Rajya Sabha Debate Videos

Rajya Sabha Debate Videos

On Rajya Sabha Channel, there are many programs coming up every day. Among them is “BIG PICTURE”, that is very important from UPSC/IAS Mains perspective.

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Oct 2017

Takeaways from Abe Visit

UNSC meeting on Rohingya Crisis

How can Indian Universities Improve their Global Standing?

Sep 2017

A wish list for Direct Taxes Code

A War Room for Investments: Will it work Wonders?

Takeaways from 2017 BRICS Summit

PM at BRICS- Challenges Ahead

Mumbai Floods: The Urban Infrastructure Challenge

SC Ruling on Privacy: Implications

Is South Asia Witnessing a Strategic Realignment?

SC Ruling on Triple Talaq – Implications

Modi, Trump talks: What does this mean to Bilateral Ties and Asia Pacific Security

Aug 2017

India @ 70: The Challenges Ahead

Legacy & importance of August revolution and Quit India Movement

Can Compensating Loss-Making Routes Change Railways Fortunes?

LPG Subsidy Cut: Do Subsidies Make Economic Sense?

Eradication of Poverty: What Steps need to be taken to Achieve this Goal?

Supreme Court Ruling on Anti-Dowry Law… Implications

Should India Recalibrate its China Policy?

Are Privacy Concerns over Aadhar Valid?

Curtain Raiser on PM’s Israel Visit

India-China Stand-off at Sikkim Border

July 2017

President Election: Symbolism V/S Empowerment and Aspirations

PM’s US Visit: Takeaways

What Led to the Revival of Gorkhaland Demand? What are the Possible Solutions?

Institutes of National Excellence: Do they need Autonomy?

Govt Plans for Lateral Entry in Higher Administrative Posts: Rationale and Impact

Farmers’ Agitation: Reasons, Solutions

June 2017

What makes ISRO tick? Can India Replicate its Success in other Fields?

How Can India Maintain High GDP Growth?

Importance of Modi-Merkel Meet in the Changing Global Scene

PM Modi’s Kashmir Strategy Implications & Expectations

Asia-Africa Growth Corridor- Can it be a game changer?

U.S. President’s Visit to Saudi: Takeaways for the World

May 2017

Labour Bureau Reports: Highs and Lows

Religious beliefs V/S Constitutional Morality: Challenges for Republic of India

Can Russia help India Secure NSG Berth?

Justice Karnan Saga- Implications for Judicial System

Layoffs in IT firms: Reasons and Gravity

Jammu and Kashmir: Role of Media

New Banking Ordinance: What will be the Impact?

Can Global Trade Survive Protectionist Onslaught in the Western World

Farm Loan Waivers

Takeaways from Turnbull’s India Visit

April 2017

Niti Aayog’s Vision for New India: Will it Transform the Economy?

Takeaways from Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina’s India Visit

Death Sentence to Kulbhushan Jhadav: what are the option before India?

Is Aadhar Data Prone to Misuse?

March 2017

Election Reporting by Indian Media

Takeaways from India-China Strategic Dialogue

Developments in Nagaland

Supreme Court Order on National Anthem

Will Budget 2017 Boost Indian Economy?

Understanding Nagaland Crisis

India-UAE Relations: The Way Ahead

Feb 2017

GST Breakthrough: What’s in it for Indian Economy?

Two years of NITI Aayog

Jan 2017

Should Budget be Postponed in View of Assembly Polls?

Climate Change and Pollution in 2016

Indian Economy in 2016: Problems & Prospects

Judiciary 2016

Rural Economy in 2016

Dec 2016

The Appointment Row: Government Appoints New Army Chief

Can Media Platforms be Alternatives to the Parliament?

Should Indian Startups be given Protection against Foreign Firms?

RBI Policy Review and Demonetisation Fallout

Indo-Pak Tensions: Role of Indian Media

South Asia & Trump- What Sharif Claims & US Response Indicate?

Indo-Pak Tensions- Is it Affecting the Economy?

India Ratifies Climate Treaty- What does it mean for India and the World?

Nov 2016

Is Indian Economy under Stress?

Judiciary Vs Executive: How to Overcome the Distrust?

Diplomatic Challenges after Surgical Strikes?

Army Strikes Across LOC: Fall Out?

Merging Budgets: What are the Benefits?

Oct 2016

PM at ASEAN and East Asia Forum: Takeaways?

Indus Water Treaty: Can it become the Handle?

Uri Attacks: Diplomatic Options & Challenges

Is G20 Summit an Exercise in Futility?

Sep 2016

Forces in Siachen: Should there be a Re-Think?

Indo-US Strategic ties: Where is it Heading?

Defence Blacklisting policy: Will procurement improve?

Urjit Patel- Challenges before the New RBI Governor?

Judicial Appointments and RTI: Should it be Allowed?

India-Pakistan and Balochistan: What’s the Narrative?

Vajpayee’s Path on Kashmir: What does it mean?

Aug 2016

Judicial Appointments- Why is it Still Eluding Solution?

Raghuram Rajan’s Last Policy: What’s his Legacy?

Irom Sharmila and AFSPA Debate- Where is it Heading?

GST Constitutional Amendment Cleared: What’s the Road Ahead?

GST- Future and Implications

25 years of Economic Liberalisation: Where are we Heading?

Revamping BCCI as per Lodha Committee Report: How viable?

July 2016

Supreme Court Verdict on Arunachal Pradesh

Uniform Civil Code: Where does one begin?

South China Sea: Impact of Tribunal Verdict

New Education Policy: Highlights and Hitches

India-Africa ties: Where are they heading?

Naga Leader Isak Chisi Swu Dead: State of Peace Accord?

June 2016

The Big Picture – Britain votes to exit EU: Implications?

The Big Picture -How to Widen the Tax Base?

The Big Picture – How important is it for India to be part of NSG?

The Big Picture – How Food Inflation will affect Economy?

The Big Picture – PM Modi’s US Visit: What’s on the table?

The Big Picture – Africans Under Attack: Racism or Law and Order Problem?

May 2016

The Big Picture – Exit Polls: Have they become Guessing Games?

The Big Picture – Geospatial Information Regulation Bill: How can Pakistan object?

The Big Picture – SC Upholds Criminal Defamation – Effect on Free Speech

The Big Picture – Violence Against Cattle Traders: Is it Harming the Rural Economy?

The Big Picture – Drought & Water Scarcity: Impact on Livelihood & Migration

The Big Picture – India-Pak Ties: Has The Dialogue Resumed?

The Big Picture – IPL and Water Issue: Tokenism or Real Concern?

The Big Picture – Vacancies and Pending Cases in Courts: What’s The Solution?

April 2016

The Big Picture – Tackling the NPA Explosion: Privatisation or Bankruptcy Bill

The Big Picture – Crowd Management in Temples: Lessons from Kollam Fire

The Big Picture – B R Ambedkar: Mascot or Philosopher?

The Big Picture – Safeguarding Minority Rights: Role of Judiciary

The Big Picture – Simultaneous Elections: Is it Legally and Practically Possible?

The Big Picture – RSTV Media Manthan – Cricket, Nationalism and Media

The Big Picture – FDI in E-Commerce – whom will it Benefit?

March 2016

The Big Picture – Bhagat Singh: Legacy & Nationalism

The Big Picture – Will Reservation in Private Sector Stem Naxalism?

The Big Picture – GST Bill: Why is it Still Not Passed?

Desh Deshantar – Implications of Russian Troop Withdrawal From Syria

The Big Picture – Vijay Mallya Affair: Where Does The Larger Malaise Lie?

The Big Picture – World Culture Festival: NGT Order, Defiance, Outcome

February 2016

The Big Picture – Legislative Backing for Aadhaar: How will it help?

The Big Picture – Railway Budget: What’s On Offer?

The Big Picture – Political Debates on Campuses: Is it Necessary?

The Big Picture – Writing off Bad Bank Loans

The Big Picture – Smart Cities Project: How has it Shaped up?

The Big Picture – 10 years of MGNREGA: How successful?

The Big Picture – Raghuram Rajan’s red flag on GDP

January 2016

The Big Picture – Rupee weakens, stock markets crash: Crisis or an opportunity?

The Big Picture – Sanction against Iran ends: Impact on India and the World

The Big Picture – University: Has autonomy and dissent become a casualty

The Big Picture – State of Indian Agriculture & Rural Economy

The Big Picture- How will the new crop insurance benefit the farmer

The Big Picture- Future of Indian Education

The Big Picture – Challenges for ‘Make in India’

The Big Picture- Juvenile Justice Bill

December 2015

The Big Picture – Qualifications for elections: Violation of Right to Equality?

Court-monitored CBI probes: Is judiciary overstepping its brief?

Pollution in Metros: Practical options on Pollution

Is our lifestyle impacting weather?

GDP numbers & Monetary Policy

Values & Teaching of Guru Nanak


Rajya Sabha Debate Videos

On Rajya Sabha TV, there are many programs coming up every day. Among them is “THE BIG PICTURE”, where a discussion on various government issues, policies and programs are dealt in detail. It has experts from government departments and ministries other than eminent personalities and subject experts from varied fields.

UPSC basically frames questions based on opinion and they require generalist approach rather than facts. These debates and discussions will give you various dimensions from an expert point of view. Moreover, you will also get the opinion of government officials and ministers, that means more or less the opinion and stand of government itself.

When UPSC asks such questions, one is required to present his/her opinion. But one’s opinion should not be biased, rather it should be a balanced one. So, what do you mean by Balanced Opinion?

It means when Government is coming up with any policy or law, as an administrator one should weigh both the pros and cons of an issue and make sure that the larger public good is given due importance.

By going through these debates one can generate various opinions that are not the case when one reads any newspaper editorials or articles. Henceforth, we are presenting all important discussions in a lucid and comprehensive manner so that an aspirant who is unable to listen or follow this discussion due to Digital Divide (or for a person from a remote area), should not miss out on the opportunity for such important discussions.

What is there in Rajya Sabha Debate Videos

  • Discussions on various socio-economic and political discourses.
  • It gives you various opinions on such topics from experts who are many a times government officials or subject experts.
  • Analyzing an issue from multiple-dimensions becomes difficult while reading articles but when we see live discussions, get loads of quality information and dimensions in less time.

NOTE: Highly recommended from Mains point of view and generating one’s opinion on important issues. This will also help in your Interview.


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      All the Best !!

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      We planned to cover these issues in our Think and Learn and Important Articles for Mains section. Don’t worry

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    PLease do an analysis of UNSC reforms

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