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  • July 7, 2019
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10 Rules of Success:

All of us are striving for success. Success is not just about attaining to a particular goal. Success is more a way of life; success is a mindset. Throughout our lives we keep searching for the mental certainty through which we can feel successful. How do we in reality get to this successful mindset? What are the rules of success? Let’s look at some of them.

1) Firstly, success begins and ends with you. Although external circumstances can either make it easier or difficult to succeed. Largely, success depends on you and you alone.

2) Success is not just knowing how to do something well. Success is learning how to handle yourself when things are not going right. Success is, more than anything else, knowing how to handle situations, and handle yourself in those situations.

3) You cannot succeed without effort and sacrifice. Success that comes easy and without letting go of anything will not last. Success will always ask you to pay a price. Knowing what that price is and paying it fully is a sure way of reaching to success.

4) You have to define the true definition of success. If your definition of success is simply what you have borrowed from people around you, you will never truly feel successful. Without your own personal definition of success, even if you succeed, you will still feel like a failure.

5) Success is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Always consider long term impact of your decisions. Real success is always some ways ahead in the future – you have to have a long term approach and strategy to get to it.

6) Your success will hurt someone. There is no such thing called as a success where everybody is happy. Your success will hurt somebody and you should be ok with it. If you cannot hurt somebody, you cannot get to success. This might sound rude, but it is a fact of life. Try to please everybody and you will end up nowhere.

7) Don’t keep chasing success. Design your life in such a way that success will chase you. Success is pure science, it follows certain laws. If you are able to master those laws, then success will follow you.

8) Success is a mathematical formula; it does not know good and bad, or right and wrong. Success is blind to all emotions and experiences. Success is simply knowing your life as scientifically as possible and assisting in its progress. This is why, not all success leads to happiness.

9) Success is directly proportional to the amount of courage you possess. Very rarely does one attain to real success by playing it safe. There will always be some element of risk involved in trying to reach to success. If you don’t want to risk anything, then success is not for you.

10) There are no failures in life, everybody succeeds in some way. So relax and enjoy the journey.

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