IASbaba’s TLP Geography Optional 2017 [10th July]: Day 1

Mains Examination, TLP Geography Optional
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IASbaba’s TLP Geography Optional 2017 [10th July]: Day 1



1. On the outline map of India provided to you, mark the location of all of the following. Write in your QCA Booklet the significance of the locations, whether physical/commercial/economic/ecological/environmental/cultural in not more than 30 words for each entry: (2 x 5 =10 marks)

  1. Kanchenjunga
  2. Mansarovar lake
  3. Dibang valley
  4. Malnad region
  5. Bhuj

2. Briefly explain the following terms in not more than 50 words each: (5 x 5 =25 marks)

  1. Aerial differentiation in geographical study
  2. Regional synthesis
  3. Dichotomy in geography
  4. Dualism in geography
  5. Environmentalism as a tool to understand the dynamic nature of man-environment relationship

3. Identify on the outline map of India the regions prone to earthquakes and landslides. Which factors give rise to regions proneness to earthquakes and landslides? Discuss. Also suggest suitable mitigative measures. (20 marks)

4. Floods and droughts are two extremes of the same continuum and affect large parts of India. Discuss. Do you think flood control and drought management require an integrated approach rather than different watertight solutions? Examine. (15 marks)

5. What is an epidemic? Discuss various natural and anthropogenic factors that lead to the spread of epidemics. H1N1 is on rise in India. Discuss the strategy to control its spread. (15 marks)

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