TLP GS 2016 – Mini Test 4

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  • October 22, 2016
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TLP 2016 – Mini Test 4


1. Sentiments and perception have replaced performance and ideas in the politics of India. Sentiments can be driven through innovative marketing strategies and perception can be manufactured. In a situation like this, how far the attribute of ‘attitude’ plays it’s role? Examine.

2. The denial of socio-economic and political justice to the Dalits has more to do with present day institutions than the law of the land. Discuss. Further, would you agree with the argument that it is not the law and order machinery but an attitudinal change in the society only that can check incidents of atrocities against the depressed sections of the society? Critically examine.

3. Labour reforms, disinvestment and FDI are being seen as imperative measures to realise the full growth potential of the economy. However, serious concerns have also been raised about the adverse effects of these measures on the workers class. How do you view this issue? Is it possible to harmonize both these aspects? How?

4. The success story of the Indian economy has been scripted more by private enterprise than the state itself. Do you agree? Also, do you subscribe to the argument that India is all about private success and state failure? Analyse.

5. There is an urgent need to implement a national land use policy in order to address the issues of land use diversion, land acquisition and developmental imperatives. Analyse the statement in light of the controversies surrounding the amended Land Acquisition Bill.

6. The recommendations of the Vivek Debroy committee on the Indian Railways would go a along way in strengthening the ailing giant of the Indian economy. However, there have been concerns raised over the recommended reforms that include liberalization of the railways to promote the entry of the private sector. How do you view this issue? Is progressive liberalization the only way out for the railways? Critically examine.

7. The priorities of the defence sector lies in enhancing domestic capabilities. The Make in India initiative and the decision to increase the cap of FDI in the defence sector would go a long way in ensuring critical technology transfers and self reliance in sensitive defence equipments. Critically analyse.

8. While there have been intense public debates over the pros and cons of FDI in multi brand retail, any decision to introduce FDI in the booming e-commerce segment requires even more careful scrutiny and caution. Do you agree? Discuss.

9. The impetus to economic growth is investment. While efforts have been made to reach out to the investors abroad by projecting a new image and perception of India, domestic private and public investments lag behind. Do you agree? What can be the possible fallouts of a skewed focus on FDI while ignoring domestic private and public investments?

10. Small and Payment banks are niche institutions that are expected to cover unbanked and under-banked sections of the society. Discuss the merits of small and payment banks and their role in achieving financial inclusion.


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