem to have worked on patents, Could you explain me what you did there ?

Explained in Detail..

Member 1 : So, your optional is History, tell me what is the one event in the history which changed the way we see Gender Equity
I said Buddhist allowing women into Sangha, But I think he wanted a more ground breaking. So I said Savitri Phule opening Eduction for women, V T Bhattatiripad’s Adukalyil ninnu arangathekk

M1 : What are Gravitiational wave?

Explained Space time, Pebble in Water, LIGO experiment.

M1 : What is the importance?
I said about hearing universe than just seeing universe.

M2 : Why did you choose civil service as an option when you have a good job?

M2: Anna Hazare is famous for ANdolan but he has something else to his credit, what is it?

I said I don’t know. He meant about water management issues.

M2 : IPL issue,Drought, SC verdict (He was speaking in a low volume could hear only these words)

I said, About El Nino year, and Marathwade, Vidharba regions plight, how in such a situation games becomes secondary.

M2 : Rajasthan has beautiful monuments, but we are not able to get tourism hit started there, who takes care of such monuments??

I said Archaeological survey of India

M2: How do you promote Tourism in RJ?
Discussing with political executive, getting them on board, making a grand event to increase visibility, endorsing slogan, make people see beauty of deserts, peculiarity, Social media initiative.
Also use rich history of Rajputs to our favors like battles of Rana Sanga etc.

M3: What does gravity do to light?

Explained bending of lights

M3: What is black hole? How is it formed?

Explained fusion, exhaustion, supernova, compression, density increasing, gravitational fields etc.

M3: Why is Nucleus stable inspite of being comprised of protons?

I spoke about fundamental forces of universe, strong force, weak force, rubber band example, pi meson, mu meson etc, their play w.r.t stability

M3:  what do you think about political parties role in the student union?

I spoke in favor how every one will become politically active.

M3:  Teachers and politics?

Spoke about Romila thapar, Suboto Bose how they manage it well. Every one has politics.

M3: Patenting on turmeric, what is the status?

I said I don’t know status, but we have Tamilnadu women applying turmeric on face for antiseptic value, though we cant put it in the way western world wants, it is knowledge of a civilization and us a human society, should never ever allow patents on this. I think the answer was the highlight of the interview because it came in a flow 😛

M4: What is Encryption in whatsapp?

Spoke about end to end, Global key, local key, how info becomes secure.

M4: What do you think about it?

I said it has positive and negative

M4: So should it be allowed in our country with so many problems?

I said yes, else we will become like a police state, a surveillance state. But we have to define our snooping in narrow terms to fight many anti social element.

Interview over !!!
I walked away

My Feeling : Mixed !! Really don’t know if it really worked out !!!

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