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IASbaba Press Information Bureau 10th to 15th December, 2017



Launch of NIC-CERT

(Topic: Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources)

Why: As part of its Digital India initiatives, the Government has introduced a lot of its services online. Although this has made services very accessible to the citizens, it has also exposed them to the threats and vulnerabilities which are an inherent part of cyberspace. Therefore,it necessitates the requirement to upscale the existing security infrastructure.

Objective: Creating a comprehensive framework that integrates world class security components and inbuilt threat intelligence for detection, prevention and incident response.

  • Using the tools the team will correlate events that would help in generating a canvas of the attack surface and identify the vulnerabilities and possible exploits.
  • The gathered intelligence assimilated with the knowledge of the open web would give the CERT the ability prevent and predict attacks.
  • NIC’s PAN-India connectivity and reach is one of its key strengths and this coupled with its enhanced ability to detect and prevent attacks would collectively upscale the Government’s ability to protect its data.

Launch of LaQshya| लक्ष्य’’ – Labour Room Quality Improvement Initiative

(Topic: Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources)

What: Safe Delivery Mobile Application for health workers who manage normal and complicated deliveries in the peripheral areas

Goal: Reduce preventable maternal and new-born mortality, morbidity and stillbirths associated with the care around delivery in Labour room and Maternity OT and ensure respectful maternity care.

  • Improving the quality of care in Labour rooms especially on the day of birth, is central to maternal and neonatal survival.
  • LaQshya is expected to improve the quality of care that is being provided to the pregnant mother in the Labour Room and Maternity Operation Theatres, thereby preventing the undesirable adverse outcomes associated with childbirth.

Safe Delivery Application

  • mHealth tool that can be used for health workers who manage normal and complicated deliveries in the peripheral areas.
  • The application has Clinical Instruction films on key obstetric procedures which can help the health workers translate their learnt skills into practice.
  • It can play a pivotal role in training, post training reinforcement, mentoring and demonstration.

Universal Health Coverage (UHC): Ensuring that everyone has access to the health care they need without suffering financial hardship.

  • It has been called “the single most powerful concept that public health has to offer”.
  • In December 2012, the United Nations passed a landmark resolution endorsing universal health coverage.
  • In September 2015, the achievement of UHC was enshrined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a key target to be reached by 2030.
  • UHC Day, first commemorated on 12 December 2014, marks the anniversary of the landmark UN resolution.

India and Morocco sign agreements for cooperation in Water Resources, Road and Marine Sectors

(Topic: India and its neighborhood- relations)

The two countries also signed and exchanged the following MoUs /Agreements

  • MoU on cooperation in the field of Water Resources;
  • Agreement to establish cooperation between Indian Maritime University (IMU) and Higher Institute of Maritime Studies (ISEM) of Morocco;
  • Framework Agreement for Cooperation in Training between the National Ports Agency (NPA) of Morocco and the Indian Maritime University (IMU); and
  • Cooperation Framework Agreement between the Institute of Training in Engines and Road Maintenance of Morocco (IFEER) and Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (IAHE)

Cabinet approves

Signing of MoU between India and Colombia in the field of agriculture and fisheries

The MoU provides for cooperation in the following fields of agriculture and Fisheries:

  • Innovative agricultural practices/approaches,
  • New agricultural mechanizations,

Successful models of agricultural marketing

  • To develop projects in association with agricultural companies for production of seed,
  • Innovative production models and value generation processes in horticulture(vegetables, fruits and flowers),
  • Exchange of information/exchange visits of SPS experts,

Jatropha and Karaya

Cooperation in research in oil seeds and oil palm

  • Marine Industrial Fishing, Aqua-culture and Research & Training in the field of Fisheries,
  • Small and large ruminants (cattle, sheep, goat) and pigs productivity, diseases and diagnostics and
  • Pork processing and value addition. 

Agreement with UNESCO on establishment of International Training Centre for Operational Oceanography in Hyderabad

(Topic: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests)

  • To establish a training centre towards development of capacity for the countries on the Indian Ocean Rim (IOR), African countries bordering the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, small island countries under the framework of UNESCO.
  • The operational oceanography is an activity of conducting systematic oceanographic studies towards providing information services to various sectors viz. fisherman, disaster management, shipping, ports, coastal states, navy, coast guard, environment, offshore industries for conducting their day-to- day operations.
  • Benefits –
    • Will provide an opportunity for India to emerge as a leading country in the Indian Ocean
    • Help India to forge cooperation and improve engagement among the counties of the Indian Ocean, including South Asian and African states bordering the Indian Ocean.
    • The establishment of the centre would respond to the worldwide increasing need to build technical and management capacity to address marine and coastal sustainability issues and prepare the region for and react efficiently to marine natural hazards.
    • Contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goal-14 (SDG 14) related to building marine scientific research capacity in geographical area of the Centre responsibility which will also fulfill the commitments to support Small Island Developing States, Least Developed Countries.
    • Improve skill of students and other participants which will increase the employment opportunities within and outside India.
    • Increase ancillary development leading to employment generation in India

Please Note:

  1. 60 MW Tuitial Hydroelectric Power Project: Mizoram
  2. SAGAR – Security and Growth for All in the Region
  3. Green Alternative initiative – a roadmap to make Nigeria self-sufficient in agriculture and a major exporter of agricultural products
  4. National Energy Conservation Day: 14th December, 2017
  • By Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under Ministry of Power
  • Aim: To demonstrate India’s achievements in energy efficiency and conservation, while working for its ambition of holistic development as part of the nation’s overall effort towards climate change mitigation
  • BEE recognizes and encourages endeavours of industries in reducing energy consumption by felicitating them with National Energy Conservation Awards.

5. Human Rights Day observed on 10 December every year commemorates the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. India is a signatory to several of the core international human rights and International Labour Organizations conventions.

6. Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD): Located at Sriperimbudur (Tamilnadu), it is a premier institution for training, research, extension and outreach initiatives on youth issues.

  • RGNIYD has been declared as an “Institute of National Importance” through enactment of RGNIYD Act, 2012.
  • Brought out the India Youth Development Index and Report 2017 which is a pioneering attempt made by the Institute in 2010 and followed it up with the India Youth Development Index in 2017


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