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  • January 19, 2020
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The Undivided Truth:

Life makes sense only when looked at in totality. In the hopes of understanding a flower, we can pluck it from the plant, chop its petals, put it under a microscope and try to analyze it. This will not get us any closer to understanding the true nature of a flower; instead, we would have killed the very possibility of understanding what a flower is.

A flower makes sense only when it is on the plant – it has no independent function or purpose separate from the plant. If a flower is just an extension of the plant, how can we hope to understand anything about it by detaching and disconnecting it from the plant? This detached and disconnected way of analyzing our life and our place in the universe is the single biggest flaw in our approach to solving the mystery of who we are. 

Analysis is a limited tool that can only be used to know more about something we already know. We can put a grain of salt under a microscope and analyze its chemical composition, because we already know what we are looking for. Analysis might help us to know the chemical composition of a grain of salt, but it can never answer important philosophical questions like, Why is a grain of salt salty? Is the saltiness of the salt inherently in the salt or is it in the tongue? Why should there even be such a thing as a grain of salt?

Answers to the all-important questions of Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we the way we are? What is the purpose of life? can never be answered through analysis. If Truth is what we are searching for, then it’s got to be undivided. How can we ever hope to get to the undivided Truth of what we are, if we are so obsessed with the idea of dividing and analyzing the broken pieces of life?

The only way to know life is to look at it in totality. The nature of reality we are surrounded by on the outside gives us great clues to the nature of reality within us. There is a reason why we dream about birds, and there is a reason why we are fascinated to see one flying in the open sky. That reason is what we are searching for.

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