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Integrated Learning Program (ILP)- 2017
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Dear Friends,


Thank you for the enormous response to ILP-2016. After so much love from all of you , we are releasing ILP – 2017 with lot of innovations.


Success and failure depends on the first step that you take and that pretty much defines the course of your journey.  One step in the wrong direction will take you away from your goal. This is where we help you take that first step.  


All of us dream and why shouldn’t we. In fact one must dream big. There is no tax on that. Every year you see the list of successful candidates who would become civil servants to serve their country. And then you dream to be one among them. You are always ready to walk that extra mile for your dream. You are ready to invest your mind, your body and your money. You sacrifice your sleep, your relations and your friendship. You are ready to do whatever it takes to realize your dream.

We also had a dream to create a platform that would revolutionize the complete process of learning. The aim was to take civil services aspirants out of the rat race and assist them to design their own path to success.

The aim was not to just prepare you in a piecemeal approach – for prelims first, mains ‘baad be dekhenge’ but an integrated approach. With this dream, we came up with ILP-2016.

This was based on what we had seen during our preparation. Aspirants fear prelims so much so that they entirely prepare for prelims itself forgetting that it is just a door to the actual race.

They tend to accumulate information after information forgetting about the demands of the exam. And then the market has so much info that it turns a born smart man into a zombie collecting info machine. This is where ILP 2016 was the game changer .

We turned you back into smart machines (into the original state) you were before being consumed by the maddening UPSC race.

We worked hard.

We worked harder than the aspirants.

We used to be ahead of our ILP users. Few used to catch up with us.

And as the saying goes “ The divine blesses the one who is sincere and genuine”.


We were blessed with a hit ratio of 70 plus %One of the few unprecedented things in UPSC learning!!! You can call it beginner’s luck. We want to believe it our GOOD KARMA

Even 70% adherence to our ILP program had people clearing UPSC prelims easily.

For ILP 2016 users this journey is not over but we have immense faith that they will come out with flying colours and secure a good rank in CSE-2016. We are there to help them achieve this in all our capacity. Wait for our TLP Mains 2016 to be started very soon.

The feedback of ILP 2016 has steepened our learning curve




We have taken feedback of ILP 2017 from some of our core followers to and they absolutely loved it. In fact we went with a design to them, they gave us feedback. And after few iterations we finally settled on Design of ILP 2017. It has helped us make ILP 2017 at least twice better.

ILP-2017 will be more user friendly and flexible than ILP 2016 keeping in mind the working professionals.

Again we reiterate our AIM is same-

“to help an aspirant preparing in the remotest part of the country to secure Rank 1”


In nutshell ILP 2017 is :


As you know: Innovation is synonymous with IASbaba. And these are our new innovations for ILP 2017.


  • Detailed Micro plan + Value add notes + Prelims oriented Current Affairs + 35 high quality tests including Sectional Tests & Full Mocks+ Mind maps on Current Issues + Mains Mocks (including synopsis) +Discussion forum + Babapedia.


  • Babapedia– It will act as a Virtual note book. Everything will be updated time to time so that you do not miss out on important issues. It will also make your learning better and revision will become easy. 




This is how Babapedia will look like – 



Broad categories



Listing of all Environment related (other categories) like this at one place 




Inside each category







We have bought in a new feature of Gamification on Tests this time. This will help you in being more sincere. It will let you take each test 3 times. But until unless you score above 30% you cannot move on to next. You can google, copy from others to score 30% in at least the last attempt. But in the process you will learn the questions. That’s our aim.

This is how Test Platform will look like-

unnamed (1) unnamed unnamed (2)



This is how ILP Platform will look like-

ilp 1 ilp 2 ilp 3


Before we start with the details and modalities of ILP 2017, we would like to discuss a few very important things.

You need to remember that this is not only a PRELIMS TEST SERIES. It is a complete package which will enable/guide you qualitatively/quantitatively through the process of Civil Services Examination.

When you subscribe to our ILP-2017 programme, you will have huge expectations on us. On the similar lines, we too have a few expectations like

  1. Complete Dedication
  2. Consistency
  3. Courage to “walk that extra mile”
  4. Faith in our program


Now coming to broad structure of the program:

  • ILP 2017 is 275 Day program.
  • It will have 35 high quality tests including Sectional and Full Mocks
  • Mains Mock and its Synopsis
  • VALUE ADD and Current Affairs
  • Learning is divided into Sets. Each set is further divided into blocks.



Details about the Program

The complete program is divided into smaller ‘Sets’ and each set is divided into four ‘Blocks’. The four blocks will cater to four different subjects.So in a set you will be studying 4 subjects.

Last year, sections for prelims and mains were different, but this year, since prelims exam has shifted earlier, we have clubbed both prelims and mains oriented topics in one group. Also, ILP 2017 has been designed considering “WORKING PROFESSIONALS” as well. Instead of daily targets, weekly targets are given. Weekly targets will give flexibility to all the working professionals to keep pace with the programme. This scheme will help you to focus on Optional (self), current Affairs and General Studies simultaneously.  

At the end of each Block there will be an objective test with easy to moderate questions, which will help you judge your understanding of the topics covered. Also, you will be getting descriptive questions with their synopsis for each block (if the topics are relevant for Mains). The number of questions will depend upon how relevant the topic is for mains perspective.

As the number of sets will increase, the sources and topics will intensify and will require complete dedication, sincerity and concentration from your side.

Apart from the subjects given in the blocks, you will have to cover Current Affairs simultaneously with the help of Daily Current Affairs, Prelims Capsule (Provided to you by IASbaba), PIB gist and Newspapers. Every test will include questions from Current Affairs.

In the end of every set, there will be a complete objective test with moderate to difficult analytical questions, to prepare you for a difficult analytical paper, just in case you encounter one on the D-Day. We want to equip you with every weapon in the armoury so that you can win this battle.

Common mistakes by an aspirant

  • Irregularity in following the plan
  • Aspirants use to download the test and keep it for future (least productive)
  • No work on personal note making
  • Missing out on current affairs updates
  • Least revision in between the plan

IASbaba’s Take on this

Despite the fact that candidates themselves are responsible for the above attitude, we at IASbaba are doing our best to rectify even these problems. And hence to improve the efficiency, we have come up with the following plan-

To avoid procrastination in preparing the given topics and current affairs the same day-

  • We are coming up with a new platform with the name “BABAPEDIA” for ILP 2017 aspirants.
  • BABAPEDIA will have all the updates of VALUE ADD (GS) and CURRENT AFFAIRS to be given from our side in ‘READ ONLY & COPY PASTE DISABLED MODE’ (It is done intentionally to ensure that you make your own notes on daily basis) 
  • These notes will be segregated topic wise according to GS papers. It will have proper tagging and search option like Google ?. This will enable you to access everything in a precise and organized manner.
  • It will act as a virtual notebook which you can visit frequently to revise all the topics.
  • This will also make sure that you complete the given topics and current affairs the very day and be ready with your notes.
  • Kindly note- You have to simultaneously prepare notes from the content updated on Babapedia. This is to ensure your consistency and regularity with the plan.






Prelims Capsules

(DMF question in Prelims 2016 could be solved from here 🙂 )



Download the full documentClick here


Mains Value Add Note Download Sample



Important Things to Note::



Deadline: There is no Deadline. You can join anytime but sooner the better


Starting Date of ILP 2017:

  • 25th August 2016
  • Access to platform before  25th August 2016


You can subscribe for ILP 2017 (Online Payment)



Very Important: Do Download the PDF after successful payment. That pdf contains your ID and Password.


After making successful payment please check you email (SPAM and JUNK FOLDERS TOO) 


Offline Payment Details: Please mail us the acknowledgment at ilp2017colearn@gmail.com if making offline payment. 

SUBSCRIPTION FEE–   8300 Plus 15% Tax- Rs 9545/-

Bank details


For those who subscribe to ILP and Pay the Fee:

  • ID and Password will be generated automatically.
  • Login platform will be activated before 25th August 2016. Please do not call or mail us before 🙂
  • Full Plan will be available on the platform


For any query related to ILP 2017 contact us at ilp2017colearn@gmail.com 


Refer to below schedule (THOSE SUBSCRIBING TO ILP 2017)  to start your preparation till the platforms are activated before 25th August. 





Focus Area:

Indian Constitution at work’ is the class XIth NCERT, which is the best book to develop your basics. It is a conceptual book and will help you to answer static questions in mains as well.  To supplement the topics in the book, you will be given ‘Value Added’ notes where ever they are required.

You need to remember, that ‘Value Add’ notes will only help you to fully grasp the topics. They will not be complete notes but value addition from our side and you need to go through the basic books to develop proper understanding of the subject.

The schedule will allow you to focus on current affairs, your optional and mains aspect. An old aspirant can utilize this flexibility to prepare for Mains aspect.





ILP CONNECT 2017: IASbaba Mentoring Program

(You have to subscribe to ILP 2017 Co-Learn program and then fill the form)




  • ILP 3 program of 2016 is now renamed as ILP connect.
  • We choose few aspirants who we think are high potential and offer them mentoring through phone.
  • Mentors would include UPSC top rankers , serving bureaucrats amongst others.
  • Interested aspirants, kindly fill the above form. Selected candidates will be intimated through email. Please do not call us or  mail us.
  • There will be an additional fee over the ILP program which you can pay through the link we send.
  • We are not looking for more than 25 people in this program.
  • Discretion lies with IASBaba on admission to this program.
  • If you want to be considered for ILP Connect, subscribe by 30th August 2016


P.S- Must ReadSample Plan for 1st Month & Clarifications 


All the very best


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