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  • November 1, 2020
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Knowing your limitations:

Sometimes, more than knowing your strengths, it is important to know your limitations. In a way, it is our limitations that define us not our strengths. Our ego wants us to think that we are invincible and we have the ability to do anything and everything, but reality around us always reminds us of our limitations.

Recognizing your limitation is not a weakness, rather it is a sign of strength. When you can find enough courage to be honest with yourself to see your limitations, you are taking steps in the right direction. As they say, in production of anything, a bottleneck is what defines the actual output. The least abundant material is what limits the production, and the weakest part of a chain is where it always breaks; imitations define things, period.

By not recognizing your limitation you can blindly believe in your abilities. There is a big difference between over confident and practical. Most times you need to be practical and sensible in dealing with yourself and the world around you. Knowing your limitations can help you be more practical.

Just to give a few examples; you would not suddenly wake up one day from bed and say you are going to become a marathon sprinter, a musician, or an astronaut. The reason why you don’t say this is because you know you have never done anything in your life to move yourself in that direction. All of a sudden you cannot develop all the necessary qualities required to succeed.

Knowing your limitation is all about looking at your life in totality, to see the kind of life you have lived and where have you spent most of your life’s energies. A little self introspection will give you a clear idea as to what you have you have been doing with your time, what are you good at, what skills you have developed, and which are those areas where you are simply not good at.

When we dig deeper into our lives, more than finding strengths and weaknesses, we will discover our biggest limitations, because that is where we get stuck most of the time. Sometimes even just a few limitations can define much of your life. In fact, usually there are only a few limitations that have the ability to keep you where you are, blocking your ability to excel.

Instead of just reciting a be positive mantra all the time, it makes more sense to introspect on what you cannot do, what you don’t want to do, why you are not interested in certain things. Sometimes, the negative aspects of your life can reveal more things about you than your positive side. Understanding your life fully is all about knowing your limitations fully and working around it. When you know your limitations, you can easily find ways to overcome it. On the other hand if you are unaware of your limitations, you will waste too much time and energy doing things that you were never meant to be good at.

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