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  • January 8, 2017
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Mind & Psychology:

Continuing our understanding of the mind from the previous article, let us understand the root of fear, anger, worry, frustration and other psychological issues related to the mind.

All of us can agree on the universality of the psychological issues associated with the challenges of daily living. The mind can get easily agitated and disturbed. The result of which is a confused and frustrated state of living.

The root of all psychological problems related with the mind is due to the lack of clear understanding of the inner functioning of the mind. Since time immemorial we have been trying to understanding the nature of the human mind and how it functions.

More importantly, we are all interested in knowing how to control the mind. We want to know how to channelize the energies of the mind so that it can accomplish a given task. Lack of focus is the reason why actions fail to produce results. The mind gives up too easily. It is way too easily distracted.

Famous hypnotherapists like Virginia Satire and Milton Erickson were able to solve a wide range of psychological problems. Their methods can give an insight into how we can understand the intricate functioning of our mind.

They had a marvellously simple approach of identifying and solving problems. Firstly, they focused on the language people use to communicate with themselves. They believed that how we talk to ourselves determines our thoughts and eventually our actions.

This is a great revelation considering how many of us talk to ourselves using negative, de-motivating, depressing language. We constantly complain about our situation and expect it to change.

The simple and wonderful truth about the human mind is that it is a one hundred percent suggestion responsive system. The constant suggestions we give to our mind using the tool of language eventually become actionable thoughts. They discovered that in order to change our lives, we need to change the way we talk to ourselves.

Through their study, they discovered that most people simply did not want to see solutions for their problems. People were so pre occupied with their problems that they simply refused to believe that there is a solution to every problem, including theirs.

The simple and most effective way of understanding the mind is by watching how we communicate with it. The more you are able to watch your language (Literally!) the more you will be able to understand how you are indirectly shaping your situations. And once you are able to see the problem clearly, finding a solution is not that difficult.

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