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  • September 20, 2016
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Beyond Results:

There is no doubt what so ever that winning is what matters and that is all what counts in a competitive environment. Be it a sport, an exam or a career; winning is the yardstick of success. But there is another dimension to life that has nothing what so ever to do with winning; it is your personal sense of success or failure which is independent of the world around you.

While sincere effort is in your control, results are almost always beyond your control. If you have done your best and know without any doubt that you have done your best, then results are simply a matter of statistics. Your personal effort, integrity and commitment are always above any result that can be declared by the external world.

Very few individuals possess this enormous sense of certainty of who they are and what they are doing by which they can overcome any obstacle of life. These rare individuals put in their best possible effort and leave the rest to nature and its laws. They never complain about what could have been a different result, for they know that it is only a matter of time before their efforts start producing the results.

Any result is a combination of various known and unknown factors. More often than not, very simple and seemingly insignificant things contribute enormously to the outcome of a result. There are always factors that contribute to a result that are easily overlooked and ignored. Anyways, if you start focusing on all the possible outcomes and start working towards them, you will not progress very far. At the end of it all, you can only be in control of your effort.

It is extremely important to know that your effort alone will not decide an outcome. There are other factors also. It is not worth your while to put yourself in a negative state of mind and curse yourself for an unfavourable result. There is no measuring unit in the world to test who you really are. What can be tested is only a tiny part of who you are. There is no way to test your character, inner strength, vision, ideas and so many other important things that make up you.

So instead of taking rejection as a personal failure, look at it from logical, scientific point of you and let go of the self inflicting torture that you intend to continue for the rest of your life. There is no success, progress and happiness for the one who cannot forget, forgive and move on. There are always more opportunities that can meet your abilities, there is always a second chance, and there is always something more you can do. As long as you remain the support and strength for yourself, life will continue to create opportunities for you. Look beyond results. As long as you keep your sight fixed on the larger goal of life, negative result is only a momentary setback. It is an opportunity to reflect, learn and understand yourself better. A result is simply a checkpoint in the long journey of life.

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