Press Information Bureau for IAS UPSC Exam

Press Information Bureau for IAS/UPSC Exam



Here you will get weekly compilations of PIB releases and features. We will give you the most important articles to be read from PIB. Aspirants spend too much time navigating through PIB and even miss the news to be followed. We will update this section every week. The compilations will help you segregate the topics according to General Studies Papers-Mains.

Importance of PIB

  • Programmes and Policy initiatives/updates of Government on daily basis- If you miss in newspapers

  • Features: Selective articles on important personalities and their contribution. Also, you will find important historical accounts.
  • Since it is released by the government, adds authenticity to the facts and figures. 


Oct 2017

Sep 2017

Aug 2017

July 2017

June 2017

May 2017

April 2017

March 2017

Feb 2017

Jan 2017

Dec 2016

Nov 2016

Oct 2016

Sep 2016

Aug 2016

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

March 2016

February 2016

January 2016



JULY 2015

JUNE 2015

MAY 2015

APRIL 2015

  • akash randev

    can you provide May week-3 and week-4 compilations too?

    • @akash_randev:disqus

      Yes akash. We will update this till June tomorrow. 🙂

      • AKASH

        sir! can you please provide the compilations ? 🙂 Thanks in advance.

        • Sure…will post it tomorrow 🙂

          • AKASH

            sir!!*with all due respect* when will you tomorrow come?

          • Sorry for the delay 🙁

          • Akhil

            Mention not baba.
            You are the real e-superhero everyone needs.

          • Thank You for the support Akhil 🙂 We are trying our best but then some mistakes here and there due to overload of work

          • AKASH

            It’s ok BABA…take your time.
            according to some people “my words are not encouraging,in fact,far from it.”

            Even if you feel the same…I apologize !

          • IASbaba

            No issue Akash 🙂 Cheers

            Even if you wrote it, doesn’t mean you meant it 🙂 Sometimes we write but not from heart. Your way might be a bit direct but its ok. For us, work matters and when we couldn’t complete it on time, we regret too.

            BTW we have updated till May. Soon, full JUNE will be updated.

          • Urvashi Saini

            Hi Akash! I hope you are preparing well.. I have just a little piece of advice for you.. Why dont you go through PIB, then come here and read what IAS Baba has analysed regarding it… This will be then your revision and will not stress you and will clear what was imp in the PIB news… And one more our mentor are always ready to guide us.. we should never give them deadline for their humble support. Thank you.

          • AKASH

            Hi Urvashi! I go through all the PIB features and in case of other releases (selectively),in fact PIB is an integral part of my preparation.
            That’s why i wanted IAS baba to update this that I could read what IAS Baba posted after analysing that stuff.
            Anyways thanks for the piece of advice.

          • Akhil

            Bhai you’re words are not encouraging,infact,far from it. Please mellow down a bit. The coaching factories even after extracting ₹ in excess of lakhs don’t provide this kind of guidance and feedback.

          • Didn’t get you. Not encouraging?

          • AKASH

            Bhai!I can understand..i requested BABA…just read my comment!
            with all regards i just asked ,when will this section be updated!

  • sanatan kumar

    Sir .If you can also provide the hindu gist

  • manoj joshi

    sir please provide gist of hindu. it really very time consuming to read and interpret critically

    • follow Baba’s Daily Current Affairs. The Hindu is covered there

      • manoj joshi

        sir is it enough to avoid the hindu completely by approaching baba’s daily current affairs

        • ANSHIKA

          I dont think it is ,right approach, baba’s current affairs can be used as supplement but u still need to read Hindu for editorials and other minute details

  • Pragati Sharma

    baba kya yeh sachmuch satyug aa gya hai kya?

    • Why?

      • Pragati Sharma

        as u providing education (shiksha) free of cost 🙂 in this consumerist and capitalist world

  • Pragati Sharma

    baba one request .. if you can provide the gist/summary of Economic survey

  • Tejas Suthar

    Plz provide original article’s link , though u have given good compilation but still let us dig our own gold from mine , it helps building thoughts when u read original article

  • Saurabh Raghuvanshi

    sir why are you not updating this section. June and July issues are pending.

  • amit

    baba, can you incorporate the PIB and Yojana gist in your monthly magazine from the coming months? it will be immensely helpful and convenient.

    • We are giving Yojana magazine as separate. Monthly magazine will be different..

      • amit

        What about PIB gist?
        Can you provide a pdf for same if possible?


    baba ji ke charno me mera koti-koti pranam…… really baba ji tussi GREAT ho….i love ur site..:)

    • Thank You Mukesh. Welcome to the community 😀

  • mns

    The site really looks great!!..keep up the excellent work IASbaba:)..

  • runner4life

    babaji , do you plans to update this before prelims?

    • hehehe…Yes for sure. But do not worry about the update. We are already covering it for prelims. For Mains it will be useful

      • runner4life

        Thanks..:) And sorry for pestering you with such demands. Appreciate everything that you are doing for us..:)

  • amit

    baba, i am planning to read history from tamilnadu state books, 11th-12th. is it good or should i go with ncert? Plz guide.

    • Read from either of them..both are equally good..

      • amit

        ok, thanks!

  • amit

    baba ji, can you provide a pdf for environment and sci-tech related current affairs for pre-2015,Plz ?

    • dear amit
      we have started late so couldn’t do it…but we are covering all important issues of current affairs in our prelims will surely help

      • amit

        ok thanks baba. by the way, i am already following it and it is of great help indeed. thank you so much.

  • amit

    Baba, I have started preparing for csat only two months ago. came to know about your site and started following it. Most of my doubts/questions/queries have been answered at this site.But I have few more.
    My problem is that I am a working professional and lives at outskirts of Pune.I am able to devote only 4 hours daily at home. I do read news paper, your current affairs and solve your test at the office itself. I get only one weekly off and on that day i study for 6-7 hours. Will it suffice if i am targeting csat-2016. More than 4 hours study on daily basis is possible only when i reduce my sleep to 5-6 hours, which i am finding very difficult to do at this moment. what should i do?
    The next issue is the unavailability of Hindu in my locality. I am receiving it after two days and from last few days it is not available at all in my location. What should i do? should i go for any alternate news paper or should try to read Hindu online? TOI and Indian express is available here.
    My next question is that do i need to subscribe Chronicle or any other magazine for current affairs, as i noticed that each and every topic is not covered in your daily current affairs dose. baba, would also like to know whether will you provide these current affairs article in the complied form at the end of the month?
    other than this waiting eagerly for your detailed preparation plan for 2016 along with a guide to help aspirants like us in choosing optional?
    baba, Plz guide.

    • amit

      baba ji, plzzzz reply.

    • Sugar

      @ Amit
      i am having the exact same conditions except that i have facility of The Hindu.
      i am also targeting for 2016! Can I have your email id !! so that i can discuss something on planning i have no one here for one to one discussions.

  • dark matter

    very useful initiative thnx baba for all d efforts

  • suraj

    Your site is going to rock one day,just keep improving daily.

  • sukhjinder kaur

    Sir..when you will upload the next PIB information?

  • idiot bandar

    pib and yojna gist section of the site is not getting updated. plz look into it as well. I m want to take this site as one stop preparation.
    though I understand that u guys are really working hard, but you yourself has to be blamed to raise our expectations of your offering (which is always of best quality).
    baba plz apni divya dristi apne sare initiative par daliye.

  • shravan Mail

    when will be the august issue will be posted. waiting eagerly



      • shravan Mail

        all are available on the site… see at the top. i had downloaded the yojana not PIB. i can send that to u

  • Tanu Singh

    August Issue Baba ji :)….?

  • shravan Mail

    baba kuch karo…. missing PIB can b deadly for us



  • PS

    Please provide us with the august portion, much needed!

  • Ashish

    Sir you are doing great job ; a great thanks

  • Ankur

    August-September issue?

  • shravan Mail

    October aa gaya baba 🙁 update this imp section

  • Rajneesh Raj

    Hope this section will be updated soon sir ..

  • DSR

    Sir… will you guys be reinvigorating this initiative of yours?

  • mansi

    Thank you sir so much

  • sir aug & sep

  • dexter morgan

    update please.

  • Apu

    Plz update it ..

  • Ravz

    Babaji please update for August and September issues…. Eagerly waiting..

  • Civils Aspirant

    @iasbaba:disqus baba can u update this section pls

  • shravan Mail

    @iasbaba:disqus highly disappointed …. thinking of quitting now this website as the important sections are not being updated since long and so many repetitive requests.

  • Sonam

    sir, pls update this section as well.. 🙂

  • Virendra Yadav

    Update pls


    Hi Admin, Pls update asap … we are in dire need for mains..

  • Anarchy

    Babaji, atleast let us know whether this section has been discontinued of not?….Please.?

  • shravan Mail

    ya plz atleast inform that it will be published or not

  • Shubham Vijay

    paise chhapne me busy hai naa..isiliye no updates..

  • Ajay Devgan

    @iasbaba:disqus August and Sept PIB issues?

  • swosti panda

    Please update this section.

  • devesh

    please update this section baba ji atleast for test series

  • Soujit Saha

    Sir please provide August & September PIB issues…Thank you…

  • Witty S

    Sir please provide August & September PIB issues…Thank you…

  • satyajit swain

    thank u baba…i was desperately waiting for this…nd plz keep updating this section baba…do not stop in between…a kind request…

  • Hari

    Please Provide Aug, Sep and Oct Issues of PIB as well

  • Hari

    Also can you please make a compilation for the Science Reporter magazine as well similiar to that of Yojana Q&A format, So that it would be very much useful for us.

  • LP Yadav

    please update pib on regular basis

  • harsh bhadouria

    keep going like this….but pls keep it on a regular basis(pib)

  • Lol

    Plz keep updating this section regularly.

  • Manoj Kumar

    tanx baba

  • Hi baba i need septmber and october pib notes baba please

  • Rise Up

    thanx a lot baba ji

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    Thankx baba ji

  • Prakhar Srivastava

    sir, i am an ardent reader of IASbaba and follow it religiously, but i am very sorry to say the site is not showing updated and consolidated content at a single place …. for instance.. right now when m typing this as a feedback .. pib for 2nd week of Jan. 2016 is not visible yet … though you n your team ahve done it … i too like the rest got it on my email and have to seperately go through it ….
    similar is the case with other sections too like daily current affairs ….

    just as a feedback, hope this gets corrected ASAP …..

    • Prakash

      Always check your cache and clear it regularly. It may be because of that since we update the archives regularly

      • Prakhar Srivastava

        roger that sir …… #prakhar …;)(y)

      • Prakhar Srivastava

        sir, i received a link from IASbaba for ‘the man ‘, ‘wonder pillars’, ‘test mail ‘ etc. , but when i tried to access these mails, i saw a remark, that stated like, “content not available ” sort ….
        sir, what was all this about ?? or will these be posted again (me eager, considering the high worth of your study materials ) when will i be able to access them ???

        • It was a coding error. Sorry for the inconvenience

          • Prakhar Srivastava

            ohkkkz …. not a problem sir ….

  • Rangrezz

    even though all your Section is Awesome Baba Ji…particularly this section …whenever i open i wish to say Thanks to you many many time….

  • Raghu

    Sir many articles are being left out in pib value added, I request u to be more precise and cover more , thanking u!

  • Lancer

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  • vjay

    Amazing work..very helpful for various state services exams.

  • son

    Sir you have not covered a major hydrocarbon policy released in march2016

    • sudhir

      Well this the problem with notes made by someone else ,but the initiative is good one

      • ILP- KUNA3885 (thevagabond85)

        if you would have followed daily current affair analysis – you won’t be saying that.

    • ILP- KUNA3885 (thevagabond85)

      it’s covered in daily current affair analysis.

  • ILP- KUNA3885 (thevagabond85)

    there’s kink b/w Aug to Oct, 2015

  • Shivanshi

    Aug Sep oct Pib archives are not there in the list

  • Karthik_(KK)

    It’s gold mine! Thank you???


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    Please provide may last week pin notes it is not there????

  • Kanta Verma

    baba ji aapka jitna thanks kare utna kam h……..:)
    thanks a lot….

    • Meet Joshi

      hmm 🙂
      we have to utilize n analyse and discover for our study those things they give…

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      pre kaisa hua kanta ji

      • Kanta Verma

        Acha ho gya……

  • deepika kushwaha

    thanku soooooo much babaji for the pib week wise initiative.. m highly indebted.thanx a lot .

  • John

    thanks for these compilations.. u guys are amazing.. do we have such compilations for prs also? 🙂

  • Ajay Agarwal

    how to save the pdf of PIB compilation
    I am not getting the option to save the file

  • Thank you so much!!

  • John

    Dear IASBaba, can you please post the PIB compilation of 1st week of October 🙂

  • ಅಲೋಕ್ ಕಳಗಿ

    Dear BABA ,PIB compilations pls

  • diya

    IASBABA please post pib compilations of october


    WHERE IS PIB COLLECTION OF 3rd week of October. ?



    • som

      very pertinent question



  • inferno

    i believe compilation for the period 17.10.2016 – 23.10.2016 was missed inadvertently

  • Kachra

    babaji please post pib after 20 Nov-2016



  • Abhi

    babaji, pls continue PIB

  • Baba…PIBs …..please

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    @iasbaba:disqus Please post PIB news after 20.11.2016…..please babaji…..



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    PIB please. we non coaching guys depend on you… please ,every question makes difference.

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    why u stopped posting PIB?it was highly beneficial ,plz continue it

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    please make the compilations of PIB….so that it’ll b useful fr revising n reading


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    have u stopped this initiative ???

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    Babaji please continue this awesome initiative.. don’t stop..

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    please baba weekly PIB after November please upload..

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    Babaji… Please enlighten us with your PIB compilations… Waiting for your December issue!!

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    please upload December 2016 pib

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    Please continue this initiative. In the last prelims pib and hindu were almost the sole sources. Please, please babaji….

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    Please re-start this worthy initiative.

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    Hello admin,
    Please upload pending and ongoing pib compilations..

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    Thank you

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    Sir please post December (Last 2 weeks) and January compilation too. we are eagerly awaiting.

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  • You are awesome baba Jee… Truely awesome..

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    Does anyone for pub.admin optional 2017???
    if there’s any useful groups/sources i would be thankful to know….!!!

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    pls provide feb pib

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    • Jagadeesh Mathapati

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    Daily update at 8 am..Seems interesting

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    Unable to download Dec docs.. navigation pdf tab is not working..!Thanks..!

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    Thank you

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    GOD bless u……

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