MOTIVATION: What is More Powerful than Your Self-Doubt?

Dear Aspirants,

Have you ever ever in your life experienced self-doubt? What happens at that moment? Do you feel happy? Do you feel sad? Hurt? Tired? Exasperated? What kind of thoughts do you encounter – positive or negative?

We are sure that you do know how powerful one’s self-doubt can be. How it kills one’s zeal to succeed. How it affects your road to success.

Self-doubt is your worst enemy at this point!

It holds you back from doing the right thing, from seizing the right opportunities, makes it harder for you to start or even finish that portion from your polity notes.


Self-doubt is greedy, my dear aspirant. It strips you off your logic and reason, steals the hard earned confidence from your head and leaves you with fear and insecurity.

Many times aspirants wonder, “What is the secret mantra to clear CSE?”

“What is the one thing that I can do to clear and get a top rank in this exam?”

We all know the answer – Kill Your Self-Doubt!

At this juncture, when you have decided to attempt the CSE and have been sweating behind books, lamp, notes and questions, why do you even have to leave an empty space for the self-doubt to creep in? Haven’t you been strong enough to let go off the small pleasures of life for the career that you aspire?

If you have, then why compromise? Devote completely to the task at hand than worrying with negative thoughts that is a form of self-doubt. Success, happiness and fulfilment are dependent on just one thing – how we think. Now is not the time to live in self-doubt and be paranoid about success or failure.

Ease yourself out by taking out words like “I can’t,” or, “I don’t know,” or, “What if,” from your dictionary. Instead of telling yourself, “I can’t do A,” say, “I can’t do A yet. But I’m working on it.”

Stop listening to people who only have negative things to say. Let your red flag go up every time you hear yourself or another person being hopeless. Instead, surround yourself with people who have the will to take risks, are ready to work hard towards things they are passionate about.

Be your own best friend. Remind yourself of the little and big achievements in your life. Focus on them and derive affirmative energy from them. Do not let yourself suffer in times of need just as you would not let your loved one suffer. Be kind. Give yourself a chance to try again. Your doubts are only thoughts, not your future.

Your self-doubt is just a demon that will keep coming back. But it is time to take things in your own hand and get better with dealing with it. Fight it. Abolish it.

So, stop kicking yourself in the butt – God did not design us to be able to do it.

If you do not believe me, try for yourself dear aspirant. Let us know if you could do that. 😛 😉


Your friend, philosopher and guide – IASbaba 🙂 

  • Vikash Roshan

    Motivational indeed 🙂

  • Rsp

    Really motivating… Thanks a lot Babaji. 🙂

  • R c

    Thank you sir..much needed…I want to share one thing I couldn’t HV cleared prelims, if on 17th evening I wouldn’t have read your motivational article with respect to prelims

  • Farook Tzr

    Thank you sir

  • vehemence

    Thankyou 🙂

  • Mukesh

    It was so awesome baba 🙂

  • Sharad Sharma

    thank you

  • Be positive

    Thank you babaji 🙂

  • madhurima dutta

    Very much motivating.

  • madan kumar k j

    “your worst enemy is your mind going soft”……..ty Baba

  • DD

    Thanks a lot IASbaba ..just what I needed to read ..mains prep really affects ones confidence! All ive been having is self doubt!

  • The Joker

    very nice words..thanks IAS BABA

  • Bhuneshwer Pandey

    It’s really great and motivational letters from you. Dear Baba Ji it would be matter of time that we need to understand how to approach the obstacles with analytical view to overcome our problems.

  • Priyadharshini Narasimhan

    A good motivational post that sucks out self doubt and fear

  • SushilkumaR. Burkul

    very much needed…at this point…thanks baba… feeling energized…thanks for booster dose.

  • @kumar

    Thank you

  • Rathod Sohan

    Baba ,
    U know us to such extent to which our moms do . Thanks a lot !

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