Dear Friends,


Thank you for the enormous response to ILP-2016. After so much love from all of you , we are releasing ILP – 2017 with lot of innovations.


Success and failure depends on the first step that you take and that pretty much defines the course of your journey.  One step in the wrong direction will take you away from your goal. This is where we help you take that first step.  


All of us dream and why shouldn’t we. In fact one must dream big. There is no tax on that. Every year you see the list of successful candidates who would become civil servants to serve their country. And then you dream to be one among them. You are always ready to walk that extra mile for your dream. You are ready to invest your mind, your body and your money. You sacrifice your sleep, your relations and your friendship. You are ready to do whatever it takes to realize your dream.

We also had a dream to create a platform that would revolutionize the complete process of learning. The aim was to take civil services aspirants out of the rat race and assist them to design their own path to success.

The aim was not to just prepare you in a piecemeal approach – for prelims first, mains ‘baad be dekhenge’ but an integrated approach. With this dream, we came up with ILP-2016.

This was based on what we had seen during our preparation. Aspirants fear prelims so much so that they entirely prepare for prelims itself forgetting that it is just a door to the actual race.

They tend to accumulate information after information forgetting about the demands of the exam. And then the market has so much info that it turns a born smart man into a zombie collecting info machine. This is where ILP 2016 was the game changer .

We turned you back into smart machines (into the original state) you were before being consumed by the maddening UPSC race.

We worked hard.

We worked harder than the aspirants.

We used to be ahead of our ILP users. Few used to catch up with us.

And as the saying goes “ The divine blesses the one who is sincere and genuine”.


We were blessed with a hit ratio of 70 plus %One of the few unprecedented things in UPSC learning!!! You can call it beginner’s luck. We want to believe it our GOOD KARMA

Even 70% adherence to our ILP program had people clearing UPSC prelims easily.

For ILP 2016 users this journey is not over but we have immense faith that they will come out with flying colours and secure a good rank in CSE-2016. We are there to help them achieve this in all our capacity. Wait for our TLP Mains 2016 to be started very soon.

The feedback of ILP 2016 has steepened our learning curve


We have taken feedback of ILP 2017 from some of our core followers to and they absolutely loved it. In fact we went with a design to them, they gave us feedback. And after few iterations we finally settled on Design of ILP 2017. It has helped us make ILP 2017 at least twice better.

ILP-2017 will be more user friendly and flexible than ILP 2016 keeping in mind the working professionals.

Again we reiterate our AIM is same-

“to help an aspirant preparing in the remotest part of the country to secure Rank 1”


In nutshell ILP 2017 is :


As you know: Innovation is synonymous with IASbaba. And these are our new innovations for ILP 2017.


  • Detailed Micro plan + Value add notes + Prelims oriented Current Affairs + 35 high quality tests including Sectional Tests & Full Mocks+ Mind maps on Current Issues + Mains Mocks (including synopsis) +Discussion forum + Babapedia.


  • Babapedia– It will act as a Virtual note book. Everything will be updated time to time so that you do not miss out on important issues. It will also make your learning better and revision will become easy. 




This is how Babapedia will look like – 



Broad categories



Listing of all Environment related (other categories) like this at one place 




Inside each category







We have bought in a new feature of Gamification on Tests this time. This will help you in being more sincere. It will let you take each test 3 times. But until unless you score above 30% you cannot move on to next. You can google, copy from others to score 30% in at least the last attempt. But in the process you will learn the questions. That’s our aim.

This is how Test Platform will look like-

unnamed (1) unnamed unnamed (2)



This is how ILP Platform will look like-

ilp 1 ilp 2 ilp 3


Before we start with the details and modalities of ILP 2017, we would like to discuss a few very important things.

You need to remember that this is not only a PRELIMS TEST SERIES. It is a complete package which will enable/guide you qualitatively/quantitatively through the process of Civil Services Examination.

When you subscribe to our ILP-2017 programme, you will have huge expectations on us. On the similar lines, we too have a few expectations like

  1. Complete Dedication
  2. Consistency
  3. Courage to “walk that extra mile”
  4. Faith in our program


Now coming to broad structure of the program:

  • ILP 2017 is 275 Day program.
  • It will have 35 high quality tests including Sectional and Full Mocks
  • Mains Mock and its Synopsis
  • VALUE ADD and Current Affairs
  • Learning is divided into Sets. Each set is further divided into blocks.



Details about the Program

The complete program is divided into smaller ‘Sets’ and each set is divided into four ‘Blocks’. The four blocks will cater to four different subjects.So in a set you will be studying 4 subjects.

Last year, sections for prelims and mains were different, but this year, since prelims exam has shifted earlier, we have clubbed both prelims and mains oriented topics in one group. Also, ILP 2017 has been designed considering “WORKING PROFESSIONALS” as well. Instead of daily targets, weekly targets are given. Weekly targets will give flexibility to all the working professionals to keep pace with the programme. This scheme will help you to focus on Optional (self), current Affairs and General Studies simultaneously.  

At the end of each Block there will be an objective test with easy to moderate questions, which will help you judge your understanding of the topics covered. Also, you will be getting descriptive questions with their synopsis for each block (if the topics are relevant for Mains). The number of questions will depend upon how relevant the topic is for mains perspective.

As the number of sets will increase, the sources and topics will intensify and will require complete dedication, sincerity and concentration from your side.

Apart from the subjects given in the blocks, you will have to cover Current Affairs simultaneously with the help of Daily Current Affairs, Prelims Capsule (Provided to you by IASbaba), PIB gist and Newspapers. Every test will include questions from Current Affairs.

In the end of every set, there will be a complete objective test with moderate to difficult analytical questions, to prepare you for a difficult analytical paper, just in case you encounter one on the D-Day. We want to equip you with every weapon in the armoury so that you can win this battle.

Common mistakes by an aspirant

  • Irregularity in following the plan
  • Aspirants use to download the test and keep it for future (least productive)
  • No work on personal note making
  • Missing out on current affairs updates
  • Least revision in between the plan

IASbaba’s Take on this

Despite the fact that candidates themselves are responsible for the above attitude, we at IASbaba are doing our best to rectify even these problems. And hence to improve the efficiency, we have come up with the following plan-

To avoid procrastination in preparing the given topics and current affairs the same day-

  • We are coming up with a new platform with the name “BABAPEDIA” for ILP 2017 aspirants.
  • BABAPEDIA will have all the updates of VALUE ADD (GS) and CURRENT AFFAIRS to be given from our side in ‘READ ONLY & COPY PASTE DISABLED MODE’ (It is done intentionally to ensure that you make your own notes on daily basis) 
  • These notes will be segregated topic wise according to GS papers. It will have proper tagging and search option like Google ☺. This will enable you to access everything in a precise and organized manner.
  • It will act as a virtual notebook which you can visit frequently to revise all the topics.
  • This will also make sure that you complete the given topics and current affairs the very day and be ready with your notes.
  • Kindly note- You have to simultaneously prepare notes from the content updated on Babapedia. This is to ensure your consistency and regularity with the plan.






Prelims Capsules

(DMF question in Prelims 2016 could be solved from here 🙂 )



Download the full documentClick here


Mains Value Add Note Download Sample



Important Things to Note::



Deadline: There is no Deadline. You can join anytime but sooner the better


Starting Date of ILP 2017:

  • 25th August 2016
  • Access to platform before  25th August 2016


You can subscribe for ILP 2017 (Online Payment)



Very Important: Do Download the PDF after successful payment. That pdf contains your ID and Password.


After making successful payment please check you email (SPAM and JUNK FOLDERS TOO) 


Offline Payment Details: Please mail us the acknowledgment at [email protected] if making offline payment. 

SUBSCRIPTION FEE–   8300 Plus 15% Tax- Rs 9545/-

Bank details


For those who subscribe to ILP and Pay the Fee:

  • ID and Password will be generated automatically.
  • Login platform will be activated before 25th August 2016. Please do not call or mail us before 🙂
  • Full Plan will be available on the platform


For any query related to ILP 2017 contact us at [email protected] 


Refer to below schedule (THOSE SUBSCRIBING TO ILP 2017)  to start your preparation till the platforms are activated before 25th August. 





Focus Area:

Indian Constitution at work’ is the class XIth NCERT, which is the best book to develop your basics. It is a conceptual book and will help you to answer static questions in mains as well.  To supplement the topics in the book, you will be given ‘Value Added’ notes where ever they are required.

You need to remember, that ‘Value Add’ notes will only help you to fully grasp the topics. They will not be complete notes but value addition from our side and you need to go through the basic books to develop proper understanding of the subject.

The schedule will allow you to focus on current affairs, your optional and mains aspect. An old aspirant can utilize this flexibility to prepare for Mains aspect.





ILP CONNECT 2017: IASbaba Mentoring Program

(You have to subscribe to ILP 2017 Co-Learn program and then fill the form)




  • ILP 3 program of 2016 is now renamed as ILP connect.
  • We choose few aspirants who we think are high potential and offer them mentoring through phone.
  • Mentors would include UPSC top rankers , serving bureaucrats amongst others.
  • Interested aspirants, kindly fill the above form. Selected candidates will be intimated through email. Please do not call us or  mail us.
  • There will be an additional fee over the ILP program which you can pay through the link we send.
  • We are not looking for more than 25 people in this program.
  • Discretion lies with IASBaba on admission to this program.
  • If you want to be considered for ILP Connect, subscribe by 30th August 2016


P.S- Must ReadSample Plan for 1st Month & Clarifications 


All the very best


  • Ravish Singh

    I think the complexity is way high. Too much of spoon feeding, Could have kept it simple and strong. 🙂

    • Its very simple compared to last year.

      The plan is made for working professionals in mind.

      we have worked on feedback to make it simpler 🙂

      just that babapedia and gamification will force you to read and adhere to plan more.

      Imagine in 3 attempts you have to get 30% marks ..that too with google ..atleast this way you will read up stuff 🙂

      • Mohammed Abdul Waseem

        Want to join ilp2017 How can I do it.

  • Ankur yadav

    thnx babji for ilp 2017

  • alisha_ dash

    Where is the form for ilp connect?

      • alisha_ dash

        Thanx baba! Fingers crossed.

        • alisha_ dash

          Should I wait for ilp connect or subscribe for ilp 2017?

    • Jasmeet 2017

      whats your optional ?

      • alisha_ dash


        • Jasmeet 2017

          okie mine is sociology ,
          2017 will be my 1st attempt , what abt u ?

  • AS

    Baba what is the fees,i guess u hv not mentioned the fees..

    • 8300+ Taxes (15%)= 9545 Rs

  • Is there a single programme for everyone ?

    • Yes Sumit, a single program to all

  • Arun pillai

    Thank you very much baba..for keeping in mind working professionals…from the day I had read your ILP 2016…i had been waiting for this ILP2017,For every mail I had sent to you asking ilp2017 you kept me in confidence,guided me on to read newspapers n keep me equipped,,aal that have given me confidence that yes I can study,,thank you for helping me much before the launch of ILP2017,,,And from the day 2016 prelims had ended I have been waiting impatiently to join your ILP2017 as it matters a lot to a beginner cum working professional like me….thank you very much baba…thank you

    • Welcome Atun 🙂
      All the Best !

      • Abhishek

        is there any discount for the people who joined ILP 2016?

  • madeye

    can prelim test series be joined separately

    • No.. No piecemeal approach. we don’t prepare you for prelims alone 🙂

      • madeye

        babaji, for mains you will be providing a separate test series

  • Sundarajan Srinivasan

    Babaji – There was a transaction error when enrolling for ilp 2017, but the page said transaction was success. Can you pls confirm ?

    • Congrats you are our first subscriber 🙂 Its successful .

      you must qualify now to prove us right 🙂

      • Sundarajan Srinivasan

        Wow :). Last time I started my preparation too late. I might miss this attempt by 4 or 5 marks. IASbaba 60 day program has helped to obtain the rest of all. I trust your content so much. Thanks

      • Sundarajan Srinivasan

        I will make it. 🙂

  • Tashvin Singh

    Sir as i am working in bank so can i follow this plan accordingly..

  • Tyler

    babaji. Done the payment. but after that, its coming something went wrong. but in my mail i received payment as successful.

    • Your id please and name ?

  • Parth B Pandya

    will you provide the same assistance to the not connect with your CONNECT ILP program ?

    • Connect ilp will be phone calls plus few exercises.

      We have called so many people who are not in any of our programs 🙂

      • Parth B Pandya

        charge for both will remain the same or different ? for connect ILP and ILP 2017 ?

  • What is the last date to join the programme ?

    • If you want to be considered for ILP connect , by 30th of August

      • Amit

        for co learn ?

        • To make maximum benefit oft he program the sooner the better.

          • Amit

            why these two concepts ilp co learn and ilp connect ?
            I think you should treat everyone same,

          • Sir,i know that.But financial prblm this month.So,please tell me the last date.

  • Ishu Sanghar

    There was a message on screen regarding successful payment but then it showed an error, although I have received an email saying
    “Transaction done on IAS baba”. Can u please confirm my registeration?

    • Done 🙂

      • Ishu Sanghar


  • Archit Gupta

    What is the criteria for selection for ILP connect?

  • nkm

    iasbabaji….if test is not cleared in 3rd attempt….?

    • Then 10 baski laglo bhagwan hanumanji ke aage..
      then mail us we will open it.

      But yaar don’t defeat the purpose hana na use that to clear in the third attempt 🙂

      u will atleast know all the questions..thats the intention

      • nkm

        babaji…not defecting purpose of 70+ this year also….wanted to join for 2017…thats y…was asking detail….

  • nkm

    if test is not cleared in 3rd attempt…then wat we have planned babaji..?

  • Amit

    do we need to prepare current affairs notes from diff sources like pib,hindu, ias baba magzine or they are provided in the ILP ?

    • No No No …thats the beauty of the prelims capsules and value add notes.

      Please request you guys to read the post 🙂

      • Amit

        thanks @iasbaba:disqus but ilp connect and co learn diffrent approach kyu,

  • Godspeed

    baba ji itna fees kaise du main ,
    9000 tak aap ka hai ,bakio ki liye toh loan lena pdega
    matlab jinhe ghar koi naukari karni wala nhi woh testseries na join kare ,
    baba g aap bht hei great work kar rhe ho jo sab kuch ek jagh avilable karwa dete ho ,
    lkin unn students ka ky jinki paas itna fees na dene ka ho :(( ..
    baba g sorry kuch galat kaha hu toh 🙁

    • Yaar look at all the material we give 🙂 the work we do ..the resources we need 🙂

      last time we charged only 4200 for our test series to give you an idea on how we price our programs.

      • Godspeed

        baba jo material aap dete ho koi doubt nhi hai woh best hai ,
        4200 tak thik tha dena ,
        aab 9000 kaise du ,, kuch installment mai fess de sakte hai 3 installment mai ??

  • Aspirant 2017

    Sir, answer writing practice karwaaoge?

  • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

    Thank you baba ji for taking care of working pro. I will subscribe to the program tonight. Right now I am on move. Thanks baba ji for quick program launch.

  • Suraj Chikara

    20 mock tests pt test series is included in this program or not baba?

    • Not 20 bhai total 35 tests hai 🙂

      ilp = Detailed Micro plan + Value add notes + Prelims oriented Current Affairs + 35 high quality tests including Sectional Tests & Full Mocks+ Mind maps on Current Issues + Mains Mocks (including synopsis) +Discussion forum + Babapedia.

      • Suraj Chikara

        thanku baba 🙂

  • a

    fee seems little bit high..

  • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

    What is the difference b/n ilp connect and ilp?

    • Amit

      dhillon veer ilp connect ch phone te guidance v milu te ohdi fees v kuj extra hou, te jehra ilp aa eh oh jo upr dsiaa h

      • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

        Keda vadiya rau veer ?

        • Amit

          jehra eh kehnde ne ilp connect ohde ch sirf 25 select krnge ,m ehi likhya below ki eh approach kyu sariaa nu equal rakho

        • Amit

          yrr haiga ta iko hi aa connect ch pr ehna ne 25 hi rakne ne, m ta kiha ki eh double approach kyu


    Babaji… What about the mains answers? Will they be evaluated under this program?

    • Synopsis will be provided . Few excellent answered will be posted


        But would you continue the free initiative too?

        • obviously yes 🙂

          • DISQUS INDIA

            Thank you babaji..:)

  • jay

    As much as I like the new concept of Baba, I don’t understand why there is no programme like the erstwhile Programme 1 of ILP 2016 (Test series only). It could have helped full time candidates of ILP 2016 in case they didn’t make it to Mains/Interview/Final list 2016 to prepare for Prelims 2017 effectively.

    Its just a suggestion but I hope you take a look into it. Its also a request. 🙂

    • Dear jay

      We do not want aspirants focused on Mains 2016 to buy our product in hurry. We are coming up with TLP 2016 Mains for them (Free) to develop their answer writing. In case they are not able to succeed, we have ample time to devise something better for them and make it inclusive.

      • jay

        Thank u babaji…. Its because I really don’t wanna go for test series offered by someone else.

  • Well, for someone who is banking on self study but valued guidance, IASbaba is a true blessing indeed! I have joined and paid for the programme immediately after I received the notification mail, and that’s how much some of us, aspirants, trust you. More importantly, ILP-2017 sounds brilliant! I have rejected online programmes of other leading sites purely because of how crammed (and also how outdated few of the mentioned sources there were) their schedules are. I have gone by your word where you said you would make sure there is ample time left for optional and Current affairs. And more importantly you also trust the aspirants to leave enough room to devise their own plans up to a certain extent too. That’s where IASBaba stands apart. Kudos! Very much look forward to the start of programme to put the best foot forward. Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks Jishan

      This is something that runs our TEAM 🙂

  • Archit Gupta

    I have payed through the debit card. Can you please confirm?

  • Saurabh Pandhe

    Babaji how are you going to select the serious aspirants for ILP CONNECT??…description of ourself in 200 words was really good idea..

  • alisha_ dash

    Babaji should I wait for ilp connect selection or subscribe for ilp now?

    • Please read the post completely.
      You need to be subscribed to Program 2, to be eligible for Connect

      • alisha_ dash

        payment done babaji!!:)

  • Kartik

    Babaji i have done the payment , its showing something went wrong …i have received the mail of successful payment . my id is [email protected], kartikey pandey

    • Dont worry Karthik.
      The payment is successful

      • Lubna Sehar

        Is this a complete online program??

        • Hi Lubna

          The full Plan is not given. Read it carefully.

          • Lubna Sehar

            In ILP, should we answer mains questions also online?? Do you evaluate mains questions??

        • ILP is Compehensive Program for Prelims + Mains

          • Lubna Sehar

            Its all completely online right? Nothing offline in the program??

          • No!!!

      • Kartik

        thanks babaji

  • pulkit

    babaji…space shuttle hike in exam fee….more than twice

    • It was 8050 last time …this time will all the new benefits we have increased by only 15%.

      Its not doubled 🙂 please check

  • Pioneer

    Babaji how mains writing will be dealt with in ILP2017
    If i prefer to be active from October 10 (due to state PSC mains)

  • Bhaisaab

    Thank you for all your efforts to make our preparation easier than ever.
    would be happy if you consider phase -1(2016) kind programme .It would be helpful for those who have earlier been part of ILP and want to be connected through quality tests only.
    I hope I am not the only one to demand it.Hopefully, you will get more such requests and consider this.
    You can also consider reducing the no of tests

    • Yaar look at the hits we had..most of them were from value add and prelims capsule..

      Tests alone won’t do it..the whole package is what counts 🙂

      • Bhaisaab

        Lagta hai pehchaan nahi paaye aap?
        phone pe baat karte hain?

        • Are bhai peechalan lira..isliye yaar bhola 🙂

          • Bhaisaab

            I hope this programme is dedicated to my mentor @ Birthday.

          • Yes 🙂 You figured it out 🙂

  • tito

    @IASbaba I’m scoring 114 (2016 prelims) should I join the test series

    • You can start studying for Mains 2016 🙂

    • You can start preparing for Mains 2016. All the best 🙂

  • Saugat Das

    I made the payment just now. It shows something went wrong.
    Is the payment successful?? Also filled up the ILP_Connect Form- Hope to get selected!!!

    • Confirmed! please check mail

      • Saugat Das

        Ya…Got the payment successful mail.. Will do anything to get selected…
        Your guidance will be my only source to success… Thanks!!!

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Babaji will you give the detailed answers and analysis of all the tests?

  • Kishan Srivastav

    Babaji, got an error message after transaction was completed successfully while subscribing for ILP2017. Please confirm if its okay. Got an email confirmation for successful transaction as well. Thanks!

  • Iron man

    hi babaji
    meine aapko mail kia plse reply karna
    phele bhi kiya tha
    i know u al r very busy
    plse tc

    • I saw. Will reply..:)

      • Iron man

        thank u but babaji koi jatka mat dena already bohot sara lag gaya hai aapko pata hai
        babaji kam pe rakhlo muje?

  • alisha_ dash

    is payment successful?

  • vipin

    baba….mail id please…have some queries rearding proramme..?

  • Aragorn

    Babaji Pranaam.
    I hadn’t posted a comment on the forum previously except for the few TLP questions I answered. But at the launch of the second edition of ILP, I think I should. For once, atleast 🙂

    I’m a working professional from Bangalore who gave my Mains once without any coaching. Due to my hectic schedules (I work Monday to Saturday and more frequently assigned additional responsibilities too, which meant no time off), I finally gave up on preparing for civil services. I never could afford time for proper coaching. And it was then, IASBaba caught my attention. Looked promising but as every individual struggles with immense choices in the Upsc market, I had my own doubts.

    But the launch of ILP 2016 started the little glimmer of hope inside me to give one final shot at the exam. And today, when I look back, it was the most appropriate decision I’ve taken not just for upsc preparation but for an entirely different perspective towards everything in life.

    Current affairs, Prelims Capsule and Baba’s view – clean, crisp and clear (aadhi time tho idhar hi bacha sakte hai, varna google pe topics search karke sort out karte tak neend hi aa jaati). I sneaked in some time to study whenever I could afford a little and these were the things that were of immense help.

    The mentors at IASBaba for the ILP program need a special mention – Successful people having unlimited passion like our metnors, guiding aspirants at all times, supporting and strengthening the confidence are rare to come across. From being in a situation where I could never think of upsc again, to not just preparing for prelims but appearing at it and still hoping to clear the exam, it’s all because of your guidance. Kudos and Salute to the entire team.

    My previous attempts at Upsc left me quite disappointed and I was always apprehensive to get back to preparation. If not for IASBaba and the ILP program, I would’ve never been able to enjoy the process of preparation so much and the most important, Rediscovering a happy life beyond UPSC, wouldn’t have been possible.


    • Thanks Aragorn 🙂 We wish you all the best this year 🙂 and hope to see you in top ranks 🙂

      • Aragorn

        Thank you, sir ji 🙂

    • 007

      Hope ur presentation to defense minister of india went gud. Plz fasten up dat combat aircraft production u wer tellin d other day. our forces r in need of them vry urgently. thank you. 😛

      • Aragorn

        Of course I would tell them to ramp up the production, now that our 007 is monitoring it closely. 😛 😉

        • 007

          haha. ya sure. if i clear den i wil sure work in defense ministry and monitor n make u work for 24/7 don wry. 😛

  • vipin

    baba….mail id please f

    or query…?

  • Kishan Srivastav

    Babaji I read once the payment is done user ID and password will be automatically generated. However I have not received any mails mentioning user ID/password.

  • zoso

    Babaji, Could you clearly enunciate the added benefits for working professionals? In ILP-2016 too it all went awry because of time constraints. The micro plan was more oriented towards full time prep. Completing subject + daily CA + answer writing + … just doesn’t fall in place. Any strategy to help us here ?

    • I think the difference between ILP- 2016 and ILP-2017 is that 2016 – Daily Plan and 2017 – weekly plan. ILP-2017 is flexible for working aspirants like us. We can squeeze each block during weekends and complete the syllabus.

      Right Babaji?

    • zoso

      @iasbaba:disqus Could you please reply as to how working professionals who can eke out a maximum of 3 hrs on weekends and double that on weekdays would benefit from this programme ? ILP-2016 was a non-starter due to time constraints of dailyy targets.

    • We will update you with full Plan sample on 20th (It will have daily targets )

  • Nagarjuna

    While making payment, the following error occurred:
    Failure : Your Transaction could not be processed.
    Please suggest what to do? Internet connection is faster ..shall i try making payment again?

    • Please check now and confirm

  • Anand

    babaji what is the last date to register for ILP2017?

    • The sooner the better 🙂

  • kiran

    hii baba g..i tried doing the transaction..but its showing coulnot be completed..whats to be done now

    • if you received the mail ..your transaction is complete.

      Otherwise please retry 🙂

      • gambler

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      • kiran

        no baba g..i have not got any mail..nd i have tried for like 5 to 6 times but is showing the same error

      • gambler

        and what after receiving the male…..didnt get any user id pswd????

  • Swati Tyagi

    Hi!! Any specific date for registration of ILP 2017?

  • Nagarjuna

    Transaction successful, received a confirmation mail but while trying to download the pdf, an error occurred “Something went wrong”
    Kindly help..

  • Silent

    When I got the first call as a part of ILP 2016, I was asked “what are the major take aways from PMs UK visit” I mumbled. . and voice from other side said “its a big blunder Mr.XXX You need to focus” I took it very seriously and told myself “If I continue in the same pace I cant make it” . . I geared up. . . but being a good driver, i didn’t understand to change the gears progressively. Changed schedules like monkey, didn’t bother to write tests regularly. . .. I didn’t feel the jerks. . I moved upon. . Now I am hanging in between.

    But I followed one suggestion given in first call ie,. note making. I have been advised to take notes in particular fashion in notebook (I did it in evernote). I followed it. About 45+ questions asked in exam are there in my note which takes 1.5-2 hours to revise (I did it while travelling to exam centre). I answered them in <30min. I was stupified and still not able to come out of guilty of not being regular. I betrayed myself 🙁 I followed most of the initiatives but not regularly. Had I written all tests and revised I would have not been in this hanging state. .
    I am unable to gather courage to call and speak you.. which I tried to do few days back.
    I am very sorry that I could not utilize your hard work in ILP platform. Working to correct my mistakes.
    Thank you for always motivating us. Your team is an inspiration 🙂 I believe that the only way to thank IASbaba is to get a top rank. I ll do it.

    • Yes thats the only way 🙂 while many took max benefit like calling us every week .. we were disappointed that many students did not match pace with us 🙂 Not an issue, this would be right time to start fresh 🙂


      Don’t worry, Mr. Silent. Just concentrate on next year and come out with a top rank. All the best 🙂

  • g-007

    Babaji, do you even provide interview guidance with Co-learn ? Because it is no where mentioned in the article.

    • Our interview workshops are free:) even to non ILP subscribers 🙂

      • g-007

        Thank you Babaji.
        And just to make things clear , last yr ka phases wala approach is now replaced with sets and blocks approach right Babaji ?

        Any thing special for optionals like last year optional initiative ?.

  • Priya

    Is there any fee concession for aspirants who have subscribed our ilp 2016 prelims and mains program already and didnt qualified?

  • Saurabh

    Babaji, I have mailed my query. Please take your time and do reply.

  • Amit

    What about optional subject ?

  • dusky

    baba , i received mail with details of successful payment , but not id and password … is it normal ??

    • gambler

      same question???????

    • meluha007

      Facing the same issue.

  • prachi

    Babaji, i a new follower. Plz ans few of my queries. Is there a column of revision of syllabus? How many times revision will be done according to the test series? And is there enough time to prepare for optional?

  • meluha007

    I have made the payment but did not receive any confirmation. Please check.

  • Rimi cse

    I did subscription for prelims only this year and it went good…..can I do above or will to do subscription for mains again

    • Amit

      What is the subscription fees upto prelims stage this year??

  • Mayank Manish

    Can the documents(valued added notes, current affairs notes etc) provided be downloaded ? I am asking this as I need to highlight in the pdf, add extra stuff in it and even sometimes take printout of the documents. Kindly make sure that the provision to download the material is there.

  • Gokul Unnikrishnan

    hello, i’m new to the site.could anyone plese tell me as to whether there is any last date for online application for ILP 2017


    BABAJI i am a hindi medium student but have no problem while reading and writing in English. i want to join your ILP2017 program .
    Please suggest me on following points:-
    1. Is it wise to change the medium ie. from Hindi to English ( 2016 was my second attemp & i belong to Gene categoryt)??
    2.If i opt for english medium , is it possible to catch up the writing rhythm in English.
    3. I have been reaqding your site for current affairs since last 7 months.
    4. babaji please pleae suggest me.(if some more info is required i will provide it)

    At the last i request all fellow aspirants too please comment and suggest.i m a bit frightened about it. Please do comment.

    • Hala Madrid

      how was ur prelims? expected score is how much?

      • ABI_MISHRA

        It is 92

    • Suraj Chikara


  • hajarathvali

    is there any discount for the people who joined ILP 2016?

  • gurmeet chopra

    Baba i am a big admirer of your ILP initiative.U and mrunal are the only saviours for working professionals.However i would like to bring to your notice that last year lots of your material of ILP 2016 was leaked and was made avilable on various websites for free. Being a member of ILP 16,this was very disheartening as the material and tests were easily available for free on web.These type of acts truly defeat the purpose as i personally felt that why should i pay for something which easily is available for free. This is a very serious issue which needs to be addressed.

    However i will still enroll for ilp 2017 but if you can address these issues i would be more than happy

    Also can you please inform if there will be any concession for people already enrolled in ilp 16 and want to join the 17 programme

  • Rajeev Singh

    admin can u please clarify how will u check our mains copy(online/offline),will u give marks on our answer or only suggestion?
    I would like if u provide marks to our answer along with ur model answer that will bw more beneficial.

  • Iron man

    aaj baba ka upsc exam day hai?
    babaji prep karke aaye hai but students ke quest vichittra hai aur time limit bhi nai hai baba ke pass…
    babaji al d best

  • Saurabh Tomer

    Baba ji i got the payment conformation email in my id [email protected] with name saurabh tomer,but there was a page in the end which says click here for pdf, i clicked it then there was a error called “something went wrong” . Is anything else to be done from my side???

    • No don’t worry , if you get a successful payment receipt with id and passwd then its done

      • rajeev

        I also got the same mail babaji but there was no info about id and password only payment info.
        Please rectify the issue.

    • Saurabh Tomer

      Babaji this is a snapshot of my email , no password is mentioned ???, pls check

      • We will send you passwd and id..dont worry 🙂

  • Nikk

    Hello Babaji ..I registered and payment was also successful but did not receive id and password. I see there are many other who did not receive it. please include me also in the list..:)

    • dusky

      baba , just a word from your side on this issue and we wont disturb you …. :]

  • White Walker

    SBI is not in the list for net banking. What should I do?

    • Nucleus

      Try paying using SBI debit card.

      • White Walker

        I tried but it’s not working. My card does not have an expiry date.

        • BATMAN BABA

          If you enter your card number it will check if your card is MAESTRO and it will remove expire date option same problem i was facing earlier

  • Bhatakti aatma

    Sir , i came across only the extract of your plan(schedule) the whole plan is not given sir ,pls share with us pls sir

  • Seriously?

    Paid the amount . Tried downloading PDF. Got ‘something went wrong’.
    Saw reply below . Have the receipt in mail. Thanks

  • Pranav Pandey

    Hi babaji, is there any particular no of seats or everyone can join in ilp2017??

  • prachi

    Babaji plz rply. Its really imp for revision that we atleast get the pdf’s for test paper answers after tests and timetable too.

    • You can appear for the tests later on as well for revision purposes.

  • MaddyBhai IAS

    I saw the launch in a social media site (Instagram). I came to this site and straight away headed to the payment link.

    End of story. Beginning of preparation.

    Peace !

  • Sahil Sinha

    I have a serious doubt.those 35 tests will be of pre or mains or both…please if anyone know then reply

    • Naveen Shekhar

      Prelims test series plus major n minor tests included in ILP


        I think 35 test should be prelims only because for mains answer writing they do provide free TLP PROGRAMM

  • Deepak

    Babaji,what about CSAT(paper 2)?

  • prachi

    Is it true upsc panel has recommended lowering age limit to 27?

    • KarmaYogi

      yes but in a time span of 5 years not immediately.

      • prachi

        freeze till 5 yrs? or reducing slowely?

        • KarmaYogi

          freeze till 2 years then decreasing gradually… it is just recommendations nt approved by the govt. yet.

          • prachi

            thank u

          • Karthik

            Though not sure, but in 2019 – elections, i dont think Modi govt, will decrease the age limit, keeping in mind the candidates who appear for the exam and there by dont want to decrease their vote bank . 😉

  • Raakeshcharan A


    • Dear

      Some issue getting resolved. Wait for sometime

  • Raakeshcharan A


  • chinmay puranik

    what is the last date of payment???
    also, m not very much technology friendly, can i save the articles or notes for further reading in my pc??
    plz rpl..


      There is no last date for LIP 2017 but if you want to take LIP3 ( Phone based help ) then last date is 30 august , on platform you can read your save article any time , in ILP 2016 one can download their notes

    • No such last date. But better the sooner to catch up with plan

  • Zuzu

    Subscription link not working…”We will be back soon” it says! Is anybody else facing the same problem?

    • Yes. It will be resolved in few minutes

      • Tyler

        I didn’t get usedid and password yet

        • You will get it before 20th August 🙂

  • Satyam Baral

    Can we retake the test for revision?Please let me know.

  • alisha_ dash

    Babaji I have not yet received id and password

    • Please check once again and confirm

      • alisha_ dash

        No babaji

    • Dear

      You will receive it before the platform gets activated for sure 🙂 Share your issues with your registered email id at [email protected]

  • cseviaggio

    This is a great initiative. Please answer few queries:

    1)-till which month will the syllabus be done once according to the plans?

    2)-Will the plan have only NCERTs for first 3-4 months and then reference books OR reference books from starting?

    3)-One set has 4 subjects-that subject will be completed at one go in that set OR will be picked up again later?

    I really need to know this to see if the plan works with my way of studying. Thanks

    • Kanchi Shirin

      i have the same doubts. Pls respond.

    • Hi

      1. By April End (last two months- revision, Full Mocks and 60 days)

      2. No. Its integrated so other books and sources too (but very limited)

      3. Topic Wise- Depending on vertical and horizontal need of concepts to learn 🙂

      • cseviaggio

        Thanks a lot. just one last question-does this strategy of covering syllabus till april -include ethics also?

  • Kishan Srivastav

    Babaji something went wrong when downloading pdf which contained user ID and password. How do I know my user ID and password?

    • We will send you before 20th 🙂

  • Karthik

    Babaji, pls do mention, if the ILP 2017 program is covered with Optional subject (like pub ad , geography etc..)

    • No. Its only for GS papers & Essay.

      • Karthik


  • Naveen

    Hi Babaji,

    There is no clarity on importance given to Mains.
    Kindly let me know the Mains Tests in ILP2017.

    • Naveen

      Mains tests will have Mains Mock with Synopsis…No reviews…Plus Mains Value Add from our side

      • Naveen


        Am in need of guidance for Mains answer writing. So i would like to go for ILP Connect and i have also filled the form regarding the same.

        Kindly review and let me know.

      • Naveen


        For Mains answer writing am in need of guidance. So, i would like to go for ILP Connect. I have already filled the form regarding the same.

        Kindly guide me.

  • Saurabh Garg

    Babaji…Will you review the answers written for mains questions in TLP?

    How many essays would be there in TLP 2017 and will you review those?

    • No reviews. It is practically not possible to do so. Also this is not a Mains test series only. We will provide model essays and essays to practice.

      • Saurabh Garg

        Sir, will you start any mains test series?

        • No dear

          • Saurabh Garg

            Thank you babaji…WIll there be any TLP 2017 programme on the lines of TLP 2016 progamme?

          • Yes ofcourse!

            We won’t leave you in between

          • Saurabh Garg

            thank you babaji…

  • sanket shahane

    please provide the day wise detailed plan.

    • Once you join and access the platform from 20th August, full plan will be at your disposal 🙂

  • Piyush Mirje

    babaji ,
    tell me ki in one week we have to cover 4 books each from set 1,2 3 4 or just one book per week?

  • A.jay

    baba when i am getting this error repetitively .
    ‘Your Transaction could not be processed, If the amount is debited from your account, same will be credited in 14 days please get in touch with your bank. ‘

    • Please follow the instructions given-

      check whether the amount is debited from your account & also get in touch with your bank.

      Possible reasons might be invalid credentials or Insufficient balance

      • A.jay

        got my id password !!! ☺ ?

  • SherniZaad

    2016 ilp was great. 2017 seems greater! Totally recommended for the aspirants who are willing to work hard and aspire to be successful. 2016 helped me a lot since i was always unclear in my mind regarding how to study, what to study and what not to study. So go for it! And thanku so much IASbaba, waiting for tlp 2016. 🙂

    • Hey SherniZaad ! First of all Congratulations for your performance in prelims. Can you please tell me precisely, how did you use this website for your whole preparation? How much ILP 2016 helped you in your preparation ? Did you follow insights too ? if yes, then which sections ?

      Can you please give me cumulative strategy to better use these two websites with preparation ? Which programs from which one ? Should I join ILP 2017 ?

      I would be obliged if you could help me. Your contribution to my preparation will be of immense help.

      I appeared in prelims. I got 55 correct 24 incorrect. This was my 1st attempt. So, I have no chance this year. I am targeting 2017. Please help me.

      All the best for your mains preparation. Hope to see you in final list.

      • SherniZaad

        Hey! [email protected]– mail me:-)
        Will tell u in details.

        • rahul raj

          Kindly reply me also..I have the same query

  • Piyush Mirje

    babaji ,
    tell me ki in one week we have to cover 4 books each from set 1,2 3 4 or just one book per week?

  • आयरन मैन २.०

    can someone suggest me what to do till 25th?? I will read block1 set1 in the designated week only. I have started my optional but still any suggestions from seniors. 🙂


      Go through previous year papers or syllabus again n again

  • Manish

    apart from the descriptive questions after each block, will there be any mains specific tests also???

    • We will provide some Mocks with synopsis 🙂

      • Manish

        for prelims i think its the best programme but regarding mains.. i am confused whether i will have to join some other mains test series also???


    Babaji please reply is it helpful for hindi medium students too?

    • At this moment, we will not be able to provide any material in the Hindi language.


    Thanks a lot BABA JI last time i didnt follow your programm regularly but this year is i shall leave no stone unturn to give my best and secure my seat at mussoorie

  • Saugat Das

    I haven’t received any mail containing ID. Only received a mail confirming my payment. kindly guide..

    • Saugat Das

      I have mailed at [email protected] regarding my query. I know the platform would start from 25th August. Kindly let me know the status.

      • Hi

        Do not worry. If successful payment is done, we will send ID details before or on 20th August (before activating the platform )

  • Mani

    babaji, will you be starting mains answer writing online daily for December 2016 mains too?

    just as you did last year!

    please reply



      yess they will start it soon most likely monday

      • Mani


    • Hi Mani

      Monday we will post the plan and will start from 20th. 🙂

      Till then go through previous compilations and magazine to consolidate your learning

      • Mani

        thank you babaji

      • Oppenheimer

        woooooow………… eagerly waiting… 🙂

  • Captain America

    “ILP 3 program of 2016 is now renamed as ILP connect.” Baba unable to understand this part.. Is this for ILP 2016 or 2017 ???

    • For everyone…just a change of name 🙂

      Plus we won’t have more people this time under this.

      • Captain America

        How much extra do we need to pay ??? And selection criteria ???

        • Fill the form, if selected we will send invites personally and everything will be mentioned there

          • Captain America

            ok.. thanks.. one more thing.. U people must be looking for bright ones to mentor personally.. If possible try to induct few who really need mentoring.. Any ways lovely plan (ILP 2017) would join on tuesday, bank closed till then..

          • Dear

            Its not like that. You can ask our 2016 P-3 users about it. We had many first timers in Program 3

          • Captain America

            Thank You !!! 🙂

          • Bhaisaab

            Bhai Baba consider energy and enthusiasm only.I have been part of ILP-3.
            koi bright student wala chakkar nahi.
            My profile- BA,, wo bhi first timer.
            Need I say more?

      • Oppenheimer

        sorry baba ji I am lil confused… you will be starting 2016 mains initiative separately, right?? or we need to enroll for ILP 3 program?? looking fwd for your reply…

  • Inner_Peace

    BABA what about ILP with personal guidance??


      It is there with name ” ILP CONNECT “

  • meluha007

    Sir, I have made the payment and also filled the registration form for ILP connect. But I have not received the id and password. Please tell me if we would be getting these details later. Thank you!!

    • meluha007

      I just read the article again and you have asked us to download the pdf. Some error occured while I clicked the download icon. I have not received my id and password. Please help…

      • No issues. We will send it before or on 20th August 🙂

        • meluha007

          Alright. Thank you so much.
          You have given an enormous amount of determination in students like me who had the dream of cracking this exam since childhood. Being an engineering student, the grasping of concepts of GS was getting a little tricky due to the wide stretch of syllabus. Most of my time was being consumed in planning my study plan to include all the subjects and honestly speaking, I was failing at it. Comprehensive and planned coverage of syllabus is my main motive to join the ILP program. Sir, I am determined to follow the plan with complete honesty and sincerity. Most of your articles and views are very much similar to how I perceive studies(following you diligently since past 6 months). Thank you for all your hard work and please help us towards achieving the goal.

          • If you are determined..we will push your limits 🙂

    • Meluha,

      You will receive the id & pwd before 20th August

  • vishal singh

    Amazed….baba…..nice one
    ILP connect is bit tricky to understand….
    For getting selected for ILP connect do we have to register for ILP-17??

    • Yes first subscribe to ILP and then fill the form given for Connect

  • P_2017

    Sir, please make the plan crystal clear like you did last year. I read the whole document and i havent got any comprehensive picture. Please tell me what are the changes you made in from the last year? Is prelims test different from sectional test or what? How many blocks are there in total? Please provide a detailed picture clearing all expected doubts like u did last time.

    • Hi, we deem the writeup as sufficient to understand the program.
      You can mail your specific queries .We have made a specific mail is for the same purpose.

      You can check the edited writeup.We will include the above 2 points

      • P_2017

        1.How many sets are there in total?
        2.Time table for coverage of those sets?
        3.How many tests are there in total (U talked an objective and a subjective test in each block)? When will the 35 Prelims test be held? After each set or what?

        • 1.Total 7 sets and 28 blocks.
          2. 2 months before prelims so that you can get ready and revise with 60 day plan
          3.objective – total 35 (inclusive of blocks), mains in each set according to the topics included in that set.

          • P_2017

            When will you release the complete time table?

          • It will be available to those who join. They will access the platform from 20th and it will have full plan

          • P_2017

            It should definitely be made public babaji. Transparency appeals aspirants.
            1. Is there any provision for ranking to gauge our performance relative to others?
            2. how many full test will be there?
            See babaji it should have been more comprehensive taking in account all possible doubts. These are the doubt swhich immediately came to my mind. Many more will develop later.

          • Transparency?

            If we give the plan why should you subscribe?

            1. Yes ranking will be there

            2. 3 to 4 since 60 days will also be there

            Comprehensive or not. You can have number of doubts before but if you follow the plan sincerely with all the hard work everything will be clear. No one can hit all bullets on exact target. When aspirants avail flexibilty in preparation why cannot we have little flexibility in modifying..upgrading our plan 🙂

  • cseviaggio

    fellow aspirants here. Hii! do you people make notes of important points from newspaper? Is it advisable to spend time doing that? making notes of editorials is too time consuming

  • Sundarajan Srinivasan

    Babaji, yet to receive id and password for ilp 2017 registration. please check and revert it back.

    • please wait till tmw 🙂

      • Sundarajan Srinivasan

        Sure! thanks!

  • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

    Baba ji. I have subscribed successfully(Sat0618) to ILP2017 program. I am new to this program. I am a working professional and choose this program with a great faith. I have some queries :

    1 – Do I have to make notes of The Hindu, PIB etc for current affairs or I can rely on ILP program for comprehensive Prelims + Mains preparation?
    2 – Would I get any assistance through phone calls?
    3 – Is there any online doubt clearance & assistance program in ILP2017?
    4 – Is there any recess period between blocks or sets for revisions or catching up with the program if one is fallen back due to some external situations?
    5 – Is there any assistance provided for optional subject? If not then would ample time be provided to get it prepared along with ILP?
    6 – When would interview assistance start and how?(media of assistance phone calls, mails or video call?)
    7 – Is the program for (ILP + 60 day) going to get finished 2-3 weeks before Prelims so that the aspirants get ample amount of time to revise their notes?
    8 – If one is continuously falling back in covering the topics due to some reasons, what should he do? Any assistance!
    9 – Is it possible to get 60 day subject wise compilation at least 2 weeks before Prelims? This time we got it 1 week before prelims.
    10 – Do we remain rest assured that ILP program will cover important standard books along with NCERTs like other online programs which are basically giving headache to aspirants with the coverage of large amount of material?
    11 – Is there any strategy to cover the whole program again in short period for revision purpose? If not then how would aspirant keep in memory whole weekly mounting materials? Is there any strategy for revision? OR it would be the responsibility of the aspirant to revise the weekly mounting material?
    12 – When writing practise will start? After prelims or before prelims along with ILP set or block tests? Is there any evaluation method for improvement in writing skills?
    13 – Is essay writing part of ILP? When it will start? After prelims?
    14 – Would we get any assistance for GS-4 Ethics paper? If Yes, Would it be similar to GS-1, GS-2, GS-3 comprehensive program of ILP?

    Thanks Babaji.


    • Amit

      Have u enrolled in ilp 2017

      • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

        I have other option…I found this program better than others in online IAS preparation industry !! IAS Baba performed exceptionally well in Prelims 2016…I got 95 in first attempt without any extra study…Just followed 60 day plan in last two months…

        • Amit

          Yrr jehriaa upr queries payiaa ne ohda reply miliya ?

          • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

            reply te nai milya…lagda Baba time lau jawaab den ch…Main ek mail wi kaar dena han…es waran Baba ne paise vi waadd laye aa…wekho service keho ji denda aa BABA…

      • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

        Veer koi doubt ch faas gya ha ki? Jyada time na lai…bas decision le la…Eh vadiya program aa..I can assure you..

    • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

      Baba ji reply to kariye?

    • 1) We want you to read newspaper daily. Notes should be made for Mains CA. We will cover HINDU, PIB, DTH etc. for Prelims Oriented CA.
      2) Assistance through phone calls is only for “ILP Connect”. You can always email us your queries and there is a forum and discussion page on ILP Platform.
      3) Yes through forum and Discussion page
      4) Minimal
      5) No Optional assistance in ILP. You will get ample amount of time for optional prep.
      6) Once, you are called for the interview/personality test, we will get in touch with you.
      7) We will try to finish it 2 weeks before along with the compilations.
      8) We hope no one falls back in his/her prep. But unfortunately if it happens we will get in touch with you.
      9) We will take care of it this time.
      10) Don’t worry about the coverage. We won’t make you read irrelevant stuff.
      11) Dhillon Sahab Ye aap khud kar lenge. Hume pura bharosa hai aap pe. 🙂
      12) Mains Mock and Synopsis will be given in every set.
      13) Essay we will start off in 2017
      14) YES!!

      • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

        Thank you Baba ji 🙂 All doubts cleared. Now preparation will start. Waiting for 20th August to experience ILP program. 🙂

        • Amit

          Dhillon I think this we are expecting

      • Amit

        Thanks baba g …..

  • Dhananjaya H

    is offline ILP 2017 available?

  • parthi

    Respected sir, I have been following your website for quite some days.. the contents are really nice.. I plan to join your ILP2017.. but sir, the plan is not very clear.. my doubts are about coverage.. can you provide the book list the plan decides to cover comprehensively.. does the plan accommodate days by itself for the budget, eco survey to be released next year..I guess, if you provide such things comprehensively, it would clear uncertainties of many aspirants like me.

    • ILP-2016 – Eco Survey, Budget, IYB, Environment MInistry Annual Report were covered in tests.
      Be rest assured with respect to coverage.

  • Mr. Patience

    Hello babaji,
    It seems that this year you skipped ‘daily target’. Removing it will be injustice with us?. Anyways, praying to see daily target on 20th. Also integrate it with weekly target for working professionals.

    P.S- following since 3 months. It’s my fear and suggestion.?

  • Shruti

    Hello babaji ,the plan looks amazing ,I am in of course with all the dedication :).
    I have two questions.
    1) I have paid for ilp-2017 but have not received receipt .There was blank page where receipt should have been.
    2) I filled ilp-connect form before subscribing to co-learn.Will I have to fill it again after the co-learn process completes?

    • Shruti

      Sir ,I have even mailed you (yesterday itself) and commented here too,but I am yet to receive any response. Please reply.

    • HI Shruti!

      1) The payment was successful right?
      2) Please fill it again along wiht the 6 digit transaction ID

      • Shruti

        Yes the payment was done successfully .Please check the mail that I sent from ‘sh*******[email protected]’ it contains a screenshot of the screen that appeared where receipt should have been.Thank you 🙂

      • Shruti

        Received response mail.Thank you 🙂

  • MV

    Gamification – Ok. This has to be the biggest “push of the envelope” in the domain of online preparation. This one blew my mind off (and must have blew the land below ur competitor’s feet ;-)).

    It’s one the best tools which factors in basic human traits of competition in self improvement. Suggested highly for effective Governance of citizens. Did a course wayy back from here:

    The program sounds way cool, just waiting for your now famous micro and other plans.

  • rama

    Hi Baba Ji, I highly admire the initiative you have taken. I have only one query :I have planned to write mains test offline I.e to go to the centre. I am working in Hyderabad. How is it possible? Pls

  • sindhu

    I have a query. could you please elaborate on what will be provided in this program.
    1) do you provide material?
    2) how many tests can we avial (mock , full or weekly)
    3) as we will be provided with passwords for our account , do you conduct mains exams too, if yes will they be graded ?
    waiting for a reply.

    • every block – 1 test > every set = 4 blocks > 1 Full test in every set.
      Every set will have 5 tests.
      5+ Full Mocks before Prelims.
      Value Add Material and Prelims Oriented CA will be provided.
      Mains Questions and Synopsis will be provided. No grading.

  • Sahil Sinha

    can anyone tell me what is ilp transaction id in ilp connect form..please

    • After you do the payment here –

      You will get a transaction ID after successful payment. The same should be produced in ILP Connect form here –

      • Sahil Sinha

        I HAVE DID THE PAYMENT..i have got an username and password i a pdf..
        i have got a mail also but there is no transaction id..there are merchant ref no..etc etc..pls help me out

        • abhishek chaudhary

          you have to mention the 6 digit merchant reference no.

          • Sahil Sinha

            thnx 🙂

  • Sahil Sinha

    anyone ??

  • Bhatakti aatma

    Is there anyone who wants to share the ilp course…i simply cant afford it….i need the plan of babaji of 275 days atleast…babaji iS too busy to reply me but koi to khuda ka banda hoga pls share the plan if u get it anyone who has joined the course …pls request h guys please remember to at least share the plan if no one .wants to share the course…plzzzzzzzz yaro plzzzz

    • Policewale Shab – Pura plan sirf subscribers ke liye hoga.
      Khuda ke bande toh aap. Koi aur help chahiye toh bataegaa

      • Bhatakti aatma

        Its ok sir i understand its a paid system and i respect it but earlier u have shared your plan with non subscribers too but this time when i was waiting eagerly for it everything went into vain….zindagi kharab hogai baba.
        And thanks for the early reply

  • Anand

    BABAJI felt nice to hear that you will be starting tlp mains 2016 for free.I have one suggestion regarding this we will write answers daily but there would be no one to check it my suggestion is make another programme having fees suitable to you and those who enrol for it you correct their questions and give feedback so in this way we would know our mistakes and how to improve.

    • Hi Anand,

      Some of the answers will be reviewed.
      Synopsis will be the very next day.
      Peer review is always there.

  • Saurabh Pandhe

    Babaji I have not recived ID and password… merchant transaction ref. no. is 930110..plz plz send the ID and password as I was not able to download the pdf….plz reply i am worried..

  • IAS is the Goal

    @iasbaba, can you please elaborate on the test plan.
    How many of those 35 will be mock and how many sectional.
    What are the dates of test.
    What topics are being covered.

    Although i get a glimpse about your plans but a elborate schedule will help in making a better decision.
    I have come to this site after following your 60+3 plan.

    • Structure:
      Every block = 1 test
      Every set = 4 blocks
      1 Full test in every set.
      Every set will have 5 tests.
      5+ Full Mocks before Prelims.

      Dates & Topics: Only subscribers have access to the same.

      The above plan has been worked upon in a way that you get an insight into the perspective that we are following while planning the programme. Please read and analyse it, and do approach us if you have any doubts.

      • Piyush Mirje

        Total number of set??

  • Tashvin Singh

    sir in each block there will be one test.. how many attempts we can give in each block?

  • Pal

    Babaji banking me State Bank of India nahin hai,can I pay on 19th august ?I hope it wouldnt be too late .Kindly reply

    • YES! You can.

      • Pal

        Thank you

  • आयरन मैन २.०

    Babaji pranam,
    still waiting for id and password.

    • Send an email to [email protected].
      You’ll get ID and Password before 20th June.

      • आयरन मैन २.०

        Got the id and password baba. ?

  • Prakash Khundrakpam

    SIr, there is no option for SBI net banking in the payment portal. Can u please guide me as to how i can pay the fees then? Thanks.

    • Any Debit/Credit card or Offline through bank

  • karthik

    @iasbaba:disqus regarding offline mains 2016…… will be selected or not babaji….. pls tell me baba still waiting for ur calll……….sorry to post it in the wrong page………….

    • karthik

      pls babaji do reply

  • Chintan Gamit

    Balaj I cannot pay for ilp2017 transaction error is coming again and again

    • Hi Chintan,
      Try using other card for payment.

  • Saurebh (IAS in making..)

    Babaji request clarification on below points before enrolling.
    1) Can we give test anytime/some other day, as per our convenience ?
    2) Do we get detailed clarification/background on the correct answers from your side after the test.
    3) Since you haven’t shared detailed plan, what if after enrolling we don’t like it (rarest of rare case, have full belief in your guidance). Is there any option to get the fees back ?

    • 1) Yes!
      2) Yes!
      3) You can get refund within 15 days. 25% of the amount will be deducted. No cancellation/refund after 15 days.

      • Saurebh (IAS in making..)

        Thanks for the prompt reply.

      • Optimus

        The program, i believe, will be promising. Please put more light on third point. We want to have a look on the detailed schedule.

        • The above detailed programme has been worked upon in a way that it gives you an insight into the perspective with which we will be approaching the module. Please go through it again, analyse and let us know if you have any doubt.

  • amir3737

    Baba alongwith ILP 2017 program,do we also have to study regular current affairs,pib,yojana and kurukshetra,rajya sabhya tv analysis,AIR and monthly magazine from your site??

    • Monthly Magazine can be skipped if you are regular with Daily CA.
      PIB, Yojana and Kuruk Gist is very important.

      • amir3737

        But baba in one of your reply u said that u dont need to study all these things separately since we are providing value add notes which is the beauty of ilp 2017

        • Amir our value add will include and is based upon them .
          We said they are imp..not read 🙂
          Would not hurt if you read them..but effort will be lot less with our value add notes to the extent of making them redundant

          • amir3737

            So it means we should only follow ur value add notes and can skip to study all those above mentioned separately..??

          • Use your personal discretion.

          • amir3737

            Still babaji plz aap bata de na ki value add notes everything cover kar dega?? Aur babaji main 19 tak pay kar dunga..

          • Aspirant 2017

            itna bhi dependent mat ho jaao. Future administrator ko suit nahi karta. Thodi mehnat tum karo aur thodi babaji karenge 🙂

          • amir3737

            Han bhai par phir bhi kya kya padhna hai extra ye to pata chal jaye na already itna kuch padhna rahega

  • The Showstopper

    Did i miss the part where how this will work for 2016 ILP members is explained.
    Are there no concessions for us if we opt for 2017 ILP.Some clarifications needed on this.
    Since the current membership will last until the mains.Can we pay at later date?Anything?


      there is no such concession i think

    • ILP 2016 and ILP 2017 is different

      For ILP 2016- Those confident of Mains- They should revise Mains Value Add plus participate in TLP 2016 to be started in few days (Plan will be put in a day or two)

      Membership will last only for them who qualify Prelims, Write Mains and then Appear for Interview- We will assist them only na…How can we assist someone for Mains or Interview if not qualified?

      For ILP 2016- Aspirant not confident of Mains- Depends on preparation level and personal thoughts whether to join ILP 2017 or not.

  • Laksh

    Sir i am not eligible to give exam next year but i want to prepare seriously from this year itself. I have no idea about cse except what i have studied on internet through mrunal sir, roman sir and some other sources and i am from a commerce background and from a business family. My dedication for civil service is serious and i want to achieve that. I want to contribute to society and make my existence worth.
    I can easily give 4 hours daily from my schedule.
    Do you recommend me to take up ILP this year?

    • Nope don’t take ILP for this year .As most material will be from CA relevant for this year.

      You can subscribe next year.

  • priyadarsi samal

    Friends transaction charge rs 96 and service charge rs 15 extra duduct ho raha he..kya ap sabka huahe kya??

  • Optimus

    Please put detailed timetable. it will help us see all the sources and books that has been planned. it will also help us to analyse well.

    • The sample has been worked upon keeping in mind the pointers required to analyse well beforehand. Please go through it again and let us know if you do have any doubts.

  • priyadarsi samal

    Baba ji i have some doubt.
    1- you have mentioned 35 test.All these test are prelims tests or prelims+mains test??
    2- If prelims+mains test then how many prelims and how many mains test??
    3-In mains test section are we all going to checked by you and get marked and suggestions or only few answers will be checked??
    Pls reply..

    • Zuzu

      These 35 tests are prelims based test! Mains mock tests would be provided with synopsis!

      • 35 tests is exclusive of mains tests

        • priyadarsi samal

          Baba ji pls clarify that you will check my mains answers ..

          • Only Synopsis

          • priyadarsi samal

            But Synopsys are also provided to non subscriber students ..then what is the benefit??

          • Synopsis would be provided only to the aspirants who have enrolled in the programme. Do read the post again.

          • priyadarsi samal


  • ishanee Sahoo

    Babaji I could not make payment through debit.. Sbi net banking is not available.. So if I do offline payment.. Where will I send the scanned slip nd can I pay on Wednesday?
    Pls reply. Urgent

    • Drop in a mail if not taken care of already. After mailing the issue across, do give us some time to get back.

  • Prabhat Singh

    Respected sir,

    1.20th August is the last date of the registration for ILP-2017? or interested person can join it later.(off course he will loose some part of the plan).

    2. Any plan for those who just want to take online test series


      1.There is no last date for registration except for “ILP CONNECT” for which last date is 30 august 2016

      2.this year they come up with integrated plan for both prelims and mains of 275 days

      • Prabhat Singh

        thanks babaji

    • Hi

      1. No. Yes you can join later but sooner the better to be in sync with plan

      2. No. This is not a test series only .


    thank u baba ji

  • rahul dixit

    baba ji i want to join your program only one query , how mains part is going to be covered
    1) baba whether mains answer will be graded , if not then how we will get guidance about it
    baba plz reply

    • A sincere request :please read Q&A below as same queries are getting repeated :

      We will provide synopsis of questions for mains and peer review would be there

  • prince

    Babaji, do we have to join ILP series separately, even after joining Offline 2017 coaching?? Do we get the access to all the resources of ILP and babapedia if we take offline classroom program??

    • Yes you will get ILP with the offline classes and all the resources

  • Tashvin Singh

    sir in each block there will be one test.. how many attempts we can give in each block??

    • each test has 3 attempts ..we can increase it to 4-5 .

      • Tashvin Singh

        thank you sir 🙂

  • Nikk

    Hello Babaji..I registered yesterday…i was not able to download the PDF file as it was throwing error.I have not received User Id and Password. What should i do ? Can you please help ?

    • Please mail us 🙂

      • Nikk

        At this mail address ilp2017colea[email protected] ??

      • Nikk

        Hello Sir..I have mailed at [email protected]..please check

      • Kartik

        i have also mailed you sir , about the same issue.
        [email protected]

        • Nikk

          Hi karthikey….have you got any reply ? is this the correct address that we need to [email protected] ?

          • Kartik

            Hi Nikk i think the mail address is [email protected]
            .haven’t got any reply till now.

          • We will reply for sure. We are waiting to resolve ID issue. If your payment is successful do not worry. We will send ID and Pass

        • Kindly give us some time. 🙂

  • DD

    Namaste babaji,
    This will be my frank expression of experiences/observations/feelings while being associated with you for more than a year.
    I have tried to jot down in a mains format answer 😛 (not adhering to 250 words though)

    It began with searching for an online motivational article in July 2015 when the second link which was shown was yours. One line etched in my memory forever from that article is where an athlete said, “My country and my people did not send me only to participate, but to finish the race!”
    I followed your initiatives like an avid ‘baba-bhakt’. Sadly/unfortunately I could not clear CSP 2015 due to my lethargy of marking questions in full ‘tashan’ even if I did not know them. This made me lost my steam for remaining part of 2015.

    What next?
    I left you, but you did not leave me alone. I had subscribed to your mail notifications. Everyday some posts popped up. I visited creative guidance and other inspirational posts, but hardly opened the ‘educative posts’. It took a while, but I gathered myself up again and began new year with new hopes with same dream of clearing UPSC.

    Now, it is the ‘present’
    I sincerely followed your initiatives and joined ILP 2016 (I was already 4 months late), yet, enjoyed asking questions, taking tests, eagerly awaiting for new value adds. My preparations were in full swing till May. But, due to critical personal issues, I had to drop out from giving the exam.

    ILP 2017
    The ray of hope entered my life just like a light you feel inside you once you are determined enough to follow your heart. Achieving or not achieving goal is secondary, having the courage to walk towards it with conviction+dedication+sincerity+fun+questforlearning is my motto.

    Being a constant follower of IASbaba website, I found ILP 2017 different from ILP 2016 (in my opinion as well as, obviously). They say, ‘necessity is mother of innovation’ which this new platform is going to become for me.
    – Weekly targets is more convenient and less stressful.
    – Instead of different packages, a wholesome package for all- Everyone has an equal chance of clearing prelims.
    – Value add notes will be amalgamation of different sources which will be convenient while revising
    – No choice of downloading, instead focus on personal note making. Even after two years, I have not made ‘my notes’. This is what I consider as one of my major drawback of preparation.
    – The ‘High Quality Tests’, which compel us to score a certain percentage to move further. This is smart way to make an aspirant read
    – I hope the ILP 2017 forum is more conversant in dealing with optionals.
    – And finally what has generated curiosity in me is- Babapedia. It has prelims as well as current affairs option which will give access to ‘any time refer’.
    – The sources are not new, their application in systematic way is the key. With a full year plan + advance schedule for those who are targeting 2017 is a great way to increase confidence and tweaking planning as per one’s own need
    – ILP connect seems promising but looks fiercely competitive.

    Concluding notes
    I wont comment on subscription fees as it is personal issue of every individual.
    TLP 2016 mains practice + ILP 2017 + referring to free online initiatives will help me understand all round scheme of things. It is about mentoring your personality in the process of giving an exam.
    What I expect from team IASbaba is their consistency and quality in helping the aspirants. There will be some who might not be part of online or offline paid programmes. But for them, free services should not suffer. I was one of the free service users (still am) and I know importance of quality material. You’ve asked to trust you, atleast some of us will do that sincerely. Because we seriously want to secure top ranks.
    What I read on this forum is abusive language which made me realise that no matter however we all hide our identities, we are future civil servants and should act like one. It can break someone’s morale if one is not familiar with such online bullying.
    Guys, lets make this year our year by making our hardwork count. Many of fellow aspirants like KK, Leiter, Shubhangi, Bhavana had been a source of strength and learning.
    As learnt in polity, I’ll put it along similar lines:
    ILP is like ‘skeleton’ of UPSC preparation, just like legislators create one while making a law. It is the responsibility of an executive to fill in details and make it a full fledged law. This is our chance to perform like an executive. All the best fellow path-travellers and team IASbaba.

    • DD,
      Thank you for your valuable feedback.
      We have not stopped any of our Free initiatives. There has been a delay in uploading the magazine. It will be uploaded by tomorrow.

      All the best 🙂

  • sushanta

    Respected sir,
    I am sushanta kumar padhan,I am a student of ilp 2 program 2016. Recently on July 15,i met serious accident. Now my right hand is broken.i have spent around rs 75000/- on my hand operation. Now I am like in a disable situation. The most disappointed thing is that I couldn’t write prelims this time due to right hand operation. Sir, i have no money to join ilp program 2017 but I m eagerly waiting to follow it. Sir, can u provide me the ilp program 2017 freely and guide me considering my poor condition?
    Therefore I request you to kindly consider my case for which I shall be grateful to you.
    Waiting for your valuable response.

    With regards
    Sushanta kumar padhan
    An old student ilp 2016 program.

    • sushanta

      Kindly reply me sir.

      • We wil call you .Take care.

        • Aspirant 2017

          seriously baba, you’re going to provide him for free?
          Luck plays a huge role in UPSC and since his luck isn’t working (atleast right now), you shouldn’t really try to change that.
          That will be against fair competition 😀

          • Brilliant assumption 🙂

          • Aspirant 2017

            What to do sir, I’ve started to look at ethical dilemmas in every issue from the day I started studying for ethics. Perhaps I’ve become more unethical 😀

  • ishanee Sahoo

    Babaji I could not make payment through debit card.. Sbi net banking is also not available.. So if I make offline payment then where will I send the scanned slip?
    Pls reply.. Urgent

    • its available now ..please check

  • Kartik

    babaji i was not able to download the pdf file pls help
    [email protected]

  • Piyush Mirje

    How many sets there will be??

    • 7 sets

      Kindly read the queries asked below so that you get more clarity on the different details as well.

      • Piyush Mirje

        That is there will be 28 I r8?

        Ty for reply..u r grt just reply in 5 one does this..

        • Yes 🙂

          • Piyush Mirje

            2 min reply whaa..


  • Archit Gupta

    Baba please continue yojana gist

    • Yes, we are working on it.

  • Benign

    hello sir,
    From when HOT is going to start ?

  • Sachin Kumar Saini

    Can you please respond to few queries I sent in a mail (sent it yesterday, from [email protected] ) ?

    • We will! Give us some time

  • Krunal Vyas

    Baba i m trying to subscibe for ILP-2017 but it says payments are unavailable when i click on checkout with Instamojo. Please help me to resolve this issue

  • parthi

    Sir, will mains-centric topics like ethics, world history, internal security static parts will also be covered in this program? Don’t mistake for asking too many queries, it’s just that if I get assured to follow only this program for Gs prelims and mains .. I will just follow this one alone and will study for optional for my entire upsc preparation.. can I rely on your program to such extent..

    • Everything wrt GS (Prelims + Mains) will be covered.
      Ethics, world history, essay, internal security etc.

      • parthi

        Thank you sir 🙂

  • John_Nash

    Baba when we’ll get time table and syllabus for ilp-2017 ? And if it has been already posted please give me link because i could’nt find it.

    • Zuzu

      We would get the complete time table only after subscription. The link will be accessible after 20th of this month.

      • John_Nash

        ok, Thanks

  • iliyas99

    Baba please reveal schedule like insight ias and make easy ias portals , u r better than them so u should not worry at least books and topics

  • iliyas99

    Please baba reveal the schedule

    • Please join the program and have a look at it yourself.

      • Bababhakta

        Any discount for 2016 candidates?


        I am not able to see the full plan. I just Subscribed.

  • avinash kumar sunny

    Payment done successfully. Thanks for providing the instamojo channel.

  • babaispartan

    Dear Sir,
    I m Shishir, employed in remotest part with no fixed schedule of work but can squeez 4-5 hours in whole day. With 4 months preparation i attempted prelim 16 .. my result proved to be inadequate, but not by a wide gap. Still i drove home that with disciplined and sincere efforts i can achieve this GOAL. What touched me was AIM of your dedicated team. At this point with the help of some close aides in the drive to complete the sacrosanct syllabus I acquainted myself with basic books but what I lacked was the STRATEGY! Having read all about your ILP , the Flame of Hope is rekindled for many remotest aspirants like me with SELF STUDY only as their sole weapon. With a plethora of sources out there in internet I found myself in a conundrum in choosing right option which suits best to me and my conditions, but have finally decided to go with ILP religiously as judicious usage of limited time with one reliable source is prerequisite in my case. Visiting all sources is very difficult for me. As my first communication, it would immensely help me if u could spare some words on preparing notes from The Hindu( as it takes lot of time with my optionals looking starkly at me) or would it suffice if I team up Hindu reading with your daily CA . Please show THE PATH. Happy to join The Journey and looking forward for your guidance.

    • Dear Shishir,

      Do go through the newspaper first always and then for further clarity our Daily News Analysis.

      All the very best!

  • Pal

    Done 🙂
    Thanx ,I paid through SBI .

  • Bhavani

    sir is there any only prelims-2017 based programme to cum up

    • No separate program for Prelims this time

  • Amit

    baba I had sent you an email ,please reply to my queries @iasbaba:disqus

    • We will! Give us some time.

      • Amit

        thanks 🙂

  • krishna

    babaji please post schedule 2017…
    and will this ilp also include mains test series?????
    plz reply

    • Schedule will be available for the ones who join the program.

      Questions and Synopsis would be provided from our end.

  • Arjun

    Do I have to register separately for ILP 2017 online since I have registered for ILP 2017 offline.

  • Critically Endangered

    Sir ji,
    Another Superb initiative.
    Exhaustively covering each and every aspect in an integrated way.
    What is most important is your emphasis on self learning in a smart way rather than teaching the whole syllabus.

    After losing four last attempts (2011-14, result of preparing in isolation with wrong strategy of putting more emphasis on GS-1, taking CSAT paper2 lightly, reading from multiple soures), I owe my last year pt result (with score-127 ) to you and hopefully this year too (with approx score- 123.33 as per your key).

    Being a working professional and posted at a remote place, since last year you people have been a true beacon light for lots of people like us.

    Being a part of ILP-2016, your personal guidance and course corrections whenever required, have proved a boon for me which is really unmatched.(KABHI KABHI TO LAGTA HAI KI JITNA MEHNAT AAP LOG HAMARE LIYE KARTE HAI USKA 30-40% BHI MAIN KAR LEOON TO NAIIYA PAAR HO JAYEGI WO BHI FLYING COLOURS KE SAATH.

    Last year, a slight deviation in mains prepatations have proved very costly to me, had i followed your frequent advices and reminders on answer writing practices, undoubtedly the results would have been quite different.

    This year also due to some problems, i could not revise prelims current affairs capsules well and instead put my last minute emphasis on static portions, else my pt score would have been much better and safer.

    From the very first day last year when i visited your site, I felt the difference. You people completely stood out of the rat race of upsc coaching. The quality made the difference. That gave me an very high degree of trust in team Iasbaba. Of course, for any effective learning environment, this trust must be built between the mentors and learners, due credits to your active involvement also.

    Sir ji, i am at a very crucial stage / phase of my life where i have to MAKE IT final now and i cant afford to even think of another chance (as my profile name suggests). I have to make it final at any cost.

    I feel blessed under the guidance of team IASBABA and am confident of making it a success this time. I’ll need your effective help for my optional pub ad also.

    My heartly wishes to the team and thanks for being a guiding light for many needy people.

    • We are always there to assist and guide you in every possible manner. Have faith in yourself and we are sure that you will do wonders. 🙂

  • KTR

    @iasbaba:disqus ji what about us ILP-2016 Mains(ILP-2)? eagerly waiting…

  • AadhaBatman

    Now this is completely unfair. Unfair to all other players in the market who have worked for such a long time to stand where they are today and you guys in such a short span of time have surpassed them. Unfair guys !! 😀

    Now coming to ILP, I was a subscriber of ILP prog 3 last year but due to some circumstances(I thought may be I’d work for an year and save some money & then prepare) I had to leave the preparation mode. But for those many few days in which I prepared, using ILP 2016; I was completely contented with the shaping up of my preparation and all thanks to IASbaba team for making such an exhaustive programme. The work of the aspirants was cut to half and that half time could be( &was) utilized in re-reading, revision and consolidation of CA. Thank you, good people.

    Now coming to the personal touch, I had stopped preparing and I had told this to my mentor as well, discussed with him all the issues and he told me to go & work for an year and then come back. But those calls and emails never stopped coming from him, asking me about my work/my personal life/any issues in life/ telling me to at least keep reading the newspapers/ do NCERTs in the weekend/ enjoy life/ et al. Now, one can easily gauge the kind of attitude that these people have towards life and fellow beings, who are aspiring to serve society and what better way then to show them this.

    Thank you, IASbaba team for being a part of my life. I have benefited immensely by whatever I have followed albeit irregularly.

    P.S. : Resigned and have started preparing.

    P.P.S. : Will subscribe today. 🙂

  • Ashish Sharma

    Baba jee Right now I am in 4th Year of law.My first attempt will be in 2018.But Want to start my preperation early with right guidance and strategy.

    would You advice Me to join ILP2017 or should I wait for ILP 2018?

    • Hi Ashish

      Do not join for 2017. Focus on basic understanding and follow online free initiatives. Plus be thorough with NCERTs and current affairs.

      Also, if you join 2017, there will be issue in following the plan since you are pursuing law.

      • Ashish Sharma

        Thanku soo much sir!

  • Dr.Who

    Hello IasBaba family, the program seems more interesting and improved than the last yr. It will be fun. U are a hard working lot and it seems pretty sure that u guys r going to revolutionise the preparation process. Best wishes for the future. And all aspirants, just follow the targets, do ur program regularly and crack the exam. Go get it tiger !!!

    • Dr

      Thanks so much. We wish to see ur name in the final list this time. Work hard and let us feel proud 🙂

    • Neilam

      thank you Dr . who , I hope we future aspirant can follow its religiously.

  • Rosemund godfather

    Good day fellow mates.
    I have a doubt as to what the syllabus would be for the first test if I were to join the ilp2017.
    As per the schedule it just says Xi civics and then full book…
    Kindly can someone shed some light on it.

    • Apoorva Kumar

      I guess you have to cover the full book on ‘Indian Constitution at work’ for the test on 30th August and plus the current affairs from 25th to 29th august.

  • dakshith

    Thank u baba

  • The Mentalist.

    ILP 2017 has resurrected the collapsed flame of hope in me. May be, its the only thing which can lead me from abyss of failed attempts to pinnacle of joy – My only Dream of clearing UPSC CSP.

    All the best to all fellow aspirants. Bring it on 🙂

  • Nikk

    Hello IASBABA…I registered on the same day the plan was introduced -13th Apr. I could not download the pdf file containing user id and pwd as it was throwing error.I sent mail yesterday for the the same but did not get any reply. My email is [email protected].
    Can you please confirm the expected day you are going to provide user id and pwd ?? At least please confirm that you have received my mail and looking into it..

    • Hi Nikk
      If your payment is successful be calm. We will send ID and Pass to you before the activation of platform.

  • rahul raj

    Sir pls clarify few doubts
    1:-u have 7 sets means 28 blocks,per block 6 days means 28*6=168 days,plus 60 days prelims prog =228 days,so wat about remaining 47 days out of total 275 days of ILP 2017
    2:-how will u cover mains specific parts like ethics,world history etc..are they also included in some of the sets,or u have made few specific sets for mains portion also.if yes will they have mocks and synopsis too?
    3:-this will end before 2 months of pre,then 60 days wll start,so mains guidance will be integrated with TLP 2017,IF YES THEN will v have the privilege of getting some answers reviewed by u..please sir do reply

    • Upsc cracker

      Babaji pls reply

    • Upsc cracker

      Pls reply babaji here also

    • Hi

      1. Do not be mechanical since UPSC won’t allow you to be one. We said it broadly also keeping in mind your lethargy and health issues. Other than this you will have breaks in between (Like a week break in the end of 2016 🙂 ). Plus we may increase number of days in some blocks to include Mains Topics in between. Plus we will also try to finish off science and environment topics with static subjects to keep you out of boredom.

      2. Yes we will as in point 1. Will give you Mains Questions and Synopsis for them too

      3. No review under this Programme. If you be regular and sincere enough to participate on TLP then your answers will be reviewed for sure.

      But this program won’t give any privilege as such

      • rahul raj

        Thanks sir fr d it means in a nutshell dt v hv to take care of optionals every part of gs mains syllabus from essay to gs paper 1,2,3,4 be it mains specific or common to prelims will be covered in ILP

        • Piyush Mirje

          r u engginer??
          becz i thought the same….hehheh

        • Piyush Mirje

          may b remaining 60 days
          they will have 60 +3 day plan just like 2016
          i think

        • Piyush Mirje

          @iasbaba:disqus 60 + 3 days will be there for for 2017??

        • Rahul

          There are some topics of GS in which your understanding matters and it depends on your thought process. No material can benefit much like Ethics and Essay. Here our support will be to develop the understanding. So do not expect spoon feeding on every single word given un the syllabus.

          Rest our methodology is more of minimizing the sources and maximizing the output. We will let you develop that understanding more than feeding you with content only

  • Upsc cracker

    Babaji really
    You are any Angel
    Thanks a lot for providing monthly magazine
    Will you also provide
    Yojana gist this time? ??

    • Yes. It is a free monthly initiative.

      • Upsc cracker

        Thanks a lot

  • dpasai

    baba tlp 2016 plan today baba??
    at what time can we expect baba

  • Amit

    @iasbaba:disqus great work done by you, TLP 2016 plan is awesome

  • Rocking angel

    Will ILP tests include subjective questions also for mains preparation??

    • rahul raj


  • Prabhu

    @iasbaba:disqus Ji, Is there any deadline to join ILP 20176?



      • Prabhu

        Thanks Sricharith!

  • Batman_rules

    Baba, I have already made the payment on 13th August. The amount is debited from my account. But while downloading the pdf an error occurred. I have sent a mail regarding the same to [email protected] on 13th itself but no response yet.
    Please check the same and reply. If you want I can resend the details of the transaction.

    • Hello.dear

      If payment is successful wait patiently. We will send id and pass for sure once platform is active for you us

  • prasadreddy

    ILP 2017 will support in mobile phones or we required laptop/pc,all mock tests can accessible through mobile

    • It is mobile.friendly but we suggest to use lappy or pc to appear for test particularly.

  • Saha


  • Sidd

    Babaji I have doubt regarding the sources that would be covered in the plan will the plan cover all the ncerts fully or selected chapters and which ncerts will it cover new or old ?

    • Hi
      We will.cover old ncerts in a sense that you stick to mimimum sources but our value add and conceptual questions will cover all relevant that for you it becomes easy to revise and cover more in less time..we do not want to overburden anyone and hence giving more emphasis on conceptual clarity than burdening with number of sources and coverage by giving many references.

  • Upsc cracker

    Sorry for disturbing u,
    But is it advisable to take coaching,

    • Depends if you can manage

  • Rudra

    baba jee..
    please provide booklist so that we can arrange books before tlp.. arranging books is the most important task.. please

    • On 20th august we will update full source list

  • Kushal

    Review of ILP-

    I will try and give fair assessment of both Plus and Minus of the ILP initiative.

    Background – have cleared prelims twice. Stuck at Mains. I have joined ILP initiative in 2015, and taken Prelims this year. So lets see how it goes.

    Anyways, here it goes-

    1. ILP initiative is relevant for those who prefer to rely on self study.
    2. Its comprehensive in terms of coverage.
    3. Apart from this, TLP initiative is useful, especially since one gets feedback from iasbaba team as well as peers.
    4. Easy notes- all sources placed at one point.
    5. current affairs quality is good. However, i would suggest weekly, instead of biweekly publish.
    6. With 20 odd tests, one is able to cover most of the portion of syllabus systematically.

    Any scope of improvement –
    1. Perhaps we can move schedule 1 month ahead, so that one gets 3 months for revision for prelims. This make all the more sense since prelims has become tricky over the years.
    2. Weekly, instead of biweekly release of current affairs notes.
    3. Need to incorporate Essay strategy from the start, even if on biweekly basis.

    Now, one may have a doubt whether, ILP will suffice or is it necessary to join coaching.
    Coaching has advantages in terms of motivation and continuity.
    Besides this, one also has to put up with uncertainty whether one is on right track.
    It makes sense, provided teacher is good and sincere.
    I have had experience of coming across some teachers, who have tended to “misguide” than guide.
    So one must be wary of relying completely on 1 teacher.
    In this case, ILP initiative comes in useful as it is designed to help you cover entire syllabus.

    Also be mindful of following too many online sources as the cost-benefit analysis will show it is detrimental.
    In that sense too, ILP is good to rely upon.


    • Hi kushal

      Thanks so much for the feedback

      1. For this to manage we are shifting the coverage of few mains topics to post prelims phase since within.this time frame full prelims and mains coverage is unrealistic. Hence aspirants will have ample time.under ILP 2017

      2. No weekly or biweekly. This time Daily 🙂

      3. Monthly Mains mock will have topics for Essay

      • naina sharma

        babaji i want to subscribe new test series here so not getting anyything …plz give me details of test series prog

  • Mussorie 2017

    I am really confused between IASbaba and Insights test series..which is better to join for 2017 ? How IASBaba differs from Insights ? Comparatively IASBaba fee is more but fee doesnt matter, I want best guidance among two for my 1st attempt… Please anyone help me out

    • Raghava

      You are confused between IASbaba and Insights and you ask this question on IASbaba. Do you expect somebody to suggest you Insights here or IASbaba on Insights? The ball is in your court. Take your own decision. I would like to give just one suggestion. 1. Don’t join both. 2. Enroll one program and stick to it no matter what.

  • Neha

    Hello Babaji,
    I have subscribed successfully for ILP 2017. I am a working professional and requires your help in my preparation.
    I am very new to CSE preparation and completed only NCERTS till now. Kindly guide me how should I proceed further.

    I am continuously following Hindu since last months. Please help me in making notes of Hindu like what to cover and what points should be noted down for future reference.

    Please tell me the booklist which I have to cover on my own.

    I have given this year prelims but without preparation and another attempt will be first and last too. So I want to give my 200% to it.

    Please tell me the plan what to cover and how to cover so that I can do well in coming exam.

    Please reply.

    • Hi

      Wait for few days. Prepare 11th polity ncert till then.

      Once platform is active you will know full plan in detail.

      • Neha

        I have also applied for the ILP connect. Kindly consider me for the same.

  • Divya

    I have subscribed to ILP-2017..made the payment through Instamojo..but did ot receive any confirmation or pdf..checked my mail also .The amount has been debited from my bank account..i have sent the details on ilp2017colearn ..can u plz check and confirm?

    • Stay assured that you’ll be confirmed about the same.

  • Bharat Bhushan

    Respected Babaji

    I had registered for ILP 2016. I like to ask you that will this ILP 2016 platform will be disable or we can still login in ILP 2016 and test series 2016 in future for reference purpose. And one thing more sir, is there any discount for ILP 2016 students. 🙂

    • ILP 2016 platform is going to be disabled within a month.

      The plan is completely different-No discount.

  • Kanchi Shirin

    Will we be able to print the notes and material? As it is easier to revise if on hard copy? This is a very important consideration for me. Pls reply asap as if it is so, i ll subscribe for ILP immediately.

    • Yeah

      • Kanchi Shirin

        Thanks you! It’s a relief that the material is printable.

  • Ashis

    Babaji, is the mains mock a free feature??

    also what will be the timetable for mains mock??

      • Ashis

        No.. In above article you have mentioned that this programme will contain mains mock as well along with synopsis..

        this is TLP or an extra paid feature??

        • Yes ILP is inclusive of Mains mocks and Synopsis. You will be provided with the timetable on the platform once you join the program.

          • Neilam

            babaji , platform will be same this under below


            I just did payment got new I.d ,
            but I forgot I have registered previously on this for free mock test 1 for prelims .

            I hope I will not cause trouble for me to access.

  • rashmi

    hello iasbaba
    i am quite new to this platform can you please tell me the above mentioned plan can only be availed to subscribers..or it can be avail to least plan of approaching resources etc.

    • Only by the subscribers.

      • rashmi

        thats very unfair so now iasbaba also in moneymaking business..sorry but seems to be true for those who cant afford and rely on ur site.

        • Dear Rashmi,
          Please use your words mindfully. You have at your disposal most of the important initiatives for free. We haven’t discontinued them or have started charging money for them.

          Best 🙂

        • Anas Mansuri

          This is not moneymaking. This is providing quality content at nominal fees. Baba is investing time, money and all of their energy in this portal. Obviously they have to sustain themselves. But on behalf of all ILP 2016 user i can assure you that it is value for money.

          Thank you.

  • Ankur

    Is the payment gateway not working now?

    • It is working. Try again later.

  • MDA

    Stopped by to say Thank you Team Iasbaba. Have subscribed to Our ILP Colearn 2017. TLP 2016 ( Feb-June) was the journey I begun with you. Loved your guidance then .Looking forward to more of your guidance in Co-learn and connect ( in case selected) 🙂

  • kavita
  • HS55

    Namshkar Baba I done online payment and subscribe ILP-2017 and error msg shows up could you confirm it ?

    • Hi HS55

      Please send an email to [email protected]

      If the payment is successful, you will get login details before 20th August

      Thank you!

      • HS55

        Done Dhanywaad babaji

  • Pulkit Verma

    I have a Doubt, Like SET 3- BLOCK 1- ENVIRONMENT its written cover from “Shankar IAS notes”. In this scenario Shankar IAS notes will be provided or i have look at my own to get the notes. Please clarify as i want to clear this before I join ILP 2017

    • You have to get the notes by yourself

  • aditi jain

    Error while doing payment. Wht should I do?

    • Has it been taken care of?

      • aditi jain

        No. I was unable to proceed with the online payment.Some issue with the system or the bank from which m trying.
        Will do it offline.
        Thank you for your concern..

  • Vignesh Rajasekaran

    Hi Baba,
    Can I register for the ILP 2017 program on 21th of this month? Is it possible?

    • Yes ofcourse. There is no deadline

  • Amit

    current affairs kb se prepare krne h cse 2017 k liye ?

    • Under ILP, we will start from 25th August. You should prepare from now on

      • Amit

        baba upsc me kb se kb tk aata h

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Babaji on what basis you gonna select candidates for ILP connect? ( i already applied for connect )

  • Rajesh S

    i have started working now and i have not received my first salary yet so can i get enrolled and start the course next month by doing the payment next month.
    please reply on this.

  • Ujjwal Gupta

    baba plz give discount to those who have joined your ilp 2016

    • Discount is not available.

  • Akira

    Hello babaji,
    Just got the confirmation mail for ILP 2017..finally got myself enrolled with expectations of qualifying upsc next year..But i m currently working so just hoping that i cud cope and cross all the hurdles of this exam..But it wont be possible without ur guidance babaji…Initially i was very much confused as everybody was suggesting to join coaching but i never wanted to follow the crowd so on doing some research work i came to know abt the programmes being offered here..hence it was a god sent opportunity and i finally decided to join this program without any 2nd thoughts..I have also filled the form for ILP Konnect but i dont know whether i will be selected or not as i am assuming that u might choose those who have already invested their time in this field and not the amateurs but please babaji dont let the novice like me feel left out as U are our only hope…

    • We won’t disappoint you. promise 🙂

      • Akira

        Hoping the same from u babaji…:)

    • Shruti

      Yep! Babaji many first timers like us have immense faith and hopes from you.
      And if possible please tell what are you looking in people for I’ll connect.This attempt is very very important for me and I wanna make it best and your guidance is crucial in this regard.Please do consider first timers too.
      With lots of hopes and faith…waiting ….

      • Akira


  • Shaila aggarwal

    Sir, I wAnt to join ilp connect 2017. I have already registered for connect2017. What is the next procedure.? Or should I wait for your mail.?

    • Yes..wait patiently…We will post about the completion and selection in first week of september.

  • Anas Mansuri

    What about ILP 2016 user?
    Please offer us discount.
    Thank you

    • Discount is not available!

  • ARB

    Registered for Connect2017!!!Fresher to this CSE world.Let’s Start The Journey.All the very best to everyone seeking this endeavour 🙂

  • Arpita Dutta

    Hello Sir
    Will you provide the detailed solution of every single test as why particular option is right or can be eliminated?
    Source from which the question is taken?

  • ARB

    Registered for ILP CO-LEARN 2017!!!Fresher to this CSE world.Let’s Start The Journey.All the very best to everyone seeking this endeavour 🙂

  • Narinderpal Singh

    Thank you IASBABA for such a great initiative. I have been regular follower of your site. You guys are doing a great job. I am writing this year mains. I hope I will bring proud to you. Your TLP program is of enormous help. And for the 2017 aspirants, I would say that you have designed a great IT platform, every student must opt for. Kudos to team for helping so many aspirants.

    • We wish you all the very best. Please do not hesitate to seek any kind of help that you require from our end. See you in TLP-2016 😀

      Study well 🙂 Make our country proud!

  • Tashvin Singh

    sir i have subscribed for ilp 2017.. we can login after 20th??

    • Yes

    • We will let you know where to login once platform is active 🙂

      • Tashvin Singh

        Ok sir 🙂

  • MinionNivi

    joined ILP 2017..geared up..!! 🙂

  • maddy123

    Baba i wanted to join your ILP 2017 program. Plz tell me how it is different from ILP 2016 . Could you please suggest if some one is economically weak how will he prepare and follow your program .

    I mean is it possible that i can join and take advantage of all Your test series at nominal fees.

    Plzzz reply @iasbaba:disqus .

    • Hi


      Sectional Coverage, More value add notes, More number of prelims tests, daily based prelims current affairs, more interconnected coverage through babapedia…

      No concession. We cannot afford that since you are not the only one seeking it and last time experience is disastrous for us

  • Mr.potter

    Baba, Right now I am in 2nd Year of graduation.My first attempt will be in 2019.But i Want to start my preperation early with right guidance and strategy.

    would You advice Me to join ILP2017 or should I wait for ILP 2018/ILP2019?

    • Mr. Potter,

      Please do not join this time as it will be a wastage of money.

      To Do:
      1) Complete NCERTs
      2) Revision of NCERTs- 5 times
      3) Read The Hindu/The Indian Express regularly and follow our Daily news Analysis
      4) Follow all the free initiatives

      The above is mainly to help you get acquainted with how a balanced opinion is made and a familiarity with the portion be cultivated.

      All the best 🙂


    Baba after filling required details for ipl2017 its not proceeding for the payment . its showing confirm details after that no reponse .check and rectify the problem otherwise i would not able get registered for the ipl2017 programme .pls reply what to do ????

    • Hey
      Others are able to follow it and register. You seem to miss something while filling it. Check again


        i tried many times but payment option is not visible after confirm details. i am making online payment . pls reply what to do next.

        • Priyanka

          Go for NEFT transaction or Offline deposit the amount and send us the payment slip through email

          • PRIYANKA RAM

            actually when i filled the required details for the first time i was able to access for the payment.But in the address bar it showed web page not secured so i cancelled the page and next time when i tried to make payment online, payment was not visible . but now that u have told to make payment offline i will do that .but i want to know the reason behind inability in making online payment in my case. reply???

  • Upsc cracker

    When will you launch the gist of yojna and kurukshetra

  • thoughtprocess

    what’s the last day for paying the amount for ilp 2017?

    • There is no deadline but sooner the better to be in sync with plan

      • thoughtprocess

        thanks !
        will be joining soon

  • shahi

    @iasbaba:disqus Sir I have sent an email to you .. waiting for reply

    • Kindly have patience 🙂

      • shahi

        Thank you sir 🙂

  • iam rk

    hello @iasbaba:disqus ji iam lilbit in confusion
    in your plan you have mentioned ilp2017 it will include mains test series also . so how we have to write the answer and submitte to you . means we have to type the answer or we have to write the answer in papaer and dan upload by camscaner .. ple tel me babaji

  • iam rk

    hello @iasbaba ji iam lilbit in confusion
    in your plan you have mentioned ilp2017 it will include mains test series also . so how we have to write the answer and submitte to you . means we have to type the answer or we have to write the answer in papaer and dan upload by camscaner .. ple tel me babaji

    • Where is it mentioned about Mains Test Series?

      Only Mains Questions and its synopsis will be provided other than Mains Value Add notes

      • iam rk

        yup.. kkk #$%

  • Pulkit Verma

    subscribed for ILP 2017 🙂 .. Lets see how baba Guides for CSE 2017 …

  • Akash Pawar

    Babaji,I have initially applied for ILP connect 2017 and then for ILP Co-Learn Program2017.Is it ok?

    • If subscribed to ILP Colearn and filled the form for Connect, then wait 🙂

  • Chintan Gamit

    Babaji I have joined your tlp2017 course but due same ID of previous year I’m having an logging problem. Kindly resolve this issue.

    • We have not shared where to login 🙂

      Do not use it for previous platform. It won’t work

      • Chintan Gamit

        Ok thank you babaji.
        Waiting for it than.:)

  • Uchiha sasuke

    Iasbaba, will this series ILP 2017 be helpful for a fresher who has just entered Into cse world and will be giving first attempt in 2017 ? Pls explain why or why not ?

    • Yes exactly…whole program is designed to assist them

      • Uchiha sasuke

        Sorry to have so many doubts 🙂 . During this course, will I get time to revise a book like ncert or some other multiple times ?

        • Yes, provided you stretch your limits. There is no short cuts. And with our experience one of the major reasons for failure is ones inconsistency. Join only when you have the passion to walk that extra mile with us 🙂

          • Uchiha sasuke

            Will try my best to stick to your course. I am new here but I trust iasbaba that u will address our concerns and will deliver the best that would sail our ships to the destination.

  • shahi

    @iasbaba:disqus still waiting for reply of my email …………………….

    • Kindly have patience. Once mailed, stay assured that you will get a reply.

  • Aveer

    Hi !! Can anyone please share the complete time table ? I am confused whether to join IAS Baba or to Go for other similar program provided by other sources as that is cheaper compared to IAS Baba and provides
    the same guidance ?

  • mishi

    thank u

  • mishi

    sir plz reply me I have mailed u whenever u get time

  • Vishnu Gupta

    Babaji one advice pls!

    Prelims score ~90. GENERAL

    Mostly not in.

    Which one suits me better ?
    1. ILP 2017
    2. TLP 2016
    3. Integrated offline program 2017

    Already attended 1 year course in so called Top institute.

    In confusion for past 3-4 days.

    Pls help me out.

    • Hi Vishnu

      1. Integrated Offline only if you are near Bangalore
      2. TLP Online is a FREE initiative 🙂

      3. ILP 2017 Online will suit you since you must have basic understanding. You just need focused strategy and quality content to stick to. And we assure you for that 🙂

  • Kavita

    Sir i have a few problms first is willu cover all the ncerts from 6th level. Second, as we knw ncerts are good in number so it will take fair enoug time so will u tell us some short cuts to comlpete them in a mean tym.
    Third is will u tell us some tikdams or tricks to tackle wd the pre ques.
    Thnku so much

    • Hi Kavita

      Our programme i.e ILP 2017 is designed to take care of all necessary sources to be covered. And we will let you read less and grasp more through effective planning and quality content. NCERT’s are covered under ILP plan. There is no short cut to UPSC. Only short cut is “Go straight” 🙂

  • Rahul Monga

    Dear sir…I want to ask that by this program, how many times all subjects will be revised.

    • We cannot specify a particular number but since the entire plan is an integrated one, you can expect a good number of revisions.

      • Rahul Monga

        Thank u..

  • Abhishek Shukla

    Hello babaji
    Can payment be done through debit card?
    By the way great initiative from ur side. Seems u have worked very hard to put all the things in a systematic way. In btw I like that gaming concept in ur plan 🙂 Thank you

    • Abhishek Shukla

      Babaji plz clear my enquiry

    • Yes dear. You can

  • shahi

    Finally I have subscribed for ILP -2017 after doing so much research on this 😛
    I had gone through various other websites but found that they are just offering test series , according to me which is of no use without proper guidance, baba is offering valuable notes and this program covers mains syllabus also.
    I had also visited few coaching centers & talked to the students there , they said that initially it was awesome but as the time passes their intention is to just cover up the syllabus.
    IAS baba offers unique initiatives like prelims capsules, mains value added notes , test series , a comprehensive plan,TLP for optionals also.
    after considering the pros and cons of all , I found IAS Baba a much better option .
    I think BABA will definately help all of us to crack the upsc , hope to see you all at mussoorie 🙂

    All the best


    Pranam Babaji!!!!!!!
    I am 4th year student from Engineering. Will ILP 2017 suitable for me as I have read some NCERTs and other basic stuffs? Is it good decision for me to give CSE in 2017 or I should first complete my Graduation and then go for CSE2018

    Sorry to ask You such Question But it Will be helpful for me to take decision on ILP 2017.

    • Whether to appear for the 2017 examination or not is for you to decide keeping in mind several factors like the schedule in college, examination, practicals and family. So sit back and analyse if you will be able to manage that part. Once you evaluate everything, your mind will have a better understanding.

      Best 🙂


        Thanks Babaji !!!

  • amir3737

    Babaji not able to make payment,its not processing further after putting all the card details..

    • Hi
      Others are able to. If not check for offline payment or NEFT

      • amir3737

        Babaji HDFC ka credit card to accept karega..

      • amir3737

        Babaji made the payment successfully…ab kya karna hoga??

        • Send across the pdf/screenshot that you received.

          • amir3737

            Kaha pe bhejna hoga?

          • Please read the above mentioned procedure again.

          • amir3737

            Mailed you the pdf


    hello sir ,
    i am an ilp 2016 user nd gave my 1st attempt , getting near about 99( approx.). i know that i am out of race but sir i am going to join this year program ILP 2017 (ILP 2016 has helped me a lot ). Sir i am a working professional so i want your mentor ship and i have applied for ILP CONNECT 2017.
    I want to make it my last attempt and for this your mentor ship would be of great help .
    i am waiting for your reply for ILP Connect.
    Sir i have joined ILP 2017 with new mail id this time [email protected] and requested for ILP CONNECT through the same.

    • We will try our best 🙂

  • SB

    Hello sir
    Can you tell me how to proceed with the payment. Both Maestro and Rupay Card aren’t working and my payment failed twice. If I proceed via the offline mode, then how will I get my subscription id or how will I inform you about my deposit? Kindly help 🙂

    • Once you deposit offline..send us the payment slip through email.

      • SB

        Okay sir

  • Aquilla

    Dear IAS Baba,

    I have made the payment under the name of Manish Sarawagi on 13/08/2016 through Atom payment services availed by IAS baba team, but the pdf as cited on the website could not be downloaded. Till date no mail regarding confirmation of payment or containing User Id / Password have been received from IAS baba Team.

    Kindly look into it…

    • Hi manish

      You will be sent id details before the activation of new platform and start of program. Be rest assured 🙂

  • Mohammed Iliyas Sheikh

    please help Iam preparing for 2017 exam with geography optional , any
    senior plz suggest how to start geography means should i go for coaching
    classroom notes or read all topics from savinder singh or what iam not
    understanding how deep should i study a topic. Please reply who so ever
    can…….. thanks in advance

  • shahi

    any strategy for sociology sir @iasbaba:disqus

    • shahi

      @iasbaba:disqus waiting for your reply

      • Sumitha Poduval

        Hi…r u preparing for sociology optionals as well ??? Do you have any idea how to go about it ???

        • shahi

          @sumitha yes I m preparing for it, I m just a beginner for it .
          R u too preparing for it ?

          • Sumitha Poduval

            Yes me too….I am planning to write 2017 but I don’t even know how to start ….There is nobody to guide me…none of my friends have taken up this….completely clueless 🙁

          • Suharsh Kumar

            Me too from Sociology optional. . We can start from 11 and 12 th Ncert plus Harlombus book on Sociology. .

          • Sumitha Poduval

            Hi…can you please give me your email id?? I will contact you 🙂

          • Suharsh Kumar
      • No dear.

        • Amit

          @iasbaba then how I could do it sir , please tell me how should I start for it as I a beginner sir

  • aditi jain

    Hello Sir,
    While doing offline payment, what should be filled in the “ILP transaction id” as specified in ILP connect form?

    • Just write “Offline Payment”

  • Prakash Khundrakpam

    @iasbaba:disqus Babaji, I have made the offline payment to ur Canara bank a/c yesterday and sent the pay in slip to your email id. However I have not received any mail or confirmation from your side till date. Kindly reply Babaji .

    • You will receive for sure!

      • Prakash Khundrakpam

        Still have not got it . Its been 2 days. :/

        • None have since program has not started. Wait for our post today. And be patient. Focus on week 1 schedule and test on 31st 🙂

          No one will see the new platform without you

  • Manish Saini

    hello babaji i have made the online payment for ILP 2017 but still confused about optional PSIR that time will be available or not during ILP 2017. Also plz guide me how to start study for optional PSIR. plz plz reply babaji this will be my Ist attempt next year nd I don’t want to loose any opportunity…
    waiting fr your reply…..

    • You will be able to make time for your optional. Do not worry.

      Spend your time and energy in carefully planning and executing the plan.

  • Archit Gupta

    I have not recd any mail regarding login details 🙁

    • Dear

      You will for sure before we start on 25th

  • amir3737

    Babaji plz Law optionals ke liye bhi kuch bata dijiye..

  • DP

    When you say “Apart from the subjects given in the blocks, you will have to cover Current Affairs simultaneously with the help of Daily Current Affairs, Prelims Capsule (Provided to you by IASbaba), PIB gist and Newspapers.”, does that mean

    1) I have to cover each initiative under the tab “Baba’s Current Affairs” (i.e,DNA, Monthly Magazine, Yojana/kurukshetra gist etc.) and news papers ?
    ->if no, ok.
    -> if yes, should i do this with only with a Mains perspective ?

    Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

    • See, when you read things with a Mains perspective you end up accumulating knowledge from both the angles (Pre & Mains) as you not only end up learning it but also understanding the concept.

      Mark anything that can be asked from the prelims point-of-view in any type of text that you read. This should be the overall habit that you should nurture till the end.

      Best 🙂

      • DP

        Thank u very much Babaji. Eagerly waiting for ILP 2017 !

  • Zero Banega Hero!!

    Baba ji… Provide full timetable please

  • ranjani

    Hi Babaji.. I have successfully made the payment for ILP colearn 2017..I got the username and password.. I believe in your endeavours and hope I can make full use of this platform for studying UPSC..I also registered for ILP connect.. in that, for the ilp transaction id column ,i had given the Payment ID made from InstaMojo.. If some other id needs to be specified,please let me know.. I’m hoping to get enrolled by you for ILP connect Baba..


  • The Optimus Prime 1199

    Hola! Baba,
    Scored 98 in prelims 2016(first attempt) with all you guidance and support through ILP 2016, I know I will not make it this time so just went on to a long trip to dump all my sorrows and random thoughts. Got connected to Internet after a gap of 2 weeks and the first thing which I did was checking for ILP 2017 program on IAS Baba. Well you have just amazed me with your very refreshing plan. All the thoughts which I had during my ILP 2016 were very well addressed here. Even cost was pretty decent(as I expected) Subscribed to the ILP 2017 immediately without any second thought got my ID and Password also. A fresh start with superior guidance from you! hope I will not fail the Mission 2017!
    Only one Mantra this time: KEEP CALM & FOLLOW IAS BABA!


  • Nightdreamalive

    I made a payment through federalbank net banking.From bank account details also says transaction was successfull.deducted 9545rs from account.But I didnt get any id and password and any email regarding to it and said to ‘retry payment’…what I want to do? pls reply babaji.

  • Sai

    sir how to send acknowledgement for offline payment ?

    • Attach the payin slip in the email and keep the subject as ilp 2017 offline payment. Do mention your name and email id

  • swapnil pote

    please share the link of full schedule

  • HandiPaneer

    Greetings, IASbaba team!!
    The Program ilp2017 looks promising, Kudos for this nice initiative.
    I want to ask about the
    activation of the account and update in all those sections (babapedia
    etc.) after 275 days. As it shows ILP 2017 is a 275 days program, which
    means till somewhere around May. But what about after May? Would we get
    updates in current affairs etc till mains? Please clear those aspects. regards!

    • Replied on your email ID

      • HandiPaneer

        Things are yet not clear.. What I am trying to ask is whether we’d be getting updates till mains or not??

        • Shalini

          i also wanted to know about the same. What did they tell u on mail?

          • HandiPaneer


            Yes, it will be updated till the Prelims. One can have access to it via their ID.


            This is all what I got in reply.

        • This time we have planned post-prelims as well.

          Support will be provided to you till the Interview stage.

  • srinivas nuthalapati


    i wann join in ILP2017 so plz guide me how to pay fee.
    will u provide all materials fr reading like ncert book of soft copies and so on……… plz give responce to [email protected] if possible


    • Value-add materials will be provided to you.

      Fees: Procedure mentioned above. Kindly read and follow them.

      • srinivas nuthalapati


        payment has been done
        now plz guide me how to login process
        and tell me how to choose optional subject
        nd will u provide coaching fr all subs r only selective plz clarify me

      • srinivas nuthalapati


        done payment nd got id, password
        bt didnt get any link my mail id is [email protected]

  • Suharsh Kumar

    Baba Namaste. .
    I am a fresher aiming at Civil services -2017 and want to join your ILP -17 program. Some questions are there which needs to be resolved on urgent basis so that confusion could be minimised.
    1. Kindly tell about Books and Materials which would be covered by you in ILP-17. As, I have a big confusion about recommendations of books like Laxmikant, Spectrum Modern History,Shankar Env notes, Shriram Eco notes, Ramesh singh Eco, G.C Leong Geo, Bipin chandra Modern history, Subbarao /Lexicon ethics etc. .
    2. The team is not providing detailed schedule and plan without subscription. That’s fine. But you must give at least “List of suggested readings” so that some autonomy would be there for aspirants in terms of synchronizing their plans with yours. Apart from this a beforehand list of books are also required as many aspirants like me are from remote locations of the country and we have to arrange books through online mode of purchasing. Specially Ncerts are difficult ones to get in market.

    3. Will there be any options of downloading the tests and give it in ‘Pen and paper’ mode ?
    4. Do we have to make our own Notes making for the readings which you will be suggesting in your plan ??
    Baba, I am a fresher in this big fight of Upsc and you are a saviour. . Kindly, answer at the earliest so that I could take my next step for preparation.
    The team can also mail their answer to [email protected]

    • Sure. Give us some time to get back to you.

      • Madhav Puri

        Dear Babaji,

        Being a first timer myself, I have similar concerns as Suharsh with regard to ILP-2017. The materials suggested are mostly from prelims point of view whereas I would want to cover the mains syllabus in the initial 4 months and spend time on revision before moving on to prelim-specific preparation (if not this, then I would definitely like to delve deeper into the integrated approach suggested). I understand that the comprehensive book details are being shared with the ILP subscribers today. It would be great if a roadmap may be shared on how preparation for mains will be addressed enabling us (and I speak collectively) to make a well informed decision.


        • All the ‘doubts & qns’ will be addressed today in a post. Kindly look out for it.

          • Madhav Puri

            Thanks 🙂

  • anu mishra

    can i join the course on 22nd as the date of id and paaswrd generation is 20th..??
    cant make payment before 22nd …
    plz reply ….

  • SuperHero

    hiiii my prblm is dat i lack motivation . m not consistent in my prep . wt to do

  • Shalini

    baba i also want to join your ILP program but kindly tell me about the duration of the course. In the above article it says the program is valid for 275 days but being an integrated program for pre and mains how will it cater to our needs for the mains?? Kindly reply…..

    • We will have post prelims updates on mains too. If you qualify for interview we will assist you then also 🙂

      • Shalini

        Thank You Baba for replying, subscribed to the programme. Payment successful and got the login id and password 🙂

  • Piyush

    Please Help me Baba ,i am not able to understand the process of ilp-2017 and your approach for prelims and mains .i am fresher & new to your site please guide me How are you going to provide Study material,detailed newspaper analysis,can i be able to download test series question.Timetable scheduled,Books for preparation nothing had been clearly specified.

    • Hi piyush

      Yes. We will be providing you with all of the above. Kindly read the details again.
      We will have a special post addressing all the doubts by end of the day.

  • Pal

    Wen wud we start ?

    • Start following the schedule mentioned above.

  • Janu

    Hello Babaji,
    I want to join your ILP 2017 program. I have hope on your innovative initiative which is completely goal oriented in each and every step you mentioned above.
    But I have few doubts by clarifying that I could join the program whole heartedly.

    Q1. Can you please mention the book list ? So that even if any difference in that we can consult you earlier which avoid confusion and procrastination after we start with the mission.

    Q2.You have mentioned “Read only & copy paste mode” . could you please clarify which one in read only mode or other .. because I thought of taking printouts of “value add” when reading your article.

    Q3.Is it enough that yojana & kurukshetra compilation given by Iasbaba or Otherwise we must read at least once the real book.

    Q4.As you mentioned this is 275 days program and discussed about interview too.. do you going to extend the days for mains (once completed with prelims) or any separate plan with payment other tan ILP connect?

    Q5.How long we can use this module , expiry date of login validity?

    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks in advance.

    With regards ,

  • Shailendra Baisla

    Will it be beneficial for a working professional?? Kindly acknowledge…?

    • Zuzu

      Yes it would be! Last year’s program had daily routine to follow which was a bit difficult for the working professionals like us to keep pace with. But the current version of ILP gives sufficient flexibility to the aspirants as section wise approach is followed. One week of time for each section as mentioned in the outline of the ILP.


      There is a sample for first month. In rest months we have given revision time plus its block wise (per week) so you will have flexibility

      • Shailendra Baisla

        I already joined the program…but looking at the sample i think it is not suitable for me…..its vry vast and i dont have that much of time…

        • Time and syllabus is constant for all. We have kept it minimum for you in terms of coverage and will work for more coverage from our side. You only have to study it properly without wasting time in consolidating materials here and there.

          We cannot make any plan as per ones suitability. Uspc doesnt differentiate on this.

          • Shailendra Baisla

            Thank you…lets hope i match the pace..?

  • Electrifiedpawn


    How can i login and see details of the program? Help as i just made the payment.


    • We are working on the miscellaneous technical issues. Kindly have patience.

  • Manish Saini

    where iz login portal???

  • Cinni Sachdeva

    Hi. I did not download user I’d psd after i make payment. How can I get that. Plz guide me

  • Pal

    Wer can v start logging in ?

  • Sai

    baba i have paid the amount for ilp2017 through offline mode and also sent you a mail by attaching acknowledgement.kindly let me know whether you received that mail or not.

  • Saugat Das

    IASbaba: How many have joined the program till now???
    The number would be immense looking at the level of the dedication of your team members.
    Really looking forward to this 275 days journey!!!

  • Saurebh (IAS in making..)

    Babaji when are we getting login details and other info.

  • Sai

    baba i have paid the amount for ilp2017 through offline mode and also
    sent you a mail by attaching acknowledgement.kindly let me know if you received or not

  • Dhananjay

    Babaji,there is a problem.
    As soon as I had completed my payment for ILP the screen displayed this
    “Payment failed 🙁
    Your money is safe. Money deducted from your account will be automatically refunded in 7 business days. You don’t need to do anything.
    For any concerns contact [email protected]
    So do I need to complete the sign up process again as soon as I receive my payment back and till then follow your schedule for ILP till 30th August ?. Or sign up on Monday by putting in money in my account and then wait for my old money to be refunded?

    • Hi

      Failed payment will be refunded by the Bank for sure 🙂

      Rest you enroll again but check your internet is working fine other wise go for offline mode

  • Sachin Singh

    Please provide the login platform for ILP 2017.

    • We are working on the miscellaneous technical issues. Kindly have patience 🙂

  • Avu avu

    Should i prepare current affair from august or should i also prepare it from july using baba’s monthly magzine and the gist you are providing for yojana???
    Thanks for providing this wonderful platform for neophytes like me.

    • Please prepare from July. 🙂

      • Sai

        baba i have made offline payment and send u acknowledgement mail

      • Avu avu

        thanks for the reply.

  • Sai

    baba i have paid the amount for ilp2017 through offline mode and also
    sent you a mail by attaching acknowledgement.kindly let me know if you received or not

  • Sai

    sir whatever i comment i am getting as ” detected as spam” and my comment is not registering.what is the problem ?

  • shahi

    @iasbaba:disqus If current affairs should be covered from july then I request you to please include them accordingly in time table.

    • They will be covered. Don’t worry 🙂

  • pooja

    Hello Babaji!! glad to see many people are joining this site and i’m 1 of them. when the ILP program is strating as i’m planning to join it from 25th.

  • iliyas99

    Platform Kab start hoga

  • ishanee Sahoo

    Where to login?

  • Rjakhar

    when will be login platform available ?

  • Prasad

    Baba ji ,I am not able to make the payment..There is some issue I guess in the payment check out page..Please resolve it..

  • SanketSavale

    Hello sir, does it include optional strategy daily along with test series?

    • This is for GS only. There are many optionals. We can’t cover them. However, we will try to provide support in optionals as well. Keep visiting.

  • Sachin Singh

    Dear Baba ji,
    With reference to the sample plan uploaded for ILP2017. Please answer a small query.
    Are we supposed to read Ncerts first and then read the same topics(same day) from higher level books mentioned above?
    If yes, then please define the strategy to finish both for a working professional, as I can manage to squeeze out only 2-3 hours of preparation time
    Please help.

    • Whatever is given has to be read if not studied before. Plus our Value Add on the same. More of Mains static portions will be covered (plan wise) post prelims. But we will provide you more Value Adds before Prelims for those who want to prepare it before hand.

      • Sachin Singh

        Baba ji,
        ncert for eco has not been mentioned.
        Does that mean it is not required to be read.
        I am a beginner so wanted your expert advice for the same.

        • Sachin

          It is just a sample for a week. Full plan has everything that you need as a beginner 🙂

  • ishanee Sahoo

    Geography optional will be covered in this program.

  • santosh


    • Instamojo doesn’t support RUPAY. Try for offline or some other option

  • Rahul

    Sir, i’m unable to login using the given login id & password .
    When trying to reset password , it displayed that there is no registered email-id.
    Kindly help @@iasbaba:disqus

  • Bheem Upsc Aspirant

    Dear babaji,
    Will the materials or prelims special capsules for ILP 2017 be in a downloadable pdf format?


      Yes,it is downloadable.Kindly read the latest updated link given by baba regarding ilp-17

  • Abhishek M C

    Hii Baba

    Every time when i try to subscribe for ILP2017 program, payment is getting failed.
    i think online payment is not working in right manner for SBI Debit cards(Maestro). is my assumption true or shall i opt for offline payment? waiting for your revert.

    • Neilam

      same issue happened with me too on 16th August , sbi debit or visa it’s is not taking
      .. ? then I used hdfc net banking …

  • kishore kunal

    Hello Baba,
    Still waiting the for the activation of Login!

  • Prerak Singh

    Hello guys who are joining the platform today…pls update if the platform has started working….

    • Neilam

      no not yet ……

  • arun pragadeesh

    hello guys ,when will ILP2017 start ?

    • Zuzu

      Program will start from 25th of this month. Activation of the ILP portal will take a couple of days, but surely before 25th.

  • AZ911

    Hi Baba,

    I tried to log in, but it’s not accepting my credentials on ilp2017 website. Also, it isn’t detecting my email/id when I tried to use the “lost my password” feature. It seems that my ID isn’t yet registered in the database. When would that happen?



      Database is not updated.Once it is done,baba will post a link,till then follow the timetable released for preparation

    • Hi Abhay,

      We’ve not activated the platform yet.
      It will be done by 25th.

      Thank you!

  • Sjay2234

    Baba paid fees but I didn’t get the password and username

    • You will get it before the platform is activated.

      Thank you!

  • abhinav shedabale

    baba fees paid.Got username and password also but during login it says invalid username.

    • We have not activated the platform yet. We will inform once it gets activated before 25th

      • abhinav shedabale

        And Thanks for quick reply babaji

      • Suraj Chikara

        Baba jaldi activate kro intzar k karan 2 din se pdhai me man nhi lg rha 🙂

        • Unless it is perfected for you we won’t 😛 Otherwise you all will kill us through emails and comments. Let us have a peaceful platform so that once we start it should run smoothly

          • Suraj Chikara

            Baba 🙂 zindgi 2 pal ki intzarrr kb tk hum krenge bhla :p

  • Sai

    baba i havent got login id and password and even i havent got any confirmation mail from u stating that you received payment or not.kindly do reply

    • You will receive the same before 25th.

  • NanguPangu


    I have a weird query. Are we allowed to stay anonymous while using ILP?

    • Hehehehe…You can 🙂

      • NanguPangu

        Great. Will join in a day or two. 🙂

    • AadhaBatman

      I like your username ! 😀

      • NanguPangu

        Batman used to have a Batmobile, no?

        • AadhaBatman

          Was proving to be too expensive to maintain 😀

  • darkknight

    Baba ji i subscribed for ILP-2017 co-learn.I want to subscribe for ILP-connect-2017.I did payment via instamojo.While filling form for ILP_connect it is asking for ILP transaction id.Is transaction id same as insta mojo payment ID or it is different?

  • Naveen


    I got the username and pwd. But while trying to login it says invalid.
    What to do now?

    • Neilam

      where you login ?? platform is not activated yet buddy ….. it will be by 25th as said by babaji .. ?

      did you got platform link as well ??

      • Naveen

        No buddy, i haven’t received any link. I just logged in through ILP platform where login option was available in the top left corner.

        Have you got any link?

        • Neilam

          naveen buddy , hua kya activate??? u tried ???

    • We have not activated the platform yet. It will be activated on 25th.

      Please be patient. 🙂

      Thank you!!


        Please made this a featured comment everyone is lashing out this question on the entire platform.

  • zillu

    baba my transaction failed two times n also they deducted the money twice
    facing problem through online payment……

    • Hi Zillu,

      Your money will be refunded in a few days. You need to contact instamojo at [email protected]

      Once you get the refund, try paying offline.

      Thank you!

  • Mrigank Gupta

    It shows username invalid, please resolve this issue.

  • Shivam

    babaji I made the payment, but got no confimation or pdf showing payment

    • Shoot an email at [email protected]

      • Tyler

        Platform not yet started baba? Username invalide dikha raha hain

        • Yes dear

          It will be activated later tonight or tomorrow morning. No worries.

  • Ajay Kumar N

    How to manage Daily News Analysis posted daily in the site? I mean do you take hand written notes from baba’s current affairs or just read the current affairs?

  • Avadhesh Singh

    Babaji, I didn’t get my username and password. My payment was successful. It was on 13th.

  • Umesh Singh Rawat-The Crusader

    replying so quickly. Thanks baba

  • Sai

    baba still i didnt got username and password i have made payment through offline mode on august 20

  • KP Sharma

    Baba Ji
    I am unable to log in . Got username and password last night.
    Still not able to log in.

  • Friends

    Platform will be activated by later tonight or tomorrow. We will put a notice too. Do not worry 🙂

    We are also sending ID details in batches. Have patience!

    • HS55

      Oh Tomorrow is Janmashtami (Lord Krishna Birthday) Great day to start Ilp 2017

      • Neilam

        12:00 am might work n… janmashtami would be counted right…

        babaji late night …

    • Neilam

      no tomorrow babaji no pleaseeee… no tomorrow

      late night okay..done done

      no tomorrow….. 🙁

    • Manish Saini

      late night babaji or if possible earlier so that we became familier with complete schedule 🙂

  • Prakash Khundrakpam

    Still waiting for my user id and pw. They say, waiting makes it sweeter. I am as sweet as fructose now. @iasbaba:disqus 😀

    • devashish dhaundiyal

      😀 ha ha ha ha

  • Prerak Singh

    kindly update as soon as anyone able to log in….

    • vishal singh

      Ias baba will inform us….don’t worry we will get a activation mail

  • Divya

    Did not receive login id and password yet…

    • Prakash Khundrakpam

      Same here. Have not received

      • Ashis

        I received today .. they are giving it in batches

  • Rahul Yadav

    Baba how many students have joined, rough estimate??

  • Prashant Mishra

    संयम रखो दोस्तो। बाबा जी ने विश्वास दिलाया है ना कि आज रात या कल जन्माष्टमी की पावन सुबह से हम ILP 2017 का लाभ से सकते हैं, तो फिर इतनी जल्दबाजी किसलिए । बाबा जी सबकी समस्या का निराकरण करेंगे इसलिए have patience and dont react hastily,after all we guys r goimg to be a civil servant so behave like one….

  • Prashant Mishra

    Yes Baba…how many students have joined till now??

  • iliyas99

    Yet to get login id

  • Abhishek

    Got the login details. What is the URL of the site, where we need to login?
    I am not sure if URL is where we need to login.
    @IASbaba: Please confirm.


      Please wait ,baba will provide the required link today .
      This is the old link that u HV mentioned .

  • Siddhesh Chavan

    While registering for ILP-2017 I am not able to proceed to payment. I am not able to update mobile number(its just taking 9 digits as input) becoz of which i am unable to proceed to further steps. please help. thanks 🙂

  • Manish

    Unable to login till now.
    @IASbaba…when the platform ll be activated ?

  • Pal

    Is it active ?

  • Prakash Khundrakpam

    Still have not received ID and login details.

    • alisha_ dash

      Me too

      • Prakash Khundrakpam

        Have u got urs yet? @alisha_dash:disqus

        • alisha_ dash

          I m getting notifications regarding the new ilp site but I don’t have id and password

          • Prakash Khundrakpam

            Same. no ID yet. :/

    • Tyler

      They might be holding the platform until every one gets their ID and Password.

      • Prakash Khundrakpam

        I hope so.

  • optis

    baba ji I m getting 113 obc category. What do u suggest? Shall I start studying for mains?

    • Pal


    • alisha_ dash

      Yes !

  • ankur shrivastav

    can i join this course next month?

  • Pranitha

    Hi Baba!
    Has the link been activated yet? I am getting invalid credentials.

  • Karthik Thiagarajan

    Hi Baba !
    when I try to login with my email id, it says no user is registered with this email ID !
    when shall we start ?

  • HS55

    Platform activated by 1 p.m Today

  • rp

    w8ng for the platform

  • Rakesh Tiwari

    when id and password will be issued? not received yet

  • Prerak Singh

    pls share the link pls those who are able to login

  • Dinesh shah

    Where to log on ilp17programme plz provide me link

  • Dinesh shah

    Zuzu link plz?
    If u got in to the platform

  • iam rk

    pls share the link pls those who are able to login
    ple share

  • iam rk

    babaji … Where to log on ilp17programme plz provide me link

    • Please wait for sometime. We will update you with the post.

  • Ashis
  • Tyler

    Guys! platform activated. Wait for the baba post or else you can login!

  • Neilam

    thank you babaji ….. it working … 🙂 ……. let start the journey… official ly…….

    • iam rk

      share the link .. neil ple

      • Neilam

        same as Tyler dear …. I send you screenshot… wait you will get …

    • Naveen

      Have you received any link. I have not received anything other than userid and pwd.

    • Naveen


      Where do we write prelims test series. Because when i click on the prelims test series, again it is asking user name and pwd.

      • Neilam

        naveen did you read … welcome note … you can ask questions in forum their too ..
        answer yes .. I too saw .. very thing you click they ask pwd and id again …

        • Naveen

          yeah I read it. I also asked the same query there.

          But are you able to login, in the test series platform with the same credentials.

  • Gaurav Goyal

    Not working when will start?


    i’m unable to login… shows error in username

  • vijay

    babaji, I have not received login credentials yet 🙁

  • Prakash Khundrakpam

    @iasbaba:disqus Still not received login credentials. Please clarify.

  • lalit verma

    not working showing invalid username or password


    Thank you .. its working now.

  • Naveen

    Can anyone share me the platform URL??

  • ranjani

    Please share the link and screenshot if the platform is working.

  • priya

    share the platform url…..thnks

  • Siddhartha @IASBaba, Invalid username & password showing….please fix it soon…

  • iam rk

    thq baba

  • ranjani

    Waiting to login to platform

  • Naveen

    Got the access. Let’s start the journey.

    Thank you Babaji.

    • rakesh

      i got id n password and login with them but no plan is there as they advertise … will it take some time.. coz i subscribe it today

  • Itachi Uchiha

    where is the permanent source for the login?


    not working showing invalid username or password


      I am also facing same problem!!!

  • Ashutosh Kumar Singh

    .Respected Baba ji,
    As the traffic for login to portal is enormous , would it be fruitful to subscribe at this moment without having any glitches or error , or to subscribe later and after subscription cab i be able to login at the moment .

  • kishore kunal

    I was able to login to the site and other sections but Prelims test series Login optional is not working with my login ID password. will it be updated later? Is it not working for everybody?

    • Rahul Sharma

      I think it will be updated in future..Same here!

    • KP Sharma

      it will work from 29th August onwards

  • parag

    so for ILP-2017, i have to cover optional+micro plan+ babapedia… right???? will babapedia contain current events analysis as well (for mains) as given on the site??

    • Neilam

      please read … welcome note on platform .. much doubts are solved on forum too…

      on main website … no one would solve much issues .. thank you

  • ashwin

    still not got id and pwd…[email protected]

  • Shobhit

    i am not getting the link to platform. Isnt it launched yet?

  • ipsi

    Can anyone tell me how to read hindu online through website or have to subscribe to read news paper? Thanks in advance.


      You can read the Hindu news, section wise like National, International, Science etc. on their website But I have made subscription which will gives you a 60 days Archive access to revisit them.

      • ipsi

        Actually i do not have much idea about the news paper.Thanks for clarify me regarding this.

      • SATYAPAL

        free download the hindu newspaper in pdf formate from link

        happy to help..

  • Aegon Targaryen

    Dear IASbaba,

    Still havent received id & password. Made payment on independence day. Please send asap


    Good morning Admin,
    I am getting too many messages related to individual comments on my mail i.e. [email protected]. It keeps on buzzing every minute or 20 sec. Please do some thing my mail boxes are getting full.

  • Gaurav

    Hi Baba,
    Here above, you have mentioned in the schedule “Your Optional”?
    Does that mean any help for the optional?

  • Madhu Babu

    One should join for this specially for baba current affairs… helps a lot in prelims. never miss out…..I have benefited from the CSP 2016 exam. many questions are from that. hardly 30 pages per month….total of 300 pages. cost benefit ratio is high….around 25+ questions are easily attempted. gave foundation to mains current affairs questions

    • Neilam

      madhu Babu means .. this c.a stuff making notes will not go waste.. it will help in mains c.a questions too.. as foundation content right …
      this time there are some changes then 2016 but I think .. it’s improvement only.. I have joined already..

      • Madhu Babu

        which one you have joined 2016 or 2017?

        • Neilam

          2017 ilp program..

  • Pinal Rochwani

    BABJI I am interested in online ILP program but problem is i want to give exam in regional language so my GS mock test assessed by you? & how i get analysis ?

  • Janu

    Hello Sir,
    It shows transaction failure when i attempt to pay for ILP colearn 2017 program.
    I am worried. I think after check up with the bank branch only I can pay on monday.
    May I know how long it will take to get password for site ?

    If decided to pay offline how long it will take ?

  • Bipul Kumar

    Dear IASBABA,

    Myself Bipul Kumar from NIT Raipur is the great fond of ur platform and extremely excited to enroll in ur ILP-2017 programme as soon as possible.
    Not to say,but i want scholarship, as it is very hard for me to pay the amount( it may be penny of amount for normal people). But i am here studying in INSTITUTE OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE at the cost bear by SBI Bank(obviously Loan).
    I will be oblidged to u forever.
    Anticipating an encouraging reply.

    Thanking You.

  • Krunal Vyas

    Hello Babaji,
    I am receiving multiple messages every 30-45 secs (approx 100 messages per 5 min)related to individual comments. My email inbox is getting full and it keeps ringing all the time. Can u pls fix the problem?

  • nav

    hii babaji..i have made the payment..i have got the username and password..but im not able to login..its showing errors..plz help me with this issue..isnt the id and password activated instantly?

  • Aparajita

    hello this program available in hindi medium as well?

  • KP Sharma

    Hello Babaji
    I am confused about the test series. When can we login? What about the username and password?
    There is a link regarding ‘register’? I registered on it and it has directed me to a page where it is showing my username as Sathish?
    Please help me out regarding all this.
    Please clarify everything regarding the test seres.

    • kaira

      even i am facing the problem

      • KP Sharma

        Do you know anything about this ?

        • Lee Kuan Yew

          Same here if you find something please tell me also… I am also struck..

          • junaid

            same pinch.

      • anoosha

        same here, if in case we can contact them to get the solution.

        • shantanu

          have you tried it again ?

    • Prajwal

      Is it resolved for you all?
      Facing the same problem.

    • saran

      is it resolved ???? I am facing the same problem. After clicking next button, not able to click on over button

  • Narain Watson

    hi…wen i click on prelims test series in ilp2017 it redirects to a page which asks to purchase test series… why it so???

  • Bhargav Mandalia

    Dear Babaji,

    I have done offline payment in Canara Bank, and also mailed you the Receipt of it, so kindly give my ID and password, so that I can start my ILP program.Thank You. Babaji ki Jay!

  • ab

    i got id and password but it is showing invalid. kindly provide the solution as soon as possible

  • KP Sharma

    Baba Ji
    I tried registering for the ILP Connect. But I need to fill in the Merchant reference number for the ILP transaction. I dont have any idea about it now. Kindly throw some light on this.

    • ranjani

      Once you subscribe to the ILP Colearn Program for 2017, you will get an Instamojo Payment Id.. Specify this Id in ILP connect form..

      • KP Sharma

        I am already subscribed to the ILP CoLearn 2017

        • ranjani

          Okay,in that case, specify your Instamojo Payment ID in the ILP connect form.

  • jasmin

    nice programme

  • Bhargav Mandalia


  • lalit verma

    when we able to login test series

  • Jaydeep Patil

    When we will be able to login for test ?

  • KP Sharma

    Test series is on its way ……
    God Bless Everyone
    God Bless IASBaba

  • Siddharth Dwivedi

    I am willing to join the series but seeing so many unanswered queries of registered candidates dwindles my decision.
    Waiting for replies from admin regarding the log in problem of registered candidates .

    • Don’t worry Siddhartha. All the queries will be addressed. We are working day and night to make ILP, 2017 your trusted partner. The delays are in response are due to time constraints as the platform has just been launched.

      • Siddharth Dwivedi

        Thank you for the reply.
        Will register once the system sets up properly.

  • anjita

    what is difference between your free available study material and ILP material?????

  • Naresh

    I have been thinking of joining ILP 2017 for a while and was about to subscribe today.
    But seeing that a lot of registered candidates are still not able to access the portal, worries me a bit.
    Hopefully things get cleared up soon, and ILP2017 hits the ground running.

    • Hi

      We usually do not reply here since they also email us and we resolve the issue there 🙂

  • Pranam Babaji :),
    I have just joined the ILP 2017 program. When can I start taking the tests as the dashboard shows no test available right now?
    Thank you

    • Hi

      From tomorrow. It takes sometime to automate your account. Kindly be patient

  • mr.potter

    Sir , i want to join ilp17 programme ,but i’m studying (sy) hence i cant complete some sets at given time due to exam,but i’ll complete it later, in holidays after exam or 2sets at one time.i cant prepare current affairs for blocks and sets(if possible i’ll do).would u allow me to complete 2 Sets at one time.i want to join ilp to learn “selective reading”and “complete ncerts with mcq practice With discipline”.how to make offline payment??plz give quick reply.

    • Hi

      Yes you can. Program is flexible and you will be allowed to take tests at your convenience. Offline Details are mentioned above in the article. Kindly read

      • Ajay Agarwal

        I am from Kolkata…Plz help not getting exactly what to do and not to do. I want to join IPL2017

  • Rajshekhar

    Sir , I have made payment for ILP2017 programme . Can you please provide the link to my page where I can Log In ???

  • ranjani

    Hi Babaji.. when will you release the selected list of people for ILP connect?

  • Sagy007

    babaji pranam,
    dis program is valid for how many days aftr subscribin??

    • Prelims Tests will be active till Prelims 2017 since it is based on test based increment. You cannot skip any test to solve next test (it is done to make you regular)

      ILP Platform will be active till Mains

  • Anurag Pusatkar

    dear sir
    i am ex student and i want join again is there any concession in fee

  • Charlie

    Babaji Pranaam

    Does BABAJI provide post test comprehensive analysis and individual assessment to identify one’s areas of improvement and eventually helping in the growth bar graph??

    Babaji ka prabal bhakt

  • Nag

    Hi guys… can anybody tell me how far and in what way this program will help in mains ..?

  • Sohan Choudhary

    I am not able to login in App..paid money got user id and password…plz help

    • Hi

      APP is not supportive of ILP. You can use app just like that for other services

  • Lakshmi Nagappan

    Can I enroll for the offline class now ? ist open ?

    • Yes. Come to office and inquire

  • Jai Rajkumar

    I AM also interest to join offline class 2017?please help me baba ji?

    • Yes. Come to office and inquire,

      • Jai Rajkumar

        thank you sir.

  • Kumar

    For how long this program will be valid after we apply???

    • Till mains 2017. If you clear Mains, we will assist for interview as well

      • saran

        Sir, I am not able to access test platform. I have paid full amount. In the test platform, I have created registered and logged in. But after that, clicked on next button. But not able to click on the over button. Please help me sir

  • saran

    “It will have 35 high quality tests including Sectional and Full Mocks”. This meant for prelims right sir ??? Can I join online program now sir ??

    • Hi Saran

      Yes. 35 for Prelims. Yes you can join

  • D. S.

    Is it possible to join the ONLINE course now? Since I’m already late by a month or so..

    • Yes you can. Only one month.

      Even if do not join, still you will prepare, right?

      Its just one month delay with the plan. We will end up 2 months before prelims. So you will have enough time to revise.

  • Jai Rajkumar


    • Yes you can

      Even if do not join, still you will prepare, right?

      Its just one month delay with the plan. We will end up 2 months before prelims. So you will have enough time to revise.

  • Good morning anthro lovers 🙂

    welcome to the world of ANTHROPOLOGY, walk in and experience the difference 🙂

    just click on the link 😉

    keep writing and reviewing, lets a make a difference in the way of preparing anthropology.!!

    its day 6 ..!!! don’t delay ur success … all the very best 🙂

  • vikrant

    Any user who has subscribed to ILP 2017, can u share some experience regarding how is the program?
    I’m confused between joining IASBABA or Insightonindia…
    kindly help at the earilest

    • Shrinkhla

      vikrant.. join here only.. because insights has the timetable which is hypothetical types because it has given no time for optionals.. but u can do one thing that u can practice secure from there and nothing else.. they are good but IASBABA is the best.. 🙂

      • vikrant

        Thank u very much…I’ll joining in few days ….hope it’s not late

        • Shrinkhla

          join it asap… and start it immediately.. i too have done the same mistake…

          • vikrant

            Yes sure….thank u

  • amit gupta

    help baba today i enroll in your ilp 2017 program but not finding any test in my dashboard pls resolve
    user id– ami0315

    • pavan

      I am also facing same problem,pav0615,today I enroll this. pls help me babaji

      • amit gupta

        just try forgot password on bcw they send me new password and problem get resolved

      • Resolved

        • pavan

          thanku babaji

  • sakthees

    i couldnt find any test in next action tab…. please resolve it ias baba

  • Dushyant

    Your initiative seems to be great and I would like to enroll for it, but it is expensive. Is there any chance of getting a discount ?

  • swati singh

    I enrolled for your program today but can’t seem to find the test tab on the dashboard. Have sent a mail to the mentioned email id. Please resolve the issue asap. Thanks!

    • Resolved. Check your email

  • garima singh

    I am not able to pay,i tried enrolling today only but the payment window not appearing.Please help me with it. Thanks!


    sir , questions will be bilingual ? i want to enroll for this program but since i am a hindi medium student so i want to clarify my doubts…hope you will get my queries….

    • Hello Yodhaa

      No. It is in English only

      • YODHAA


  • Vikash Roshan

    Hello Sir,
    I can’t find Set 1 Tier 1 test under the Learn tab.
    The tests that are displayed are Set 1 Tier 2 , 3 , 4 and full mock.
    I have not yet taken the Tier 1 test and i was about to give it today but when i logged in I couldn’t find Tier 1 test of Set 1.. So kindly help me.

    Thank You

  • premp

    baba.. not able to access the test platform using my registered e mail address.

    • It will be sorted out soon. Kindly send email to [email protected] ,

      • premp

        yes.. have already mailed few hours ago.

  • Shakuntala Mishra

    the plan given starts froms 25 august what if i enroll on 26 sept ???
    means i will loose the test and targets of last month ??????
    how will i tackle with this problem?
    plss babaji reply cozz i have to erooll with ilp

    • Hi

      No. You will have access to everything from initial. Nothing to loose.

      Backlog: You will anyway cover them in future or will never prepare it?

      Why not prepare them now?

      We will end up well before Prelims Exam so that you get enough time to revise.

      If you join today and want to start (leaving previous tests and schedule), you will lack coherence.

      You can do this

      Just read the Value Adds that we provided for the tests and simultaneously current affairs from Babapedia (of that schedule) and appear for the tests. It won’t take a week’s time to do so. Also it won’t be difficult for you to score 35/100. Make sure you score 35 to unlock next test.

      It is all psychological block that you are behind the plan. Though we started on 25th August, you can make that date as Day 1 of your schedule and proceed. What is wrong in that and what is the loss in that?

  • Vishnu Vardhan Reddy

    Hi Babaji,
    I am interested to join ILP 2017. Your test series plan and the way of working to make it a great platform is excellent.
    There is a feature in your plan i.e. “Mains Mock and its Synopsis”.
    My doubt is how regular do you post the Mains questions in this Program.
    Can you please clear my doubt? This is the only query I need to get clarified from your end.


    • Hi

      Every fortnight

      • Vishnu Vardhan Reddy

        Hi Baba,
        I had followed your 60 day plan for prelims 2016 that helped me a lot to get through current affairs revision. But unfortunately I failed to qualify for Mains. But in my whole preparation I found that I lack in answer writing. So I need to concentrate more on answer writing practice. That’s why I am planning to join a test series particularly for Mains.
        So apart from ILP 2017 do you have any Mains test series program??


        • Hi Vishnu
          Mains Test series programme will be offline only

  • Citizen_10

    Ardent follower of your initiatives,benefited immensely from 60day program. I wish to know if your offering a test series exclusively for pre-2017 without the ILP package .
    Would love to join and hear from you on that.
    Thank you.

    • Hello

      Yes we may have one starting from December

      • Citizen_10

        Thank you,

  • Hi

    Check your internet speed. Others are able to pay at the same time. You can go for NEFT or Offline too

  • vikrant

    What book list is required to with us for ilp 2017

  • Prasanna Kesava

    sorry baba, after join of 2017 ilp i will join ilp connect

  • Subhajeet Chakraborti

    Hello IASBaba Team,

    Is there is a specific criteria for selection into ILP Connect?

  • rondrix

    IASbaba what about the answer writing practice for mains??
    Will this program cover it??
    because ultimately its the mains which is the major obstacle not prelims.
    Plz anyone who can clear this doubt of mine. Thanks.

    • Ultimately it is Prelims- Mains and Interview all of them 🙂

      Yes we cover them but since this is not a Mains Test Series- no Review.

      We provide Plan- Value Add notes for Mains- Mains Mock and its Synopsis

      • rondrix

        thnx baba.
        I will be joining soon. I hope the backlog doesn’t hinder my progress severely.

  • Bhoomi sharma

    i am unable to log in joined yesterday plz help babaji this is serious i mailed yu already no reply frm yu

  • curious

    sir, are value added notes will be active till mains 2017?

  • Divyaa

    Respected Babaji..
    I have paid offline through IMPS N have sent mail too…no reply from ur side..kindly do needful

    • Check your email and revert

  • Shobhna Raj

    I made the payment through NEFT after adding your account as beneficiary before subscribing to ILP-2017.I did not use the instamojo gateway for making the payment.Please help me out as I did not receive any user id and password.I have already mailed my reference number to [email protected] and [email protected] reply.

    • Hi

      Check your email

      • Shobhna Raj

        Thank you..

  • yogesh kumar

    Hello iasbaba,

    I have enrolled in the ILP-2017 and I have received the login credentials for the same. However there is one problem that I am facing regarding “Prelims Test Series” tab. I am not able to login into the test series with my registered email ([email protected]) and the ILP password. There is login error that email and password doesn’t match. Please check and correct it. Thanks.

    • Check your email

      • yogesh kumar

        Problem resolved. Thanks baba.

  • anushri agrawal

    hello sir,
    i want to join the ILP 2017 ,but it seems it started on 25 august, so i want little clarification how will i keep pace with the program if i join now.

    • Hi Anushri

      Backlog: You will anyway cover them in future or will never prepare it? UPSC syllabus remains same and exam will be common to all!

      It is all psychological block that you are behind the plan. Though we started on 25th August, you can make that date as Day 1 of your schedule and proceed. Else you can also start with current schedule and in parallel prepare previous schedule so that you pace it up soon with the plan. What is wrong in that and what is the loss in that?

      Two months before prelims, you will have enough time to revise everything.

      We have given many revision time in between. Initially we had blocking system of tests, but now we have made it flexible for you to prepare any block and attempt any test of the schedule as per your wish. You have to prepare everything of plan as given in UPSC Syllabus, isn’t it?

      When we are giving ample time and flexibility, you can surely do it

      You can either prepare from beginning or start with present Plan.

      If from Beginning?

      Look at the Plan carefully- Static is clear, value add is also there.

      For current- follow Babapedia (Folder name- August 2016). Look inside that. Date wise update is there. You can follow the same and prepare for the test.

      Similarly if you start with present plan- You can prepare previous tests in parallel. Go slow but learn in the process.

      • anushri agrawal

        thanx a lot sir for the reply…i like the strategy of starting with present paln and parellely preparing for the previous one..

  • Raghu

    Babaj I want to join this but my quary is what should I do for previous tests?? Is it too late for me to join!? Do you review our answers(mains) please clarify

    • Hi raghu

      You can join even now. Please read this carefully. (It is not a Mains Test Series. We provide so many things. For mains- Value Add Notes, Mocks and its synopsis will be given

      Backlog: You will anyway cover them in future or will never prepare it? UPSC syllabus remains same and exam will be common to all!

      It is all psychological block that you are behind the plan. Though we started on 25th August, you can make that date as Day 1 of your schedule and proceed. Else you can also start with current schedule and in parallel prepare previous schedule so that you pace it up soon with the plan. What is wrong in that and what is the loss in that?

      Two months before prelims, you will have enough time to revise everything.

      We have given many revision time in between. Initially we had blocking system of tests, but now we have made it flexible for you to prepare any block and attempt any test of the schedule as per your wish. You have to prepare everything of plan as given in UPSC Syllabus, isn’t it?

      When we are giving ample time and flexibility, you can surely do it

      You can either prepare from beginning or start with present Plan.

      If from Beginning?

      Look at the Plan carefully- Static is clear, value add is also there.

      For current- follow Babapedia (Folder name- August 2016). Look inside that. Date wise update is there. You can follow the same and prepare for the test.

      Similarly if you start with present plan- You can prepare previous tests in parallel. Go slow but learn in the process.

  • ajit


  • Irfan Pathan

    hello baba ji ….i am doing payment in one or two days by offline …as i am allready late to join this .please give idea ..after doing payment much time it will take for activation my account in ILP …..

    • Hi Irfan

      Send the payment details to the given ID. Your account will be activated within 10-15 hours

  • Anu Mukundan

    Hello babaji…. i have enrolled for ILP 2017. But couldn’t get the preparation strategy for optional. My optional is geography. Pls help

    • Hi Anu

      This is GS only programme. Read the details carefully

  • Lekshmi

    Hi baba,

    i have not enrolled for the ILP yet. is it possible to join the sesies even now ?

  • Gaurav Raj

    baba.. I’m little bit confused coz my english is too weak. sometimes it gets annoying when lots of english words not understandable. so could i join or not or any hindi type option is available from your side??

  • tyger65

    Not able to make payment.
    I am stuck here
    when i click on NEXT area.. that area only rotates and nothing happens.
    Using Chrome

    • Just checked. Its working from here.

      You can go for NEFT or offline mode too

      • tyger65

        Thank You.
        Actually i was using 512Kbps Internet (which is quite good generally) and perhaps due to that it didnt went ahead. Then i used a faster internet service which helped me get through to payment page and complete the process.
        Also can you clear another query, can a person who joins now still be eligible for ILP Connect?

  • Pankaj Yadav

    Hello Sir,

    I just wanted to enquire that TLP 2017 covers all the static part syllabus ? History, Geo, Eco, Environ etc etc ? Apart from current affairs for Prelims as well as Mains ?

  • Pankaj Yadav

    Also Sir,

    The monthly timetable (Bloc) which i just saw above is different for every month i suppose ? and we are suppose to cover daily targets ? i mean i am not understanding this bloc procedure !! There are 5 columns – date , day , subject , prelims/focus , mains/ focus . My query is regarding the prelims/ focus & mains/focus part. We will be provided material for these sections or how is it going to work ?

    • Yes

      Block= Weekly targets divided into daily targets you may say.

      Yes for every block we provide Value Add notes.

      • Pankaj Yadav

        Sweet, Thanks 😉

        gave prelims this year , scored 130+ in Paper 1 , made nehruvian blunder in paper 2 and messed up..was totally self-disgusted for 2 months , for finally i tore that shin and came out !! Looking forward for TLP 2017..

  • Lekshmi

    i am unable to make my payment. could you please help ?

    • What is the issue?

      • lekshmi

        instamojo page for making the payment is not loading

  • Pankaj Yadav

    TLP 2017 programme will be till july 2017 only ? that means the account will be closed after that ? Then how are we suppose to aim for mains then ? the programm said pre+mains ???? And in your plan layout for TLP 2017 , there is syllabus description for prelims only , From where are what are we suppose to read for mains point of view ? Where to write answers ? from where do we get questions ?? syllabus pattern mains, ?? Kindly clear all these doubts babaji..
    also i enrolled yesterday , but there are no tests showing up on my test platform screen. Kindly update it please..All previous tests which were conducted till now !!
    My test platform id is – phank.45enabler

    • Pankaj

      Before raising questions, at least explore ilp platform sincerely. Go to Plan Updates and Value Add Notes Menu Bar. Answer lies there. In Plan Update Page, scroll till the end

  • Pankaj Yadav

    Also Sir,
    can you please provide me the link for mains answer writing practise, where the questions are uploaded on daily basis..As there are many links for same ! and i am getting confused as to which link to follow ???
    Is this the link –
    i mean for those people also who have joined your TLP 2017 Pre + Mains programme ?????????????????? Please sir, clarify all my stupid doubts .. Thanks 🙂

  • uma

    I made the payment through NEFT after adding your account as beneficiary before subscribing to ILP-2017.I did not use the instamojo gateway for making the payment. have mailed you in [email protected] and attached the payment details also. please reply ASAP

  • keerthana

    Hai baba,
    This s Jeyakeerthana.
    I ve sent the acknowledgement for ILP 2017 to [email protected]. I dint receive the user name and password. Kindly send me…

  • Vikash Sharma


    The user id is VIK0107

    However, I have not been able to reset the password link.

    Kindly help.

    Vikash Sharma

  • Anita Sharma

    i want to join this

    • ravi

      i am Ravi from Lucknow. Did u join the Test Series?

  • being human

    i have tried to make payment online..but it failed..what to do…

  • Vishnu Vardhan Reddy

    Hi Babaji,
    I had paid money through bank branch and sent you the acknowledgement to the provided email address on 19/11.
    Kindly verify the mail.

  • Amol

    is there any condition as only this many times anybody can give any one test ?
    what if I want to join the test series for prelims only?

  • Dr Ashish Sharma

    dear concern i have paid the subscription fees, i am able to login in ilp 2017 but not able to login in in test series, there is a problem regarding my email id as i have subscribed for ilp 2016 in past with the same email id. on login page of test series it shows the previous details and ask me to join the test series again. please help me as soon as possible. my email address is [email protected]. my this year id is ASH0504, AND ILP 2016 id is Dr0504.

  • bindu

    hi sir this is Bindu ive sent acknowledgement for ILP 2017 i didnt get username and password kindly send me

    • ravi

      Hi Bindu!
      i am Ravi from Lucknow. Did u join the Test Series?

  • Nishiva

    I haven’t received the username and password yet. Its been 2 days since I made the payment.

    • ravi

      Hello dear!
      i am Ravi from Lucknow. Did u join the Test Series?

  • Amruth

    sir, this is amruth…i have made the payment but i did not got any mail from your side regarding id and password..sir kindly help me out

  • Yuvraj Chauhan

    hello iasbaba i recently joined ilp 2017 programme but i could not opened test plateform which is showing passward in incorrect i dont know what to do now kindly take my request immediatly & solve the problem………. hurry i m already late joiner…… email- [email protected]

  • Sidarth

    guys i havent got my username and password in my mail for ilp 2017 help me in this

    • Langwenya Andile


      Do you need an urgent Loan fast Approved without no delay if yes contact us now for your Business Loan, Educational loan etc

      Email us now on [email protected]

      Best Regards

  • shikha

    Sir can i make the payment through cheque?”

  • Please post your issues on [email protected].

  • Nishant

    I have subscribed to ILP 2017 and mailed on [email protected], please activate the tests on the website and iasbaba app.

  • shikha

    Sir after making payment I didn’t download the pdf …. please help sir I didn’t get the id and the password. …

  • shikha

    I have made payment from my father’s account….

  • Shivanshu Gupta

    I have joined ILP 2017.How should i deal with the backlog?.How should i follow the time table?? Please guide

    • narendra

      hi sir can u pls tell me that how will this ilp programme helps for me.iam beginer for preparation pls help throuh ur answer wether it will be helps r not.i want to completely relay on this programme due to lack of finnance.pls also send me the BABAS full shedule from august to upto know .it wii be great help for me.based on that shedulues i wii join thank u in advace.pls help me sir by sending babas shedules.i have alredy asked to others nobody have given reply.sorry forlong message. thank u

  • Karthik

    Baba, as a late comer if i join now, how can i cover the backlogs….??
    is it possible??

    • Karthik

      We are coming up with a revamp Plan in a day or two. Wait for it

  • Talha Khan

    I have made the payment through NEFT of Rs. 9545 for ILP – 2017.
    Please activate my account as early as possible.

    I also mailed the same with Acknowledgement slip to [email protected].

  • Talha Khan

    I have made the payment through NEFT of Rs. 9545 for ILP – 2017.
    Please activate my account as early as possible.

    I also mailed the same with Acknowledgement slip to [email protected]

  • Talha Khan

    I have made the payment through NEFT of Rs. 9545 for ILP – 2017.
    Please activate my account as early as possible.

    I also mailed the same with Acknowledgement slip to [email protected]

  • akshat dwivedi

    philosophy optional series…………..

  • Iamadarkknight

    Will ILP-2017 be user-friendly (in terms of access to historical tests and content from August) for someone who wishes to join from January?
    Can you give a link for revamp plan that was mentioned in a reply on this page 2 days ago?

  • Brijendra Kumar

    What is the difference between ILP 2017 and Prelim test series 2017?

  • Brijendra Kumar

    I have joined both ILP 2017 and Prelims test series 2017 but now i am unable to log into ILP test programme. I am logging into Babapedia and VAN but not into its test. Instead of Log into ILP test 2017, I am Logging into Prelims test series through ILP page. What should i do? Did i do wrong to join both programmes?

  • manish

    if i join ilp, will you check and review answer for main questin?

    • no. We only provide synopsis. Its mentioned clearly

  • Srinivasan

    I enrolled my name in ilp2017 Co learn programme and I paid rupees 4025 for online test series.. payment got successful… yet I didn’t received my password to mail I’d [email protected] and also to my mobile number 9488321289… so I kindly request you to solve my problem as soon as possible…
    My payment I’d is:MOJO7217000N55762165

  • nikhil sahu

    sir,,,iasbaba platform is unbeatable…sir plz do something for hindi medium student…
    i hope you will think about it…

  • brainstorm01

    Will it be beneficial if i join now??

  • Dr.Angel Maria Mathew


    DailyPrelims Quiz with explanations free at

    Daily Current affairs Notes updated at

    You can also get Monthly PIB compilations at


  • Ritesh Verma
  • Heisenberg

    Is there any option to subscribe to only mains 2017 relevant content and mains test series ?

    • Conor McGregor

      i am looking for same thing bro, do tell if you find anything

    • No

  • Jameela

    Please send me anyone ILP2017 plan so that on the basis of tha
    t I will my own plan schedule n prepare myself please please please this is my humble request

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