Interview Discussion- Day 11

  • IASbaba
  • February 9, 2017
  • 25
IASbaba's Interview Discussions
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Interview Discussion- Day 11


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Important Guidelines

  • In real interview one will never get much time to express, so try to visualize and then write succinctly.  Do not consider it an essay
  • Raise counter questions when reviewing others. This will broaden the dimensions as the same will happen in interview.
  • Counter questions will help in better expression as well as expose to various aspects one may have missed while writing. It will lead to better understanding of the issue.

The issue for discussion today is the following:

If you have followed the world affairs in the past few months, you must have noticed certain changes that are unprecedented. Regimes have changed, drive towards globalization has reversed, the notion of diversity as a strength has diluted and so many other changes have occurred.

What is your take on these transformations? Are we heading towards more uncertainty and chaos? Will our kids inherit a more dangerous world to live in? Are we preparing to go back to our silos and remain confined within our boundaries? Is democracy losing its sheen? Give your reasoned opinion.

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