IASbaba’s ALL INDIA PRELIMS TEST SERIES (AIPTS) and AIPTS+ (Prelims Test Series with Video Discussions) 2021-ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी) ADMISSIONS OPEN!

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  • May 20, 2020
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IASbaba’s ALL INDIA PRELIMS TEST SERIES (AIPTS) and AIPTS+ (Prelims Test Series with Video Discussions) 2021-ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी) ADMISSIONS OPEN!
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Hello Friends,  
IASbaba is known for its quality coverage and it is a testimony that we have been able to HIT the bull’s eye in Prelims and Mains both over the period of the last 5 years. The closeness and exact repetition of Questions from our Tests needs no mention. This is acknowledged by many Toppers every year.
Well, apart from the fact that many toppers have recommended IASbaba for our quality, the overall results are a testimony of our meticulous planning and dedication towards students.
We try to match the standards set by UPSC in our test series by keeping the questions of mixed difficulty level i.e. easy, moderate, difficult, and very difficult. The overall level of the test is kept a notch higher than UPSC so that students of IASbaba can have an edge and can handle uncertainty much better than the rest. If you are able to maintain a good rank in the IASbaba test series, surely you’ll find the actual paper like a stroll in a park.
As you all know, in recent times the importance of Current Affairs has increased. Keeping this in mind a Current affairs test is kept every 15th day.
This test series caters to both category aspirants – Fresher’s who have just started their preparation and Veterans who have attempted UPSC Prelims before.
If there is one thing that separates a person who qualifies the exam and a person who does not is DISCIPLINE!!  The plan has been designed to bring discipline in your preparation and keep it streamlined. You keep walking this path, and it will take you to your goal.

“The Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary is Practice.. IASbaba’s AIPTS provides you that Perfect Practice Road-Map to reach your Goal !!”


AIPTS – English Question Paper

AIPTS – HINDI (हिंदी) Question Paper

AIPTS – English Solution

AIPTS – HINDI (हिंदी) Solution

Hitting the bull’s eye year after year: IASbaba’s journey so far

In the last four years, ILP has been bang on target with a hit ratio of more than 65%, a figure remarkably high keeping in mind the unpredictable nature of UPSC. With a knack of getting it right ILP has become a reliable name:

Achievements Ranks HIt Ratio IASbaba

Please Note: If you have joined ILP-2021, you don’t have to enroll for AIPTS separately. AIPTS is one of the important features of the ILP Program.



1. ONLINE All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS) – 2021 is available BOTH in ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी).


3. 52 General Studies (Paper 1) Tests + 10 CSAT (Paper 2) Tests. Out of 62 Tests, 42 tests (32 GS + 10 CSAT) are full length (100 Questions) & 20 Current Affairs Tests with 50 Questions per Test.

4. FREQUENCY OF THE TEST: The Tests on Core Subjects are held every 10 Days and Current Affairs Tests are held every 15 days.

5. STANDARD/QUALITY OF THE TESTS: Questions are graded. easy, moderate, difficult and very difficult. The overall level of the test is kept a notch higher than UPSC so that students of IASbaba can have an edge and can handle uncertainty much better than the rest.

6. CSAT TESTS-10 FULL MOCKS – Given the recent trend, one should not take CSAT lightlyWe have meticulously analysed the previous CSAT papers from 2013-2019. Based on that, we have carefully crafted the CSAT papers as per the standard’s, difficulty level and pattern followed by UPSC.

7. DETAILED SOLUTIONS will be provided after each test. The Detailed Solution will also incorporate Techniques to Decipher the Correct Answer (Elimination Technique). The solution document is made very exhaustive and revision friendly at the same time. PDFs of questions and solutions will be sent to registered email ID. It can also be downloaded after taking the tests online. The Detailed Solution itself will act as a Source of learning and Revision.

8. DOUBTS RESOLUTION PAGE- We have a comment section for every question in a TestSo this gives you a scope to clear your doubts which are question-specific. All your doubts will be resolved by IASbaba’s team within 48 hours (maximum).

9. ALL INDIA RANKING – the scores and ranks will be displayed after every test. You can clearly monitor your progress in a continuous manner and get to know where you stand. Since our subscriber base is huge, you will not only get to know the real competition, but will also bring in seriousness and discipline in your preparation. It will keep you on your toes and make you walk the extra-mile’ which is very much important in the journey of UPSC.

10. DETAILED ASSESSMENT OF YOUR PERFORMANCE- For you to analyse your performance we provide 2 tools – Time Analytics and Subject-wise Analytics.

  • As time management is one of the most important factor on the D-Day of the exam.
  • Time Analytics will help you in gauging your efficiency per question. Here, you will be able to know the time you have spent on an individual question, the average time taken by all your peers, and time taken by the topper to solve the same question. This analytics becomes extremely important in both GS and CSAT papers as we believe if you are not able to go through all the questions in the given 2 hours, then it’s a crime! This will also help you in knowing how much time you should spend on the difficult questions, so that you don’t miss out on solving the easier ones.
  • Subject-wise Analytics will help you introspect your strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject. It also helps you in giving more clarity and knowing your subjects better. Based on that, you can work on your weakness and gain more confidence in subjects of your interest.
  • Overall, both the tools will aid you in analysing yourself better interms of the subject and time factor which are two most important factors in cracking UPSC Prelims.


  1. It includes ALL THE FEATURES OF AIPTS (62 Tests)
  2. Additionally, each Prelims test (GS & CSAT) will be followed by Discussion classes of that particular test. The video discussion will be uploaded on the test platform. You can view the discussions any number of times till the day of the UPSC Prelims 2021 Exam.

PLEASE NOTE: The Video Discussions will be available BOTH in ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी).!



  • The Tests are designed such that, you will be prepared to face any kind of question in real-time.
  • The Daily targets/sub-topics that are mentioned in the course plan/schedule are carefully designed considering the learning capacity of students in a day. Adequate time has been given for revision and consolidation.
  • A few thought-provoking previous year’s questions of UPSC will also be covered as UPSC as a knack of picking up concepts covered in previous year question papers of exams conducted by UPSC.
  • As many Toppers have suggested you MUST strictly adhere to the course plan. If you are following it sincerely, you will be able to streamline your preparation, bring disciple in your studies, and be well-prepared for the D-DAY of the Exam!
  • You will cover the syllabus well on time! By Jan end, you can cover all the core subjects. February and March can be used for solving full-length revision tests (revision time) along with starting your CSAT preparation. Then focus on some grey areas like budget, economic survey, map-based questions, and government schemes. Finally, in the last phase, we will condition you to the actual format of UPSC, wherein you get to solve a mix of all the core subjects and Current Affairs along with CSAT Papers.


  • With increasing IMPORTANCE OF CURRENT AFFAIRS (CA) in the exam, we have Current Affairs Test held every 15 days (50 MCQ’s). These 20 Separate CA Tests will help you in quick revision and consolidation. Current Affairs also overlaps with many concepts and topics of core subjects, which will be given due importance in the test series. Example: National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Summits, Reports, Indexes, Personalities, Important Events, Latest Technologies in news etc. will be covered.


  • The FIRST MODULE (July 2020- Jan 2021) – 34 Tests will focus on covering all the CORE SUBJECTS – Polity, History, Economics, Geography, Environment, Science and Technology along with Current Affairs.
  • The SECOND MODULE  REVISION TESTS (Feb 2021- March 2021)- This module focuses on Subject-wise Full-length Tests intended to make the candidates revise the previously covered topics of every core subject.
  • The THIRD MODULE – SPECIAL FOCUS There are some specific topics which are very important from the exam point of view. Atleast 8-10 questions are from these topics every year in UPSC. These include BudgetEconomic Survey, Government Schemes, Map-Based Questions based on geography, events, important locations and places in news.
  • The FORTH MODULE – FULL MOCK TESTS. This phase we call it as Art of Being Prepared’. Now that you have equipped yourself with all the ingredients necessary for the UPSC Prelims Exam in Modules 1, 2, 3; the final touches, polishing and last round of revision is required. In this module, we will condition you to the actual format of UPSC, wherein you get to solve a mix of all the core subjects and Current Affairs. By the end of this module not only will you be confident but also be ready to take up any surprises on the D-Day of the exam!


  • There is no fixed time to take the test. It’s flexible!
  • You can join the PRELIMS TEST SERIES- 2021, There is no deadline!


  • For each test, there will be THREE attempts.
  • Ranks will be calculated based on the very first attempt.
  • Tests will be uploaded on the respective dates as mentioned in the plan.
  • The validity of the tests is from JULY 2020 to June 2021 (or till the day of Prelims 2021, whichever is earlier)
  • You have to take tests/download PDFs between the given period only. In no case, there will be any assistance from our side after the expiry of the program.
  • ILP ONLINE 2021 students need not join ALL INDIA PRELIMS TEST SERIES (AIPTS)-2021 separately, as it already included in the ILP 2021 program.


Test Platform will be Activated 1 week before the first test i.e., Activation of Test Platform is on 20th of July 2020.

First Test Date- 25th July 2020 for BOTH English and Hindi Medium.

AIPTS 2021- Detailed Course Plan Document and Topic Listing for Prelims




The pricing remains the SAME, both for English & Hindi (हिंदी) Medium!


Price: Rs.5,999 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.7,080/-

Make Payment – English

Make Payment – (हिंदी)


Price: Rs.7,999 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.9,440/-

Make Payment – English

Make Payment – (हिंदी)

PLEASE NOTE: OFFLINE PAYMENT DETAILS – Please mail us the acknowledgment at ilp@iasbaba.com if making offline payment. 

Bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER 8418201003836


  • You will receive a Receipt/Mail with Login Details.
  • Do not worry it may take 2-3 hours time since it is automated.
  • You can always mail for any technical issue on given email ID (below)
  • You will be able to login to your AIPTS account ONLY when the test platform is activated. The platform will be activated one week before the start of the Program. The Program will start on 25th July, 2020.

Go through the AIPTS 2021 Detailed Course Plan/Schedule Document and Topic Listing Document.

Please Note: If you have joined ILP-2021, you don’t have to enroll for AIPTS separately. AIPTS is one of the important features of the ILP Program.

FAQ’s related to ILP-2021 and All India Prelims Test Series 2021- Click Here 


IASbaba Courses 2021 Comparison Chart

To Know More about ILP Basic, ILP+, ILP Connect, ILP Connect+ -> CLICK HERE


You can reach us on

Email id: ilp@iasbaba.com


We have realized the importance of mother tongue in teaching. Hence, from now on guidance at IASbaba will be provided in the mother tongue as well. Even if you are appearing for the exam in English, you can ask your queries in the language you are comfortable with. Also, mentorship in Integrated Learning Program (ILP) – 2021 will also be provided in the same languages.

You can call on the following numbers for your preparation related queries and any queries related to counseling–Note that all these Mentors can also speak in English. 

For any Queries:

You can also reach us on

Contact No.: 9169191888/8429688885 (10 Am – 6 Pm) Please do not make calls before or after the given timing.

Office Address:

BANGALORE CENTRE: IASbaba’s TLP Centre 2– No. 1443/1444, 2nd Floor, Above Carzspa, Ganapati Circle, Chandra Layout, Vijaynagar, Bangalore 560040.

DELHI CENTRE: IASBABA, 5B, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110005. Landmark: Just 50m from Karol Bagh Metro Station, GATE No. 8 (Next to Croma Store)

All the Best
IASbaba Team

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