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  • June 4, 2016
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Beauty of Hard Work

People have explored innumerable different ways of finding happiness and fulfillment in life; but nothing has surpassed the satisfaction that comes at the end of a long and arduous struggle of one’s hard work.

It seems like the effort in one’s hard work hides within it the seeds of satisfaction. Only when one is willing to go through the pain and toil of a hard day’s work, he is able to experience a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

There is truly beauty in working hard towards achieving a goal. It gives meaning, purpose and direction to life. And irrespective of the results, it makes one a better person. You become richer and fuller in the process of struggling.

While life itself offers innumerable opportunities to struggle and work hard; true success is reserved only for the one who consciously chooses to work hard, irrespective of the circumstances life puts him in. In a way, success is choosing to struggle, a little harder than others.

A mind that is constantly struggling to understand and comprehend things better; a body that is trying hard to support the desires of the mind; the resulting pain and suffering of this dynamic process is the ultimate salvation for a struggling soul that is on a quest of a lofty dream.

There is no escaping hard work; there is no short cut to success. Everything that has ever been accomplished has been done as a process of slow and long struggle of chiseling oneself one hammer blow at a time. The pain is the process of transformation.

Know this; if you are not struggling enough; if you are not in enough pain; you are probably on the dull and boring track of mediocrity. Pain is the only measure of your progress; it is an indicator of how hard you are working at achieving your goals.

The joy that comes from the depth of your heart, when your long and painful struggle ends in the flowering of your creative expression, is the ultimate joy of all; it is the nectar of life and living. Only when your hard work finds its painful expression, will its true beauty be revealed.

So, work hard. Don’t give excuses to rest. Instead give excuses to struggle; to experience the pain; to endure the hardship. Hard work is the result, purpose and meaning of living; if you can embrace it, there is nothing to fear and run away from.

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