Catharsis -Unlock Your Talent & Creativity: “Corona: A blessing in disguise” by PRAVEEN KATIYAR!

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  • April 29, 2020
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Catharsis- IASbaba’s Creative Minds
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Catharsis -Unlock Your Talent & Creativity

Hello Friends,

You must be aware of the term ‘catharsis’. It is the process of releasing and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

Recently we have launched a new initiative by the name Catharsis -Unlock Your Talent & Creativity!

Today’s work is “Corona: A blessing in disguise” by PRAVEEN KATIYAR!

Well done, Keep it up !!


Corona: A blessing in disguise!

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1-Modi ji, Trump & Xinping alike, running amuck knowing nothing in precise; Corona’s novelty has thrown such a dice that the magnificent Humans have to hide in homes like  scared little mice…(Idea: Survival of the fittest is the law reminiscent, who ever stays home is a ‘Champ’ at present!)

Lets get serious now:

2-Limping democracy, failing culture & education system is awfully stale; real chaos is simmering in this crisis to consume everyone & i hope that someone sensible remained to tell this disgraceful tale…

(Idea: It is just a start of  the realization that we have not yet started in the right direction!)

3-Racketeering, profiteering, laundered money, biased decisions, etc.,  is the order the day; it is not enough to be just grumpy about when everybody important  is made to man the important positions but without any say.(Idea: Make them accountable! )

4- Corruption is rampant, so is the cowardice amongst the people of importance-who could have a say when they would say; this system is biased against the weak certainly and the powerful ones always easily get away…(Idea: Make the thieves accountable and pay back. Media is unable to ask right questions. Alas!!!)

5-Ideologies of political parties seldom corroborate with what they say; they are all opportunity mongers as whenever the Sun shine they come out to make their hay…

(Idea: I hope that there are exceptions.)

6-Anarchy often lurks behind the facade of strict authority ; the rulers must not lose its humane face & sincerely set right its priority… (Idea: Ugly show off of power with vulgarity is dangerous! Tread carefully as the crazy times is a double edged sword…)

7-Weapons, missiles & this constant race to show off our destructive deterrence might; humanity is doomed if this enmity sucks away our energy for a constructive fight…( Idea: WORLD WAR 3 is imminent and that will not be because of ‘conflict of interest’ but because of ‘conflict to survive’!)

8-Life makes sense only when it embraces the beauty of chance by dispelling the evil of control; humanity has done so far so well in preparing the ground for 3rd world war, that’s on the roll…( Idea: Nothing is permanent as per the theory of evolution. This retaliation by nature for striking a balance was long overdue…)

9- We mistook our capacities to know all the magic’s to produce more & more; the time is right to give up the ignorance and realize that nature could only fulfill our needs & not greed for sure…(idea: Simple life is a bliss!)

10-I don’t need a Mercedes if my neighbor owns a Maruti car; my desires are as deceptive as at school was my progress report card…

(Idea: Easy to understand if only you can relate with this. Meaning of success is just misconstrued…)

11-Selling the dreams of a rising Sun when actually it has been slowly setting ; only the sellers of those dreams are amassing wealth & the buyers are habituated to be always wanting…

(Idea: “Apple” khao khud jaan jao! There is no need to buy unnecessary things..)

12- There is no need to build a ‘Trillion $’ company rather the need is to support a thousand ‘Billion $’ ones; Indians can surpass the ones like Apple & Amazon when the right leadership comes…

(Idea: Imposing ‘Conspicuous consumption’ habits in the 3rd world middle class is the core philosophy of western world! )

13-Indians no more have to live in disgrace and subjugation, so please quit taking pride in working beyond the walls; it is time for ‘Ghar- Vapsi’ mere Yaaron, as our country needs your service most of all…

(Idea: watch film ‘Swades’, a simple yet powerful lesson to learn.)

14-Indians have always taken pride in being the soldiers serving the cause of the Capitalists’ might, where the employees had to slog for ever for the sake of their employer’s self aggrandizing fight(cause)…

(Idea: India used to be the land of Sages, making sacrifices to purify their soul used to be their daily routine… Ponder upon the fact, if you can.)

15- Rope in people like ‘Nadela and please bring the commanders like ‘ Sundar Pichhai’; there is a lot to do in our desperate country, we just need some honest intentions & clearer insights…(Idea: Harness the lost potential!)

16-Globalisation has been a lost game, as we have been bullied by them really rough; it doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game, so lets pledge to find a win-win order for ourselves, as we have already had enough!

(Idea: Desperate times desperate measures! Need to adopt “India first” approach! Feed us, teach us, empower us to the core first!!!)

17- We can change everything, only if we want the things not to remain the same; we can only do this together & we can surely defeat them in their own game!

(Idea:Accept ‘Sadharan Swadeshi’, simple living high thinking…war against capitalist consumerism is needed, it is suffocating poor Indians.)

18-Brand is “a brand” because of expensive branding, but the value of those goods their utility must decide; lets end this culture of       ‘ mad-consumption’ today, then tomorrow for everyone’ s sleep there will be good night…

( Idea: Simple is beautiful, tasty and healthy. Daal Roti khao aur Parmaatma ke gun gao.)

19-Don’t you commercialize everything please don’t you strive for just the financial growth; fending for the purity of your soul is a saintly task, but it will nurture the interests of you & your generations-both!

(Idea: Best things come free! Oneness with nature is divine and priceless, so better desist from this mad race of commercializing everything.)

20- Dreams of material wealth is a perpetual vanity and definitely a painful never ending troll; our generations will have to bear the burden of our dissatisfied unscrupulous souls…

(Idea: We just don’t need to eat more than we need!)

21-The hardships of the ‘poor’ are real & their helplessness is staring us right in our face; poverty is a viscous cycle after all & only together we can build for all a livable happy space…

(Idea: Sadbhaav poorn Samriddha Saarthakta= principle of SSS.)

22-The nature’s rebound is bound to happen but unknown is its nature and character; nothing overwhelms its’ ‘coping capacity’ provided this reasoning excludes the selfish human factor…

(Idea: Minus ‘Human  Centricity’ and everything becomes sustainable!)

23-Absolute power corrupts absolutely, is a fact only a few could deny; the myth of human superiority is about to get busted & to all our races this rule applies!

(Idea: Jiyo aur Jine do! All the life forms are precious.)

24-Source of Elite’s freedom have been the poor hapless slaves & their luxuries are guaranteed by the misery of the weaker lot; trends of ‘Capitalism’ can’t go any further & a need for a revamped economic system demands some real ‘food for thought’…

(Idea: It is all about the Economy in the end, so why not make a better model that works for all and feeds all! )

25-Crisis has a way of bringing to the fore, the issues, that are easy to ignore in good times; if the desperate measures demand us to give away our leisure and some pleasures ,then that would work just fine…(Idea: learn to give & earn the bliss…)

26-“Limits to Growth” is off limits to human ingenuity, is what our arrogant scientists had  once claimed; the nature has shown the signs of saturation & now everyone is to be blamed…(Idea: limits to growth is real!)

27-Humanity has dominated by the biased rules till day; now the time is to reap what we have sown or else we will close fast to our doomsday!

(Idea: Karz chukaana padega…)

28-It is the right time we realised that nothing ever lasts, our future will be gloomy if we don’t repent for our pasts… (Idea: Time to confess & repent!)

29- Our Earth is a super-organism(Hutton), and it is time to respect its ‘evolutionary adaptation’ as its processes are beyond man’s control; the efforts towards ‘Sustainable development’ has been a farce so far, & the repercussions of this rat race to exploit it to the core is gonna be manifold!

(Idea:God is the greatest mathematician and his principles are infallible, so in his Grand design , Man  is just serving as a temporary spec to just connect the dots…the sooner we realize it the better.)

30-SILVER LINING: Survival Instinct of humans is incredible, so is our spirit to strive and thrive; we must not let this gloom to fester our spirits, we just have to consider it as a “blessing in disguise”…(Idea: Together we stand, divided we fall! )

31- I am no better than you & you are not better than me; I have just tried to put things in perspective, so just say ‘AYE’ if you agree with me…


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Praveen Katiyar


Be creative and find your catharsis in whichever form of creativity you are comfortable with. 

It could be anything- a song, a painting, a poem, a story, a dance performance, rangolis, jokes/humor, culinary skills, mimicry and whatnot. There is no limit to creativity. Just unleash and share it with everyone!

Why don’t you share your moments of catharsis with us?

UPSC is not only about academics but personality as well. And your personality is shaped by the creativity that you possess.  

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Thank You


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