RESULT: UPSC/IAS Civil Services Examination, MAINS 2020 Result Declared!

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  • March 23, 2021
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UPSC Results
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The result of UPSC Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2020 has been announced. Kindly check it here


We are all part of a cycle, isn’t it? Some escape it in time, few are stuck for a while and the remaining are forced to leave as time goes by. How does it matter though in life? You know we are talking about the UPSC cycle, the all prestigious and coveted Civil Services Examination. As you know the 2nd stage of the UPSC cycle i.e. the Mains Examination got over a few months back and today the results have been announced, it gives us some food for thought, a moment to contemplate on the many journeys that we have taken and are going to take in the future.

Let us start by congratulating those who made it. You are already amongst the top 2-3% of the population. Many congratulations to you! Your hard work has paid off. But a critical, perhaps the most important step remains. You have to cross the hurdle of the personality test. In terms of numbers, the competition is less but it is intense. The brightest have made it this far and you are one of them. Expect the fight to be tough. Isn’t that strange? Each time you work your heart out and expect a breather, something more formidable and challenging come in your way. But then, this is what life is. Accept it, embrace it and get ready to march on. You have got a golden opportunity to exit the arduous and tiresome cycle of UPSC with flying colours. Please make the most of it. Keep watching this space for updates regarding our Interview Mentorship Programme (IMP). Let us assure you that you will get the best training and mentorship from IASbaba to crack the code of Personality Test.

Now let us talk to those who couldn’t make it this time. You worked hard, you expected your name in the list of successful candidates but then you were shocked to realise that you couldn’t make it. It is unfair, isn’t it? After all, you dedicated your time and effort, sacrificed your family life and company of dear friends, and preferred the painful solitude that UPSC demands. What else yo could have done? Is this your fault really? Let us put that in perspective for you. First, please understand that no making it to the next level doesn’t mean that you don’t have what it takes to crack this exam. The very nature of the selection process that has a success rate of less than 0.5% means that many deserving candidates have to miss out eventually. Although it is hard to believe but the UPSC selection process does have an element of luck associated with it. If it is your day and you have all the bases covered, there are chances that you will come out good. However, if there is the slightest divergence between what you have prepared and what UPSC expects, it becomes difficult to cross the line. Therefore, many a time, success in the UPSC cycle also boils down to the virtue of patience. We can’t help it. But let us also understand the second perspective. Please don’t ignore the possibility that your preparation was off the mark or inadequate. There are chances that you were preparing alone or at best with a group of 3-4 friends. Sometimes it is natural to grow a false sense of satisfaction about the way you are approaching the examination. In this process, glaring mistakes and inadequacies are often ignored by aspirants. We say with a conviction that is backed by years of experience gathered while guiding thousands of aspirants for the Civil Services. Therefore, we urge you to introspect and if possible get honest feedback from your peers, seniors, and teachers to understand your areas of weakness. Then work hard on them to have a well-rounded preparation. We have full faith in your potential. As always, we are there with you in your journey as and when you need us. Don’t hesitate to write to us for any guidance or support. Also, keep following the initiatives on our platform and get enriched in terms of knowledge, depth, and experience to achieve great success.

If we could use a metaphor, then existing the cycle of UPSC is akin to attaining Moksha. The very realisation that UPSC is not the only way to succeed in life will help you in the process. While you have to be sincere in your efforts, don’t make it a matter of pride or honour. At the end of the day, it is after all an ‘exam’ that selects people for a ‘job’.

The interview is a vital part of the final process, to make sure that you succeed – IASbaba has come out with an exclusive Interview Mentorship Programme.

  • We will be holding Workshops and Mock Interviews at Bengaluru and Delhi to imbibe or impart you with all the necessary skills and approaches necessary for managing the PT in Theatre like scenario.
  • We will dissect your DAF to multiple corollaries and stitch together again to give you a better understanding of YOURSELF.
  • Further, we will be holding Mock Interviews in UPSC Simulation mode. Our Panelists hail from diverse fields and it can bring sweet surprises to many of you.

Those of you who are selected to appear for the Interview/PT, please register here for the Interview Mentorship Programmme (IMP) – CLICK HERE

All the Best

IASbaba Team

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