IASbaba’s TLP Philosophy Optional 2017 [10th July]: Day 1

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IASbaba’s TLP Philosophy Optional 2017 [10th July]: Day 1



1. Was Carvaka successful in establishing a consistent epistemological and metaphysical line of thought? Support your stand with proper arguments. (20 marks)

2. “I accept what I perceive”. Explain this claim of Carvaka. (20 marks)

3. Metaphysics of Carvaka is a direct implication of his positivist epistemology. Discuss how epistemology of Carvaka leads to his Metaphysics (15 marks)

4. Critically analyze the concept of Dehatmavada of Carvaka. (15 marks)

5. “Cause-effect relationship is only a psychological necessity and has no logical necessity”. Explain this view of Carvaka and its implications. (15 marks)–

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