RSTV- The Big Picture : UNSC meeting on Rohingya Crisis

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  • October 18, 2017
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The Big Picture- RSTV
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UNSC meeting on Rohingya Crisis



General Studies 3

  • Challenges to internal security through communication networks, role of media and social networking sites in internal security challenges

General Studies 2

  • India and its neighbourhood- relations.

In news: Myanmar cancelled visiting UNGA amidst spiraling crisis inside the country in Rakhine state. More than 3,70,000 minority Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh to escape violence in Myanmar. The violence in Rakhine state was sparked by the series of alleged attacks on government border posts by Rohingya militants.

  1. Internal problem of Myanmar– This case has additional problem as there is long standing issue in Myanmar if the Rohingyas are actually myanmarese nationals. The Myanmaris call them Bengalis. The 1982 constitution has deprived them of their citizenship.
  2. Countries receiving immigrants– There is not going to be an easy solution because the refugee situation in other parts of the world-west Asia who have migrated to Europe are not going to be sent back. So this is the crisis which the government is finding difficult to handle.
  3. The global community looking at the problem with close scrutiny
  4. Terrorist angle– Now terrorism has got into the picture with a terrorist organization called ARSA, which is being funded by Saudi Arabia, trained in Pakistan and then they attack civil and military force in Myanmar.

Myanmar has long history of ethnic clashes with its neighboring states. In last few years, diverse ethnic conflicts in Myanmar have been stabilized because of agreements come into.

However, there is big burden on Bangladesh which is bearing brunt of the crisis. Bangladesh is facing huge crisis. There are certain groups that are linked to Rohingyas and people like Masood azhar have come into the debate and has called for jihad.

Presence of Rohingya and India’s role

There are approximately 40000 Rohingyas in India at the moment. There is little India can do at present. There are intelligence reports that the Rohingya terror groups are in contact with Pakistani based terror groups and could possibly strike in India as well.

With the illegal Rohingya immigrants in India, it means that there are yet porous borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar. These shows India’s internal control in poor light. On top of it, they are settled in Jammu and Kashmir where the demographics are so sensitive. The valley Kashmiris did not tolerate the settlement of Hindu refugees of 1947 and here the Rohingyas are in thousands.

India will not be able to deport these Rohingyas as nor will Bangladesh or Myanmar accept them. So India has to now see that no more Rohingyas come into India.

The Rohingyas have been able to access the voter ID cards, Aadhar cards and some are even applying for passport on forge documents. They have free movement from Delhi to Karnataka and then Hyderabad. Hence, these immigrants need to be monitored. There is a need for database of all the Rohingyas and to monitor their movements.

For India, along with humanitarian aspect, the national security aspect is vital. The structure of Rohingya crisis apart from humanitarian crisis and people being prosecuted is a security concern.

In addition to it, India can help Myanmar financially to develop the Rakhine state. This issue has to be dealt by India with extreme caution as India has huge stakes in Bangladesh and Myanmar.


The army still controls the police, defence, home ministry and key portfolios in Myanmar. The international community doesn’t fully understand the internal politics of Myanmar and criticism of their premier is exaggerated on no steps being taken to protect the Rohingyas.

Earlier it was about military prosecution of Rohingyas in 1982. However, post 2001, religious colours have been given to the issue and radicalization has been done. The other countries are funding terrorism in Bangladesh through Rohingyas. Though everybody is criticizing India and Myanmar, no one from criticizing countries is coming forward to help them either.

Kofi Annan report

  1. Citizenship issues
  2. Illegal immigration between Myanmar and Bangladesh

Report by International Crisis Group

  1. A new fundamentalist organization in Saudi Arabia has been formed. They are now sending the funding to Rohingyas in Myanmar and are enticing them to attack the military of Myanmar.
  2. There is a radical group dimension to this which is serious. India has the right to look at it.

The census of Rohingya is going very slow. Rohingya are themselves not cooperating. On the other side, Bangladesh is worried about its security situation. Thus, Bangladesh and Myanmar need to sort out this question first. India needs to have discussion with Bangladesh and with Myanmar. India has seen that illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are liable to be used by the fundamentalists group for terrorists groups in India. So India has to take utmost care while dealing with the Rohingyas. Also, Diplomacy and talks are needed. India has to send a clear message that any refugee group in India has been extended humanitarian support liberally. But if they are going to behave in a manner that is going to affect India’s national security then India cannot compromise on it.

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Connecting the dots:

  • India has been facing refugee challenges from Bangladesh and Myanmar. Critically examine the balancing need between national security and promoting humanitarian aid.

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