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  • November 7, 2016
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Power of Belief

It is said that belief can move mountains. I guess we can go a little further and say that only belief can move mountains. Belief is not just a useful quality to possess that can help you to get along on the journey of life; it is rather the most basic and fundamental ingredient of all successes.

Belief is the ability to visualize, see, conceptualize and create something out of thin air. Belief is the ability to perceive something as real even before it becomes a reality. In this sense, believe is the very process of creation. It is belief that makes things possible; it is belief that makes things real.

Just look around where you are; almost everything you see around you was a part of somebody’s imagination at one point in time. What you see around you was first created within somebody’s mind and the strength of belief and conviction made it a reality eventually.

If you are struggling to understand the way of life and the way of success, just look to your inner beliefs for answers. You are only as successful as the conviction of your beliefs. If you do not possess the ability to believe in your vision, dreams and future; you cannot create it. For creation is just a matter of sheer will and belief.

So, how do you understand your belief systems and make it stronger. It all begins by chasing a vision so grand and so beautiful that only you can walk the path that will take you there. The bigger and grander the vision, the easier it is for you to understand and work with your beliefs. Because big dreams require the strongest of belief systems; if you don’t possess the necessary strength of belief, you will not get very far.

History is a testimony to all the great failures and failed attempts. All kinds of people have failed; people with money, people with intelligence, people with gifts and talents, people with network and connections – all of them have failed. But a man of belief is yet to fail. There has been no reference in the history that a man who possessed the greatest of beliefs and convictions about himself and his path has failed.

Dive deep into the recesses of your heart to know more about how strong or weak your belief system is. Understand the intricate structures of it and learn to work with it. It is infinitely better to spend your time and energy in building a strong belief system towards something than to just waste your time struggling to chase a dream for which you do not possess the necessary belief system.

It all begins with you. How much you know yourself; how much time you have spent understanding your thought process, emotions, feelings and desires decides the strength of your belief system. You cannot possess a strong belief system if you don’t know yourself. Again, there is an ocean of difference between blind belief and believing in your convictions. In this sense, you would rather be a man of belief than a man of anything else.

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