Interview Discussion- Day 3

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  • January 19, 2017
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Interview Discussion- Day 3


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Look around yourself and you will find that the times are interesting or rather bewildering. There are multiple narratives going on which seek to approve or disprove one thing or the other. In this flux of narratives, you are standing alone, confused and perplexed. What is real? What is actually happening? Who is going to tell you the truth?

Add to this confusion one more inevitability- Civil Services Personality Test, which will start soon after the results are announced. How will you answer the questions posed by the board? Has demonetization worked? Is Kanhaiya a genuine hero? Is the government pro capitalists and anti- farmer? Is our PM corrupt? Is Aam Aadmi Party really an agent of change? Is all of Punjab drug addict? Is China a real threat to us? Was India’s NSG bid a gross failure? Is the BSF jawan telling the truth about the senior officials? Was Burhan Wani really a terrorist? Is the government communal? Is Kareena Kapoor justified in naming her son ‘Taimur’?

We understand that its difficult to answer such questions not because of any lack of information but rather the overload of it. Unfortunately, the news channel debates and social media has distorted our perception to such an extent that we have lost the track. It can be fatal in the personality test however. As a civil servant, you are expected to remain immune to false yet popular narratives and this trait must reflect during your interaction with the board. We, therefore, urge you to deconstruct your thoughts shaped by news items and social media posts and think like a civil servant- logically. Always remember that your first allegiance is towards the Constitution and your country is your first love. All your thoughts and opinions must reflect your sync with the democratic ideals of the Constitution. Anything that threatens the security, integrity and name of your country must be abhorred by you. These guiding principles should frame your thinking in the coming few weeks. Talking of thinking, you must have a critical mind. Please understand that a critical mind is not a negative one. A critical mind explores all the dimensions of an issue, identifies the problems and after effects and proposes reasonable solutions for the same.

With this in mind, let’s indulge in what we prefer to call as the ‘mental gymnasium’ of IASbaba. The following issue is open for your opinions. Just imagine that the same question is being asked by the chairman of your interview panel in UPSC. We want to see your response and evaluate it on the benchmarks of ‘perception balance’, ‘critical thinking’ and ‘positive outlook’. You can also indulge in peer feedback and suggest other dimensions of the same issue. By the end of discussions, prepare a 200 words synopsis by incorporating the best points. We will assist you in doing it.

The issue for discussion today is the following:

Interview Discussion- Day 3

The issue for discussion today is the following:

The Supreme Court recently rejected a plea seeking to allow the controversial sport Jallikattu played during Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu.


Is this judicial overreach? Don’t you think banning an age old tradition will hurt the sentiments of Tamil people in India? Is it not interference in religious matters of a particular community?   

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