Hello Friends

Its been a long journey with TLP 2016 Mains initiative which is about to finish in few days. Those following it regularly have made best use of it by having short notes and self prepared revision content during the follow up of the initiative.

For those waiting for compilations from our side- here is the good news 🙂

PAPER 1- Download 

PAPER 2- Download


P.S- PAPER 3 & PAPER 4 is still under the plan. We will post it the moment it is over.


  • Amit Kumar

    Pdf is not opening sir.

    • Its opening fine. Check your speed

      • Amit Kumar

        Thank you sir it is opening now 🙂

      • Rahul

        Sir won’t you be posting essays today ?

      • Anon

        Baba pls tell me when we can expect GS3 compilation? Sorry for impatience?

  • Dharavi Writer

    hello sir,
    will u be posting 15 questions today ?

  • Red Dragon

    Thank you sir ji. 🙂

  • Mukesh_MAX

    Thank you babaji 🙂

  • Jeremy Thangkhokai Haokip

    Sir Thanks alots and it will be good if you number all the questions….

  • H________R

    10q baba

  • Daaku


  • Saurabh Garg

    Thanks a ton babaji…

  • Simplex

    Wow. no words to express gratitude. 🙂

  • Simplex

    @iasbaba:disqus Ek request hai.

    Plz one post for essay _A_ with some probable areas. I Know predicting doesnt work. But, still some broad areas like gender equality, women empowerment, scinece & tech and life..something something like that.

    Plz babajee.. man jao na. 🙂

  • Kashif

    Baba would u provide compilation for sociology

  • DK

    thank you

  • Nikki

    unable to download paper 2 compilation ..please check

  • Anuj Singhwalia

    Thanks Baba ji 🙂 Much appreciated effort 🙂

  • nk

    thank u 🙂

  • Yaswanth Reddy


  • Almeida

    Baba, thanks for the great efforst. But please check, I think there is some serious error in compilation formation. I am unable to find many questions in the compilations. For example: 5 September, 1 september and many others questions of GS 1 are not in the GS 1 compilation. Pl tell if I am wrong. Let me see for GS 2 compilation too.

  • Meiji

    @iasbaba:disqus ..Babaji!! dus din ho gaye hai, paper 3 & 4 post kardo, please..:D

  • Anuja

    Baba Paper 3,4 compilations??

  • SM

    @iasbaba:disqus Baba Please check GS1 compilation, Found many questions are missing in compilation. Please provide GS3 and GS4, it would be very helpful for revision.

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