[VIDEO] PRELIMS SIMPLIFIED SERIES (Part 1,2,3): How to crack UPSC PRELIMS- IMPORTANT TIPS & TRICKS (using Common Sense – KCT Approach) by Mohan Sir

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  • May 22, 2020
IASbaba Prelims 60 Days Plan
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IASBABA’S INTEGRATED LEARNING PROGRAMME (ILP) ONLINE-2021 – With New Paradigms and Surprising Features – BOTH in ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी) – ADMISSIONS OPEN!!

IASbaba’s ALL INDIA PRELIMS TEST SERIES (AIPTS) and AIPTS+ (Prelims Test Series with Video Discussions) 2021-ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी) – ADMISSIONS OPEN!!


Hello Friends,

Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘Laakhon mein ek’, the Hindi version of ‘One in a million’. Well it is most fitting for students who qualify the prelims exam of UPSC Civil Services. Mathematically, the odds of qualifying the exam are very low. And since the probability is so low, even the toppers are not sure whether they’ll be able to qualify the exam or not before they get a rank.

It is a known fact that only knowledge cannot help you in qualifying the exam. Amidst this uncertainty, it is natural to panic. Also, because of the extension due to lockdown, anxiousness has increased manifolds. However, there are many who have cracked the formula to qualify the exam, and again and again, they crack prelims even when their preparation doesn’t look that sound.

So from our experience and understanding of the exam, we have decided to share how common sense and basic understanding can improve your performance in the exam and help you get those 10 – 20 marks extra. We advise you to diligently go through the video and make notes for your reference and try to implement those methods in the next mock test that you take.

These sessions are taken by Mohan Sir (Founder, IASbaba).

Basic idea behind these sessions, is to REMOVE the Fear of Cracking Prelims Exam and Emphasise on using COMMON SENSE to solve UPSC Prelims Exam.

These sessions will give you more confidence in attempting UPSC Prelims paper and give you an edge in scoring more than the cut-off and clearing Prelims Exam.

We have come up with 4 Videos on Prelims Strategy which will help you to score above the cut-off.

Please find the VIDEOS below-

1. UPSC PRELIMS Tips/Strategy (Do’s & Don’ts) from Mohan Sir, IASbaba Founder

VIDEO -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51CViDR15NA

Website Link -> CLICK HERE

(QUESTIONS like – How to increase my scores in test? How much risk I can take? Optimum number of questions to be attempted in the prelims exam? What would be the cut-off this year? Time management in those 2 hours /How to handle those 2 hours? How many rounds should I go to solve the paper? Should I focus more on static subjects or dynamic? How to stay motivated and many more have been discussed in this video)


2. How to crack UPSC PRELIMS using Common Sense (Elimination Technique) & Common Mistakes committed by students – Part 1

VIDEO -> https://youtu.be/5nZDaA3TlaY

Website Link -> CLICK HERE


  1. A Well Read Person with a Keen Observation can Crack this Exam
  2. Knowledge + Common Sense + Technique (KCT) Approach in Solving UPSC Prelims Question Papers
  3. 3A’s to tackle Prelims
  • Attitude
  • Aptitude
  • Absence of disturbance (Calmness/Presence of mind)
  1. Common Mistakes committed by Students and how to overcome them-
  • Not using Common Sense
  • Over-thinking


3. How to crack UPSC PRELIMS using Common Sense (Elimination Technique) 2019 Prelims Question Paper Part 2 

More than 20 Mcq’s in 2019 could be solved using common sense- How? Watch this VIDEO-


Website Link -> CLICK HERE


4. How to crack UPSC PRELIMS using Common Sense (Elimination Technique)– 2018 Prelims Question PaperPart 3 – LATEST VIDEO UPLOADED – NEW*

More than 20 Mcq’s in 2018 could be solved using common sense- How? Watch this VIDEO-


Website Link -> CLICK HERE


5. [VIDEO] UPSC Prelims 2020 Uncertainty: Change in Strategy and Preparation – 10 IMPORTANT CHECKLIST- By Mohan Sir – LATEST VIDEO UPLOADED – NEW*


Website Link -> CLICK HERE


Make the Best use of these sessions!!

Thank You 




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