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  • August 15, 2016
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Joy of Giving:

Living has been described in numerous ways like finding your purpose, finding success and happiness, pursuing your dreams and many more, but very rarely has it been defined as a pure form of giving. Life can become an act of pure giving, through which it finds its meaning, purpose, happiness and success.

Giving is such an intrinsic part of nature that it is almost impossible for life to happen without the blessing of giving. There is no light if the sun refuses to shine; there is no shade if the tree refuses to share; there is no rain if the cloud refuses to shrink; there is no fulfillment if the soul refuses to give.

Giving is a doorway to the vast ocean of love and goodness hidden within every heart. When you give you draw a little more from this ocean. You become more and more by giving; you become yourself by giving. Giving is not just an act of compassion, gratitude or service; giving is the highest form of living.

You give when you smile, you give when you care, you give when you listen, you give when you share, and you give when you breathe. Every act of kindness, love and goodness is a form of giving. If only we all can make giving our way of living, we can turn the whole earth into a paradise ready for a feast.

Let us take those tiny baby steps in the direction of giving. Let’s make it a habit to give. Let us not ask what life can give us, let us instead ask what does life want us to give. What is my purpose of giving; what expression will my giving find? What impact will it have? Let my first and last thought of the day be giving.

There was a time when these words used to echo within the chambers of every heart. One never had to talk about giving for it was a part of our life and nature. Now the echo is very faint and far away. Unless we take some to time to carefully listen to its silent cry, we miss it altogether. There is an inner voice that keeps reminding us, Give. If only we can pay attention to it, how much more meaningful and beautiful our lives might become.

Just imagine how your life would be if every morning you woke up and thought about how to give and share the happiness that is within you. Every day you sow the seeds of love, compassion, kindness and purity all around you. There is no other joy like the joy of watching your seeds of giving germinate, grow and blossom into beautiful, fragrant flowers. To live amidst the forest of love you have grown by the toil of your own hands is living.

Yes, the heart shudders in fear when it wants to give selflessly. It fears thinking about how its compassion might be misunderstood. It fears because there are so few other hearts that can understand the language of giving. It fears for it doesn’t want to be an outcast in the vast human cesspool of fear. Every heart has a desire to give, but most are caged behind the bars of fear.

It might take a while to break through the shackles of fear but you can still give from being inside the cage; a helping hand can squeeze through the bars. Your heart may be enslaved by your fearful mind, but it is still beating to share its rhythmic cycle of life. Giving is its purpose, for as long as it wants to give it will beat, even from the deep dark dungeons of fear.

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