Data and A New Global Order

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  • April 23, 2021
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  • GS-2: Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests.
  • GS-3: Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life 

Data and A New Global Order

Digital Data Revolution – Strategic Implications

  • Military and civilian systems are symbiotic due nature and pervasiveness of digital data
  • Cybersecurity is national security, and this requires both a new military doctrine and a diplomatic framework.
  • Massive amounts of data generated by people & economic activities give a sustained productivity advantage to Asia.
  • Data streams are now at the centre of global trade and countries’ economic and national power. 
  • India, thus, has the capacity to negotiate new rules as an equal with the U.S. and China.

China and Digital Sector

  • Innovation based on data streams has contributed to China’s rise as the second-largest economy and the “near-peer” of the U.S.
  • China’s digital technology-led capitalism is moving fast to utilise the economic potential of data, pushing the recently launched e-yuan and shaking the dollar-based settlement for global trade.
  • China has a $53-trillion mobile payments market and it is the global leader in the online transactions arena, controlling over 50% of the global market value.
  • China formed a joint venture with SWIFT for cross-border payments and suggested foundational principles for interoperability between central bank digital currencies at the Bank for International Settlements.


  • With Asia at the centre of the world, major powers see value in relationships with India. 
  • India fits into the U.S. frame to provide leverage. China wants India, also a digital power, to see it as a partner, not a rival. 
  • And China remains the largest trading partner of both the U.S. and India despite sanctions and border skirmishes.
  • India alone straddles both U.S. and China-led strategic groupings, providing an equity-based perspective to competing visions. 
  • India must be prepared to play a key role in moulding rules for the hyper-connected world, facing off both the U.S. and China to realise its potential of becoming the second-largest economy.

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